fix yo self!

21 Day Fix Approved Peanut Butter Chocolate Quesadillas!

For those of you on the 21 Day Fix journey, here’s a recipe that you can have when you want to TREAT YO SELF. Remember, you can have certain treats no more than three times a week that replaces one of your yellow containers. Here it is:

1 12” whole wheat quesadilla
2 teaspoons peanut butter
1 teaspoon dark chocolate chips
½ banana

1.) Spread the peanut butter on the tortilla

2.) Slice the banana and put on half of the tortilla

3.) Sprinkle (or arrange) the dark chocolate chips on that same side

4.) Fold tortilla over

5.) Cook on stove until brown


This whole thing counts as:

2 yellows
2 teaspoons
1 purple

My husband and I each had one, and we couldn’t believe how good it turned out to be!

Let me know what you think! Happy Eating!

Please understand that nobody can fill any void that you may have. Be whole first. Don't expect someone to come along and make everything 'right.' FIX YO SELF! FOCUS ON YOU.