fix it sticks

I want to know what she thinks we’re going to do with her.

Because I’m going to do something worse.

sketch that i worked on more than i thought? i saw this and i just lloved it wow

ill probably be doing more screencaps because im just,, not motivated recently

tree bros hcs
- connor gives 0 shits and he’s like “move it im gay” to everyone that’s in his way and evan trails behind with his face all red apologizing to ppl for his edgy boyfriend
- connor left his sweatshirt in evans room once when they were smooching and evan panicked when he found it bc that sweatshirt is connors comfort object; it’s got worn down holes on the cuffs of the sleeves from years of connor fidgeting with it; and evan rushes to school that morning to give it to connor bc ‘holy shit what if he thinks i did it on purpose i distracted him w kisses and i stole his sweatshirt and he’ll never talk to me again’ and connor is like 'dude. buddy. keep it. i feel good knowing you have it. it’ll keep u safe when im not there. it’s chill, okay?’
- evan wears the connor sweatshirt every night to bed even if it’s hot af out bc he never ever feels safer than in that sweatshirt
- (connor honestly did freak out when he realized he left it at evans but then he thought abt evan tucked nice and snug in it and that was a more comforting thought to him than actually getting it back. so he buys a new sweatshirt for himself at hot topic and they both match)
- evan is so fucking extra he finds 56 cents in the pockets of this fucking sweatshirt and gives the loose change back to connor and connor is just like …….bruh
- they go on walks all the time it’s their favorite date activity and evan gets so PUMPED to show connor his trees and evan is like “okay GUESS WHATS COOL ABOUT THIS ONE” and connor is like “it’s….tall.”
- connor went to see evan a lot when he worked at the park as a lil ranger thing and he LOVES evans silly uniform like it’s not even hardcore embarrassing or anything, he just gets a kick out of the fact that evan gets to wear a badge for knowing Some Facts About Trees
- evan always fixes the tags sticking out of connors shirt collars
- and connor always gets defensive like “maybe i wanted it there did you ever think of that >:|” and evan gets all cute flustered
- connor is the first to say i love u and he doesn’t make it a big deal, he just kind of says it one day and evan works himself up into a Panicked State bc he wanted to say it for the longest time but was too anxious to be the first one and now the barrier is just suddenly gone and connor loves him??? and that’s just a lot to handle so obviously evans hands get sweaty
- evan proofreads all of connors essays and connor loves watching him get lost in reading them
- ONE TIME and one time only evan gets up the courage to ask connor what the heck weed is like and connor hands him a brownie like “eat this” and evan eats the brownie and wow is he calmer or? something? and he’s being just WEIRD and connor is snorting bc it was just a normal, clean Cynthia Murphy brownie. he’d never give evan weed are you kidding me
- zoe and evan play this game where they bet on how many of connors outfit pieces are from hot topic but it’s all very discreet like “wow that’s a cool chain leather jacket connor where’d you get that from” and he’ll tell them and then one of them inevitably screams
- evan braids connors hair bc it’s calming for the both of them
- they watch nature documentaries like all the time and no one knows why or how it happens. it will be the middle of the day and somehow these two are dead asleep on the couch with natgeo on the tv at full volume
- they also watch a lot of antiques roadshow but they seek it out and genuinely have a good time with it

The retirees of the 2017 Singapore GP.

Off to the left, we see some awkwardness. To the right, we have Nando telling the young’uns that a retirement is just another Sunday for him. And in the back, we can see…what I threw together because too many drivers retired from the race and I ran out of room/ideas.

Mtl likely to disappear & never be heard of again
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Daddy Drabbles #12

- You wake Bucky up in the middle of the night -

“What? What is it?” Bucky’s voice was panicked in the dark room. You had been incessantly calling his name, boy was he a heavy sleeper. With a click , light illuminated the room. At 7 months pregnant you calling his name had sent him into a tailspin of bad scenarios, the confusion written plainly on his face.

“I want pudding” your voice held no tone of humour and you managed the sentence with a straight face. Even through your haze you knew the situation was mildly comical. At first Bucky just stared blankly at you, his sleep laden brain working through your words.

“You… want pudding?” he wiped the tiredness from his eyes and tried to fix his hair which was sticking up in all directions.

