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Were you real?

Juice often found himself lost in a sea of questions. His own darkness scared him. Every day would start the same: peaceful, calm, tranquil. But they never stayed that way for him. He struggled keeping a grip on reality, on what was actually being said to him, and about him. His heart was heavy, broken. He longed for someone to help him lessen the load, share the burden of his loneliness, give him a home.

She changed his life. She made life more bearable for him, turning darkness into shadows. She made life worth living again, even if it was just for a little while.

“You can do this.” Raegan whispered to herself. She stared at herself in the rear-view mirror. Her cross-country drive had taken a toll on her appearance. She fixed her makeup and smoothed her hair. She sat back in the driver’s seat, nodding to herself, building up the courage she so desperately lacked. Raegan took three deep breathes before stepping out of her car.

Raegan stood opposite the Teller-Morrow entrance. She watched the leather clad bikers shuffle around within the fenced in quarters. When Juan told Raegan he had joined a motor cycle club she didn’t think he meant anything like this. She held her head high and confidentially strolled through the parking lot. “Excuse me?” She tapped the shoulder of a vest wearing biker. Scars adorned the older males face. He smiled at Raegan warmly. “How can I help you lass?” Raegan was not expecting the thick Scottish accent that fell from his lips. She stared at him in slight awe. “I… erm… Is Juan here? Juan Ortiz?” She fumbled over her words.
“Oh Juicy boy, I’ll take you to him.” Raegan scrunch her brow. Juicy, what? She was taken aback by the nickname Juan had gained. “What’s your name lass?” Chibs made small talk as they made their way towards the clubhouse.
“Raegan.” She struggled to keep up with Chibs’ long strides. She found herself taking three steps to his one. “That’s pretty.” He said, pushing the door open, allowing her to enter first.

“Juan!!” Raegan’s voice came out high-pitched and excited at the man that stood across the room. Juice’s jaw went slack. The young girl he had left in Queens had become a woman. Her feet pattered across the floor towards him. Upon instinct Juice opened his arms to catch her as she jumped into them. His hands grasped at her waist holding her close to him as he spun with her in his arms.

“What are you doing here Rae?” He asked setting her back onto her feet. She giggled. Her fingers played with his kutte. “Did you think you would get rid of me that easy?” She beamed a smile at him. “Besides, Queens is boring without you.” Juice could feel his brothers’ eyes burning holes in him. He slung his arm around Raegan and led her to the others. “Everyone, this is Raegan. She was my best friend growing up… she still is.” Juice introduced Raegan to everyone.

Raegan and Juice spent the day sat on the couch in the clubhouse catching up on the missed years. She explained her plans on staying and looking for work. Juice was excited by the idea of having her around again. He had missed their times together, he missed her. “So,” Chibs interrupted the pair, “How did you two meet?” Raegan erupted in laughter at the memory. Juice rubbed his hand over his scalp. “Go ahead” He encouraged.
“Well, Juicy here had the locker next to mine in middle school. After, what could only be described as a difficult day, he opened his locker a little too fast… and hard, might I add.” She eyed him smiling, “he managed to slam his locker door into my face. Almost broke my nose. But it was the blossoming of a beautiful friendship.” She joked.
“I still feel terrible about that.” Juice looked at her with puppy dog eyes.
“It was worth it.” She patted his knee.

The day had come to a close. Juice invited Raegan to stay with him while she worked out her next move.  Juice opened the door to his apartment and ushered Raegan inside. The sounds of laughter were never far from them. Juice couldn’t help but feel free when Raegan was around. She damped the voices that plagued his mind. When they were together he couldn’t help but feel alive. Raegan inspected his place, moving things as she went around in the hopes to gain a reaction. She ran her fingers along the pictures in his bedroom. To her surprise he kept their prom picture out and on display. “This must go down well with your girlfriend.” She held it up to him. Juice pushed away from the door frame which he had been leaning on and moved towards her. “That’s not something I’ve had to worry about.” He said quietly, slightly embarrassed. Raegan shook her head.
“Well they don’t know what they are miss-“Juice’s lips crashed to Raegan’s before she could finish her sentence. Raegan didn’t move, she didn’t know how to react. Juice pulled away quickly, shying away from her. Raegan reacted before he could leave. She grabbed him roughly by the kutte forcing their lips back together.

That night Juice and Raegan let loose their feelings. It was a night of firsts. That ended in love.


