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girlmeetshit  asked:

prompt: While Jughead thinks about how happier Betty looks with Archie after months of their split, Betty thinks about how happier she was with Jughead.

Hey! I started writing this with your prompt in mind but it’s not exactly what you asked for. I hope you like it anyway.

A/N: Jughead doesn’t live with Archie in this prompt because it wouldn’t really fit.


“I’m sorry, Jug, I didn’t know who else to call.” Veronica said as she stood in the doorway of her penthouse apartment, holding the door open for Jughead Jones.

“What about her boyfriend?” Jughead mumbled.

“Jughead, first off, you broke up with her two months ago. Secondly, you know Betty and Archie aren’t dating. So shut up and help me.” Veronica said pointedly, then nodded her head behind her.

They ambled into the living room where Betty was slumped back in what had to be the most uncomfortable position.

“Oh God,” Betty mumbled as she saw Jughead walk into the room.

“Ready to go there, Princess?” Jughead said sarcastically.

Betty didn’t say anything, just slumped further down in the sofa.

“Help me get her up?” Veronica asked Jughead.

He nodded, then slung one of Betty’s arms over his shoulder. Veronica did the same, then hoisted Betty onto her feet.

Immediately, Betty swayed forward, then towards Jughead’s shoulder.

“Shit, Veronica, how much did you let her drink?!” Jughead said, his eyebrows furrowing.

“We had one glass of wine each. She tells me after she’s done drinking it that she took two allergy pills earlier. Apparently she didn’t know you can’t mix the two or you get thoroughly fucked up.”

“How am I supposed to get her home like this?”

“I’m fine, Jughead.” Betty said suddenly, steadying herself.

“Can you walk?” Jughead cocked an eyebrow.

Betty took a breath, taking an unsteady step forward.

She swayed on her feet but caught herself, then took another step. “Yes,” She said uncertainly.

“See?” Veronica piped up. “She can lean on you and make it home just fine.”

Jughead muttered some curse words under his breath, then gripped Betty around her waist, holding her up.

“What was that?” Veronica smirked as she walked ahead of them towards the door.

“Nothing,” Jughead muttered, keeping focus on holding Betty upright.

“Thanks again, Juggie.” Veronica smiled sweetly and Jughead pulled Betty out the door.

“You owe me big time.” Jughead called behind him as he walked towards the elevator.

He heard a laugh as Veronica closed the door.

Betty and Jughead rode the elevator silently. Swaying and gripping and grumbling and hiccuping half way through the walk to Betty’s, but no words.

Betty stumbled forward, tripping over her feet. Jughead caught her easily, grabbing her arm and gripping her her ribs to keep her steady.

“Ow,” Betty complained. “Jughead you’re hurting my side.”

Jughead loosened his grip on Betty’s waist. “Sorry,” He muttered.

“About time you apologized.” Betty murmured sarcastically.

Jughead was dumbfounded. “What?”

“You’ve owed me an apology for months!”

“What are you talking about?!” Jughead protested. He lifted his hands in exasperation before remembering he was literally holding Betty upright.

He placed his hands back on Betty’s body and sighed. The street light they were under flickered.

“You broke my heart!” Betty yelled at him, swaying as she did so.

“Well you broke mine too!” Jughead yelled right back, keeping Betty steady as they walked.

“What are you talking about?” Betty muttered. “You’re the one who broke up with me!” The wind picked up, tousling their hair.

“Yeah, because I was protecting you not because I stopped loving you.” Jughead lamented.

“Protecting me? Protecting me from what?” Betty asked sadly. The moon was bright above them.

“From… myself.” Jughead muttered. “Anyway, that’s not the point.” Jughead gripped the back of Betty’s shirt more tightly. “The point is, two weeks after we broke up, you started dating Archie.”

Betty started laughing - actually full-on cackling in the middle of the street - and fell out of Jughead’s grip, landing on her knees on the pavement.They heard a car horn a few blocks away.

“You think I’m dating Archie?”

“I know you’re dating Archie.” Jughead said as he helped Betty to her feet.

“I’m not dating him. Ver - Veronica -” Betty stumbled over her words. “-made me and him go out for milksh-shakes after two weeks of me wallowing in my room and not eating after you dumped me. She thought it would help. I cried through our entire thing, realized I loved him as a brother and haven’t seen him outside of school since. So please, Jug, tell me how Archie and I are dating.”

Jughead was at a loss for words for a moment. “But I saw you two sitting in a booth smiling.” Jughead muttered.

“It was probably during the five seconds I stopped crying when Archie told me you were an idiot for dumping me.” Betty murmured as they continued to walk, almost at her house.

“And at school you’re always… talking and laughing.” Jughead mumbled.

“I talk and laugh with Veronica, am I dating her too?” Betty asked sarcastically.

“Alright, I’m an idiot for letting you go, Betty, I know. I did think you had moved on to Archie though.” Jughead stated as he helped Betty cross the street towards her house.

“Why didn’t you just a-ask him?”

