fix it felix jr. from the game fix it felix jr

Headcon #97

When Honey Lemon was a little girl she would always go down to “Litwak’s Arcade” and play some video games. One day when she was there she noticed The bad guy from her favorite classic game “Fix it felix JR” was gone. She also loved “Sugar Rush” and “Hero’s Duty” She was known by the viewers as “Moppet Girl”

Submitted by Anonymous

Wow, that was a hard beating that King Candy gave our little old hero Fix-it Felix Jr.. Receiving blunt blows to the head really didn’t feel so good, in fact little Felix was hitten do hard that he lost consciousness. When our hero had awoken he wasn’t in Sugar Rush anymore, oh no, he was in the real world. No game, the actual world of the living! He had found himself laying in a bed, the little guy felt unbearable pain coming from his head and body, but the head hurt worse. All he could see was red blurr as he slowly blinked, coughing a bit he deared to move. Just imagining what it would feel like made him sick to his stomach. He didn’t want to find out what worse pain he could be in if he moved. So he just sat there, shivering slightly from the cold and blood running down the side of his face. asksecurityofficermitchellandcoe

Imagine Ralph disappearing from Fix-It Felix Jr. one evening and no one knows where he went so all the Nicelanders start panicking because they think he game-jumped again and then one minute later Ralph returns to the game with a bag of groceries and is like, “Guys, I just stepped out to do an errand. Chill out."