five seconds of summer one shots


Request: ik you’re a slut for sugardaddy!cal, so how about a 2 part imagine where your friend accidentally sets you up with him and he asks to be your sugar daddy?maybe the first part can be a text imagine?

Parts: One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

**Sequel Series: BabyDaddy!Cal**

A/N: Anon you know me so well…sugar daddy calum is everything💕 These text imagines lowkey fun, so if anybody wants one yanno where to go. 

{ Edited 7/01/17: I just wanna give a big shout out to whoever the anon was that requested this imagine. I’ve gotten 2 amazing fics due to you so thank you, hun💓Lots of love to you.}

The Hills

AU: Based on The Hills by The Weeknd 

A/n: Boi have I been having those Calum feels lately. It seems like no amount of fanfiction can quench my thirst, so I just made some myself. Honestly, I’m so proud of this. Also, this story isn’t verbatim to the song, cause I don’t think I could handle fuckboy Cal js xx

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Empty Cups

Invited by your best friend Ashton, you decide to join the party however it doesn’t go according to plan.

Pairing: Calum x Y/N

Warnings: Lil smutty, fluff, Cal being a cutie, its so rushed rip

Word Count: 1k

Hands On Your Body

Like There’s No One At The Party 

The trashy bubblegum pop music flooded into your ears, whining you tugged on the hem of Ashton’s black joy division tank top wanting his attention on you and not the bombshell blonde he was currently flirting with.  

“Whats wrong Y/N?” He snapped his patience becoming thinner, his hazel eyes boring into yours while you interrupted their conversation.

“I want to go home Ash, It’s boring here,” You huffed, fixing the spaghetti straps on your mid-thigh red velvet dress while you leant back on the granite counter that had temporarily been made into a bar.

“Then call Brandon, he can pick you up,” He insisted, patting you on the back reassuringly before going back to his conversation with the girl who was dressed like a victoria secret model.

Groaning obnoxiously so Ashton could hear your annoyance, you grabbed your sequin cased phone off the bench, dialling your boyfriend Brandon’s number.

Putting it on speaker phone your eyes skimmed the room, you recognized at least half of the people here which wasn’t a bad thing.

Unsurprisingly message bank answered, rolling your eyes you left your phone on the red solo cup covered bench.

 If he wasn’t going to answer you, you might as well have some fun on your own.

Making your way towards the dance floor, you weaved through all of the sweaty bodies and into an unoccupied spot near the stairway.

“Y/N!” A familiar voice yelled out over the top of the nauseating music, catching your attention.

Your head snapped to the direction of the voice,  your lips upturning as your friend’s multi-coloured hair stuck out in the crowd.

“Mikey! I’ve missed you,”  You exclaimed, giggling as you wrapped your arms around his torso and buried your face into his warm chest.

“Damn, you look good,” He praised while holding your arm up in the air, you gave him a twirl in your mini dress happy that you were reunited with another one of your close friends.

“The question is why isn’t Brandon here to see this?” He asked raising his pierced eyebrow and tilting his head to the side.

“We’ve been fighting recently that’s all,” You mumbled, avoiding the topic as best you could as he nodded believing your little white lie.

Fighting was an understatement, you had found out he had cheated on you with the same girl multiple times.

But you weren’t going to tell him that, revenge was best served cold right?

“I’m gonna try and find Luke, yell for me if you need anything,” He explained, slipping past your body and leaving you to dancing alone again.

Swaying your hips rhythmically to the song, you soon got lost in the music ignoring the drunken people messing around luckily you weren’t that stupid to do something you’d regret.

Startling you for a minute, a pair of hands snaked around your waist pulling you into them.

“Y/N, right?” He asked cheekily resting his chin on your shoulder, you gazed at him from the corner of your eye.

“Who want’s to know,” You replied,  moving forwards out of his grip but turning around, placing your hands on his chest still swaying to the music.

“Calum Hood,” He stated, his lips upturned into a smile as you bit your lip trying not to lose your cool at the attractive boy you were met with.

His fluffy raven hair and chocolate brown eyes were more than enticing enough to get you hooked.

“I’m guessing you’re one of Ashton very many friends,” you stated, wrapping your arms around his neck loosely.

“He never seems to run out of them,” He complained, pulling you closer into his chest so you could feel his minty breath on your face.

