Steady Decline || Open

When the woman finally stopped screaming her body sagged drastically on life as he drank it from her. Weakness and dizziness over came her will to survive, and overpowering strength her will to fight. For a moment he lost himself in the steady decline of her heartbeat, as always urging himself to let it take him. To let it pull him and end end this suffering of forever, but her never did. 

Instead he retracted his teeth from her neck and looked down at her just about lifeless figure. A sadness over came him, and he gently stroke his victims pallid features. Instead of just letting her drop, he picked her up and carried her over to the park bench to lay her down, “Does death taste sweet?” he asked the unconscious, nameless victim. Lestat would’ve sighed if he needed breath. 

The sound of someone walking along the path in the park caught his attention and he turned to, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth on a dark sleeve. Should he stay? Or should he leave in case the person attempted to make a scene? Already he missed the sound of a heartbeat, the woman’s failing her in that moment. He waited for the human to approach.