“I haven’t been talking to many people since we broke up, Betty. He’s been kind of mad at me.” Jughead said as he walked Betty up her driveway.

“I thought you broke up with me because you stopped loving me,” Betty murmured sadly, walking up her stairs slowly.

“I miss you every day, Betty.” Jughead said as they climbed the last stair.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Betty said as she looked up into Jughead’s eyes.

“Because you deserve so much more.” Jughead whispered. He cleared his throat, then let Betty’s shirt go. “Can you make it up from here?”

Betty swayed on her feet. “Yeah, I guess.” She said sadly. She reached for the doorknob but drifted towards the bushes.

“Whoa there,” Jughead murmured, catching Betty before she fell. “I’ll help you upstairs, lets go.” He said quietly. 

Betty opened the front door, slipping her shoes off in the entrance way.

After a comical but daunting walk up the stairs, Jughead helped Betty pad down the hall to her bedroom without making too much noise.

He pushed open her bedroom door, moonlight illuminating her room. Jughead made sure to not turn on the light, not wanting to draw attention to the two of them in her bedroom, from down the hall or across the yard.

“Alright, under your covers. Take your jeans off so you’re comfortable. You good?” Jughead asked quietly so as not to wake her parents.

“Wait, Jughead.” Betty said as she rested her head on her pillow, her eyes closing slightly, moonlight from outside making her skin glow.

“What is it?”

“Will you rub my back like you used to?” Betty asked sleepily.

Jughead sighed. “I-”

“Please, Jughead?” Betty whispered. “Just until I fall asleep?” She yawned.

Jughead pushed his shoes off his feet, placing his long legs on the bed to get more comfortable.

He gently started to rub Betty’s back, circling delicate patterns against her clothing. He propped his head up with the other hand, leaning closely to her body.

“Why couldn’t you just let yourself be happy, Jug?” Betty sighed. “I know you were happy, and I was happy. It was the first time you were happy in a long time, so…” Betty trailed off, breathing hard into her pillow.

“Because I’m an idiot,” Jughead said to himself, assuming Betty had fallen asleep.

He continued to trace circles into Betty’s back. This was the first time he had touched her in months. It was like giving an addict his fix - he was craving her.

“I don’t know what I was thinking. Well, I do. I thought I was protecting you from a life you didn’t deserve. You deserved better, Betty, better than I could give you. I thought you’d move on. But I.. I -”

“I love you, Jug.” Betty whispered, facing away from him, her breathing even.

Is she awake, or is she asleep? Jughead thought to himself. How much of this will she even remember?

“I love you too,” He whispered. He set his head down, planning on resting for a moment before going home.

Jughead heard birds chirping. He felt his hand embraced in someone else’s. He knew he had had the most pleasant sleep in a long time.

Someone was curved against his body, his chest against a back, a mess of blonde hair in his face.

“Ahem,” Alice Cooper cleared her throat the next morning as sunlight streamed into the room. “What’s going on here?”

Jughead sat up immediately, almost falling off the bed as he did so.

Betty stirred from the sudden lack of contact, cool air pooling where his body heat once was.

She yawned and stretched, not yet realizing the situation.

“Elizabeth,” Her mother hissed from the doorway.

Betty’s eyes shot open. She slowly craned her neck towards the doorway.

“Mom?” She asked, sitting up. She looked to see if Jughead was still beside her. He was.

“Do you care to explain yourselves?” She growled.

Betty took a deep breath. “Veronica called Jughead to get me last night. I wasn’t feeling well. I… I fainted and Jughead was kind enough to walk me home. He fell asleep. I mean, you can see, we have clothes on.”

“Downstairs in five minutes.” Alice muttered as she left the room.

As they heard her steps retreating, Betty sat back, sighing. “God my throat hurts.” She whispered.

Jughead stood up. “How much of last night do you remember?” He asked warily.

“All of it. I know I was out of my mind with the stupid allergy pills and wine but I remember everything.”

“You do?” Jughead said, sitting back down suddenly.

Three and a half minutes!” Alice called from downstairs.

“I do. And I love you, Jughead, and I always will, and  I don’t know what you want to do about it now, but -”

Jughead cut her off, leaning across the bed and pressing his mouth softly against hers.

“I’m so fucking sorry that I hurt you Betty. But I love you, too. And nobody knows how to love you like I do, and nobody ever will, and I promise to never, ever do anything like that again if you say you’ll take me back.” Jughead murmured urgently.

“I will, I do, I love you, too.” Betty whispered as she leaned forward to kiss Jughead once more.

So, you two lovebirds work it out yet? A text message read on Jughead’s phone.

You’re an evil genius, Veronica Lodge. Jughead typed back quickly, smiling down at his phone.

Then, Thank you. He added quickly.

You’re welcome. But if you really want to thank me, you’ll bring me flowers Monday morning.

Jughead laughed and placed his phone back in his pocket as he walked down the street. This was the best he had felt in two months.

In Sync

Frank: Are you sure you’ll be okay if I go?

