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“Okay everybody, we’ve got ducks, Elvis, rain and clowns.”

“May I ask, what the f*ck?”

You grin at Clint, who is grinning in confusion at Natasha and the markered window behind her.

“I know.” She sighs, rubbing her forehead and frowning at the window again. “What do these all have in common?”

“You left out a few things.” Bucky offers but she waves him off. Her reasoning does make sense, bottom of the list, later in the night, probably.

“I swear, if I was married by an Elvis impersonator.” Natasha whispers darkly, just as one of maybe three clouds in the sky covers the sun. You shiver. Nice.

“Y’know what, I kind of like my ring.” Wanda murmurs and you glance at her sideways before really looking at your own. Plain, rose gold, and a little smudged by your constant playing with it. But the way it makes you feel, even this ridiculous trauma of not knowing who its partner is, who you’ve done this with and how you even got into this situation, it makes you feel warm inside. Like a hot water bottle around your heart. Or like holding a snuggly kitten.

“Focus, Wanda.” Natasha snaps and you shove your hand under your thigh, trying not to look guilty. “Can you have a look?”

“Not with this hangover. Sorry.” Wanda sighs, her cheeks going red and Natasha turns away with an angry noise. Reaching out, you pull Wandas hand, gesturing for her to lay down. As her head settles on your thigh, you slip your fingers into her hair, parting and brushing it.You know how she must feel. You’re feeling it yourself.

“I say we order breakfast, have our fill and then take a nap.” You start and Natasha whirls around like a red haired hurricane, but you hold a hand up to stay her words. “It’ll clear everyones head and make them feel better. Maybe something’ll pop up.”

“Okay.” Steve pipes up, his fingers on the ring, putting it down on the table between his hands before shoving it back over his finger.

“Okay?” Natasha snaps and Clint winces, right by her as her voice rises.

“Yeah. Okay.” Bucky cuts in and her cheeks go red, like an angry TinkerBell, and she turns on her heel, stalking and shoving into her bedroom.

“Thanks.” You offer the two soldiers and they shrug, staring forlornly at their hands. “Whose room were we in last night anyway?”

“Mine.” Clint groans, glaring at the carpet and you snort, only for a soft snore to drift up to your ears.

“Buck.” You whisper, his head jerking up suddenly, his eyes meeting yours. With the hand that isn’t playing with Wandas hair, you gesture to her sleeping face and he nods once.

“What would you like?”

“A bowl of wedges, sour cream and chilli sauce. And pancakes. Please.” The words flying past your lips and he smirks, nodding again and clambering up and across the room for the phone.

“You guys?”

“Rose!” Wanda shouts, jerking upright and you sigh with relief, having just moved your plate from above her to the side. All your pancakes, could’ve lost them all.

“Rose what, sweetness?” You ask gently and she rubs her head, moaning softly.

“Here, kid.” Steve offers, holding out two pills and a glass of water.

“Thank you.” She whispers, taking them from his hands and downing the glass in one go before groaning again. “Wait. You guys got food?”

“Ordered you a hamburger and some waffles, they’re over there.” You point and she touches your hand gently, eyes meeting yours in a very emotion filled moment. When she lets go, rising to get to her food, your breath comes heavy and you blink after her. For food, she looked at you like you were her newborn. If only you could say three question marks aloud.

“So.” Wanda starts, her mouth full of burger. And not just she has a “mouth full”. No, you’re staring at her and wondering if No-Face from Spirited Away has inhabited her body. She chews a moment, swallows it all and you wince. Dear God. “So. Y/N’s memories may have semi attacked me in my non-conscious state and I can tell you all, with absolute knowledge, that there was an Elvis impersonator who officiated the ceremony, and that it was at somewhere called Rose Chapel. Hows that for a hero’s work?”

She punctuates the line by cramming more burger into her mouth and you have to look away. And then you notice the rest of the group staring at her as well, morbidly fascinated. She swallows again, searching the faces around her.

“Did any of you actually hear what I just said?”

