friday 18.2 & saturday 19.2, semester six, week five

I spent my Thursday afternoon with a friend to prepare our grammar presentation. Presentation that I properly finished writing down this morning. Everything’s ready for our oral exam, slash 50% of our grade, for week seven. (Because week six is break week.) Anyways, I couldn’t resist, while running errands with Mum, to this Aloe plant. I named her Billy. (I didn’t have any plants at my parents anymore since I brought them all at uni with me.) I didn’t do much today, lots of reading with my latest novel (Adam Silvera’s History is all you left me) and prepared my notes for my linguistics exam (because linguistics doesn’t count as work, right?).


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I like to think that since we’ve seen Dark as more of a master manipulator than a true psychopath, he’s never actually killed anyone before. And of course Anti would find it hilarious since he’s a murder machine.

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Day Five

I had to keep moving. Not so much because I wanted to, in truth my whole body hurt after a few extremely cold nights. But I had to make sure my extremities did not succumb to hypothermia, and I needed water. The first few brooks I found were covered in thick ice which I could not penetrate. But this one was sheathed with a thin layer, and much-needed water was given to me by my gracious host, the Forest. And, most importantly, I was still alone without having seen another human for days.

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DARK MATTER | 1.12 | Three, Four & Five

I already have a student.

Big Finish #87, The Gathering

DOCTOR: Am I sensing a certain hostility from you?
TEGAN: Spot-on.
DOCTOR: Why? We were friends!
TEGAN: Because if you’re here in Brisbane, it means trouble is on its way.
DOCTOR: That’s a gross exaggeration.
TEGAN: My friends are here, my family. I don’t want them mowed down by Daleks, or possessed by Maras, or killed by Cybermen. I care about them!
DOCTOR: You’re not pleased to see me?
TEGAN: You know what I mean.
DOCTOR: We had some good times, didn’t we?

Into You (4/?)

Summary- When all the media seems to talk about is Tom’s new girl, and what a perfect couple you are, all you want is to be in his arms again.

AN- Sorry this took so long, I just had so much school work, and I’m really busy all next week so hopefully I’ll spam this weekend for you guys


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You were trapped.

There was no better word for it. It seemed as though every where you turned there they were, him and his perfect girl. The girl that was once you, but at the same time wasn’t you. Because Tom never flaunted you, he never wanted to be seen out together, you never so much as went for coffee together.

Yet, you longed for him, to be curled up on the sofa watching whatever rubbish horror movie you could find on Netflix, snacking on far too many sweets knowing it would make training a thousand times worse on Monday. The jealousy towards Nina, the blonde who had been draped on his arm, continued to simmer in you, and you could feel it grow bigger with each headline you read, or each photo you saw.

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how lucky i am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard

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