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1. Chinese or italian? - Italian

2. Chicken Tikka or Nandos? - Chicken Tikka

3. What’s your favorite pokemon? - Togepy and Jigglypuff

4. If you were a singer what artist would you collaborate with? - Charlie Simpson

5. Who would be your celebrity best friend and why? - Anne Hathaway because i connect to her on a spiritual level

6. What’s your favorite youtuber? - Dan

7. What’s your lock screen of? - A rainbow on a sidewalk

8. What’s your twitter @? - Emilia4

9. Have you ever met anyone famous? If yes who? - I met Tyler Ward once and omg i met the JONAS BROTHERS in a hotel lobby before a concert.. but i didn’t know it was them back then haha so they walked past me and smiled at me and i was like wtf why are they smiling at me and when they came on stage as the support act i was like oh shit they’re the guys from the hotel lobby haha

10. If you could look like any celebrity who would it be? - Demi Lovato or Mila Kunis

11. What was your first tumblr url? - emistyles omg harry styles phase i guess though the phase still isn’t over haha


My questions:

1. Favorite disney princess?

2. First CD you bought?

3. Jungle or desert?

4. What’s your nickname?

5. Favorite nail polish colour?

6. Do you like musicals?

7. One thing you really want to do in your life?

8. What’s the song you’ve listened to the most in your entire life?

9. What’s the item directly to your left?

10. Your favorite place on earth?

11. How did you discover your favorite band?