Alice: It’s er… probably just a stomach bug. Just tell the Order I’m sorry I couldn’t make it  

James: Are you sure you don’t want to come to the meeting Lils?

James: Okay then, see you later

James: But Lils, you don’t like Bertie Bots? Not since that time in fifth year…

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We’re All Mad Here - Part Six

(Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five)

Submitted by Alice

Credit to @bonniebirdsgifcentre 

You know, Y/N, you’ve been awfully quiet today…” Nellie spoke up from the breakfast table, where she was currently trying to wrestle a spoonful of peas into George’s mouth (he was having absolutely none of it). It was lunchtime for the boys, and it was almost as chaotic an experience as bed time had been the night before night; George and Robert had finally stopped throwing handfuls of food at the walls, but were still refusing to open their mouths for so much as a spoonful of veg. Throughout the whole ordeal, Nellie had kept one stern eye on her boys, and the other glued to your back, curious.

You glanced sharply at her over your shoulder, brows furrowed, as you stirred a stockpot of broth on the stove.

“Are you sure nothing happened last night? Nothing…weird? I know those Shelby brothers can be a bit of a handful. If they said anything to you, I swear…” She trailed off, leaving a vague and laughable threat to hang in the air. The idea of Nellie, rotund with pregnancy, appearing even slightly threatening to anyone, much less the Shelby brothers, almost had you smiling.

You snorted to yourself, wiping your hands on a borrowed apron and turning to face Nellie. She was watching you with narrowed, careful eyes.

“No, Nellie, the Shelby boys were fine,” you reassured, and Nellie raised a skeptical brow. “Nothing happened, really. I’m just tired.” And it was true—you really were tired—exhausted, more like. Not only physically, but emotionally.

“Well, if you say so…” Nellie shrugged, returning to her task of feeding the boys. “I’m not going to pry, but I can tell when something is bothering someone, you know. Mother’s intuition.

“Except you’re not my mother, Nellie.” You stared at her for a moment, twirling the hem of your apron around nervous fingers, before turning to stir the stockpot.

After the incident with Michael outside of The Garrison, you’d run back to Nellie’s house as quickly as possible, your heart hammering wildly in your chest. You’d slipped in the front door quietly, not wanting to alert Nellie to your presence, but you never made it upstairs to your room (which you were sharing with the boys). Instead, you’d found yourself pacing back and forth in the living room all night long, watching the sun slowly come up through the front den windows, transitioning from pitch-black night to the dull gray of morning you were quickly learning to associate with Small Heath. Ironically, the same dull-gray color that was hanging in half-moons under your sleepless eyes.

You couldn’t have slept if you’d tried—it was one of those nights where your mind was so active, so filled to the point of bursting, that your body couldn’t help its responding restlessness.

What the fuck had happened with Michael? To say you were confused would have been a gross understatement. You were currently battling a mental battery of anger, bewilderment, uncertainty, and—most annoyingly—a feeling that oscillated somewhere between lust and affection.

What was going on in Michael’s mind last night? That was the question at the front of your thoughts.

When he’d first seen you, he’d responded with something akin to catatonia—ignoring you as though you were nothing to him—completely impassive to your presence. You’d felt…utterly unseen by him and, more than that, you’d felt like your presence in The Garrison—in Small Heath—somehow offended him.

But then that kiss. God, that kiss. When he’d taken you in his arms—swept you up against his chest and opened your mouth to his own…well, that was anything but impassive. Pressed against him, you’d felt fire. You’d felt like something soft melting in his arms, drowning in him. And the way he’d touched you left no doubt in your mind that he’d desired you; that there was some deep well of passion beneath the surface, ready to sweep you under at a moment’s notice.

But you couldn’t reconcile the two Michael’s you’d encountered last night—the one that could barely look at you and the one that could barely pull his body away from yours. What did he want from you? What was he doing to you? One moment you’d been so furious—so wounded and defensive against him—and the next…you were yielding yourself to him like an old lover. Folding your body around his as though you had no will of your own.

And that was simply not who you were. You were not the kind of woman to forgive a man his offenses just because he held you so good, touched you so sweetly. That was your mother—not you. You’d seen firsthand, in your own home, the kind of damage a man could do to a woman who forgave too easily. And that would not be you.

So on top of your anger toward Michael, you were angry at yourself, and that was, truthfully, much worse.

“Y/N? You don’t have to stir quite so vigorously—you’re splashing broth all over the place,” Nellie’s concerned, and slightly amused, voice broke your train of thought. You looked down and realized, with some measure of shock, that while you’d been thinking about Michael and that goddamn kiss, you’d been furiously stirring the stockpot like a crazed person, making a mess of the stove top.

“Damn, sorry,” you muttered embarrassed, grabbing a wash cloth from a nearby drawer and mopping up your mess. “I just got…caught in my own head for a moment there.”

Damn Michael for hijacking your thoughts after one encounter.

“You haven’t changed at all, Y/N,” Nellie laughed, hands on her round belly, “Do you remember that time when we were kids, and you were arguing with your brother about something so intensely that you walked right into Mr. Burch’s horse? Just right smack into his horse’s ass? I’m surprised the old lady didn’t rear up and kick you square in the chest!”

