(170429) swv ~five~ in yoyogi day iv

cr. geeknim, trans cr. mredwardsanders

O: people who have their own in ear monitor. in korean: how do i say production again?

J: for the ear…for my ear…

K: ah! people who have an iem that is unique in the world and only belongs to them!

J: we got to the hospital…we go to the hospital!

K: to make it we go to the hospital, put something really gross in out ears, and wait for a short while. after that it goes pop! the shape of the ear, you send that to the u.s. and the iem arrives. 

J: order made! 

fans: ohhhh~ 

I got a shiny caterpie tonight and james was like “you are going to do it aren’t you” and i asked him what he meant. he stared me straight in the eyes and in a deadpan voice exclaimed… EXOTIC BUTTERS

Because it is not BUTTER FREE around here in my fnaf trash blog I HAVE BEEN PLAYED THE FOOL

“Jotaro, pose for the photo!” 
Jotaro, however, did not pose for the photo. He was too busy thinking about how Kakyoin talked him in to buying that ugly shirt for him.