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Let me try my very best figure out what Arc-V is trying to say

Yuya’s main principles are “smiles” and “entertainment.”

Both of these are challenged with the heavy concept of becoming young soldiers and the idea that people outside of the Standard dimension and that others in general have different life experiences and different ideas of “entertainment.” Whether it’s up to Yuya to challenge that or not is something he has to seriously consider throughout the series.

That could be argued to be a connection to the other conflict happening within Yuya which is his identity crisis. Who is he, Zarc or Yuya? (And also, is he a fighter or an entertainer?) 

Arc-V seems to be trying to say that it might be necessary to be both, but to never forget who you really are. To smile through adversity and help others smile in turn is a way to not lose yourself. It doesn’t do any good to put on fake smiles either, like Yuya had done in the beginning of the series, and like Zarc had done in order to please the crowd. 

“Just smile” might be sort of the wrong way to put it then, I think, because maybe what Arc-V is really trying to get across is “happiness is something you need to work for sometimes but you’ll achieve your true self when you’re truly happy and vice versa” [”…and happiness can and should be spread, even if only for brief moments”]

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INTP: You got to look at it logically

INFP: Yeah, but there’s a moral aspect to it too.

INTP: Morals mean little if you’re actually trying to fix something.

INFP: What’s the point of fixing it if it hurts someone in the process?

INTP: Logic.

INFP: Morals.

INTP: Logic!

INFP: Morals!



ENTP: Memes!


Just imagining if they met at some point before Sofia came to the castle. Maybe Cedric finished his training from sorcery school and decided to go and get a breather. Meanwhile good smol Sofia thinks he’s lost or something. 

How To Help Someone

Just keep telling them how easy it is to do something. Every time you do that, it actually becomes easier.

If someone is unable to do something, tell them to just do it. They’ll instantly gain the ability to do it.

When you remind someone of how necessary it is to do something, they instantly become able to do it.

Tell them to have some confidence. Even if they’re physically unable to do something or have no idea how to do it, a little confidence will fix that.

If someone succeeds at something, expect them to succeed at everything that’s remotely similar, under all circumstances, with a 100% success rate. Reprimand them for being lazy if they don’t.

If someone asks “How do I do this?”, they’re refusing to do it. Reprimand them for not trying.

If something comes natural to you, expect it to come natural to them too, even if the entire reason for their struggle is that it doesn’t come natural.

Get mad at them if they don’t appreciate your “help”.

Caring ➵ Percival Graves Imagine

☆ p r o m p t : “let me fix that for you.”

☆ nothing too romantic here, just a little something cute to fuel my obsession with Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.


You had barely entered your office at MACUSA when you noticed the white note on your desk. Of course, it baffled you - no one actually wrote down things anymore.

Getting rid of your long coat, you couldn’t help but skip towards the desk, despite being in heels (even though they were short and didn’t incapacitate you in any way, because Aurors needed to be ready for anything at any time).

Miss (Y/L/N),

Stop by my office for a new field task - more details when you do so.

P. Graves

You couldn’t help but scoff. Couldn’t the man have just sent the request through one of your co-workers, those who actually stuck around him for as long as they could, hoping to get praise … or a raise? Even though he looked handsome enough to turn MACUSA’s female workers’ heads, you only put up with him because he was your boss. He was authoritative and always had a snarky comment for everything.

You grabbed your wand from the inside pocket of your coat and left your office, heading for Graves’ instead. You had just heard he returned from a field mission and you were slightly confused by the fact that he wanted to see you so soon after coming back - Graves was the type of man to put himself before others and he liked to relax properly after a task before calling in the inferior Aurors to throw orders at them.

You were an intelligent woman and a very bright witch and you knew you were his equal - in fact, he had never treated you like something else. It was normal for him to be rude towards everyone, so you didn’t quite take it personally.

After greeting other colleagues on the way to Graves’ office, you found yourself knocking on its door.

“Come in,” a voice came from inside and you pushed the doorknob, slithering into the room.

“You wanted to see me, Mister Graves?” you rhetorically asked, moving closer to the desk in the center of the big office.

When the desk was the only one between the two of you, that’s when you managed to see the bright red scratches on the man’s jaw, going down to his neck and disappearing beneath his white shirt.

“Indeed, Miss (Y/L/N), I did,” he spoke, but you couldn’t tear your gaze off the injuries that marked his skin. “If you could be kind enough to stop staring, I’d explain what your next task is about.”

You felt your cheeks start to burn, but you recollected yourself and abstained from squinting your eyes at the man. After a moment of silence from the both of you, he spoke again.


