fix it felix jr. spoiler

Are You Nervous?

“Hey Fix It.” I shouted toward him, not looking up from my feet. Felix was over by the candy pool when he ran to my side.
“Yes Ma'am?” He rocked forward and back. He was my height when I sat down.
“I’m bored. Let’s do something.”
“Yes, Ma'am?” He looked confused. So cute, and confused.
I looked away, he was right in front of me. He made me unnecessarily nervous. His big blue eyes staring into mine. I blushed.
“Have you ever played The Nervous Game?” I asked, fanning my lashes. I knew that got him.
“No, Ma'am.”
“Tamora is my name.” I was a little fed up with this ‘Ma'am’ business.
I grabbed Felix’s hand and pulled him next to me.
This is how it’s done. One of us puts a hand on the other person’s knee like this.“ I put my right hand on his knee, cupping it. "Then they would ask, 'are you nervous?’. If the other person says no, then you’d keep going. Like this.” I slid my hand up slowly, stopping quickly as Felix shifted his hips. I enjoyed that.
Felix was blushing. He was cute when he was like that. But I wanted to see how nervous he could get.
“Let’s play.” Felix said rather surely. “Y-you start, though. I learn through sight.”
I’m sure you do.
I took my hand as I did before, on his knee. “Are you nervous?” I edged.
He didn’t seem affected. “No.” He said determinedly.
I moved farther up. “Are you nervous?” I said, squeezing his thigh just enough to make it seem like a simple muscle jerk.
“N-no..” Felix responded, almost questioning himself.
I moved my hand farther up, though there wasn’t much to his legs at all. I had reached the limit, and Felix saw that.
“Wh-what do you do now?” He said, shifting his body to face me.
I leaned in a little, getting a closer look at those beautiful blue eyes.
“When there’s no more room, I do this.” I cooed, slipping my hand in between his thighs, careful not to touch his zipper.
“O-oh, Oh!” His legs twitched, sending me off into a quick daydream.
I giggled, using what little charm I thought I had, and asked,
“Do you want to try now, Fix It?” I removed my hand, placing it on my own lap.
I could see his blush was deep red now, though he hadn’t lifted his head twice since I moved inside.
“Hrr sure Ta-mora.” I never really was fond of my name, but the way he said it…
Felix looked at my lap, a little uneased.
“What’s wrong Fix It?” I adjusted myself, sitting on my legs. Felix followed my example.
“You’re so far away.”
I don’t think he knows how to flirt right.
“Then move in Closer.” I grabbed his wrists, placing him knee to knee in front of me.
He was shivering slightly as he went to place his hand on my knee. Clearly he was still nervous. I giggled openly at my thought, showing him a smile.
“Clearly you’re not nervous, but "are you nervous?”
“Hhm, no.”
He moved up but barely.
“Are you nervous?”
“Absolutely not.”
“Are you nervous?”
“How about now?”
“Mm, no.”
“Are you-” He stopped.
Somehow throughout this game, he had ended up face to face with me, his other hand on my other thigh. The other one was too close to my center, teasing me.
He sighed, looking right into my eyes. I blushed, moving my head to the side. Something wonderfully horrible could have just happened.
Felix took his other hand and boldly put it on my hip, his original hand still giving me hell.
This kid has balls.
I was becoming warm, I’m sure my face was red to show. Felix wasn’t looking at me face anymore. His other hand had moved up just under my breast.
I whispered to him, “Are you nervous?”, just before putting my hand on his groin.
“No.” He whispered back. He kissed my ear, nibbling on it to tease and torture me more.
I had moaned far too sensually apparently because the next thing I remember was Felix’s shirt was off and his hand was rubbing my center. My tongue was crashing with his, swapping code with each other. I pulled back and saw a red faced, knotty haired man on my lap, his legs wrapped around my hips. If he looked this bad, I didn’t want to imagine what I looked like.
“Tamora. What’s wrong?” Felix said, just soon after realizing what had happened.
“Oh my land. I am so sorry. I’m so sorry.” He scrambled his feet, having trouble finding his shirt.
Meanwhile, I’m just sitting there with a sweaty body underneath hot armor and messy hair. Still hot, I was weighing my options. I could pull him back in to an amazing sex high moment or we could go back to a completely self cock block, awkward re-friend-ationship.
Obviously, I’m not an idiot.
Felix had just found his shirt as I picked him up and back onto my lap.
“I didn’t tell you to stop, soldier.” Pushing my tongue into his mouth, showing him I meant what I said.
 He moaned, cupping my jaw. I reached up to my chest and pressed a small red light. It pressed inward and Felix pulled back, amazed still at the new technology.
The armor sunk into itself soon becoming nothing than just a small box on my shirt.
Felix’s eyes grew as he took in my real figure.
I wouldn’t lie, I had an amazingly large chest for a thin body which rose delicately with every harsh breathe I took.
He looked at everything, so afraid to move. I rolled my eyes and took his hand and placed them on my chest. I smiled, kissing him.
“Are you nervous?"