“We had a year together, a year of bliss. Raegan was my best friend and my soul mate. She made the days easier for me without even trying. With her by my side I could conquer anything. When I looked into her eyes I saw love, I felt loved. We shared the same dreams, simple ones, ones of settling down together, getting married… having children. Raegan was my future. I have never loved anyone the way I loved her and I never will.

I lived for her smile. On my worst days her smile made everything better. My heart would ache whenever I was away from her. I spent those days jittery, anxious to be back at her side again. Without her to hold my hand, to guide me, I am lost. I still wake up expecting to see her lying next to me. I miss the warm smile she gave me every morning. The soft kisses she placed on my face.

I would give anything to have her back, to have her stay. I need her… I need her to tell me that everything will be okay, that the world will keep spinning, that I can keep living. I need her to call me an idiot and shake her head at me one more time. Without her I am not living, I am getting by. I am waiting.”


Juice was excited to return home. He played the moment out in his head over and over on the flight back from Ireland. He had missed her every second he had been away. He fumbled with his key in the lock, before he could turn it the door swung open. “Juicy!” Raegan shrieked with excitement. She jumped into his arms, peppering his face with kisses. Juice kicked the door closed behind them, carrying Raegan into the living room. “I missed you.” He said dipping his head down to steal a kiss from her lips.
“Don’t be mad.” Raegan spoke as she wriggled free of his grip. Juice broke eye contact with her to see the disarray in front of him. The furniture had been moved to the centre of the room away from the walls. “White just wasn’t cheery enough.” She said proudly. Juice’s once white walls were now coated in a soft yellow colour. “I know it’s not much different but it reminds me of spring… or summer.” Juice was speechless. He just stared at the walls. “You hate it?” Raegan spoke softly, tears threatened to spill from her eyes. She wrapped her arms around herself. A small smile broke free on Juice’s face. “Oh babe,” he engulfed her in a hug. “I love it. I love the fact you are making it your home too.” Juice could feel his life falling into place, like he was finally getting his happy ending. “I’m just going to take the trash out.” Raegan placed a small kiss on the corner of his mouth.

Juice pulled a small velvet box from his pocket. He wanted to surprise Raegan, to make him his old lady officially. In that moment Juice could not be happier but the sound of screeching tires, drew his attention.

“She didn’t deserve to die. She deserved happiness. She deserved to live. I can’t bring her back. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.” Juice placed the velvet box on top of her coffin before they lowered her into ground. “I will always love you.”

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Okay, okay, so I started thinking this morning and now I cant stop thinking about this

So, Neil ends up spending a lot of time with Allison and eventually gets curious about makeup
So he asks her to teach him
So he eventually gets really good at it
And he wears it a lot, but its usually pretty subtle
Foundation and concealer, eyeshadow, maybe eyeliner, a little mascara, and a pinkish nude lipstick
But sometimes he’ll go all out with winged liner, a bold lip, false lashes, and contour and highlight
He looks like a literal queen

On days when the makeup he’s wearing brings out the blue in his eyes Andrew asks “yes or no?” more often
He secretly loves it when Neil wears makeup

And so one day he asks Neil to do his makeup
And Neil agrees hesitantly
Because that means Andrew will have to be okay with sitting still for a bit while Neil touches his face
But Andrew is okay with that because he’s curious and he trusts Neil

So he eventually ends up with a face full of makeup
He looks amazing
With dark red-almost-black lipstick and dark eyeshadow to match the black of his outfit
And winged liner
And flawless lashes and contour
He loves it
But he wouldn’t dare say that
He just says 320% and walks away

Later that day he asks Neil to teach him

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What would Zens reaction be if MC worked behind the scenes in plays and has actually worked with him quite a bit in the past? Like as a makeup artist, costume designer, helping with lighting or sound effects or something like that.

-while he talks with you about his musical experiences and such, you say that you dabbled into some plays before

-it perks his interest

-he would immediately interrogate you about the plays you’ve done

-”i-i only work backstage..”

-”which ones??”

-you would say some of the plays you’ve helped with

-”omg i was the lead in that one..”

-”i know lol”


-”sort of i guess lololol i fixed your makeup for you at that time”


-he immediately praises your work and tries to make you blush

-when you guys finally meet..

-”no wonder your profile pic was familiar” he says

-you wack him on the arm before saying “you too.”


