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Admin: I wanna apologize to @twixremix and @succboii who saw my offensive drawling.
So here i me flushing the forbidden drawling down the toliet, the same place were all my hopes, dreams, and shippings of me with cartoon charaters go….
I might quit the burnsmithers fandom cause i cant keep my homophobic mouth shut…
I should stick with what i know best, just neddy chan….
(Sigh) then again i wouldnt be drawling this crap if you guys didnt get me into the fandom….
And if someone just rp with me so i wasent bored.

also the first thing I did when I landed on australian soil was to go to a newstand and flip through the weeklies because they would be the golden globes issues and THE DAMN NERVE of them not to have a single picture of sophie turner in her louis vuitton dress

I have my fic doc opened at work bc sometimes I like to fix one thing or another during the day

and I was gonna do a ctrl + F to find a specific part, but I pressed ctrl + P instead

I almost sent 200 pages of my fic to the office printer jfc

Dear Charlie,

I love him, but i think he hates me. He has a way of making me feel like the only girl in the world then will go and talk to someone he wants to be his girlfriend and he’ll get depressed. I want to be the one that fixes him, but he won’t let me. He says he can’t be. I tried to kill myself and he was the one that helped me even though he doesn’t know it. He knows i love him and says it’s wrong and i shouldn’t. I just need a friend Charlie. I am losing hope and quickly.

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I know it's a bit pedantic but the counselling wasn't to salvage their personal relationships it was to try and fix their professional ones so that they could continue to work together.


The Ultimate Fix-It: Sherlock Series 4

On January 20th, 2017, the citizens of the United Kingdom find themselves watching BBC Nightly News coverage of President Trump’s inauguration.  A woman vacuums her flat and sighs at the television, overcome with dread.  A man in a pub glances up at the screen before taking a much-needed gulp of beer.  Without warning, the BBC channels freeze.  Static snow, broadcast colors - an interruption of the feed.  The men at the pub glance up at the screen.  The woman turns off her vacuum. There in front of everyone, on every BBC Channel, is James Moriarty, flashing a threatening smile back at them. 

“Peek-a-boo,” he says menacingly.  The men at the pub look around at each other confused.  Moriarty mumbles on.

“It’s doesn’t quite make sense, this doesn’t quite make sense.”

All people in the pub watch in silence as his voice sharpens.

“Of course it doesn’t make sense! It’s not real.” 

“I mean, come on, be serious.”

“Is this silly enough for you yet?”

“Gothic enough?”

“Mad enough, even for you?”

“It doesn’t make sense because it’s not real.”

“None of it.”

The men in the pub are shocked.  Could this mean what they think it means?

“You want to see the real series four of Sherlock? Surprise. “The Reigate Puzzle” airs Sunday night at nine.  The real story will be told.”

“Shall we go over together?”

The feed cuts out. Back to the inauguration.  However, no one in the United Kingdom could care less about that.  The news spreads virally, every Sherlock fan finds out about this within hours. The fandom spirals into chaos.  

On Sunday, January 22nd, Sherlock fans see what this story has been about from the beginning.  The episode starts as Sherlock wakes in his hospital bed, John Watson right beside him. Mary’s gunshot was severe, he barely pulled through.  It’s been a few weeks of a medically-induced coma, but he’s back now. Finally out of his mind and into the real world.  John holds his hand, tearing as he watches his best friend wake up. 

And from there we see the two of them take down the ruthless, smart, manipulative Mary Morstan, who was never an assassin, but something far, far worse.  All of the extra filmed clips from the last years build to be a beautiful story of love, loss, and revenge.  The theorized storyline of the episode can be found here.

And all was well with the world

Lance: *lays down on Keith’s lap and looks up at him angelically* Keith, tell me I’m pretty. 

Keith: *cups his cheek and looks at him lovingly* You are the love of my life and the most beautiful boy I have ever met. I love you.