“Ha!” A loud laugh burst through your lips, “I’d completely forgotten about that!” You abandoned your cleaning, chuckling at the memory. “I think we were arguing about something stupid, like whether Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer was the better Twain character. My god, that was forever ago.”

“Classic Y/N, though, getting so caught up in your own head you don’t even realize where you are or what you’re doing,” Nellie wiped away a stream of pea-dribble from George’s mouth, giving Robert a sharp look as he started dramatically gagging on his own peas. “And you and your bother were always the same—head either in a book or in the clouds.”

“Yeah, probably why we got along so well,” you felt some of the humor drain from your voice as you thought about your brother. He’d been dead for years, but it still hurt to think about.

“My parents always thought you two were a little odd, but I thought you were so smart,” Nellie smiled at you over the tops of her sons’ heads. “You always had something interesting to say about everything. Not like me.”

“Nellie…” you abandoned your place by the stove, walking around the table to sit down next to Nellie, ruffling Robert’s hair as you did.  “Don’t say that about yourself, you’ve always been smart.” You placed a hand over hers, which was resting on the table.

“Not like you, Y/N,” Nellie shook her head, “And I know what everyone at home is saying about me—that I was stupid and reckless running away with George. That I’m a fool getting pregnant again when George and I can barely support the two little terrors we have already.” She gazed affectionately at her sons, who were now poking one another under the table. Her voice didn’t sound sad as she spoke, just resigned, and that was almost worse.

“Oh, fuck them, Nellie,” you spoke sharply, then glanced nervously at George and Robert to make sure they hadn’t heard you curse. But they were too busy messing with one another to notice your slip. “Any idiot can see you’re happy with George, and that’s all that matters, isn’t it.”

“I am. Very in love,” Nellie smiled at you, patting your hand, which was still atop one of hers. “It’s hard when he’s gone for so long with work, but I love him so much it doesn’t even matter, really.”

You nodded, thinking about how lucky Nellie was to have found such a good love. And, a bit ruefully, you thought about how the only love you’d ever had was turning out to be so goddamn complicated.

“I’m really glad you’re here, Y/N,” Nellie whispered, her eyes crinkling tenderly.

“I’m glad I’m here too,” you replied. And it was true—despite the mini-trauma of running into Michael last night, you were glad you could be there for Nellie.

Your tender moment was broken by a loud knocking at the door. You popped up the answer it, but Nellie reached out to grab a hold of your arm, forcing you to sit back down.

“Let me get it—my bottom is starting to fall asleep,” she laughed, standing up slowly and stretching with a groan. “I keep forgetting how uncomfortable pregnancy is—how do I keep forgetting?” She muttered to herself, shaking her head, before taking off down the front hallway.

As Nellie waddled off, you turned to George and Robert, trying to keep them entertained by making silly faces at them. You’d never been great with kids, but all kids liked silly faces.

You heard the sound of Nellie pulling open the front door, then the muffled rumble of voices, but you couldn’t make out anything specific being said, so you returned to the entertaining the boys.

After a few moments, Nellie returned to the kitchen, pausing in the doorway silently. You glanced up, and were immediately confused by the look on Nellie’s face. It was a mix of concern, bewilderment, and hesitancy; she had her arms crossed over her chest, and was staring at you with that odd look.

“Nellie, what’s going on? Who was at the door?” You frowned, confused.

“Uhm…” Nellie twisted her lips, pursing them as though puzzled. “Michael Gray is at the door. Asking for you…”

You shot up from your seat immediately, slightly jostling the table and making the boys squeal as their dishes barely stopped from toppling.

“You have to send him away!” The words flew out of your mouth forcefully, and Nellie looked taken aback by it. “Please…” you stepped toward her quickly, grabbing her upper arms in your hands and leveling her with an insistent gaze. “I can’t see him, Nellie.”

“Y/N,” Nellie’s expression became more concerned than confused, “what’s going on? Why is he here? Does he want something from you? Are you in trouble or is he—”

“No. No,” you cut her off with a gentle shake. “I’ll explain later. I’m not in trouble, just…send him away?” Your voice sounded desperate in your ears, and you didn’t like it. But you were—desperate, that is. You couldn’t see Michael.

Not until you figured out what you were feeling. Or until you started getting some answers.

Nellie paused a moment, staring at you with big, doubtful eyes. Her gaze flitted quickly over your face, with what you imagined was the same searching look she gave her boys when she was trying to figure out what they were up to.

“Okaaay…” she drawled out after a moment, and began backing away from you slowly. “I’ll send him away. But, Y/N…Michael Gray isn’t the kind of man you say no to, you know that, right? I know he’s Ada’s family, but…her family is dangerous people.”

“Nellie, trust me, I know Michael. It’s okay, just tell him I’m not feeling well, then I promise I’ll explain everything.”

“Hmm,” Nellie still looked wary, but turned on her heels toward the front door.

