fixed focal lens


Photographing is my hobby (i am diligent in learning) and I love black and white photos.
Have to take pictures as a child started with interruptions (Finance). Since the beginning of digital photography with this.
1995, First digital camera, the Kodak DC40 fixed focal length lens of 37mm-equivalent and a 756x504 pixel CCD sensor, 4 megabytes of internal flash memory and did not have any Capabilities for using external memory. It therefore did not have to LCD for picture display.
Then every year a new and better camera.
Since I’m on tumblr (5 years), I do not have a PC or Mac and edit all images on the iPad and iPhone. I photograph in color and develop it my black and white works.


Dear Friends & Followers

I had a pretty diversified stay in the mountains as the weather conditions were changing surprisingly fast. So it was quite difficult to plan a trip even for a single day and some days I mostly had to stay indoors due to heavy fog and/or hazardous snow storms.

But anyway —I had a great relaxing time and it was a joy to use my reduced camera gear — remember: one camera and a fixed focal lens — 35mm that is. I got used to it in a very short time and already on the second day I did not miss any kind of zoom or different focal lengths. This minimal setup really slowed down my photographic process as it forced me to have a different look at things. It also forced me to have an Idea of what I really wanted to capture and to come up with more interesting framing options to portray my subjects.

So I’m looking forward to share some of my beautiful shots in the next couple of weeks and am curious to see what’s coming up from your side in the dashboard. You all have a great start into this new week with lots of inspiring ideas :-)

Peace & Happiness, Enzo!