“Yes, thank you,” you responded, sounding more cold than polite, and Graves stood up from his chair, heading towards the small table near the desk, where a kettle already full of always hot coffee was.

Then you noticed his walk was stiff and that he was trying not to extend his neck too much.

“Merlin’s beard, listen to me this once and sit down,” you said loudly and surprinsingly, the man stopped in his tracks and turned around. By the time he did that, you were already near the coffee table, pouring the hot beverage into two mugs.

When you approached the desk, mugs in hands, Graves was not-so-peacefully sitting in his armchair, his face distorted with pain.

“What happened?” you questioned, knowing too well that you might not get an answer. After all, you were talking to Percival Graves, one of the most fluent wizards in sarcasm that you knew.

“Since when do you feel entitled to know this sort of things, (Y/N)?” he answered and the use of your first name slightly confused you.

You huffed and the man winced as he extended his arm towards the mug of coffee.

“At least let me fix that for you,” you offered, surprising even yourself with the sudden outburst of kindness.

Graves eyed you perhaps suspiciously for a couple of short moments as you gestured towards the scratches, but then he nodded and you got up, setting the mug aside.

Retrieving your wand from your skirt’s pocket - because Queenie Goldstein, a close witch friend of yours, helped modify some of your clothing to make it more suitable for your Auror job - you sat on the wide armrest, your knee mere inches away from Graves’ leg. He carefully turned his head, exposing the red scratches even more. You pointed your wand at them and mentally cast a healing spell that you hoped would work. If only the forever stubborn Graves would have told you what injured him, you’d have known if you could actually heal him or just embarass yourself because a healing spell was useless and things were more serious.

To your relief, the scratches began fading, leaving behind not even scar tissue. Damn, you really were great at this.

“All done,” you beamed, standing up and dusting your skirt off. You took a step towards the opposite armchair when you felt something grip your hand.

Your body froze, but your gaze didn’t - as you looked down, you saw that Graves had grabbed your hand, his fingers warm against your palm.

Graves was holding your hand and you didn’t even flinch.

“Thank you,” he muttered, and you brought yourself to nod shortly, a tiny smile creeping its way onto your lips.

Graves delayed the discussion about your next task for another time and you left his office, not even caring that your cheeks started to burn wildly after you closed the door behind you or that you were uncapable of maintaining a fully serious expression as you walked back towards your office.

Because, maybe, good things were going to follow.

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MBTI + quotes from fictional characters with their same type

Inspired by this. If the OP has some problems with this post, I’ll delete it.

ISFJ: “I’m really tired of everyone treating me like I’m made out of glass.” (Emily Fields, Pretty Little Liars)

ESFJ: “I was trying to fix something that I had no business trying to fix. It’s like textbook definition of a control freak from hell.” (Caroline Forbes, The Vampire Diaries)

ISTJ: “I do care, Clarke. But I made this choice with my head and not my heart.” (Commander Lexa, The 100)

ESTJ: “Okay, but for the record, if you’re wrong and I get killed, I’m going to be *very* pissed off!” (Cabe Gallo, Scorpion)

ISTP: “It’s not rocket science.” [”It is rocket science, actually”] (Raven Reyes, The 100)

ESTP: “Touch me again and I’ll end you… in a non-criminal way.” (John Murphy, The 100)

ISFP: “Hanna, friends don’t let friends sneak into insane asylums alone.” (Aria Montgomery, Pretty Little Liars)

ESFP: “I need to have fun. I need to just do something crazy, just because I can. And no one, including you, is gonna stop me.” (Octavia Blake, The 100)

INFP: “ There’s no such thing as moving on, it’s a lie.” (Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries)

ENFP: “Is there a problem?” [”No, I’m just having a hard time understanding something”] “You’ve come to Dr. Linus for advice. Well, I’m flattered.” (Linus Ahluwalia, Stitchers)

INFJ: “I bear it, so they don’t have to.” (Clarke Griffin, The 100)

ENFJ: “ You’re not taking a million-to-one shot with my friend’s life! You understand that? If you come near him with that ferret, I’m going to cram that furry little dude up into a place it can never run away from! You understand?” (Toby Curtis, Scorpion)

INTJ:  “How do I do this? Say I’m sorry [extends hand] we shake hands?” [”[laughing] Oh! You really don’t know how to apologize, do you?”]  “No. It’s really not one of my skills.” (Kirsten Clark, Stitchers)

ENTJ: “ Do you honestly believe that I don`t have a plan B? And if that fails a plan C and a plan D. You know how the alphabet works don`t you.” (Katherine Pierce, The Vampire Diaries)

INTP: “I gave the bartender my number in Roman Numerals. If she figures it out, she’s worth a shot.” (Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds)

ENTP: “Fear’s only a problem if you let it stop you, right?” (Jasper Jordan, The 100)

New Neighbor (Jungkook x Reader Fluff)

Summary: A new neighbor across the hall apparently means absolutely no sleep. (The awkward) Jeon Jungkook needs to deal with it. Now’s the time.