You waited a moment, putting a finger to your lips and indicating that the boys should be quiet, before tip-toing into the hallway. Across from the kitchen/breakfast room, the door to the front den was open, and you quickly darted into the hallway, sliding on stocking’d feet into the den.

It was slightly closer to the front door than the kitchen was, so you were able to strain your hearing to catch snippets of Nellie talking to Michael.

“Please, I—I know she’s upset at me, but I need to talk to her. Just five minutes.” That was Michael, his voice low and gravelly, pleading. You’d never heard that particular tone to his voice before, though if you had, you could have simply forgotten, it had been so long.

“I’m really sorry Mr. Gray—”

“Just Michael,” he cut Nellie off.

“Michael,” Nellie corrected, “She’s not feeling well—her trip yesterday was long, I’m afraid.” You silently applauded Nellie for her acting—you could hardly tell she was lying, and you’re the one who told her to lie!

“That’s bullshit,” Michael sighed, but he didn’t sound angry, he sounded frustrated.

Nellie didn’t reply, and Michael groaned.

“Just…just tell her I came by. And tell her I’m not going to leave her alone just because she’s decided to be difficult.” You bristled at that–how dare he accuse you of being “difficult!”

Another silence, and you imagined Nellie was nodding her head. Craning your head a little, you heard the sound of feet shuffling—Michael turning to leave, and then quietly, “Tell her I’m sorry, too.”

And then he was gone.

You stood in the den for a moment, lips pursed in thought, before you heard the soft click of the door closing. Then Nellie’s footsteps.

“Okay…” Nellie’s form appeared before you in the doorway of the den, and he had her hands on her hips in a very “mom” pose. “You want to tell me what that was all about?”

You sighed, biting your lip.

“Uh, it’s a long story. I think you should sit down.”

okay so

sam had a brief and very sweet relationship with alice, the previous runner five, who’s dead & chasing you during your first mission

so imagine how fucking mercilessly everyone would tease him if he ended up in a relationship with runner five.

“hey sam. what’s your type? no wait i don’t even have to a s k”

“hey sam if i wear a shirt with the number five on it will you also date me”

et cetera

stephen-larson-uttp  asked:

You want some mcdonalds?

Bendy: As long as I get a toy of myself to come with the meal.

Alice: *snickers* Bendy, what are you five?

Bendy: I’m never too old to get a toy of myself. Tell me that isn’t an awesome feeling.

Alice: You say that when you know the amount of merchandise of yourself outweighs mine. And Boris.

Bendy: I think my image is just the easier of the three to manufacture Alice.

Five Puppies (Carlisle Cullen x Reader)


Y/n - Your name      Y/l/n - Your last name   y/h/c - your hair color

Prompt - The reader is Carlisle’s mate and she loves dogs. Carlisle was overworking at the hospital and left his credit card to his mate, telling her she could get whatever she wants. This was a mistake because The Reader aka a huge softy saw a bunch of puppies in a pet shop in Port Angeles, Carlisle’s reaction is priceless. I may have accidentally adopted five puppies

Word Count: 815

Warnings : Puppies, Cuteness, SFW, Fluff. (I couldn’t find one gif with five puppies so there are only a few)

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Carlisle had barely comprehended what he told you, kissing you on the forehead and handing you a plastic credit card while proclaiming his love. He left the house and you blew the air out of your cheeks, plopping down on your shared bed with furrowed brows. He told you that you could go shopping in Port Angeles, buy whatever you want came out of his mouth. You brushed a y/h/c hair from your gold eyes and smiling, little did both of you know how much he was going to regret those four words. You grabbed the keys off the counter in the kitchen, no one but you was home because the rest had school and Carlisle had work so you had access to a few cars. The drive to Port Angeles wasn’t bad and you found it quite entertaining to have your own time, usually you were stuck with the latest fiasco Emmett had come up with or Alice had dragged you out shopping. You parked your car and locked it, stepping out into the cloudy cold atmosphere with an unneeded coat on and ignoring the eyes.
After a few shops of trying things on and buying only the best fitting ones you, trying to keep the price points lower because it wasn’t your credit card. Smiling at the woman behind the counter, who was indeed completely in awe like everyone else was when they saw one of your family members you paid for the shoes you had just bought. You had been to quite a few stores in your existence and had grown accustomed to the onlookers, it was all quite entertaining but got boring at the same time. You left the store and decided it was time to go back home, it would most likely be the kid’s last period about now and you wanted to be there to greet them. You were super determined to get home until a bunch of yips caught your attention, you turned to face five pairs of sparkling eyes that belonged to five fluffy Pomeranian puppies. You sighed and immediately felt drawn to the small creatures, you were a huge sucker for these things and couldn’t help but walk into the store. “Hello ma’am, what can I do for you?” A boy said with a smile, you smiled back “I’m here to look at the Pomeranians” so he made a gesture for you to go first. You squealed lightly at the small five puppies, each different but with the same expression. One was white, one was black, one was a standard color, and two had peppered patterns on their backs. Putting a cold finger up to the edge of the area they were kept in and all of them jumped around to try sniff and lick the exposed pad through the glass, this made you giddy and smile. It was almost like you were in a trance when you whispered “I’ll take all of them..”
It wasn’t until you had lugged the pet carrier and bags to the car when you realized, you had just bought five dogs. Carlisle was actually going to kill you, you had just purchased five more practical children. You couldn’t help it, they were the cutest puppies you’ve ever seen and it was as if your special ability was that animals attracted you in some ways. Alice smiled, seeing you buying the puppies five minutes before hand and immediately covering her mouth in an attempt to keep her laugh in which made her siblings turn to her confused. “Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and I are going on a double date. Edward is going to see Bella so Carlisle and Y/n will get some time to….discuss something” The pixie girl pretty much ordered, they all shrugged and ignored her continued laughs;
You pulled into the driveway and moved the dogs into the house, going back and getting everything else as well. After everything was set up and you sat down with the dogs, playing with them for hours until Carlisle came home. “Y/n? Love I’m home” He called out into the house, folding his coat over his arm before placing it down “In the lounge room darling”. He smiled and walked around the corner, freezing in place when he saw you with the five puppies. He internally groaned and instantly regretted giving you the credit card, clearing his throat with furrowed brows. You smiled a sheepish smile towards your mate, a childlike glint in your eyes “I may have accidentally adopted five puppies”, he was dumbfounded but laughed in disbelief. “How do you- never mind I don’t want to know” He said, putting his hands up in defense as he watched the dogs jump up and down all over your lap “Oops?”.
It took him a while to get used to them but in the end you got to keep the five puppies.