“I don’t know if that’s worrying or not,” You exclaimed, furrowing your brows as you admired his chocolate brown eyes.

“2012 huh? did you want the world to end or something?” You cheekily teased him, tracing your nimble fingers over the roman numerals tattooed on his collarbone.

He was also wearing a tank top but unlike Ashton, it was white and had the words ‘all time low’ printed on it.

“Something like that,” He replied, his eyes flickering noticeably between your lips and your eyes as if asking for a wordless permission.

Tilting your head slightly you leant up towards him placing your lips on his slightly chapped ones.

Before you let the kiss get too carried away you broke it off, intertwining your fingers with his as you whispered ‘come on’.

Pulling him towards the carpeted stairs you eagerly glanced back at him giving him a small smile.

Cheekily backing into the hallway, you traced the patterns on the white walls while never losing eye contact with him.

Growing tired of the teasing Calum decided to take things into his own hands quite literally while advancing towards you.

“Jump,” He commanded, you complied wrapping your legs around his waist as he supported you by gripping the underneath of your thighs.

Slamming your back into the wall, you let out a small squeak at the unexpected dominance.

Halting at the nearest bedroom, he kicked it forcefully open with his foot and headed straight for the bathroom.

Placing your small frame on the counter you let out a sigh as he began rubbing small and slow circles on your hips.

you frustratedly connected your lips again wanting to get rid of the impending tension between the both of you, swiping over his bottom lip he denied your request making you pout as he pulled away.

Running your fingers through his soft hair you let out a small whimper as he nuzzled your neck trying to find your sweet spot.

“You know, I have a boyfriend,” You mumbled out, sighing as his teeth grazed the skin on your neck.

“You must be pretty unsatisfied with him if you’re here,” He stated, bringing his attention back to your face.

“You’re telling me,” You sarcastically remarked laughing slightly at the small talk, leaning forward until you were sitting just on the edge of the counter you began pulling on the hem of his tank top impatiently.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take more than good care of you,”


Calum x Reader

You waited in a seat at the airport as you waited for Calum, his huge sweatshirt hugging your body. He was officially done with tour and as proud you were, you also missed him to the high heavens and back. You chewed your lip as you tapped the armrest with your knee, sitting in your criss-cross position.

“IT’S KIWI KID”, someone shouted in your ear and you instantly jumped, relieved yet suddenly nervous to see him.

“Cal”, you stayed in your seat while swinging your arms around his neck.

He furrowed his eyebrows, “That was not a proper hug, get up and give me one”, he still had a wide smile on his face.

You suddenly stood up as he waited with open arms and a wide smile, “Cal–”

“I missed you so much”, he whispered in your ear while giving your temple a sweet kiss, “Let’s get out of here”, he placed your hand in his as you both headed to your car, “I’ll drive”, he called.

Before you could even protest, he was in the front seat. You simply sat in the passenger’s seat and put your seatbelt on.

He furrowed his eyebrows again, “You okay?”

You sent him a small smile, “Always.”

He didn’t look completely convinced but he stared at the road as you pulled out of the parking lot and toward your house, “I love you so much. You know that?” He grabbed your hand and rubbed his thumb over the top of it, “I love you so much”, he muttered again.

He was being so sweet and you felt terrible. He was so innocent, he only missed his girlfriend, for some reason you felt like a horrid person.

Once you got to your house he ran through the door and to the fridge, “My baby”, he wrapped his arms around as much of it as he could.

Your eyes went wide at his words, “What”, you ran into the kitchen with wide eyes, scanning the room.

“What”, he asked with less panic and letting go of the fridge, “What’s wrong Y/N.”

“N-nothing”, you shook your head while looking at the floor.

“My ass”, he walked away from the fridge and toward you.

You backed up slowly, hitting a wall, “It’s nothing.”

He instantly caged you in with both of his arms on either side of you, that sexy smirk on his face, “You know you can’t lie to me right? Your mouth twitches when you lie”, he winked, “I know my lady.”

You bit back the smile as this was much more than this, “I-I.”

Suddenly his lips were on yours, “I missed you”, he mumbled against your lips, “Let’s take this upstairs, yeah?”

You pushed him off of you, “That’s the fucking problem, Cal!”

He looked confused, “Huh?”

Tears rushed down your face, “I-I’m…Oh my god…”, you put your face in your hands.

