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As you can see, I’m obsessed with fire emblem heroes and as a result this crossover was only a matter of time. Okay but imagine Yuuri being super in love with his fave hero Robin (because he resembles a certain someone) and then Viktor gets super jealous and would cosplay as Robin to prove that he can pull off the Robin look better than Robin. Weeps, sink into this hell with me.

Yuuri: Pffftt! (Omg jealous Viktor is so cute!)

Viktor: Yuuri, what’s so funny, huh? Do you want to be punished? (I have a weapon advantage over you -)

*rises from the ashes*

A little Nalu for our hearts!

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🏳️‍🌈 NCT AS GAYS 🏳️‍🌈

❤️ ten: the gay that makes his lgbt friends string friendship bracelets w their flags colour scheme
💛 johnny: the bisexual who flirts w a dude one second then a girl the other second and no one can tell if he’s straight but bi passing or actually bi
💚 yuta: the lgbt representative who goes to all pride parades w big ass flags and signs and is the first to drag the homophobes
💙 jaehyun: the shy straight passing pansexual who everyone falls in love w regardless of sexuality

💜 taeyong: the bi that is only into girls for 3 days and only into guys for 2 months and so on

❤️ taeil: the grandpa pansexual who falls in and out of love with everyone everyday

💛 doyoung: the dad gay who takes care of the baby gays (nct dream)

💚 winwin: the gay who says he hates boys but is in love w one

💙 haechan: the bi who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing

💜 jaemin: the questioning kid that doesn’t care enough to label his sexuality bc he falls in love w everyone he meets

❤️ jeno: the bi who doesn’t know he’s bi and thinks he’s straight n only realised he’s bi when he gets a bf

💛 chenle: the loud annoying pansexual and co lgbt representative

💚 renjun: the quiet tired gay who just wants a bf n everyones fav gay

💙 jisung: the questioning kid who doesn’t know what lgbt stands for but knows he doesn’t only like girls

💜 mark: the hetero, the ally