Last year, I wrote a poem about
moving softly, loving softly, growing softly. 
Now, I am learning that my knuckles crack
like ten goddesses buckling their armour at once,
stopping only to fix their lipstick in the 
breastplates of the battle boys.

I washed my face this morning. 
I am 19 now and becoming myself inside it.
I smile with teeth and forget to apologize.
There are people whose necks I want to hold
in my hands, blow warm breath onto. 
When the sun trips in from the windows like orange,
like full-bodied giggling, like mid-day whisper,
I don’t skirt around the dust that hangs there,
in the heart of it, like I used to.
I stand in it. Wash in it.

What are we made of but skin, skin, skin?
What can I do on this ground but walk it,
always forward, always on. Last year, I was bent.
This gallery of limbs bled dirty then. 
This bouquet was tired, wanting only to
sit down, stay down. But look, look, look.
This year, the sky looks near.

—  19 | Ramna Safeer
f(x) as wlw girlfriends
  • victoria:only lets you kiss her cheek if you're not wearing a lipstick. fixes your makeup for you. hugs you in that almost squishing you way. insists on paying every time, you have to fight her about it.
  • krystal:couple ring person. keeps buying you presents and says "don't mention it" when you bring it up. takes a lot of pictures of you two together. invests in a selfie stick just to take nice pictures of you two together.
  • amber:a nerd. makes you watch weird shows with her. steals your snapbacks. introduces you to her cat and dog on the second date. order a pizza and stay at home kind of person. fights about nerdy stuff with you.
  • luna:the sweetest (TM), keeps holding your hand all the time. kisses you very randomly. sends you pictures of cats she saw on the street. wants to videochat and forgets that she's in a different timezone at times.
  • + bonus sulli:gentle appearance and very dreamy like until she laughs. laughs like a pterodactyl/seal. likes to make flower crowns for you. goes on hikes with you and takes you to nice bars.