“Y/N”, he began stepping toward you, but your actions were quicker.

You pulled the hoodie over your head and threw it aside. He didn’t even recognize the fact that you just threw his favorite hoodie on the floor, he was staring at you. Tears streaming down your face as you tried to choke back sobs.

His expression, a blank one, worried you and you felt more pain rush to your heart, “I’m sorry”, you cried, “I feel terrible.”

“No”, he yelled at you which scared you slightly, “You’re not a terrible person, why are you even sorry?”

“Because you have a career”, you sobbed.

“Well I can have that and a family”, he stepped over to you and looked down at your stomach, “You would never be a terrible person because you’re pregnant Y/N. Yeah, we weren’t planning it, but the best things are unplanned. Serendipity”, he smiled down at your bump.

“Right”, you smiled back, “I love you.”

“I love you…BOTH–more”, he placed a sweet kiss on your lips.

kiwi-cake masterlist

* = smut

+ = angst


Arranged (prince!Luke): 1   2   3   4   5   6*   7*

Spoiled (sugar daddy!Calum) 1*  2*  3

Wrecked (Titanic!Calum Au) 1  2 +

Football!Calum* + part two +


Walmart* (Calum) 

Space (Calum) +

Rhythm* (Ashton)

Painter* (Michael)


Pretty* (Luke)

Waking Up Next To You (4/4) (visuals)

Coming Soon…

Linked (soulmate!Luke)

Mated (werewolf!Luke)

Dammed (vampire/sugar daddy!Luke)

Ghost of You one shot (Luke)

Lyric sketches. When this album first came out I listened to it everyday for at least six months. I loved every single song that was on this album and for ages I wanted to get the art I had in mind out of my head and onto paper.
I actually did the whole album ages ago but I was too nervous to post them anywhere.
I’ll probably post these sporadically In no particular order. But any feedback would be awesome

Imagine Making Out With Calum

A/N: Like… I saw a picture of him earlier and all I could think about was what it would be like to make out with him. Like he looked so innocent and cute and his lips were so damn plump. I feel like imma burst if I don’t write this out, so here we go lmaoo 

You couldn’t help but to admire your boyfriend from afar as he sat at the kitchen counter, scrolling on his phone. Sunday was usually one of the few days he had fully to himself, so the both of you spent this day lounging around the house if you could. The Māori looked cuter to you than normal today and you weren’t sure if it had something to do with the sweats that he was clad in or the messy curls adorning his head. Either way, you wanted to touch him. Bad. Your gaze soon fell over to one of your favorite assets on your boyfriend - his lips. They were always so plump and inviting, and the softness of them never ceased to amaze you. Your thoughts soon went south and you thought about the feel of them leaving marks along your skin as well as your core, but you pushed them away. You simply needed to kiss him was all, that was enough for you. At least until later. 

 You slowly made your way over to him and rest your hands onto his shoulders, getting him to turn on the swivel top of the chair. 

 "Whatcha doin’?“ You questioned him and continued running your hands along the front his body. You just loved the feeling of his toned body through his shirt. 

Calum looked up at you and gave you a small smile, locking his phone and setting it on the counter to give you his full attention. "Just scrolling through my twitter feed.” He sighed out.

 "Yanno,“ you started with a shy smile under his gaze,"you’re sitting over here looking all cute and stuff, and your lips just look so good." 

With a laugh, Calum allowed his hands to wrap around your waist and pull you closer to him and he said,” Oh, really?“ 

 "Mhmm.” You nodded your head and drew shapes onto his shoulder. 

 "Did you come over here for a kiss, princess?“ He asked you sweetly and you nodded with a giggle.

 He leaned up to give you a quick kiss and you poured your lips at him, letting him know that you wanted more. Calum then cupped your cheek and pulled you down to place his lips on yours once again, holding them against yours for a few moments longer. You pulled away and tilted your head to the other side to kiss him again, swiping your tongue across his bottom lip before he gave you entrance. The kiss was sweet and innocent, no lust partaking into the act as it usually always did. Soon enough Calum pulled away so that the two of you could gain air and stood to pull you into the living room. 

Once the naturally tanned boy had taken a seat, he tugged you to straddle his lap. "Are you comfortable?” He raised his eyebrow and you shook your head. 

