Obligatory "I Miss Hampshire" Post

I miss constantly being asked my preferred pronouns. I miss people getting wasted and screaming through the dorms when I’m trying to sleep. I miss camping out in the Airport Lounge for hours and hours trying to alienate myself from the outside world and finish my fucking papers. I miss waking up at 5 pm on a Saturday to my friends telling me it’s time to go to dinner. Fuck, I miss the smell of weed, even though I don’t smoke. I miss listening to people singing and playing guitar in the Dakin Quad. I miss playing pool at the Bridge Cafe. I miss my friends, with whom I could spend a whole day watching Maury, or playing Amnesia at night and screaming when something popped out, even if it was quiet hours. I miss walking to the Hampstore in my PJ’s and buying a Virgil’s root beer. I miss Roberta telling me the weather forecast as I swiped to get in the dining hall. I miss going into the Yurt at midnight and doing an impromptu late-night all-request show where I play shit like Justin Beiber, or the Russian National Anthem. I miss making fun of UMass bros. I miss meeting a new acquaintance or friend every couple days, because the people at Hampshire are that fucking nice.

That being said, I look forward to so much more this coming year. I’m looking forward to doing Janterm, because I was working during last year’s. I’m looking forward to living on a hall full of all my Hampshire friends. I’m looking forward to meeting all the new first years, especially in the first month of school when they’re all still so shocked at how fucking great this college is. I look forward to another Hampshire Halloween, even despite being sober now. I’m looking forward to all the new, crazy things my friends and I have been planning over the Summer, and I’m looking forward to some first-years joining our friend ranks as well. I’m looking forward to striking up new conversations with Roberta. I’m looking forward to trying out for(and hopefully making it into) one of the acappella groups. I’m looking forward to writing more for the Omen. I’m looking forward to putting so much stupid shit on my door that nobody will recognize it when I take it all off when I move out. I’m looking forward to everything.

less than one month until I am back at the place I can almost certainly call my home. I can’t fucking wait another minute.

long post is long.

Alright appblr, today I was at Smith College in Massachusetts. You know what that means! (A really fun list of things that make Smith a really cool place)

  • I have visited ten colleges. Many more than once. Not once have I been as impressed with an institution as I am with Smith. 
  • I wish I had remembered to take more photos but I got a quick snap of the foliage on the way out.
  • Smith has 2700ish undergrads and growing every year, which makes it the largest of the seven sisters. 
  • They also have one of the largest university libraries in the country. Well over a million volumes and four HUGE libraries.
  • There are also a ton of books everywhere. In house common rooms, piled on coffee tables in the admissions house, and all about the student center. 
  • They also have a frickin’ art museum. Not a small time deal either. There’s Monets and Renoirs and maybe like a Van Gogh or something. I don’t remember because I am not a huge art buff but it sounded very impressive.
  • ALSO. FIFTEEN dining halls. FIFTEEN. And on the Smith meal plan you have unlimited swipes into all of them. You can go to three different dining halls for an appetizer, entree, and dessert. They don’t mess around with food there.
  • There’s something like forty three houses at Smith. They range from less than twenty to about a hundred people and you can live there all four years. Very interesting close-knit community.
  • Smith is part of a five college consortium but they are very very independent which I haven’t seen as much of in other small schools, which usually lean on the other schools in their consortium. 
  • Everything was just SO prestigious. Very reminiscent of Princeton, but for women.
  • Everyone is also very very focused on a women’s education (Smith is the only women’s college in the country with an engineering program. Fun fact!)
  • There are a million tiny cute corners to study and hang out. I feel as though there’s really a place for every student to make their own at Smith.
  • I am just absolutely blown away by the prestige of the institution and the alignment of Smith’s values with my own personal values. Although it is a bit of a reach school for me personally I am not at all discouraged from doing everything I can to get accepted and attend!
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I don’t think I’ve done a post about this for this year yet!

Welcome MHC firsties! I’m a rising junior, physics major! You are the first incoming class where the majority of you are younger than me! Wheeeee!

Any whoo, I am here for all question answering purposes! I understand room assignments are coming out soon, very excite! If you have questions about living in Wilder, the Rockies, or the Delles, hit me up. I am also a very very busy bee, so I can answer many questions about the equestrian team(and the program in general), working on campus (I may or may not of had three jobs last year…), science at Mt Holyoke, and doing research on campus! General college-related anxieties I help with as well, especially for those of you moving far away from home; I moved from Nevada, and then my parents promptly moved to New Zealand a few weeks after I moved in to my dorm. 


**psssst, any of my followers that are starting college soon are also welcome to ask any questions they may have, no matter what school you are attending.

3uckinhell  asked:

hey im going to MHC next year and i love theater. I was wondering how theater works, like is it a 5 college thing, or only at mount holyoke?? Im very excited!

Hey Caroline!  Congrats!!  Mount Holyoke has a theatre department that puts on a season of shows each year, as do each of the 5 colleges.  MHC’s dept puts on 2 shows per semester, both of which have auditions toward the beginning of the semester.  There’s also a student org on campus, Project: Theatre, that puts on 3-6 shows per semester.  Those are entirely student-run (student directors, producers, performers, choreographers, publicists, musical directors, etc.).  P:T puts up a mix of plays and musicals; the dept mostly does plays, with the occasional musical.

You can also audition for shows (and music/dance ensembles, join clubs, etc.) at the other colleges.  Again, there are theatre dept and student-run options.  Check out their seasons.  This is a good rundown of what the various depts are doing: auditions and performances are posted.  You should search the various college’s websites for more info, if you’re interested in auditioning off campus.  There’s a ton happening in the area.  The five colleges collectively put on an opera once every four years that rotates between the colleges and specifically includes pretty equal representation from all the colleges.

Let me know if you have other questions!