Five days of Summer (Derek Hale x Reader)

Hey guys! So as I’m new in all this writing fanfic thing, I’ll just probably write about Derek Hale because he is definately my major crush around the world (followed closely by Nico di Angelo, Dylan O'Brien (Stiles), and Spencer Reid (bc why not?)). This one is based on Joe Brook’s song “Five days of summer” and if you haven’t heard that cheesy guy’s music, you’re missing out ;)

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Warnings: Teenage Derek!

She leaves just silence in her path A short goodbye, some photographs I took them with me on the plane from Appledoore into LA

She was… inconsistent. At least, that was all he could be sure when acknowledging you first time in senior year. Of course, he hadn’t known you yet, but he had heard things. Things like being the silent kid on the corner, always drawing and trying to look invisible. Things like being the coolest when being talked to, but never when being approached to. And too many others that called his attention about you, that he couldn’t help but always stare.

You’d ignore his stares the first few times, but then, when it became routine, you couldn’t help stare back at him when he wasn’t looking. And man, he was the definition of handsome. At least it seemed like that to you.

The first time you talked was when you abstently collided with his back on your way out of the classroom, you gave him a shy apology and he smiled dissmissing it.

You then froze, if you’d known his smile was going to capture you, then you would’ve avoided looking, but you didn’t and you deliberately stared. Which only seemed to amused him.

“You okay?” He asked, the grin on his face still taunting you.

“Uh…” it seemed like you forgot how to speak. “No? I mean, yes, yes I’m fine” you muttered, now ashamed of your own clumsiness.

He laughed, secretly loving your blushed cheeks. “Want to go grab something to eat?” He asked, surprised by his own words.

You shrugged, “uh,-okay. Where do we go to?”

“There’s a burrito truck here somewhere,” he told you, his green eyes colliding with yours. You smiled shyly as you head out of the classroom, he following right behind.

“So, you’re new here?” He asked, as he had been in Beacon Hills his whole life and hadn’t acknowledge you until a  month back.

You shooked your head. “I moved here a year ago,” you told him. He looked surprised. “Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m too loud to be noticed,” you giggled as he blushed.

“Also not one to stay in one place for too long,” you then said, fulfilling the silence that had built. He stopped cold with a frown, you turned around and saw his expression, frowning too.

“Why?” He asked.

You shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe because my mother seems to be in a constant movement I need to follow,” he looked curious.

“What about your father?” He asked, and your heart seemed to clunch a little as you said “he died about a year ago.”

He muttered a hushed “I’m sorry” and then you both continued walking toward the foodtruck.

Then, when you already had your food and had sit on a green side, you started to talk. He could easily make you laugh, and his enchanting smile and eyes could easily make you blush. You even took a few selfies as you ate, and talked about all you liked and disliked about some movies, dishes, and places around.

You told him about your many trips around the world, how you’d fallen for Italian’s food ever since you were a kid, and how you wish you could go back to France someday with someone you loved. You laid flat on the grass, as night approached, and you remember, that after saying your goodbyes, you couldn’t stop thinking about misterious Derek Hale.

This broken heart it doesn’t hurt Still wear these memories on my shirt From five days of summer in the rain Now I’m falling towards the ground, it’s coming at me way too fast But you don’t learn to fly, if you’re not prepared to crash

After that you became close, things were starting to grow into something more than a frienship, but less than a relationship.

And you loved it.

Soon he was your rock, your comfort zone. He was all you trusted and all you cared for. Of course, he wasn’t completely the center of it all, but he sure was now a big part of your life.

Oh man, soon you were realizing you were falling hard for him. You tried not to be very obvious about it, but when you saw him with Kate Argent, things started to explode on your face.

You then tried to distance yourself, as now you were doubting whether he saw you the same way you saw him. It started to hurt, it seemed like you’d crashed onto the floor from the cloud you climed yourself up to.