After taking his hands from your waist and placing them on your plump butt, you sent a cheeky smile as you replied with,“Now I am." 

 Calum let out a laugh before you leaned down to kiss him again and dived straight into the tongue action. Calum had quickly taken control as he deepened the kiss, massaging your tongue with his. His hands had began to massage the supple skin of your butt and yours went to run through his fluffy curls. You had to hold yourself back from naturally rolling your hips against him. You didn’t want to turn him on, you didn’t want sex. You wanted what you had right at that moment, to simply make out with Calum would leave you satisfied until you couldn’t control you sexual urges anymore. You were in bliss already. The two of you made out for what seemed like hours before he finally pulled away deciding that he was satisfied for now as well.

 "I love you.” Calum grinned as he placed kisses to your collarbone, trailing them innocently to the cleavage of your breast.

 "I love you too, Cal.“ You sighed, placing a loving kiss to his forehead and rolling off to sit on the side of him, cuddling into his side as you questioned,"Movie?”

Sound Check - Ashton Irwin x Reader

Prompt: Can you do an Ashton Irwin one where you surprise him at a concert like during sound check you go and hug him from behind and you guys are all lovey dovey and boys make fun of you guys

A/N: Apologies in advance, I had to Google Ashton Irwin because was absolutely clueless as to who he is. Hopefully you like this Anon, thank you for the request!

12 days of Ficmas - Day 3

Originally posted by artgf

It was always hard on you when the guys were away on tour. You would attend as many gigs as you could but sometimes you’d go months without seeing your boyfriend. Today was not going to be one of those days. For once, they were close enough that you would be able to attend tonight’s concert.

It wasn’t long before you received a text from Ashton.  Hey babe, we’ve just arrived at the venue – grab some lunch later? <3
It was at this point, you decided it was about time you paid him a surprise visit. Hey! Not sure yet, kinda busy. I’ll let you know? Love you <3 – you responded. Grabbing your stuff, you smiled thinking about all the different ways you could surprise him. Leaving your apartment and locking the door behind you, you headed off to the venue.

“Hey Big Mike” you smiled at the security guard currently standing at the doors making sure no fans were sneaking in.
“Hey Y/N, what’s up?” he said, gesturing for a fist bump – which you reciprocated without hesitation.
“Nothing much, just thought I’d surprise Ashton while they’re in town” you responded. Big Mike began to laugh and opened the door for you.
“Get him good, kid!” he called after you.

The boys were mid sound-check. You waited in the left hand wings of the stage, you’d been to enough gigs and sound checks to know they were about to exit on the right hand side. Almost as if you were waiting for your cue, the second they left the stage you began to creep across.

You stood directly behind Ashton and winked at the other guys who had seen you approaching. They weren’t going to say anything.
“Guess who?” you whispered in Ashton’s ear, slipping your arms around his waist.
“Y/N!” He exclaimed, turning so the two of you were face to face. “You scared the crap out of me! Please don’t do that again.” He pulled you close to his body and into a deep kiss.

The rest of the boys were whooping and cheering, you eventually broke the kiss due to lack of breath. To which Ashton pressed his forehead to yours momentarily, he then proceeded to kiss you on the nose which made you beam with joy.
“Oh Y/N, I love you”
“Oh Y/N”
There was a chorus of this followed by kissing noises coming from the rest of the guys.
“You two are so soppy” Luke sneered, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

You stayed and watched the rest of their sound check; afterwards you all went back to the hotel where the guys were staying  where the mocking of how soppy you and Ashton were, continued.

Wrecked (Titanic!Calum Au) Part 1

Part 1- ship of dreams

Originally posted by calsgang

Requested by loads of humans

Warnings - N/A


A/N I KNOW I KNOW I’m very late. It’s not friday! I’m sorry!

The room was thick with smoke and anticipation as the two men across the table as the men across the table spoke in a foreign tongue. Calum was studying his cards when Fabrizio spoke next to him.

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idk what this is. lowkey inspired from a scene from gilmore girls lmao. fwb!calum. wc: 2907

Content. The pillow under your head was cold just in the way you liked it and you felt content. Sleep was slowly slipping away from you, but you didn’t want to let it. Birds were chirping and cars were whirring by, the world was starting it’s day, but you were not ready to start yours. All you wanted was to snuggle into your bed a little bit longer. The soft sheets tangled around your legs, the smooth surface of the pillow against your cheek, the finger tips tracing unrecognizable shapes into your back. Wait, your eyes shot open and you flipped around on to your back taking in your surroundings. This wasn’t your bed or your sheets or your bedroom. 