“What?” Bucky grunts, blinking and his expression clears. Wanda rolls her eyes and repeats herself, shouts of jubilation and high fives clapping through the air.

You all clamber into the limo that Tony has called, everyones moods still high after the food and the newest revelation. Even Tonys furious shouting and utterly terrible mood can’t blacken the feeling in the air.

The mystery will be solved. Everything can be fixed.

Buckys thigh presses against yours and you yawn, the coolly dark interior of the cabin muddling with your head. Another yawn catches you, right after the other and Bucky sighs, pushing you away for a moment before his arm falls over your shoulders and he tucks you against his chest, your eyes falling closed, the quiet buzzing of his arm your lullaby. That and everyones excited mutterings.

“Wake up.” Bucky orders and you grumble, his words repeating and a finger poking your belly.

“I will wreck you.” You growl, your voice thick with sleep and someone gasps a laugh.

“Was that a demon?” Bucky teases and you shove away from him, crawling across the bench seat to curl up on your own and someone sighs. Probably Bucky. “Get up, we’re getting married.”

“We are?” You gape, excitement flooding you for the moments you don’t remember everything that happened yesterday, then you’re groaning and he’s grinning. “Screw you. You know we’d have fan-f*cking-tastic marriage.”

His head tilts forward, an allowance and you smirk triumphantly, stumbling out the open door and nearly collapsing as you try to shield your eyes, hissing. Laughter rings out and you twitch your fingers into the bird and the laughter gets louder.

“Come on, Donkey Kong.” Bucky grins, you can hear it, and throws an arm around your shoulder and guides you blindly forward. Your toe catches on a stair and he catches you with a laugh. “Careful. Stairs.”

“I hate you.” You snap, eyes still covered until the door closes behind you and you blink through the bleary light of the little chapel. This feels familiar. Definitely. Bucky grins when you turn around, your expression elated and matching his. You can fix this.

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I DM for the kids in my after school program.

I had to leave my D&D game for a week when I went on vacation. So I left one of the kids in charge of running the game. I made him take The Oath to be fair and reasonable. When I returned, the goddess that had sent them on the mission originally was dating one of the players. Almost everyone had a dragon or gryphon egg. Two small groups had created spin off games, one that focused on fixing their space ship, and one who was solving the mystery of a police station. The girls drew the next 3 battle maps and stocked them with monsters and treasure and started developing their own quest arc. And my favorite, one of the girls had made a large selection of friends, including a fairy and a pixie. The fairy and pixie, who were both girls, fell in love and got married. Unfortunately, the pixie’s family didn’t agree with their lifestyle and refused to come. The party stayed for the wedding to support the pixie like her family wouldn’t.

A few thoughts on ACD, in defence of mystery.

I’ve been seeing this idea that Conan Doyle wrote “mediocre” mysteries floating around quite a bit, and that the mysteries are beside the point of Sherlock Holmes. I suspect this is a result of that Gatiss quote about Sherlock being “a show about a detective, not a detective show.” That’s obviously true of BBC Sherlock (where the biggest mysteries are almost never solved in ways that make sense or that follow the rules of the game), but it is not – not – true of ACD canon, or of many other adaptations (including Granada).

The mysteries are the point of canon Holmes, and there is nothing mediocre about them: they were innovative when they were published, they ushered in the Golden Age of detective fiction, and they continue to define the genre in increasingly sophisticated and complicated ways. It honestly hurts my pure Victorianist heart to see them denigrated because they are so hugely important to the era and the genre that I love.

But more importantly, for me, is something a little more ephemeral. The mysteries are about the way we (readers, individuals, communities) relate to the world around us – the way we interpret information (as readers, “detectives,” as humans moving through the world), the way we live in relation to other people, and in relation to the institutions that structure our lives. They are about what we do when these institutions fail us. They are about the way the world is vs. the way we want it to be, and how to bridge that gap. How to make sense of the chaos. How to form connections with others in this swirling void. How to understand each other. How to comprehend the incomprehensible. How to find humanity there. Sherlock Holmes solves those mysteries. He, and his Watson, are the fixed point in the changing world, showing us not how to solve mysteries (for the mysteries are ever-changing), but giving us faith that the mysteries can be solvedthat there is an essence, at the centre of things, that makes sense, that is human, that is just, and that loves.