“No Bucky, I need pudding” you heard yourself whining but your brain and stomach were telling you there was a more pressing matter with pudding.

“But doll…” he started glancing at the clock which read 3:14am but stopped the moment he saw the tears well up in your eyes. “Okay, okay I’m up” he pecked your lips and pulled a blue hoodie over his head.

30 minutes later and you had unknowingly dozed off. Bucky found you asleep in bed so he naturally he climbed in and started in on his own pudding unable to go back to sleep. You stirred in your sleep a delicious taste and smell invading your sense. You opened your eyes just as Bucky’s lips left yours, pudding on both your lips. “Sorry, darling I couldn’t resist” Bucky smiled widely and let out a soft laugh.

You let out a giggle in response to his, “there better be some left is all I have to say” you murmured. He reached over to the bedside table and handed you your glorious pudding.

“I don’t have a death wish, doll” he commented as you moaned through your eating. He lovingly stroked your bump you both sighed contentedly.

Ten Years And Counting

A year ago today, @atticuos send me a Derek Hale fanvideo and that was the start of a beautiful and wonderful friendship (and also the first of many, many videos that she send me). I honestly don’t even know where to begin to describe how important Elisa is to me and how happy she makes me, and I’m just so lucky to have her in my life.

Happy friendaversary, my adorable baby monkey. I love you to the other end of the universe and back a billion times. ♥

As soon as the car door was shut and the sound of the busy city on the other side was reduced to a more muffled sound, Derek sagged back against the driver’s seat, closed his eyes, and let out a heavy and tired sigh, his shoulders losing the tension in them little by little.

It was late. The sun was already going down behind the tall buildings of the city, leaving the sky in a soft pink and orange glow that Derek would probably have been admiring if he wasn’t resting his eyes and considering taking a power nap for just a brief moment. That, and the buildings illuminating the darkening city was blocking out the sunset anyway, so he wouldn’t have been able to see much from the parking lot he was parked in.

That was one of few downsides of living in the city.

Letting out another tired sigh, Derek scrubbed a hand over his face, ran it over his beard (he had let his stubble grow over the years, a few gray hairs joining the darker ones) to fix the wild hairs sticking out, and then grabbed the steering wheel as he turned on the car.

His head was killing him, his brain tired from a long day of having to be around so many people. But, as a history teacher at the community college, that was his job and he liked it. It was the good kind of tired, the kind of tired where he could go home and not feel completely drained and exhausted, the kind of tired where he still had energy to be awake for a few more hours.

He hadn’t felt this relaxed and good in years, and all it had taken was to leave Beacon Hills and his ghosts behind. And, of course, for Stiles to join him in New York, too.

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Hello people! Your beshy’s back again with another guide for those students who will face new year with a new semester :) 


Create and stick to a routine. Set a time when you are supposed to go to bed /wake up and follow this everyday. Keep in mind that it is recommended for you to sleep for at least 8 hours (if possible). This might be the hardest thing to do, but it can totally help you in the long run. 


Start researching about them so that by the time you attend your first class, you already know what to expect. Stay interested even though your university forces you to take these/that subject (just like in our uni where we just follow the curriculum and students aren’t allowed to take subjects they personally prefer). 


Start organizing your class schedule. Print them out, keep one on your desk, paste it on your planner/ bujo, set it as your mobile or desktop wallpaper… whatever you like! 


No further explanations. Advance reading for your courses is the 🔑!


Do you want to be a Dean’s Lister? Make new friends? Nail all exams and quizzes? and etc. Right it down! Have a list of clear and measurable goals to work toward. 


We all know that feeling we get from buying cute school supplies / stationeries right? Even if it’s just for the purpose of #aesthetic to some, it all makes us want to study! 


Take note of the important dates and write it down on your planner. I swear, having a planner is really a great investment for school/college! 


If you’re not the planner-type of a person and wants everything personalized. 


Another difficult thing to do, but you can actually find it everywhere (so as the famous quote says). The studyblr community is one. We are a community that is willing to help one another! From uplifting advice to amazing resources, we got you covered! I just love this community so much! And lastly, the greatest source of motivation is none other than yourself! You are amazing! You are capable of doing great things! You’ve been through a lot and I believe that you got this, too! 


i kinda had an adorable outfit the other day