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Uhhhh…this kind of just happened? But boy, does it feel good to write for these two lovebirds again! ; u ; For those of you who are new to the Wreck-It Ralph fandom or the Hero’s Cuties ship, this is an AU set in the real world where Felix and Sergeant Calhoun are actual people and not video game characters. I’ve written a bunch of drabbles at various points in their relationship (which you can find under this tag), but this one takes place shortly after their first meeting. So without further ado…

The light coming from the outside lamps and the illuminated windows above shine down on her like she’s an angel. In Felix’s eyes, she’s always been one.

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With her bare foot, she shuts the pantry door and heads over to the cupboard to fetch two bowls. Felix follows her like the puppy he is and watches as she pours them their breakfast. With a little help from his tiptoes, he’s able to rest his chin in the dip of her narrow shoulder; he then turns his head to gently kiss her neck. 



ahaha i sat down to draw a WIR valentine’s pic and suddenly, MORE FEESH FIC ILLUSTRATIONS oops

it’s just… it’s rly fun hokay? CAN’T STOP ME

plus i love this particular one c: if you haven’t already, read it here>>, and the companion picture to this one is here

ayupyup, happy valentine’s day!

What Happened Last Night

Summary: Felix helps a hungover Tamora recall the events of the previous night.

A/N: Another HC/AU story! Again, not in anyway connected to fix-it-feesh’s amazing series, but a million credits to her and fafafixit for making this AU what it truly is! :]

Disclaimer: I do not own Wreck-It Ralph or any of its characters.

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