“Mornin’ baby,” Calum said, leaning his head on his hand looking down at you lying next to him. Oh right, you were at Calums. 

“Morning?” You asked shocked, stretching your arms past your head with a big yawn. “I fell asleep last night? Why didn’t you wake me?” 

You pushed off the bed, sitting up right and swinging your legs till your feet connected with the floor. 

“Well, I tired you out baby girl what can I say I was pretty proud,” He said as he scooted over, he lifted his calloused hand up to sweep all your hair over your shoulder planting soft kisses on the exposed skin. 

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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.2

Okay for starters…I made Y/BF/N Jamie because I’m typing this on my phone and typing Y/BF/N is annoying lmaoo sorry. And the anon who originally requested this has asked me to focus this mainly on black girls/POC, so I’m extra hyped.

Also I honestly think I might make this a series? The beautiful and most talented Gabby (@lukeysgirlkinda inspired me to, but I didn’t have a prompt. Might also steal her idea of a new chapter every 100 notes…what do you guys think?

One/ TwoThree/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
SixteenSeventeen/ EighteenNineteen/Twenty{END}

You checked over your outfit once more in the full body mirror before walking carefully down the stairs. You’ve had more than one encounter attempting to run down the stairs before someone reached your house and it always ended badly.

“You look so pretty!” Jamie grinned as she turned around on the couch to see you.

“All I did was my hair and makeup, Jamie. I have on shorts and a shirt.”

“Can’t ever take a compliment.” She rolled her eyes playfully.“ What time is Calum coming?”

You checked the time on your phone before answering,“Any minute now.”

“You’re excited, aren’t you? I mean there’s a hot, young Australian who wants to be your sugar daddy. How much better can life get?”

“I don’t know. I’m not a sexual person, Jamie, how am I just going to be there at his every beckoning call?”

“You’ll do it, trust me.” She laughed, her smile widening when she heard someone knock on the door.

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The Winner Takes It All (Part Two)

pairing: calum x reader
word count: 1,491
genre: angst


Read The First Part

You were so proud of yourself when you didn’t cry over him. It’s safe to say that you deleted every picture, every gift, every memory, and every bridge that connected you to him. Sure, it took you awhile to find a stable place for yourself, to settle down, and to find a new job, but that didn’t stop you moving on from him. You were happy that you were independent. You didn’t need to place your trust in anybody’s hands just for them to drop it. You were doing just fine on your own -dare you say even better.

But there was only one thing that bugged your mind: He didn’t bother checking up on you; not a visit, not a call, not even a text. You’d think, despite he the fact that he apologized to you, that he’d still at least care for you as a friend, as a somebody he used to know, as a decent human being, but you were right, as much as you’d like to admit. He never was sorry after all.

Fortunately, you forgot about him as the months went on; the pain hurt less the more you accepted the fact that he wasn’t yours in the first place; you got over him as you continued living on your own.

He saw you at the café.

Calum wasn’t wrong about spotting you; there you were, wearing your comfiest clothes and your nose stuck in some novel that you’re entranced in. He smiled a little to himself when he noticed that you were alright. After he got the drink he ordered, he decided to make his way up to you & take a seat at your table.

You peered up from your book, looking through your eyelashes. You didn’t expect him to be in front of you -in fact, you didn’t expect to be at the same place at the same time. So you played it cool, considering that you were over him, and put your book down after placing your bookmark in it. You were surprised; All your loved ones warned that a first love’s heartbreak isn’t the easiest to get over, but he’s sitting in front of you now, for the first time since you’ve broken up and you felt nothing.

“Calum,” You addressed him, crossing your arms on top of the table. You eye him up & down before commenting, “Wow, you look… awful.”

He chuckled softly, licking the corner of his lips as he shook his head a little. He’s got to admit, he wasn’t expecting you to be so casual with him, but he doesn’t say anything to question it. “Y/n.” He addressed you too, putting his drink down. “You look cozy. It really suits you, you know. You look like yourself.”

