What doesn’t John  know about Sherlock?

1. He jumped off the roof and went exile for two years to save his life, and the iife of some other people.

2. He was beaten to a pulp in Serbia and now has terrible scars on his back.

3. He allowed John to push him to his back, punch him and didn’t say a word about his wounds that must have been still bleeding.

4. From the very beginning he knew that Mary was a liar but he respected John’s choice. You chose her. 

5. He was going to a death mission but he didn’t say a word about it in order not to worry John.

6. He was very sad on John’s wedding day, he manage to hide his feelings though and gave a moving best man’s speech.

7. He was abused while being weak in hospital by Magnussen (and also threatened by Mary).

8. John is his pressure point. Sherlock does feel things this way.

9. The thought of John being in danger made him come back to living.

When I start thinking about all that stuff that John is not aware of, I literally feel like crying.

Kara’s extra ass would fly to the other side of the planet in a heartbeat so she can be with her busy CEO gf and then the following day Lena is hit with fivehundred questions about why Supergirl is paying her visits in the middle of the night

Though one’s mental image upon hearing of a Colovian is likely to be of a broad, straw-haired Cyro-Nord, the region is just as much home to the descendants of the Ra Gada as it is to the children of the Fivehundred. In many places, people claim equal descent from both, making the frequent border skirmishes between Hammerfell, Skyrim, and Cyrodiil an awkward affair. Though the regions is sparsely populated, and its peoples are primarily ranchers and herders, they are never the less a valued resource for whatever group needs their help at the moment. 

(Illustration: A Da’Awar woman with traditional cochineal tattoos)

John's hitting on Sherock but then suddenly a ghost inerrupts
  • Watson: You're a living, breathing man. You've lived a life, you have a past.
  • Holmes: A what?!?
  • Watson: Well, you must have had...
  • Holmes: Had what?
  • Watson: You know.
  • Holmes: No.
  • Watson: Experiences.
  • Holmes: Pass me your revolver, I have a sudden need to use it.
  • Watson: Damn it, Holmes, you are flesh and blood, you have feelings, you have... You must have... impulses.
  • Holmes: Dear Lord, I have never been so impatient to be attacked by a murderous ghost.
  • Watson: As your friend, as someone who worries about you... What made you like this?
  • Holmes: Oh, Watson. Nothing made me. I made me.