He noticed, though. As you distanced yourself from him, he noticed you weren’t the same now. It’s not like he didn’t feel anything towards you, he actually tried to bury those feelings as he didn’t want to risk it. He tried to call you back, he tried to keep being there, but soon you were just the one who passed by him in the hallway, as he kissed Kate. Soon you were just the quick hello and goodbye around.

And he hated it.

She’s the sunlight in my eyes She’s a bittersweet goodbye And I just can’t tell you why I’d let her break my heart again

Friday nights now sucked. They used to be partying and hanging around and just being somewhere with Derek. Now? Now they just meant driving around the town bored to your core.

And then you saw something you wasn’t meant to. Your eyes watered as you saw Derek’s house on fire. You parked the car and run into the woods. You called the police station as you heard the muffled screams of the Hale family. And then you understood that behind it all, there was something really wrong.

The screams became howls, the eyes you saw, as you used the extinguisher to stop the fire (which honestly was doing very little), were far worse than anything. And then you turned to see your Derek Hale converted into something you never thought he’d be.

A werewolf.

You then ran back your home, running away from him. From the sudden feeling that he lied to you all those months, the feeling of betrayal. You trusted him your secrets, you ideals, your craziness, and he couldn’t tell you who he escencially was.

And that pissed you off. Worst part? He saw you run away from him, shattering his heart as he now had lost absolutely everything he knew.

Cause when it rains it’s sure to poor in Appledoore We took the waves, She showed me life, She showed me love, I had it all And all the time she’s not around I want her more She’s so beautiful

The memories flooded Derek’s mind as he now watched his burned house. His anger towards Kate as he managed to take everything away from him. His sadness surrounding him as he thought of you.

He remembered that one weekend on which you went to the beach and trespassed the friendship line as you kissed him. He remembered, holding you in his arms while swimming, the way his hands felt on your hips, yours on his neck, the giggles, the fun, the way she just laid on the towel when it became night, and how she taught him all her thoughts of life. How he suddenly knew he was in too deep, to realized how you’d shown him the definition of love.

If only he had realized it then, and be sincere with you, then he would have have you in this awful moment with you. He heard your footsteps before you got close enough to him.

He looked at you, weakness and sadness spread all over his eyes. And although you were hurted, you knew more than anyone else, that he needed someone by his side in that moment. So you ran to his arms.

He held you tight as he cried his loss, you even cried with him as now his loss felt somehow yours. Even if he had never told you about his whole nature, you were sure he had his reasons. And being there in his arms, just reminded you that you would go through this and more with him if it meant having him.

Because in the last five days of the beggining of summer, it has felt as if you were in the rain.

A/N: Sorry if the ending sucked, I hope you guys like the story and please, if you have any note, or sugerence you are free to tell me. Thanks again for reading.

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Here’s what I’ve got, the reasons why our marriage
might work: Because you wear pink but write poems
about bullets and gravestones. Because you yell
at your keys when you lose them, and laugh,
loudly, at your own jokes. Because you can hold a pistol,
gut a pig. Because you memorize songs, even commercials
from thirty years back and sing them when vacuuming.
You have soft hands. Because when we moved, the contents
of what you packed were written inside the boxes.
Because you think swans are overrated.
Because you drove me to the train station. You drove me
to Minneapolis. You drove me to Providence.
Because you underline everything you read, and circle
the things you think are important, and put stars next
to the things you think I should think are important,
and write notes in the margins about all the people
you’re mad at and my name almost never appears there.
Because you make that pork recipe you found
in the Frida Khalo Cookbook. Because when you read
that essay about Rilke, you underlined the whole thing
except the part where Rilke says love means to deny the self
and to be consumed in flames. Because when the lights
are off, the curtains drawn, and an additional sheet is nailed
over the windows, you still believe someone outside
can see you. And one day five summers ago,
when you couldn’t put gas in your car, when your fridge
was so empty—not even leftovers or condiments—
there was a single twenty-ounce bottle of Mountain Dew,
which you paid for with your last damn dime
because you once overheard me say that I liked it.
—   Matthew Olzmann
"We have to hang out over the summer."

