fivey is finished


In honor of Peter Davison’s birthday, I present: every drawing that I’ve done of the Fifth Doctor in the past year; I may have a bit of a problem.


Here is the finished Fivey notebook. It has a disturbing lack of celery, the pattern on the spine is not nearly as complex as I wanted it to be (and lacks the roman V I wanted to include, but like the celery, in the end I didn’t think I could pull it off so I abandonned the idea…) and I forgot to take actual pics of the interior with the classic Tardis roundels, and a clear pic of the spine, but… I’m really really glad of how the thing turned out anyway, and Mr Davison liked it too apparently, so :)

(and I’m still ridiculously happy about the “kettle and some string” fastening thing ^^ (even though, without another notebook to compare this one with, it’s probably not evident by itself…) A *huge* thank you to alda-rana who brought me a nice kettle-y thing to use, since I didn’t manage to find one myself.)

[DW notebooks]

I’ve just finished Fivey, lalalaaa :)))

And the very next moment I considered him finished, my dad came home and hand me handed me package - mail, that wasn’t there at noon when me and my mum came home and I’ve cheched our post box. I got my comic book DW: The Forgotten, yay! :))

Today is good day, yes :))

Anyone interested in crochet Fivey’s pictures? :))