“There were definitely some people who were like ‘Nah, we just can’t give it five mics off principle. Because they hadn’t for a while. And it was just the—It was like saying something is perfect. And you assume nothing is perfect. But the thing that I’m so happy about now 20 years later is that it really did stand the test of time. And I don’t think there’s anybody on the planet that feels like it didn’t deserve five mics. So, you go through life and sometimes you get it right and sometimes you get it wrong. And I’m just glad, really glad that I was a part of getting it right.” ~Minya “Miss Info” Oh

Another piece from my Matt Wisniewski pastiche! You definitely need to check out his work because it’s super cool! Check out his tumblr at The statue head is from a trip to Viscaya, a really cool place in Florida! Both photos used in this piece were taken on a Canon Rebel DSLR and edited on Photoshop CC.