Imagine.. Falling For Shannon Leto

“So I’m just standing there with this huge platter in my hands whilst this chef is trying to wrestle this crab out of the tank when it manages to catch his nose! I wish you had been there to see it!" 

You both erupted into laughter and didn’t stop for a good few minutes. You had been face timing Shannon for over an hour just generally talking about your week and what you had been doing. Whilst you had been meeting friends and going to university, he had been playing on stage and watching crabs and humans fight. Your laugh was so loud your room mate Mel came over, looked at your phone and smiled. His laugh was so loud it attracted  the attention of Tomo and Jared.

"Still just friends are we Shannon?” Jared spoke as Shannon’s face grew cold. Shannon angled his phone so that you could see Jared sat on the sofa with Emilia Clarke sat on his lap with his arms around her waist. They met at the SAG awards a few months ago and had recently gotten together. You had met her once in person and she was so lovely: you were so happy Jared had found someone like her. “Quit it!” Jared said as he pulled Emilia closer as to conceal both their faces as they both giggled together. 

Shannon shook his head. “You’d swear there were conjoined twins.. Eurgh!” He whispered as you both laughed a little. 

“Jared’s right!" Tomo pushed his chair with wheels backwards so he was just visible in the top left side of your iPhone screen. 

"Will you shut it?” Shannon hissed very seriously which made Tomo, as always, laugh. 

“Only if I get to be best man!" Tomo said as he pushed himself back out the screen.

"And I get to be maid of honour!” Shouted Jared from the other side. You couldn’t help but laugh at how they all were whilst Shannon took a bit of convincing. 

“I miss being with you guys a lot.” You whisper, not wanting anymore taunting to come Shannon’s way.

“I miss you more. Tomorrow morning we’ll be waiting at the airport for you, right? And I’ll be wanting the biggest hug in the world off of you, OK?” Shannon spoke, smiling.

“And more if you’re offering!" Tomo shouts in again. 

"Oh, Shannon.. Oh.. Oh Shannon.. Yes!” Jared taunted from the other side of the room which made Tomo and Emilia erupt into fits of laughter. You tried your best not to laugh yourself but eventually you became a mess of restrained giggles. 

“Before this gets any worse - I’ll see you tomorrow, shorty.” Shannon said with a smile. 

“See you tomorrow, muscles.” You replied.

For a while you did what you normally did at the end of a face time with Shannon. You’d both just sit there for a couple of seconds in silence just looking at each other. As if your minds spoke what your mouths did not. 


Your flight left at 2AM from London Heathrow Airport and you were to fly to LA for just over a week to spend sometime with Shannon and the others. You had been looking forward to this more than anything as you loved Los Angeles so much and you loved seeing them more. As your got into your seat for the 10 hour flight ahead of you, you reached into your pocket for your iPod. Shannon knew that you didn’t like flying much so he’d always make a play list for you to listen to and filled it with songs you loved, he loved and you both loved. He’d always title the play list differently, too. 

‘10 hours.. Then that hug.’ It read. This filled you with butterflies. 

You never got to see the songs before you listened to them as Shannon made sure you didn’t see them. You put the play list on shuffle and the first song that came on was one of both your favourites: A Daydream Away - All Time Low. 

you’re just a daydream away, I wouldn’t know what to say if I had you..


Half an hour before arriving, you got a text from Mel.