You shifted a little, looking down at your book as you grinned to yourself. It’s true, you realize, and it makes you happy. You had spent way too long dressing yourself up & correcting your manners to impress other people, to get the approval of other people, that you almost forgot how to do things for yourself, you almost forgot how to be yourself. You’d love to brag off about how you’re over him, but he didn’t come to you out of the blue just to do some small talk. “Well, what brings you here?”

“Honestly?” Calum sighed. “Nothing. I couldn’t stand staying at my home all day again so I decided to go here.”

Again?” You repeated his word, making sure you heard it right. He nodded. “What happened to spending time with your girlfriend?” You almost joked.

Calum’s demeanor changed into that of a negative one. His lips curved into a frown, and he looked down at the table, unable to meet your eyes. “Actually, she broke up with me again.”

You scoffed, leaning back & looking at the ceiling before looking back at him. You were right again: The relationship wasn’t the same.

“The winner takes it all, while the loser has to fall.” You mumbled, looking down at your table; The moment of when you said this to him flashing before your eyes.

“You know, I would’ve slapped her & yelled at her for breaking your heart again, maybe even give her a lecture because I thought she was already lucky enough to have you but obviously she doesn’t realize what she’s lost, or you know, I would’ve even pretended to date you so that you can make her jealous –oh wait! You’ve already done that.” You said, each word full of venom.

“Remind me, Calum, how’d that work out for you again?” You questioned as if you didn’t already know.

“I ended up losing the girl I thought I loved…” He mumbled.

“Oh really?” You rolled your eyes. “What went wrong?”

“I fell in love with the girl I used…” He answered awkwardly, running his hand through his hair.

You stared at Calum in disbelief, taking a moment to process what he had just said as he bit his lip, a tear of sweat dropping as he waited for your response. “No…” You mumbled, wide-eyed. “I won’t let you do this to me again.” You said sternly, looking him in the eye. “I’m looking into your eyes to find the truth but honestly looking at you brings back the pain that I thought was gone.” You whispered, eyes glossing with tears once again.

“I have loved you once, Hood, and you used it. How would I know if I should even trust you?” You questioned, blinking away your tears and still holding up a wall to defend yourself. “We meet again for the first time in months since you broke up with me, and you don’t even want to be friends; you just want to go straight right into the feelings & relationships, as if you haven’t already broken my heart before.”

You crossed your arms as you waited for his reply. “Honestly?” Calum breaths, looking at you like you’re the only person in his world.

“All I know is that if this was some kind of alternate universe, where everything is black & white until you find your soulmate, then I didn’t know true colors until now. I guess I was so desperate to find the person that I want -no, I need, to spend my life with that I didn’t realize I was seeing colors with you when I was trying to get her back.” He explained rather poetically. “Which I understand, might not be a huge reason, but the meaning under it is pretty powerful, so it’s good enough for me.“

“Good enough for you, yeah. But is it good enough for me?” You crossed your arms. “Are you really ‘in love’ with me, Calum? Because last time I checked, I clearly remember you telling me you never loved me after you broke us off. You didn’t say anything about falling in love with me during the process of trying to get your ex back.”

Calum closed his eyes tight; he feared that you might bring this up. “I know, and I’m sorry, and I just…” He groaned but ended up sighing because he didn’t know how to explain himself.

You exhaled in disappointment as you watched him massage his temples. “You should eat a Snickers, Calum.” You suggested to him.

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he looked at you. “What?” He put his hand that was rubbing the side of his head down on his lap. “Why?”

“You get a bit delusional when you’re hungry.” You answered.

If this were any other moment, then you two would share a laugh.

He ignores that comment, though, because he just confessed his feelings to you and you haven’t given a straight answer yet. “If you won’t give me a second chance at a relationship, then would you do me the honor of starting a new friendship?” He begged.

“Give me one good reason why I should allow you to.” You respond with a raised eyebrow.

“If I can’t love you as a lover, then I shall love you as a friend.” He responded, and your eyes softened. You grew tense and you bit your lip, thinking carefully about your decision.

“Okay.” You approved in a whisper.

Calum’s smile was like how it was when he talked to his ex the day of your breakup, and you admit, a bit brighter. “Really?” He lifted his head from his slump to see if you’re playing with him.

“Yeah, really.” You nodded, biting your lip to fight off a small smile.

“Thank you.” He whispered, looking into your eyes.