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Wizard things I'm so down for:

1. Beds that magically adjust to whatever firmness you like/need (if this isn’t a thing I want to make it a thing)
2. Food that cooks perfectly so it never burns
3. Getting perfect makeup every time because spells for fixing mess ups and makeup tutorials from other witches who know spells or potions for acne or other skin issues
4. Spells for picking the perfect outfit every single time for whatever you’re doing that day
5. Never having your socks or shoes get wet with simple charms cast on your feet
6. Cleaning your room/house without moving anything except your wand
7. Magical tattoos that have uses
8. Being able to adjust your appearance (like teeth so you don’t need braces)
9. Fantastic candies and sweets that are so much better than normal chocolate or jelly beans
10. Butterbeer and all those amazing foods/drinks they mention in the books and movies
11. Never having to pack a suitcase or fold your clothes without your wand again
12. Just having a wand in general
13. Wizard games that are so much cooler than normal chess, checkers, or card games
14. Heated blankets or mattress warmers without the electricity
15. Enchanting your phone, laptop, or electronics to have full battery all the time
16. Magical teas or coffees to help with different ailments, insomnia, or mental diseases like that
17. Quidditch matches all over the world with actual mascots and exiting games
18. Knitting/Crocheting that you never have to sit and do again because again you have a wand
19. Befriending magical creatures like bowtruckles and demiguises
20. Taking/Having pictures that move of family members that have died or friends so you always have someone to talk to

For all my trans and non binary followers (and allies)

if you don’t have the money, have parents that are not supportive, etc. there is this thing called the leelah project where they are raising money and shipping out clothes, bras, binders, make up, stps, etc. to trans, NB, and genderqueer people. They also accept clothing donations, and unused make up or monetary donations. So go support them at

The other evening at Asami’s mansion

Korra is lying on the couch, watching a pro-bending match on evening television.

Asami (entering the room, gracefully brushing her long dark hair back over her shoulder): “Hey, Korra. Do you wanna eat out?”

Korra (looking at Asami as if she were an alien and two antennas were sticking out her head): “Y … Yes.”

Asami (a smile playing around her lips): “Fine, I’ll just be just a minute. Get ready.”

Asami goes into the bathroom around the corner to fix her hair and makeup. Snazzy as always Asami comes out of the bathroom again in less than three minutes. She grabs her jacket and goes back into the living room.

Korra is still lying on the couch. Her head rests on her left hand, her right hand is placed on her hips. And all her clothes are lying on the floor next to the couch, Korra is completely naked. They look at each other with astonishment. An awkward moment of silence passes, then they speak at the same time.

Asami: “Err, what  …?”

Korra: “Oh, you meant … at a restaurant.” (her voice fading off, so that the last words could hardly be heard, and her face blushing)

Asami (smiling lustfully): “Well, I wouldn’t mind a little appetizer before diner.”

Asami takes off her jacket again, holds back Korra from getting up and joins her on the couch.

Imagine: You're the Jokers daughter and he catches you at his club

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Your friend Ava looked at you, her eyes petrified.
You both stood fixing your makeup in the bathroom of your dads club.
“Listen, we’re fine, my parents said they’ll be on the other side of Gotham tonight.” You shrugged to your friend as you ran red gloss over your lips.
“Yeah but you know your parents are a little…. unpredictable..”
“Oh don’t be a pussy, we have a better chance of running into the Batman!” You looked at yourself all dressed, you had ‘borrowed’ your mothers favorite club dress and decked yourself out in jewelry the king of gotham had gifted his princess. You grabbed Ava’s hand and headed out to the dance floor. The music gave you goosebumps as you moved to the beat. Your father never let you out of his sight. He was over protective, or possessive you didn’t know which but tonight you snuck out and were free. They were out robbing, killing, fighting you didn’t care… well you were a little jealous. But your father insisted 15 was still too young for the family business.
“Hey, y/n” Ava came to your ear “that guy at the bar is checkin you out.”
You glanced over your shoulder. Jaw line, tall, brunette. You liked what you saw, but was it enough to risk it? Being the Harley and Jokers daughter didn’t exactly make dating easy… well it made it lethal.
“I shouldn’t… what if-”
“Oh now whose being the pussy huh?” Ava smirked"
She gave you a little push and you walked to the bar. You looked forward feeling his eyes on you. You leaned on the counter “Champagne please!” The bartender gave you a nod.
“Fancy girl huh?” You knew it was him talking, you turned to your left. he was even prettier up close. “Why don’t I get that one for you?”
“No need! On the house as usual hun!” The bartender cut in and handed you the glass.
“You famous or something?” He boy took a sip of his drink
“No… just… my family knows him well.” You blushed as your lips tasted the bubbles.
“Oh connections huh? Well you should be famous, it’s a crime the whole world doesn’t know a face like that. Whats your name?”
You had to giggle at how cheesy the line was “I’m y/n, nice to meetcha!”
The boy slammed back his drink, “Mike, and it’s a pleasure gorgeous. Dance with me?”
He reached out his hand and you set your glass down and took it. He led you to the dance floor past Ava who was laughing while talking to her own man. The night was going just as you saw in movies. You threw your head back and smiled while you danced, you felt like years had passed but at the same time only minutes. 

