i run as fast as i can run
but he comes tumbling after…

Fic: Fivebot Goes to Gallifrey

Characters: Romana, Narvin, Leela, Brax, and Fivebot, who is tardiscrash’s wonderful brainbaby

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,032

AN: The lovely Mr. tardiscrash and I decided that we would give each other fic prompts. His was ‘anything with Fivebot,’ who is an OC of his.  I explained to him that this was me and when you say ‘anything’ I take that as ‘Gallifrey fic.’ So this happened.

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supinternets asked you:  2012-05-30 20:04
Drunk drawing request! Fivebot and Handy having a pint. :) Love your art btw!!!

Thank you, lovely. <3 Obviously I pounced on this request. I love me some Fivebot and Handy and any excuse to draw them. Especially now that I haven’t written for them in over a month and really miss them. (Vacation, come soon!)

Fivebot can’t actually get drunk. Or, maybe he wrote a program to simulate intoxication just to, you know, get drunk with Handy. Which he WOULD. But that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it should, cause Handy has been drunk in front of Fivebot, and the very sober Fivebot wasn’t too amused. (Maybe because Handy picked a fight with Zagreus, which is not a good idea. No, really, Handy attacked him with a ladly. Fun Christmas party in the TARDIS.)


Since I’m no longer willing to give LiveJournal money, I have to trim down my 190 Fivebot icons to… 35. For about a month, then I have to go down to 15. *sigh*

So this is a compilation of all his icons, so that I can say goodbye. The first ones are all from the Fifth Doctor, the second image has mostly Tristan from All Creatures Great And Small, plus some thread-specific icons (genderswap, animal transformations, Ponyville…) and some that are just plain ridiculous. The laser eyes will be sorely missed.

(If anyone actually wants some of these icons so they can be used, that can be arranged. Or you can just open the full-size image and crop them out, and credit me.)

Andrew clutches at James’ jumper as if to shake him awake - futile as he’d realize that would be if he were thinking clearly. One disaster piles onto another, though - Andrew doesn’t have time to have any thoughts beyond ‘oh god, James’ before something that feels like a ton of bricks hits him, hard, and sends him sprawling.

The sight of James’s inert body toppling over the edge seems to make something snap inside of Andrew. He chokes, unable to breathe for a second, and then he’s somehow on his feet, screaming James’s name. He’s hit again from behind, this time by a Torchwood agent who tackles him to the ground - and without whom Andrew probably would have followed James over the edge. Andrew struggles, rendered irrational by the image of James disappearing over the edge that’s playing out over and over in his mind.

He’s eventually manhandled into one of the vans while the field agents clean up. There are terse questions from the commander of the unit and sympathetic (if confused) looks from a few agents he’s worked with before, but little registers.

James is gone. It’s impossible.

But it’s true.

—  From The Adventures of James and Andrew, also known as Fivebot and Handy, this part written by spoofmaster.