During the school year I always feel like I have tons of friends. I talk to dozens of people a day that tell me I’m “hilarious” and “amazing” but once summer comes around no one calls, no one wants to hang out…no one really cares about me. Part of me acts like I don’t really care and it doesn’t matter because I put on the persona of a heartless, emotionless girl but honestly it really fucking hurts to realize that you only have friends because you have to see them five days a week.

I really just want to go out and have a drink.

Who’s coming with me?

I’m about a 9/10 on the “I’m So Done” scale. I want to go out, have a drink or two, and just chill. Give me the buzz and the conversations. Give me carefree. I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve gone out. Someone buy me a drink please. I’ll buy you one if you buy me one.

Five school days until summer.

Written on This Skin pt 2 - Luke Soulmate Au

Part 1

Part 3



“5sos Thurs. 5pm” was written on Luke’s arm. He couldn’t be happier. He was going to meet his soulmate in two days. His heart hasn’t stopped beating wildly for the past hour when the note showed up. Maybe this is her way of communicating? Maybe she wanted him to come… well jokes on her he’s performing.

“How am i going to find her though?” Luke asks the group… again. When the news spread among the band that she was going to be at the concert everyone was excited and jumping around. Now, an hour later, everyone has dulled a little, well except for Luke.

This will complete everything that Luke has ever wanted. Luke wanted to be in a good band with his best mates, check. Luke wants a soulmate to share his success with. He wants someone who he can bring along on tour with him and will enjoy it. Luke wants to give someone the world.

“Should I write back?” Luke asks his friends. They all perk up at the new proposition.

“Um Fuck yeah!” Yells Emily, Ashton’s soulmate.

“Don’t fucking swear” Ashton scolds, just as he did to the band in the early days.

“I don’t care… Im punk rock!” Emily yells, stealing Michaels infamous line.  She throws her hands into the air. Ashton takes the chance to squeeze her sides making her giggle like a little girl. Luke watches this all go down, excited that one day soon he will have that. He will have a girl that he can tease, and love. And she will love him back too.

“Hey thats my line!” Michael yells playfully.

Luke turns to the rest of the group, “What do you think?” Everyone nods in agreement with Emily. Luke is practically jumping in his seat now. “what should i write?”

“Something mysterious,” Says Jackie, Michael’s soulmate. She pops a can of soda open and take a huge gulp. Michael reaches to the bottom of the can and pretends to lift up. The rest of the group laughs at what could’ve happened if Michael decided to shove the can.

“How about something simple, like hey ima be there too,” Calum proposes, being sensible for once. Luke nods along to the idea.

“How about a little of both? Mysterious yet simple?” Emily proposes. She grabs Jackie’s can of soda and takes a big swig out of it, causing Jackie to yell, “hey!”  

Luke leans over and places his arm on the Desk in the Hotel room. Everybody crowds around awaiting what he is about to write.

He places the pen down on his arm and begins to write.

She places the pen down on the paper and begins to write.

Essays for this and Essays for that. There is always so much work to be done. It’s while Y/N is doing her work her arm begins to tickle. She looks down to see words appearing onto her arm after so long.

“I’ll be looking out into the crowed for you” What the hell does that mean? He’ll be looking out into the crowed? You look at the other things you’ve written on your arm as if it’ll give you an explanation. You finally spot something that may be of help. “5sos Thurs. 5pm” Was he talking about that concert?

You faintly remember that all the boys had their soulmates, but to check you look it up. Luke Hemmings. He was the only one who didn’t have a soulmate. Then you think its ridiculous and look up the opening act, Hey Violet. The two boys in the band had already found their soulmates, and you were pretty sure you weren’t into girls.

So you were left with Luke Hemmings. Lead singer. Loved by many. It was a split second decision. You know it was going against your promise, but you had to write back.