'Hey - Have a lovely time with the boyfriend, wont you? Don’t feel too guilty leaving me.. I give you enough teasing so this makes up for it ;-) Ring me when you arrive! I love you (as does Shan) <3’

You turned to face out of the plane window where all you could see were fluffy clouds and buildings scattered all below you. You’d met Jared on the set of Dallas Buyers Club as you’d done a training course helping out certain scenes of filming and you had just gotten talking and became good friends. Over the next few weeks you became very close with Jared and would spend weekends with the rest of 30 Seconds To Mars and a few of their friends. Nothing ever happened between you and Jared although it could have. For some reason, it never did, but there was always something. That was until you first saw Shannon one weekend that Jared had bought you home. He stood just over 5'9 (which towered over your 5'5 - hence the nickname 'shorty’ he gave to you the first time you ever met) with swept up hair and his deep hazel eyes that differed so much from Jared’s. Something instantly clicked between the two of you and between joking insults and fake fights: you realised that Shannon was different from any other guy you had ever met. You had only ever had one previous boyfriend about 2 years ago for just over 6 months but nothing could compare to this. You felt a brick in the walls you had made around yourself be removed and a smiling face with hazel eyes beaming at you through it. 

You loved the gentle flirting and the joking insults more than the real thing. 

Finally, you arrived in LA.


Walking through the doors of arrival - you saw five people awaiting you. Tomo - smiling and happy as always. Alice - a friend you’d made on the Dallas Buyers Club set and  friend of Tomo’s and yours. Jared - looking as good as always with the beautiful Emilia in his arms who was beaming at you already. And Shannon. He wore tight blue jeans with black boots and a red t-shirt with a leather jacket on top. He took off his sunglasses and raced over to you. 

"As promised.” You say but before you had time to wrap your arms around him, his was already around you and you were off the floor. He exhaled and you could feel him smiling into your hair. 

“Why do you have to live so far away?” Shannon said in a deep, husky voice. It was 12PM and it was obvious he hadn’t been up for long. 

“Well for the next week or so I won’t be - I’ll be right here.” You say as his grip tightens which starts to hurt as he is unaware of his own strength. 

“That’s exactly where I’ve needed you.” He spoke. 

“Muscles.. I need to breathe..” You chuckle as he quickly loosens his grip and places you on the floor. 

“Sorry shorty!” He said as he ruffled your hair. 

He put his hand on the bottom of your lower back and slowly guided you over to the others.

“Hey there kiddo - long time no see!" Tomo said as he gave you a quick embrace. 

"Nice to see you! It’s been weird not having you around! We’ve missed you.” Jared said as he gave you a kiss on the cheek and smiled.

“It’s so good to meet you again, you know, not including the face time chats..” Emilia winked at you and gave you a hug. 

“Hey!”, Alice said as she hugged you. “Can you just move to LA please? I’ve missed you!" 

It was so nice to feel accepted in this group of friends. It was so lovely to have friends both in the UK and LA although it is hard to keep both of the bonds as tight as they can be. 

"Let’s go then guys - Shannon’s driving!" Tomo shouted as everyone started laughing. Shannon always got so aggressive and angry when he was driving so since he nearly punched someone when they pulled out in front of him - he was not allowed anywhere near the steering wheel. Slowly everyone started to dissipate and go to the exit whereas Shannon held onto your arm so you were both at the back. He turned to you when everyone had left and put his arms around your waist as you put yours around his shoulders. 

Neither of you said anything for a few seconds as you both just looked at each other. Shannon slowly pressed his forehead against yours and then kissed it. 

"This is all I’ve wanted since the minute I said goodbye to you.” He spoke. Never one for sentimentality - you couldn’t help but get a bit choked up. 

“I’ve never missed anyone as much as you.” You whispered back. Your smile was evident in your voice as was his. Once again you both hugged and rocked gently. 

“Shannon I think she’ll want her lungs by the end of this visit.. Get a room!" Tomo shouted. Shannon’s muscles tensed as he stood up and returned his right hand to your back and guided you to them. 

"As if they get it..” Shannon whispered which made you both start chuckling. 


You got back to the house just after 12:30 and you hadn’t slept much on the flight and jet-lag had already starting to show it’s head. You had just over 4 hours before you had to start getting ready for a meal with Shannon’s Mum Constance and the everybody else. The next week was packed with visits to the beach and various places in LA to see various things however - today was dedicated to spending time with the people you hadn’t seen in months. Emilia had only arrived the day before so Jared was desperate to spend more time with her and equally with you and Shannon. The weather had started to cloud over somewhat anyway so you all decided to get some food and drink and sit in the huge living room together. 