You two remained quiet, just staring into each other’s eyes like the galaxy was trapped in them. There were feelings that were resurfacing but you knew better than to let it take the best of you.

“Hi, I’m Y/n Y/l/n, and I like tattooed bassists who play in bands.” You introduced yourself, a hand sticking out for him to shake, and officially starting a new friendship with Calum.

“Hey, I’m Calum Hood,” He smiles, taking your hand, “And I have a feeling we’ll be great friends.”


~ yna 

masterlist (coming soon) | request

Dating Luke Hemmings Would Include

*You constantly stealing all his favorite band shirts for you to wear

*You sending him a very long message on how you felt about the disappearance of his lip ring

*Him always making sure you are ok when walking through large crowds of fans or paparazzi

*Him taking dorky videos of you and posting them to his snapchat/Instagram story

*Always hearing the slight strumming of a guitar when he’s home because he never can put it down

*“Hey Luke, can you write a song about me?”

“I already have. Want to hear it?

(you nodding vigorously)


*Having to deal with him being sarcastic 25/8

*Him making sure to have his arms wrapped around you when you’re sleeping… even if it’s like a million degrees and you’re dying of a heat stroke

*Him not being afraid to tell the world “That’s my girlfriend, and I love her”

#1 Preference: Breakeven


“Her best days will be some of my worst

She finally met a man that’s gonna put her first”  

Y/N GET’S MARRIED!! read the headlines of basically every magazine in the world to Calum. “Fuck”, he yelled while throwing his phone down. “What”, Michael asked while Luke and Ashton gave him worried looks. “Is it all over your social medias’ too”, Calum asked while covering his eyes to hold in tears. “What”, Luke asked. Ashton smacked his arm, “Shut up”, he whispered. “She got married, the love of my life got married. To the wrong person”, Calum shouted. “Cal…”, Michael began. “No! And you know what? She had the audacity to invite us! Can you believe that”, Calum shook his head. “That’s exactly why she left you, mate”, Luke spoke up, “You don’t seem to understand that a relationship consists of more than one person. Not everything can be about you and your feelings.” Calum finally looked up with puffy eyes that tears were already falling out of, “I get that guys. I got it the first time you all told me, and I get it now. It just hurts a whole fucking lot to see the love of your life with someone else, especially when you know that they deserve them”, he trailed off, “I’ll be back later”, Calum got up and left.


“Oh you got his heart and my heart and none of the pain”

“Guess who I ran into”, Calum whispered to Luke and Ashton. “Hm”, Ashton asked. “Y/N”, he spoke softly as Michael was sleeping only a few feet away from them. “No fucking way”, Luke gasped. “And she was with…him”, Calum gossiped. “Don’t let Michael hear that he fucking hates that guy with a passion”, Ashton raved. “I do”, Michael spoke. “Holy shit”, they all jumped. “I hate him with a burning passion, with the same passion that I love her in fact”, he finished his thoughts. “Michael”, Calum began. “Did they look…happy”, Michael shuttered at the thought. The room stayed silent as the boys didn’t know what to say. “Did she”, Michael asked a bit louder this time. “I couldn’t tell, she didn’t look torn”, Calum hesitated. “See that’s not fair”, Michael whined, “Why is it that when you fuck up and end up losing the one person you loved, they recover faster? She stole his heart, she took mine and ran, and she’s doing great”, Michael sighed, “It’s not fair.”


“While I’m wide awake she’s no trouble sleeping”

Luke laid in his bunk, tossing and turning. He tried to convince himself that he just couldn’t find a good sleeping position, but he was only lying to himself. He let out a frustrated shout. “Again”, Ashton groaned. “Shut up”, Calum told Ashton, “What’s up now Luke?” “I don’t know”, Luke trailed off, “Just can’t sleep.” “Is it because…”, Ashton didn’t have to finish the sentence for Luke to know who he was talking about. Luke felt his eyes sting with wetness, “Uh-huh”, he swallowed. “Man, it’s been four months”, Calum groaned. “I know but, I just can’t help but think about what she’s doing right now”, Luke spoke softly. “Sleeping”, Michael sighed sarcastically. “Lucky her”, Luke sighed, “How lucky is she? She get’s to sleep peacefully at night without the thought of her ex-boyfriend. She knows she made the right choice while I can’t stop thinking about my fuck up”, he finished. “Don’t blame yourself”, Calum reassured him. “Then who the hell do I blame for fucking another girl and coming home to her and trying to play it off? Myself, that’s who”, Luke yelled, “I hate myself for that”, he muttered.