(( Note: Jeon Jungkook has been ruining the hell out of me lately. Sigh. And I’d like to dedicate this fic the to awkward, adorable lil man he is around them ladies ))

They say that when you move into a new place you should go on and establish good relationships with your neighbors. Make friends (or even just acquaintances) just in case you fall into whatever kind of tough situation and would need help from you kind lovely little neighbors. Whether if it was help fixing something or borrowing some sugar, your neighbors would most definitely have your back. 

In Jungkook’s opinion, he’d say that this was a great idea, actually, he’d already made friends with the majority of the apartments in his building—keyword: majority. It was a great idea if it weren’t for one apartment, which would be the one conveniently right across from his.

It started a while back or in Jungkook’s opinion a long, long while back.

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Do You Have A Name?  Rumbelle Fix-it

Fic Summary: Belle visits Rumple in the shop and they look at the baby’s sonogram together.
Rating: T
A/N: Here’s a Rumbelle fix-it–a little something I was compelled to write after tonight’s ep 6x07. Spoilers for baby name conversation, but for those of you who DO NOT want to know the name, it’s not actually used in the story though its meaning is discussed. A little angsty, but there’s some happy and some hope.

On AO3

Her walk is cold this morning, and Belle shoves her frigid hands deeper into the pockets of her trench coat as she turns the corner to walk down his street. It’s the same street the library sits on, across the street and catty corner from the shop. It’s her street too, but it feels like his. The shop, the town, her heart. Despite the lies she tells herself, her heart still belongs to him.

It seems like only yesterday that she’d stood on the sun-drenched deck of the Jolly Roger toe-to-toe with her True Love, spewing bitter draught she never thought would pass her lips. She was just so angry. Angry at him, angry at fate, and most of all, angry at herself.

Here in this strange little town where time stands still and circumstances shift in the blink of an eye whether the town is cursed or not, there’s a permanent mark on their heads designed to destroy their happiness. Over the years, that destruction has taken on many forms. Misunderstanding, cruel words, lies, blindness, darkness, wicked witches, and now, the Evil Queen. 

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Matt- Of course I understand what Tom is going through, I am still a vampire,

Tom- yeah, it’s hard to ignore those pearly whites.

Tom- everyone in the house knows, it would be something hard to keep a secret.

Matt- I never it fixed because I guess no one cared enough to fix it, haha… that’s something a little too hard to work on alone,

Tom- Matt, we do care, we even got that magic mirror that you can see your reflection through! that was hard to get enchanted!

Tom- You should have said something if you wanted it fixed so bad, we didnt know,

Matt- I kept asking for help…

Tom- …Matt-

Matt- I-its fine, because if I got it fixed I wouldn’t have been able to help you.


Matt- let’s just move on to the next question…

I got bored with working on it so it’s being dumped until I can get some refills for my pens. Or until I can bring myself to try and sort my photoshop settings to get smooth pen lines, and do real colour. 

So… My tablet broke yesterday. I have to figure out if I should search a place to fix my 5 year old, or cry and buy a new $200 one.

Only art that will be posted atm are instagram diary journals. I’m afraid :<

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✖ for Rask!

“I like him,” Archelaos began with, though he sounded… Strange. Almost hesitant, “I still don’t feel like I know him as well as I would like to. It feels like when we’re together, we’re both so guarded that we can’t ever seem to get beyond the layer of pleasantries… This is something that hopefully can be fixed with a little liquid courage.”

The aging Inquisitor smiled, a bit sheepishly, “I am a bit nervous around him. I’m at a point where I care about him enough to care about what he thinks of me, but also that I feel he knows so little that I could be burned still. It’s… Something to work through, I suppose. I’m trying my best not to fall into my Inquisitorly ways around him, but I’m finding it very difficult… It sort of makes me feel like a young man again with a little crush.”

“He seems happy, with whatever it is he does in his life. Content. It’s something most men can only yearn for. I respect him for that. I still refuse to believe that there’s nothing more to him than that he’s a handsome bar rat, though.”