“‘Lead Singer?’ guys! she wrote back!” Luke yelled, even though his friends were only a few feet away. Everybody quickly starts to ask him what it says.

“She asked if i was the lead singer!” Luke yells, he grabs a marker and writes back.

“Yes” Was the immediate response Y/N got. Her breath hitches.

“Two days” Is what Luke got in return. He would see his soulmate in two days.

til hamingju með afmælið ísland!

thegaypumpingthroughyourveins  asked:

God, okay, but how about a vampire!Newt. Vampire!Newt who is so busy running around New York trying to catch the creatures who ran away and being dragged by Tina at the MACUSA and then everywhere and since he got to America he hasn't had a single chance to f e e d - and there comes the interrogation scene. Graves - the real Graves, mind you, fuck Grindelwald- and Newt are alone, and Newt tries to respond to Graves' questions but he hasn't fed in so long and there's this attractive man right -

right /there/ in front of him, and Newt can’t hold back -he just lunges.

Newt as a vampire. Newt as a vampire. That is indeed a very interesting thought.

It would happen… Where would it happen? Newt wasn’t born this way, he was turned for sure, but where? In St Petersburg, in the shadow of the Church of the Spilled Blood? The river runs close to the church, and the last time Newt saw that river through human eyes was in March when it was iced over and hidden under a dusting of snow. By the time he emerges, dazed, blinking, aching through every inch of his body, the ice has melted and the river runs freely. It’s been - what, five days? Five days. Summer comes quickly to Russia, but Newt’s last memories as a human were of the final threads of winter’s grip.

Or perhaps in China? The crowded streets of Macau, the busy press of people and sellers and shoppers - through the back of a medicine shop, down a narrow alley lined with dragons carved into the walls, out into a market where pixiu pups lean their paws against wire cages and howl at passers by, chained xiezhi are sold as guards for the wealthiest of patrons, bifangs perch on metal stakes and peck listlessly at the flames below.

It’s easy for a foreigner to disappear from the streets here, and easier when he won’t stop asking questions and working his way into places where he doesn’t belong. He remembers the fear of being surrounded, the patronising head shake when he takes out his wand, the grave-cold hand that clamped around his neck -

Ghana, maybe? The sun is strong in Ghana, too strong surely for a vampire to survive, but the forests are thick and deep and, yes, home to a type of vampire. They call it the asasabonsam, a creature with hooked iron claws in place of its feet. It hangs from the trees and falls on unsuspecting prey passing beneath; Newt was searching for anansi spiders and he dodged the first claw but the second sank into the meat of his shoulder and the curved iron hooked around his collar bone. His wand tumbled from blood-slicked fingers and the lumos at the tip stuttered and died.

Well. Maybe not Ghana; the vampire Newt becomes doesn’t have iron claws in place of his feet. I’m not entirely sure if asasabonsams even turn their victims, truth be told. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? Newt’s a vampire now, fine. He needs a fix of blood every now and then - he’s not going to squeamish about it. He has places to go, creatures to meet, and if some of them shy away from him, that’s part of life. There are others that crowd close, winding around his legs and sheltering under the curve of the bat-like wings he sometimes sports.

It’s a very different menagerie that Newt brings with him to New York, hidden away in his impossible suitcase. Not completely different - Frank’s still there. Thunderbirds are powerful things, he won’t be deterred by the cold taint of darkness that flows from Newt’s shadow. And Pickett, Pickett stays; bowtruckles are well versed in carnivorous trees so he’ll hardly be fazed by a bit of blood. Besides, every plant understands the value of good fertilizer. But Susie the little feathered occamy hatching from her silver egg; she’ll be gone. Dougal, too, with a world of possibilities swirling in his eyes.

