Rebecca Brown is a twenty-year-old artist and photographer from Essex, England.

In her lifetime, she has produced numerous images and being most known for her self-portraits and cloning.

Rebecca suffers from a condition called Trichotillomania or commonly known as ‘trich’ which is an obsessive compulsive disorder where the suffer pulls out their own hair. Rebecca likes to portray her feelings through her images, using her alter-ego or ‘clone’ Jennifer.

I really like Rebecca’s images because they portray a strong meaning of her condition, and her feelings throughout the images. The images are unique but in a way relate able to other sufferers of trich, because they show meaning so every image is inspiring and thought provoking towards the backstory of her photographs.

All her pictures are wonderfully edited and beautifully presented for her own unique touch to her work.

Her images really represent the use of multiples in them, and I really like the common use of natural light and unique viewpoints, where it be head on showing a sort of block hard feeling, or maybe the use of mirrors to add a little quirk and fluidity, and every aspect leads you through the pictures.