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Hi Cat & Mouse. I was wondering if either of you could please help me find a fc for a muse I'm making based off of Ashley Katchadourian from The Most Popular Girls In School? Preferably late teens (17-19), or could play late teens. If you aren't familiar with the series it's been referenced that Ashley is at least part Japanese. Thank you!

I went off THIS picture ?? I have no clue what The Most Popular Girls In School is but ?? here are some suggestions. Thanks to @blueshelp​ and their Japanese FC Masterpage! -C

Suggestions for the Power Rangers Sequel:

Give Trini a girlfriend you cowards

Another girl ranger (preferably a woc. I suggest Fivel Stewart)

Said girl ranger finds the green crystal among the wreckage after the fight and tries to find out who the rangers are to talk to them after she discovers her powers.

Once she does, Zordon has the other rangers train her but they’re all suspicious of her because of the last green ranger turning evil.
She can’t morph with them, even after she tells them her secret (Rita, as a voice in her head, has been trying to turn her against the other rangers for revenge) in hopes it would help.

When the other rangers get mad at her for hiding it from them, someone says its why she couldn’t morph, and Zordon tells them that the reason she can’t morph is because THEY don’t consider her a part of the team.

Whatever is threatening Earth and looking for the crystal this time is looking for her, thinking she’s the weak link.

The other rangers arrive just in time to save her. She finally morphs and they kick evil ass together.

In the resolution scenes she and Trini(who was the first to give her the benefit of the doubt and carry her bridal style away from the villain) are seen holding hands/cuddling and laughing as happy wlw.

Have one of the rangers come out as bisexual. (I vote Zack)

maple does a masterlist thing

Below the cut you will find a masterlist of FCs who are of korean decent, but are biracial or are mixed (have multiple ethnicities outside of being just korean). I’ve sorted these FCs by what year they were born and listed their resources and ethnicity. If you run a rph blog or find this list helpful, please like or reblog. I might do more of these list things if I know people find it helpful.

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Heroes of Olympus


Percy Jackson - Logan Lerman

Annabeth Chase - Alexandra Daddario

Jason Grace - Mason Dye

Piper McLean - Fivel Stewart

Leo Valdez - Tyler Posey

Frank Zhang - Will Jay

Hazel Levesque - Amandla Stenberg

Nico di Angelo - Jake T. Austin


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“A demigod (or demi-god) is a divine or supernatural being in classical mythology. The term has been used in various ways at different times and can refer to a figure who has attained divine status after death, a minor deity, or a mortal who is the offspring of a god and a human.”

(Source: Wikipedia)


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