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How would the Paladins react to a s/o who is very excitable and can go from neutral to jumping up and down like a five yr old in 0.5 sec?

Keith: Is your grounding force. He can get a little too passionate about things as well, so he’s there to bring you back if the situation calls for seriousness. But in honesty, as long as it’s not endangering anyone, he’s not going to care all too much what you do. He won’t exactly understand where you get all that energy from, or why Hunk making dinner for the first time in weeks makes you bounce around the room, but he doesn’t mind. 

Pidge: Will act like it kind of annoys her (in a joking way-mostly), but she gets that way (to an extent) whenever it comes to something she’s super invested in. It’ll become pretty apparent how she actually feels, and with the right talkin’ about it, it’ll bring you two closer. Just remember to give each other a bit of space, and you two’ll find your harmony with your high energies just fine.

Hunk: Quietly gets excited about things with you. He doesn’t have the instinct to get super hyped up, but he loves seeing you get excited over the little things, it says a lot of good things about you to him. He’s a good funnel for the energy really, because he’s the kind of friend and significant other to always want to hear about what the other is interested in.

Lance: Is absolutely here for it. He loves your playfulness, your excitable nature!  It keeps him in the present during stressful situations, because he knows he can look to you for optimism. And when things aren’t so serious, he’ll lowkey be an instigator for your excitability, and feed off of it. You two are a dangerous ball of energy when you’re together, damn. 

Shiro: Is admittedly a bit overwhelmed at first, but finds it endearing nonetheless. It’s always nice to see someone who has so much energy and enthusiasm for life, but he can be a tired old man occasionally (he’s like 25, but he has seen So Much) so you’re gonna have to excuse him if you accidentally startle him. 

my aesthetic: ruining all my friendships by being a clingy asshole w the emotional stability of a five yr old and a god complex

I fucking . Was on the phone and checked on a product for a customer and I guess I overshot my customer service voice into actual five yr old BC I picked up the phone and said “hewwo! Unfwotunatewy we-pffffhahaha”

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Hi there! Love you blog! I just saw your response to a blogger with a daddy kink and I was wondering what your thoughts/views/perspectives are on BDSM relationships because Im a sub and I was sexually abused when I was really young (like 4 and 5 years old - certain details are still a little fuzzy). And I'm wondering if theres a correlation between those two things?

Yes.  We all suffer from different styles of abuse, so how it expresses itself will also differ.  Did you also read this one?  And this one?

If at this point in your life you have a safe partner, then go ahead explore all the different facets.  

This biggest thing I’m trying to express is that you are fluid and if you track your menstrual cycle, you will start to notice that during this week you want to explore this dynamic of sex & domination, whereas the next week it’s not.  You will start to notice that it actually has windows.  

And if you regress to a five yrs old when you are doing your sex drama therapy, what is coming up, is what happened.  Understanding what happened should be seen as treatment instead of fear.  

This is why BDSM has safe words.  It’s not because the dominate is physically hurting, it’s because they have no idea when that role playing will trigger some emotional pain to surface.  A trigger is more likely to come with something that is said, or how it is said.  

When we are 5 yrs old, we don’t remember the assault as much as the emotional environment, the ceiling, a specific phrase, the toy animal that you stared at when it was happening or a smell, especially alcohol breathe.  


abraham ‘abe’ pierce grey / abe the babe / born and bred to breed excellence / mom and dad expected nothing but great things / academic scholar / made it through university and was accepted into med school / ended up pursuing the route of music / blew up over night bc he’s devilishly handsome and has voice of an angel / ohyah lied to his parents about med school for the longest time lol / a baby was left on his doorstep / so guess what, he’s a baby daddy / no clue what he’s doing, ever / married his fuckgirl of a best friend and stayed married if only to please his parents / is still a man-hoe but also a father so / trying to be somewhat responsible / emotional capacity of a five yr old / doesn’t know how to adult / doesn’t call anyone back / has 0 manners / full of himself.

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