After a while Michael grabbed your waist and pulled you closer. You put your hand on his chest, jolted by it.
“Easy Mike I hardly know ya”
He scoffed at you and wrapped his arms tighter around you.
“Hey come on I mean it.” You pushed out of his grasp.
“Pfff come out gorgeous, you wore that dress for a reason right?” He reached down to you and extended his hand. His fingers ran half way down your hair when it happened.
The gun shots echoed. Out of the crowd walked the pale, green haired figure. His gun pointed up as glass fell from above. His eyes met yours and you could tell he was angry, but when he turned to Mike they became downright terrifying. His fingers were still in your hair when your father stepped up to him. He grabbed Mikes wrist and in 3 movements the cracking dropped him screaming to the floor. The crowd had cleared. Ava waved at you from across the room before running for the exit. You put your hands on your head, relieved and annoyed at the dramatics your father was performing.
“Oh tsk tsk tsk don’t cry little boy. That’s just what happens when you touch my things.” He smiled that smile and you knew what it meant. “Frost! Give my new toy the VIP treatment!” Frost walked to Mike still seething and grabbed him by the arm. He gave you that gentle ‘sorry kiddo’ smile and you smiled back. Frost was always in theory on your side. He took Mike to the back room. Your father turned to you.
“Princess do you have any idea how worried Daddy was about you?” He pushed your hair behind your ear “and I find that slime touching your perfect locks?”
“D-daddy you said you’d be out. Like far away” You said nervously crossing your arms “how did you-”
“Sh sh sh sh, I heard my little loony tune was out all dolled up and it wasn’t for me.” He put his arm around you and led you with him as he walked. As you both passed the bar he winked at the bartender he who nodded back. So that’s how he heard.
“I just wanted to have fun on my own for once, you never let me do anything.” you scoffed at him, you knew only you could talk to him like that.
You stopped at the back door and he raised your chin with his hand to look at him.
“Sweetheart Daddy’s job is to protect you”
“I thought you said your job was killing rats with wings”
“That’s my side gig”
He put his hand over your mouth giving you the tattoo grin before he mover it up to stroke your cheek.
“Princess you are the only pure thing in my life left anymore. I don’t want the filth of this city getting anywhere near you.” His icy blue eyes connected to yours. You felt tears begin to form. It was always nice, the sweetness coming from a man like him. “Oh none of that. Prettyprettypretty please smile for daddy.”
You lifted your chin from his grasp and showed him your teeth. “I do appreciate you getting rid of that creep for me daddy.”
“Get rid? Oh I’m just getting started.” He kicked the door open and there was Mike tied down in a chair. Your father pranced in growling at the boy. You followed slowly behind. You almost felt sorry for him…. almost. The clown prince stared as he circled him like a lion to his prey.

“Now… you think it’s okay for a peasant to touch a princess?” He said as he reached into his pocket.
“Sir liste-” before Mike could finish Joker slashed his face with his razor. The tiny gold jester was now caked in blood.
“Now ya got a smile kid! No more crying eh?” He cackled as he slashed again and again. Mike howled as blood spewed. You moved to Frost as he signaled over to you, ready to take you to the car. Your dad never let you see him finishing the job. As you waited you twirled your fingers around the tassels on the dress.
“Frosty if hes gonna kill him he could at least let me watch!” You complained “You don’t need to be seeing any of that shit kiddo.”
You sighed at his typical response just as your dad opened the car door. He slid in and motioned to Frost to drive. You glared out the window, now that Mike was taken care of you went back to being annoyed at your strict life.
“Oh don’t tell me you’re still mad” your dad mocked you cleaning his blade. “I hate when you aren’t adoring me.”
You rolled your eyes “You’re going to have to let me live my life sometime, go out, date.”
“Well as far as living goes, your breathing currently so you are. And we’re still not home because Frost cant drive so you are out” He gave you a cheerfully condescending look “and for dating, if anyone touches you again what will happen to him will even make your mother sick and that’s saying somethin Princess.” He pulled you into his embrace and laughed to himself. “But you got 2 outta 3.”
You couldn’t help but lay your head on his chest. It wasn’t that bad being a Princess.