Goddamn it. That is the point of ACD’s Holmes mysteries. 

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Can u do hcs on a genderbent drv3 class uwu (I'm <3 u)

Do you mean, how the class would react to being genderbent? Hmm, well, I’m gonna do a big fic on that later, but I don’t mind doing this now 030 It might be good for me to start thinking on how they’d react anyways 030

  • Kaede “E-Everyone stay calm, this is just a trick Monokuma is playing on us now… this isn’t real… w-we can fix this, we just need to stay calm and work together… We just need to… figuire this out… this isn’t that big of a deal anyways… right guys…? “
  • Kiibo “…” Doesn’t really give a shit about being a female now. (Robot… cleavage though? 0o0;;)
  • Kaito *peeks in his own shirt and compares boob sizes with the other guys that are now girls, only to receive a smack on the head by Kaede, and possibly a beating by Tenko.*
  • Maki  *treats this all as one big inconvenience but otherwise is like whatever about it*
  • Ouma *uses new moe girl charm to his advantage and will use his new cute to get what he wants and further manipulate people.” “Might as well make the best out of this… but I’d like to be a boy again, so… turn me back asap! >:0 “
  • Saihara *totally flustered and embarrassed and will use his talent to his fullest potential to solve this mystery and fix this >.<;; *
  • Hoshi “I’ve done it before.” (Hoshi knows what’s up… 0o0;;)
  • Tsumigi *Also very flustered, why is this happening?* “Oh… well, know I’ll have to remake the cosplays I made everyone…” ;m;
  • Amami “Oh. Cool. Tits.”
  • Gonta *is embarrassed as well but slowly gets over it and gets used to his female form 030*
  • Shinguji “This has happened in one of my stories before! I know how to reserve this! Come my fellow classmates, let me show you the way and tell you the tale!”
  • Himiko “Ah? Did I cast the wrong magic spell…? Hold on, I’ll need to check my spellbook on how to reverse this…”
  • Angie “Angie’s a boy now?! Oh wow!” *Looks down her skirt and giggles to herself*
  • Tojou “… So… Am I the SHSL Butler now…?” 

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The first and second years getting really confused at the 3rd years relationship at first bc they only see them interact in pairs at first. Kanan you were kissing Mari yesterday but she and dia were making out behind the bleachers the week before??? The fuck

LMAO okokok just imagine the third years taking this golden opportunity to completely mess with the rest of Aqours:

One day during practice Kanan and Mari are sitting together being all lovey dovey and gross. Everyone is like ‘ugh this is gross and gay I cant wait till Dia gets here so we can start’ but little do they know, the third years have devised a PLAN. Dia is hidden behind something, waiting, watching. When the moment strikes where no one is looking, Dia swaps with Mari, who hides in the same spot. When the others look back, it’s Kanan and Dia being lovey dovey. 

The rest of Aqours is like ????? and Kanan and Dia act like NOTHING happened. They’re like ‘where’s Mari??’ and Kanan is like ‘idk we haven’t see her all day.’ The first and second years are questioning their sanity when the third years swap AGAIN but it’s Kanan who switches with Mari, and when the others notice all hell breaks loose. 

Riko and You flat out leave like ‘nah I’m not here for this spooky bullshit,” Ruby starts crying because she’s scared and Yohane won’t stop going off about shapeshifting demons, Hanamaru ages like ten years bc Ruby is crying and she doesn’t know how to fix it, and eventually Chika, lovely Chika, finally solves the mystery by finding Kanan’s hiding place, which forces the third years to reveal their prank. 

They receive a cold shoulder for like a good month after that, much to Dia’s upset, who claims it was all Mari’s and Kanan’s idea