In their place, lethifolds ripple over the workshop floor, flowing up to drape themselves over Newt’s shoulders like a living cloak. Serpentine aspids coil at his feet, beaks dripping with lethal poison; huge dog-like pesanta wag their tails and rest their hole-ridden steel paws on his shoulders. Newt doesn’t sleep, so the Nachtalbs can’t feed off his nightmares - but they trail behind him anyway and huddle in his shadow for the cold and darkness it brings.

A different menagerie, perhaps, and when they creep and sneak and slide through the gaps and crevasses of New York they leave more behind them than plundered jewellery shops and escaped zoo animals.

But this is the same: Newt is taken for questioning. Tina doesn’t stand behind him, and Jacob isn’t left in the cell to await obliviation; this Newt ran the nights and not the days, and he never gained a group of hangers-on who would become his friends. There are no executors waiting by the door and Grindelwald doesn’t sit opposite him, wearing Graves’ face and twisting it with his hatred; it’s Graves, in this universe, and his face is bored and blankly dismissive.

It’s the dismissal, Newt thinks, that does it. He’s been brought here, abandoned in an auror holding cell for who knows how many hours while his creatures wreak havoc across the city, and he’s had the manners not to flit away through cracks in the stone and the gaps between the bars. The patience to wait, to not tear this shiny building down stone by polished stone - the man, Percival Graves (and in Newt’s mind he sneers the syllables with dismissal), he has Newt’s case. He has Newt’s creatures. So fine, Newt will play nice, keep his wings pressed tight against the bones of his spine and keep his teeth sheathed in his gums. He can pretend to be human and pretend to be weak if it will get them back. But to be dismissed? Few would dare, not to him.

“Are you aware how many laws you’ve broken by smuggling that case in?” Graves asks, flipping idly through a stack of papers.

Newt pauses in the doorway, tilting his head as though in thought. “It doesn’t bother me,” he finally says, and resumes his languid walk across the room. The metal door swings shut behind him with the inaudible click of spells locking into place. Newt ignores it; the door won’t hold him, and this close he can smell the tense wary what is he not human keep up your guard radiating off Graves. Not that the auror shows it; his hands are rock steady, the pulse beating in his throat slow and even.

He is, objectively, attractive. Magic coils beneath his skin and the taste of it is electric on the air, and that is attractive too. It’s been too long since Newt last fed, and longer still since he’s enjoyed it.

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CHRONICLES FROM GREAT HEIGHTS (an exclusive interview with Louie Danganan) 

Traveling has always been more than just a form of lifestyle and leisure. For some, it is a much-deserved escape from the concrete jungle they live in, or demanding life in the corporate world. For 26-year old Industrial Engineer graduate of Bulacan State University, Louie Danganan, traveling is his ticket to a braver version of himself. I’ve been friends with Louie since the golden years of Tumblr here in the Philippines. But in this exclusive interview, i discovered that he’s got a lot more dimensions in him that people need to know. His knack for landscape, street, & night sky photography, local backpacking, waterfall hikes. His love for photo blogging, reading novels, poetry, indie rock/ indie pop & pop rock music to name a few. 

We’ve known each other a few years back, when we were active on tumblr. When and how did you discover tumblr? 

*Digging into my memory* It was around 2007 or 2008 when I heard Tumblr from a friend and looked it up in curiosity. I have had a few blogs before I stick to the project blog I have today which I started in 2013.

I see you’re into traveling now. When did your knack for it started? 

My interest in traveling got piqued when I was sent for official business trips in 2011 to Visayas and Mindanao. Then further stoked by a 6-day hitchhike trip to Marinduque the following year, my first ferry ride. It was an epiphany to make the most out of my capable years. It is not for life that I am able and hale I thought then that then is the time to do something like it. Travels got frequent and more frequent and here I am still into it.

What is it with traveling you love the most? 

Traveling is many exciting things. That’s what I love about it. I am exposed to the world, and I’m consistently challenged to outdo myself. What I would not typically do in the comforts of home, I find doing when I travel like reaching out to people, listening to their stories and socializing. Another thing is discovery. It gives me sense of accomplishment when I learn about a places despite physical and mental effort it requires. Travel allows me too to creatively express my self through photography while I let loose of myself in beautiful, foreign places. 