“What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you,
And what am I supposed to say when I’m all choked up and you’re okay”

“And the winner for best newcomer actress goes to….”, the drumroll played as the announcer read the card, “Y/F/N.” The crowd went wild as you got up to accept your award with a proud smile. The boys all clapped for you while Ashton was trying to contain himself from tearing up, he was proud. Even though you weren’t his, he was so happy for you. But he was more worried about hearing your voice again, he didn’t want to cry in front of everyone. “This means so much to me”, you began, “This year was full of shocks, amazing times, and many obstacles”, you laughed off, “I’ve never been so stressed, happy, and mixed with emotions in my whole entire life. But I got through it with amazing people like my castmates, crew, friends, and fans. So thank you so much”, you held the award up proudly before walking past them to exit. “Congrats”, Ashton grabbed your arm softly to tell you with teary eyes. You gave him a sincere smile, “Uh…thanks.” “You truly are amazing Y/N”, he continued. “You too”, you mumbled before hurrying off to keep from breaking.

BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.1

A/N: AHHHHHHHH, I told y'all I’d be back for a sequel. I’m hoping this sequel gets just as much attention as the first series did, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. If you’ve read the first series, then you already know that I’m all about drama and that’s exactly what this series is gonna be. Anyway, this is the first chapter and you all should look forward for many to come. If you’ve read the first series you know that I need 100 notes and feedback for the next chapter. Enjoy my lil nuggets💕

Oh and most of this chapter is in italics because they’re flashbacks.

**WARNING**: Nothing besides profanity, but I’m sure you knew that

**Previous Series: SugarDaddy!Cal **(Read this first)

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

The moment you found out you were pregnant you knew that shit was about to hit the fan.You weren’t just the average twenty year old, barely financially stable college student. No. You were also the girlfriend of a famous rockstar who is in a world famous band. Plus, you also happened to sleep with his best friend and bandmate before finding out you were pregnant, therefore have no clue who’s baby it is. On top of that you were being watched, loved, and even hated by millions of people daily. Oh, and how could you forget that you were helping your best friends plan their wedding as well? Life couldn’t be any better right?

So, here you are in your living room trying to ignore your overwhelming emotions by catching up on Supernatural and eating for two while your boyfriend is out somewhere angrily driving around on the streets. Oh, and what led him to doing that was catastrophic.

Let’s start from the very beginning, shall we? Only three weeks after you first found out about the new life growing inside of you.

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Being a famous singer and dating Calum (who is also a famous singer) would include:

  • “whoever sells out Madison Square garden faster doesn’t have to wash the dishes for a whole month”
  • thanking each other in your speeches whenever you win an award
  • literally being each other’s number one fans (like having so much of each other’s merchandise)
  • posing for paparazzi so you have cute pictures to hang up in your house
  •  "I’m only dating you for song inspiration" “same dude”
  • recording lame duets and mashups together and posting them on Tumblr
  • “babe turn the music down its 2am-wait, is that my album???”
  • “that’s your favorite song? good, it’s about you”
  • him being a jerk and uploading all of the candids from red carpets of you making ugly faces
  • captioned with “poot lovato has nothing on my girl”
  • making up for it by actually uploading a cute photo of him looking at you all lovey
  • captioned with “no matter how many awards I receive tonight, I get to take this girl home with me so I’m the real winner”

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Updated Masterlist--10/21/16

It’s Like Trying to Catch Fire–Luke Hogwarts AU

I Still Think You’re Beautiful–A Calum Imagine



Spellbound–Calum Hood Hogwarts AU

You’re Sick–Michael Clifford Imagine

Wicked Games-Vampire Michael AU Oneshot

Haunted–Wicked Games Pt.2 Vampire Michael AU

Home- AU Army Calum One-Shot

Home This Christmas- A Michael Clifford Imagine

General Ashton Imagine- You Give Birth

You’re Insecure- a General Luke Imagine

Earned It-Calum Hood Dirty Imagine

Dressing Room Shenanigans-Ashton Dirty Imagine

His Favorite Moments-5SOS Preference

You’re His Little Sister and You Tell Him You’re Pregnant-Calum/Michael