looks like God gave wings to the wrong guy, doesn’t it?

this is a reworked version of this and inspired by (if not explicitly illustrative of) Under My Wings You Will Find Refuge by fivie i.e. one of the most important fanfics on the planet. it’s so good. bury me in a casket lined with printouts of this fanfic

fivie, you deserve better than this twee and rushed thing, but i have to upload it now so i can’t use it as an excuse to not work on other things ;o;


Selected works by GIFRIENDS

“GIFRIENDS is a photography and net art collective. Consisting of four friends: AlexMarisaPeter andMichael, GIFRIENDS love to make pictures both moving and still. GIFRIENDS is interested in the Internet and its magic. GIFRIENDS also loves people and the mundane.” (text from the GIFRIENDS portfolio)

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Calm Amidst the Storm (4k) by captain skellington @legolras

“But you hate me,” Enjolras blurts out, head swimming in confusion. Away from the riot and alone with all of Grantaire’s focus on him, the pain is at a minimum, but there’s still so much to take in.

“What?” Grantaire snorts. “Why the hell would you think that?”

“The first time we met you recoiled as soon as you…” Enjolras trails off into sudden realisation. “Oh.”

the most beautiful and difficult instrument (14k) by @myrmidryad 

“You’re a vocal manipulator?” Courfeyrac stepped forward, putting a voice to Enjolras’ excitement.

“Vocal manipulator?” Grantaire echoed, Courfeyrac’s voice coming from his mouth. It was a perfect copy, and Enjolras swayed forward even though Grantaire was flushing, clearly embarrassed.

“That’s so cool!” Courfeyrac went closer, grinning. “So’s Enjolras! He doesn’t echo like you though.” He pointed at Enjolras, and Grantaire looked at him from under a fringe of black curls. “When he speaks, everyone who can hear him kind of has to listen? It’s involuntary, so he doesn’t talk much.”

Mutant Registration* by ryssa 

Combeferre has said there is something quite so terrifying or awe-inspiring than when light bursts from Enjolras skin, splattering the crowd with sunspots and heat.

Today is a day where both were useful—limiting the solar system in his chest until he could rise up against the steps of the capitol building, before bursting out and blinding the Registrars, the more subtle mutants coming up from the crowd, rising up with him, and the others who can’t hide quite as well swooping from the alleyways and rooftops.

There will be no Mutant Registration, not while Enjolras lives and breathes.

*Note: link is the series tag in chronological order, so there is also fan art and a spin-off AU-of-the-AU where Enjolras dies and Grantaire gets vengeful, jsyk.

Mutant AU by @fivie 

“There’s someone we really want you to meet,” Joly says.



“I don’t like meeting people,” Grantaire whines, and that’s very true and they know it. He’d even shied away from their first attempts at conversation – it had taken some persistence on their part to get him to just speak. He’s used to hiding and making himself as small as possible and avoiding the inevitable looks of disgust. He’s not used to company.

“I think you’ll like him,” Joly says with a secretive smile that sort of makes Grantaire want to bite him.

mutant!LM (1k) by Kayla

Now Enjolras knows what his mutation (a pheromonal draw, of all things) often makes him seem more attractive than he is, and seeing as he only ever interacts with Grantaire in close quarters on Fridays, it’s easy to understand why the man approaches him each week.

(Never mind what Combeferre has tried to say - Grantaire doesn’t have a mutation, which makes him twice as susceptible to Enjolras’ charms.

He feels kind of bad about it too.)

Still, it’s every week, barring work or cancelled meetings, and sometimes it’s an annoyance and sometimes Grantaire’s shining (mutation affected) eyes and flirty smirk help brighten his day.

short headcanon/drabbles:

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Do you like Steven Universe? Do you like Les Mis? Well let me tell you about @fivie ‘s WONDERFUL Gem AU!

It’s an ask blog run over yonder ( @gemsinparis ) about the amis a group of rebel Homeworld Gems that crash land on Earth in a foot spaceship and have adventures! :)

Seriously though it’s great and ya’ll should go check it out! :)


Les Amis de l’ABC | The Friends of the ABC

A reinterpretation of the 19th century illustration by Frederic Lix from Les Miserables aka the one where they all look too old to be students. See a bigger version here.

So it’s finally done! A special thanks to fivie and daisy-is-not-a-flower for the encouragement and suggestions. And to et-in-arkadia, whose post started it all.


Lomo'Instant LomoAmigo: Fivi Lai

The world’s most creative instant camera – the Lomo'Instant — is now available at both Lomography Online stores & Gallery Stores worldwide! Lomography Hong Kong has invited a few popular locals to try this instant camera, and one of them is fashion and graphic designer Fivi Lai.

Fivi answers a few questions in this exclusive interview, and shares a few of her creative instant snaps taken with the Lomo’Instant.

I’m done with my EXR five fics that feature posts, so I sign off with these:


(like, I couldn’t pick just one of their stories…)

TEN (of my favorite) STORIES

I’ve been meaning to do both of these forever, so I figured I would do them both at the same time esp since I hit a milestone :D

F O L L O W  F O R E V E R

the bffs

tell-themstories wickednotevil

the squad(s)

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les mis

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I get a lot of beauty samples, gifts and boxes and sometimes, there are just things I don’t get around to using. Most of these things are as new or testers; a couple have been tried, but none of the products have touched my eyes or lips or anything like that.

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