How many places in and out of the country have you been to? Which among these places is the most unforgettable and why?

I don’t count. I’m after the experience as trite that may sound. For a fact, I haven’t been outside the country yet for reason that I personally endeavor to explore much of my native land first before I set out exploring other lands/ seas. I’m smitten by our islands, mountains and seas that I’ve dedicated my present blog for personally documenting how fascinating the Philippine archipelago is. And I take pride in doing it.***One remarkable experience I had to say was when I ventured out to do my first (unintended) solo travel to the southernmost tip island of Palawan called Balabac for five days in the summer of 2014. There I met a very good friend, listened to plenty of intriguing and in some occasions, unbelievable stories by my hosts ranging from his good young days of carefree, silly travels, to sea pirates and poachers in that area of Palawan, to crocodiles in local politics and literal crocs in Bugsuk Island, to extra terrestrials during the Marcos era.

Moments from that travel that are etched in my mind: Sailing the glass-like surface of the varying blue and green shades of the Sulu Sea; discovering a pink beach down south - Comiran Island; boat-racing with a pod of dolphins; riding a bogo, a local boat, across a stunning beach just to buy soda from a sari-sari store on the other side of the island; a simple supper of sweet, succulent crabs, fish and tomatoes while being greeted by a low hanging full moon, its yellow glimmer on the surface of the black sea; sleeping in a hut that stood by the white beach so fine, raw and vast it could equal two football fields; chased the sunset by doing nearly an hour of walk to the west side of the island through the inland woods and chased in return by the night on our way back to camp, only the patch of white sand and moonlight serving as guide; greeted by an unseen rustling in the loo in the middle of a pitch black night that turned out to be huge hermit crabs tramping on the floor.  

I could go on and on and on and it seems glamorous in retrospect. But in fact, it was very simple and spontaneous, at times, unsafe even. Those days when I was stripped off of any personal material preoccupation, my appreciation was higher, and it made the experience truly unforgettable.

What is your key takeaway in every travel you have? Every learning experience, the frames that I take home, and the confidence I gain when on the road. I must admit I always get anxious whenever I set out to travel but I believe that taking that fearful leap is how I become courageous.  

5 most essential things you need when traveling. (Aside from passport of course)

As I have not ventured out of the country yet, passport did not make it to the list ((: On top of money and phone, my 5 most essentials are:5. sarong (my all around cloth, blanket, towel, cover, etc.)4. sunscreen3. wipes2. headwear - bandanna or cap1. dlsr & gorillapod.

Your dream destination.

Locally, Babuyan Group of Islands . Internationally, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Which do you enjoy better, traveling alone or traveling with friends? :)

Traveling with one to a few friends.

By the way, what camera are you using?

I lug around a Nikon DSLR D5200 with 18-55mm kit lens. While equipment matters for performance and image quality, I believe the taker’s skills, perspective and motives are most significant in photography.

Check out more of Louie’s adventures by following him on Tumblr

There were five days last summer

(before July rolled into August. After you got home and I left and then came home again)

where you didn’t smoke a single cigarette.

I fell asleep to your body tossing and turning next to mine, your lungs not knowing what to do with all the breath running through them. An inhale, an exhale.

When you started smoking again you started sleeping better, and I relaxed into the scent of smoke on your body,

your nicotine hands, sweaty in the late July night, touching me in the dark.

Neither of us know how to surrender our bad habits.

I lay next to you on the couch, a Saturday afternoon and you are sad and I don’t know how to fix it.

Sadness is harder to swallow than smoke. Sadness just feels too good, is too comfortable when you are alone except for a whiskey, one ice cube, and a cigarette.

We keep talking about driving to the midwest, a sunset burning across cornfields,

fireflies lighting up the graveyards on the sides of all the smallest highways, a milky way from here to home.

