Lewis and Tom

Tom shut his locker with a small clang and nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw Ever standing next to him.

“Jesus Christ! Can’t you just STOP doing that?” he asked the girl.

“I got F in English.” she showed him the paper with a big, red F in the upper right corner.

“Very analytic but the assignment was to describe the emotions of the protagonists. Please try to use your imagination a bit.” he read it, mumbling to himself. He sighed giving the paper back to her. “What am I supposed to to with it?”

“You’re a human.” she said as if it was the most obvious thing on Earth.

“Yeeeesss. So?” he asked raising his eyebrows.

She just shrugged. He shook his head. Thank you, Margot.

“So, how is it going for you?” he adjusted his books. 

“I think the humans are a bit….” she furrowed her brows. “Freaked out?” she looked at him for confirmation.

“I’m not surprised. Listen if you want to…” he looked back at her but she was gone. He searched the crowd but the black haired girl disappeared just as fast as she.. Ah no. She went t creep out some girls, probably from one of her classes. Thomas sighed and moved forward, then someone bumped into him sending him a few feet back stumbling and bumping himself into someone.

“Ugh, sorry.” he turned around to apologize to the person he bumped into.

Ten and Annoying

Margot sat at the swing and swung on it, trying to go as high as possible. There was a lollipop in her mouth. She woke up this morning in clothes big, like they were from an older sister. Confused for a while she was found by Ever who just blinked and gave her clothes her size.

Clothes. Now that was a weird thing. It was so different from what she was used to. She lived in a very warm climate and forest region. Her tribe was simple people. Wool tunic, leather shoes. But here clothes were different, smelling fake and scratchy.

She wore white, flower-patterned shirt , denim shorts, reaching her knees and flip flops. Her long, black hair were tied in a pony tail with a bow. She had black eyes, flat, a bit wide, nose, thin lips, high cheek bones and her skin was a dark brown. She looked a bit younger than 10 with her short size.

She wondered where her twin sister was. She wanted to play with Ethemi. But it seemed she was in a completely different place now. Weird. 

Ever said there were… difficulties, but didn’t specify. Stupid Chronicler. She jumped out of the swing when it reached the top and landed on the dirt, scrapping her knee and hands, when she fell on her four. It was a dangerous jump and few adults in the park wanted to run to her and check if she  was still alive. Stupid Adults. 

Brushing herself off and getting the sand from her flipflops she walked bravely out of the playground, a bag of sweets at her side. She swung the bag, humming to herself. Suddenly she spotted a tall, black haired boy in the crowd. She furrowed her brows, she knew him but it couldn’t be. She never met him before for sure. She walked up to him and pulled at his pants.

“Do I know you?”

Bees and Flowers

School wasn’t bad for Thomas. He kind of learned to ignore the dumb jocks, picking on him about his sunglasses. He liked a bit the girls giggling behind him and when he turned to look at them they would be giggling more. He really liked seeing Jess during breaks and talking with her. He sometimes run into Blue and he liked talking to the smaller boy too. He absolutely enjoyed pissing off the Math teacher with Lewis and making the Biology teacher simmer in anger every single class. Both men had some kind of a Pavlov syndrome upon seeing the two boys together. Meaning sudden escape. Unfortunately they had to suffer through the classes. 

Neither Lewis or Tom went to the Health class. Simply because Lewis was lazy and Tom because he already new some of that stuff. His mother made it all clear to him in early age. He was fit (exercising every single day) eating rather healthy (occasional fast food because Yum junk food and which kid doesn’t enjoy junk food?) and sex ed was explained to him when he was around 6, when he asked his mother about where the babies come from. So he felt no need to go there. Until that one time…

During the lunch break Thomas was sitting in the cafeteria eating grilled chicken and salad Margot made for him for lunch, when he spotted Lewis apparently looking for someone. Probably him so he stood up and waved.

“Hey man! Ovah ‘ere!” he called with his mouth full.


It was nice winter day, Margot strolled the park and stopped by to watch the ice skaters and Ever in particular. The demon decided to try the ice skating as it was the ‘common and traditional thing for humans to do in winter’, to quote her.

So the blonde left the ice skating Chronicler, making sure she was not going to cause trouble and went to sit on a bench, eating her ice creams slowly. She debated getting herself hot chocolate.

Suddenly there was this… feeling. She looked around but saw nothing so far. So she just shrugged and returned to her ice scream.

Meanwhile Ever, trying to mimic people around her awkwardly skated on ice, bumping into people from time to time. This was a bit more difficult than it looked like. And she didn’t want to borrow the ability from anyone around her.

Undead surprise

Tom was rather surprised to see the guests at his home… ok, Margot’s home, but still…

There was this tall, slim woman with a military cut, platinum blonde hair, unnaturally pale and with hazel eyes. She wore a white flowing summer dress and was sitting on a stool by the kitchen counter

“Um… hello.” he greeted them unsure looking between them.

“Oh you must be Karen’s kid.” the woman grinned. “I’m Marigold and this is my husband Regis.” she motioned to a man who was currently eating some spaghetti.

He wore black shirt with rolled up sleeves and dark grey jeans. He was thin and wiry, and just like her, unnaturally pale. He had greying black hair and black, shining eyes.

Regis smiled a kind, though with pressed together lips, smile waving to Tom and the boy waved back.

The couple smelled oddly. The woman smelled like blood, soil and forest after rain. The man smelled strongly of herbs, soil and blood. Not the type of smell you want on your guests.

“Where’s Margot?” he asked dropping his bag to the floor, taking off his jacket.

“Over here” Margot walked out the bathroom and noticed hid confusion. “No need to be suspicious kid. These two are vampires.”

Tom’s eyes goggled out. “Wh-whaaa…?” he looked at the people in front of him. Real undead?! Wait… it was still afternoon the sun was up and…“Uhh, Margot… Lewis is coming.” he said slowly.

“So?” Margot asked shrugging and went to the kitchen counter. Soon there was a knock at the doors announcing the arrival of Lewis.


Ever’s existence was simple, watch people, make sure the balance stays in order. There was no place for excitement or sadness, her kind had sworn off all of emotions. 

But Ever was a bit of a broken one. She had natural curiosity for everything. Though she lacked any kind of mechanism to comprehend the knowledge she obtained.

So school was weird. People demanded from her to write emotional analysis of text written in a drunken or drug induced stupor. She could not do this. Math was easier. No emotions required.

But what was the most peculiar to her was social interactions. People avoided her like the plague. No bullying, though. Just this: “oh, god, please don’t come over here.” kind of looks when she was passing them by. 

That’s why HE was even weirder. Why was he following after her? It got even weirder when he asked her out.

“Where?” was her question.

And he gave her a very awkward explanation to what it meant to humans. 

So… a courtship ritual…

“Ok.” was her answer. 

The next day she came with Thomas to school again and HE was there again. Weird human….

Morning Glory

Tom was a morning person. As in getting up at five or four am, when the sun was rising, then taking a quick shower, eating breakfast, doing his homework and going for a run. This was his routine during weeks. Weekends he just skipped the homework part. This time he had a brilliant idea. Usually a loner, having now a friend (at least he hoped so) he decided to pull Lewis into this. The boy looked like he needed a bit of a good old fashioned work out. 

He planned on making this a regular thing. Lewis should be thankful.

He jogged to the other boy’s house, waving his goodbye to his care takers, beforehand. 

The air was still mostly stinking with the pollution but it was much cleaner that during the day. It was 6 am and before he got to Lewis’s apartment it was 7 am. He knocked at the doors waiting for them to open.