I really loved the black plates that were introduced with Dine Out. So I decided to make all the plates black. There’s also an override which replaces the experimental dishes plates.

  • Replaces every dish except cupcakes, ice cream cones, and the Luxury Party dippers.
  • Should be Base Game Compatible


[Replaces normal food plates]

[Replaces experimental food plates]

To those who have noticed the new Tumblr update

Recently Tumblr staff decided it would be a GREAT IDEA to put recommended blogs in between posts on your dashboard, well let me tell you I find this very aggravating as it is with all the other shit Tumblr’s put on the dash.

So would you like to just get rid of it all? It’s very easy.

Step 1: Get AdBlock Plus. Seriously there is no reason to not have this, it’s easy to use, fast to install, blocks SO MANY POPUPS, probably saves your computer from thousands of viruses, and it works on ALL BROWSERS.
Step 2: Once installed right click the icon then scroll down to the “Options”

Step 3: Click, then go to “Add Your Own Filters”.

Step 4: Type on the “Add Filter” line;[class=“recommended-unit-container blog-card-compact”] and then press Enter.

And you are DONE. you won’t get the stupid “recommended blogs” box in between your posts on your dash, I hope this helps yall.

You tell yourself that no one will love you because you are damaged, but I am telling you that you are wrong. Someone will love you when they finally figure out that damage is fixable, and your damage is what they want to fix.
—  ‘damaged’ does not mean ‘unlovable.’

Fan: When I was 19, I had my third book published, okay. And… I kind of used you as an inspiration for one of my main characters in the book. So this is kind of me just saying thank you for like just being you so I could use you as that character.

Tom: Thank you very much. What does he do in the book ?

Fan: He’s an anthropology professor in college.

 And he did it. He fixed the glasses and even looks like an anthropology professor