In those dreams about Saint Louis you are still smoking, your hands calm, your feet less restless than lately.

I open up the expensive whiskey, the special whiskey we’ve been saving for a special day.

I crawl into your lap and we drink together.

I run water into the ice cube trays I place gently into the freezer,

put Frank Ocean on my phone, smooth like smoke.

ice cold baby, I’m ice cold.

Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit Riots Drama Adds Two Rising Stars 

Kathryn Bigelow’s next project, centered on the Detroit riots, is shaping up, adding two rising stars, Jacob Latimore and Algee Smith, to the roster.

John Boyega also is attached to the project, which will be set against the backdrop of Detroit’s devastating riots that took place over five summer days in 1967. Smith and Latimore will have lead roles in the ensemble film.

JACKUNZEL WEEK 2015: DAY 1 -  “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” (Peter Pan)

going away means forgetting: a jackunzel fanmix

i. boats and birds - gregory and the hawk / ii. five days of summer - joe brooks / iii. winter song - sara bareilles & ingrid michaelson / iv. iris - goo goo dolls / v. man on the moon - phillip phillips / vi. a thousand years (cover) - mark mejia & veronica velasquez / vii. moonlight - pasiflora / viii. the call - regina spektor

like a year ago i made a songs with feelings type of thing i had saved in my notes
  • songs with feelings:
  • calm:
  • five days of summer-joe brooks
  • little darling-lewis watson
  • intro-the xx
  • somewhere only we know-lily allen (cover)
  • she had the world-panic! at the disco(warning,, also makes me a teeny bit sad)
  • misguided ghosts-paramore
  • -
  • love:
  • she's got you high-mumm-ra
  • headspace-the wombats
  • favorite record-fall out boy
  • tear in my heart-twenty one pilots
  • mad as rabbits-panic! at the disco
  • my type-saint motel
  • little darling-lewis watson
  • woke the f*ck up-jon bellion (also slightly sad)
  • who'd have known-lily allen
  • irresistible-fall out boy
  • the mighty fall-fall out boy
  • stay-lewis watson
  • -
  • happy:
  • these streets-bastille
  • anna sun-walk the moon
  • the calendar-panic!at the disco(???)
  • the reckless-nekokat
  • young volcanos-fall out boy
  • that green gentlemen-panic!at the disco
  • looking up-paramore
  • hey! we okay-nevershoutnever
  • -
  • break up:
  • take it back-ed sheeran
  • the man-ed sheeran
  • you need me, i don't need you-ed sheeran
  • song for noone-miike snow
  • anywayican-walk the moon
  • hold on-lewis watson
  • -
  • pumped(note: also my favorite playlist and also could work for breakups):
  • novacaine-fall out boy
  • left hand free-alt-j
  • long way down-robert delong
  • dreams-beck
  • rat a tat-fall out boy
  • "from now on we are enemies"-fall out boy
  • we are the kids-walk the moon
  • polarize-twenty one pilots
  • vegas lights-panic!at the disco
  • global concepts-robert delong
  • -
  • feel good songs:
  • always -p!atd(???)
  • that green gentleman -p!atd
  • when day met the night -p!atd
  • young volcanoes -fall out boy
  • northern downpour -p!atd
  • the only exception -parmore
  • do you know what i'm seeing? -p!atd

Native American students make up only 1.1 percent of the nation’s high school population. And in college, the number is even smaller. More than any other ethnic or racial group, they’re the least likely to have access to college prep or advanced placement courses. Many get little or no college counseling at all. In 1998, College Horizons, a small nonprofit based in New Mexico, set out to change that through five-day summer workshops on admissions, financial aid and the unique challenges they’ll face on campus. Its director, Carmen Lopez, sat down with NPR to talk about the obstacles that bright, talented Native students face.

Helping College-Bound Native Americans Beat The Odds

Illustration: Shannon Wright for NPR