“Catching Fire? I  need to go and see that movie! Number one was awesome!" Tomo spoke with enthusiasm with Alice. They were the ones mainly doing the talking with the group as Jared and Emilia sat on the sofa with her on his lap and them holding hands talking quietly and laughing every so often to the right of you. To the left, Tomo sat on a beanbag on the floor and Alice cross-legged on the sofa. Which left you and Shannon in the middle. Without saying anything: Shannon wrapped his huge arms around your waist and pulled you to the side of him as he told you to rest your head on his shoulder. The next 2 hours or so consisted of all 6 of you talking about everything that had happened recently and laughing a lot which made you feel like you’d never really been away at all. Jared and Emilia had been at a party until the late hours of the morning last night so they both fell asleep on the sofa they both lay on together. Tomo and Alice continued to talk about films until eventually Tomo took her to see the huge movie collection that he owned. Shannon turned your head to look up to his. 

"You can go to sleep you know - you look really tired.” He whispered.

“Oh thanks Muscles,” You laughed as you stretched. “I do want to be awake to meet Constance later.” Shannon instantly lay down across the sofa and pulled you on top of him so your head was on his chest and his arms were draped around your waist. You fell asleep to the sound of his steady breathing.

You heard the footsteps of Tomo and Alice returning. 

“Light weights." Tomo chuckled. 

"Lets watch Borat next door..” Alice said as she began going through the DVD’s. 

“Only if we get to watch Iron Man after!" Tomo spoke in a hushed tone if not to wake everyone. 


"Shannon,” You called, struggling in front of the mirror. “Can you help me with my zip please?” Shannon came in tightening the knot in his tie as he dropped his hands to help you pull up the zipper on your dark blue dress. You then turned to look at him. 

“Wow.. You look..” Shannon was transfixed by what you were wearing. 

“Put your eyes back in their sockets, Shan!” Jared taunted as he walked past the door. “You look beautiful.” Jared said slowly. 

“You honestly look amazing.” Shannon continued walking over and taking your hands as you smiled. 

“Do you think she’ll like me?” That’s what you had been worrying about for so long. You had never met Constance before and you were so nervous. 

“Like?!” Shannon began. “She'll love every last bit of you.” He pulled you in for a hug. “As do I..” He whispered. 

“What did you say?” You heard exactly what he had said and it had made you panic with the seriousness of what he had just said. 

“Nothing aha.. Let’s go, we don’t want to be late!" 

Tomo drove with Alice in the passenger seat and you and Shannon in the back whilst Jared drove Emilia to pick up Constance. The whole car ride consisted of Shannon’s hand feeling very heavy on your shoulder as worry and nervousness started to creep into you with the reality of what was about to happen and the sincerity of what he had just which started to become very real. 


"Mum!” Shannon called as Constance got out of the car with Jared and Shannon walked over to greet her. She wore a dark pink dress which she looked lovely in and she wore a smile and eyes that looked so similar to the boys that it was scary. She slowly started walking over to you. 

“It is so lovely to meet you..” You began saying before she threw her arms around you for a hug.

“Hello honey - you look so pretty. It’s lovely to meet you too.” She was so sweet and gentle that it made you smile so much. 

At the dinner table: Jared and Emilia sat to your left with Tomo and Alice in front of them. Constance sat next to Alice opposite you and Shannon sat beside you. You spoke for a good half an hour whilst drinking wine until Constance began talking about Jared and Emilia. 

“It’s so lovely to see you two so happy..” This made Emilia blush as Jared looked at her and smiled. “I’ve not seen Jared this happy in a long while..” Jared kissed Emilia which made her blush even more. “And you two!” Constance directed her look to you and Shannon. Fear and nervousness rushed into you and you felt completely out of your depth. “It’s so lovely to see you two are together.. You seemed to have been up in the air for so long!” Jared chuckled at this reference before it all went dead silent and everybody looked at you. You felt panicked. You didn’t think you were properly together and you didn’t know what to do. You could feel yourself getting hotter and more pressure pushing down on you before you said:

“No, we’re not together. Nothing’s going on. We’re just friends. We’re not interested in each other at all - are we Shan?" 

You looked at Shannon with a smile and as soon as the words had finished protruding from your mouth you instantly regretted them. Shannon’s face turned cold and he removed his hand from your arm immediately as Constance looked as confused as the rest of the table.

"Obviously not. Excuse me.” Shannon pushed his chair away and walked outside. Everyone’s eyes shot back to you. The only one who didn’t seem that phased was Jared. 

“Go and talk to him!” Constance snapped at Jared before looking back at you and smiling. “Don’t worry about this dear - maybe I said the wrong thing.” This made you feel even more guilty than before. 

“What? It’s how she feels! If she’s not interested - she’s not interested.” Jared spoke. Even Emilia looked at him with a shocked expression. “What?” He repeated. 

“I’ll go." Tomo said as he pushed away his chair and walked towards the door whilst giving the dirtiest look to Jared. 

"I don’t understand what I did wrong..” Jared looked genuinely confused and kept trying to meet everyone’s gaze as if waiting for an answer.

Deep down, you knew exactly what you should of said, which was the truth that you had only just realised. That he was the only one you wanted. The one of you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. The one you loved. 


As soon as the meal finished Jared and Emilia drove Constance home after exchanging kisses goodbye with you and wishing you the best until she sees you again which she insisted she would and saying she loved you lots. You all agreed you would go out to a bar for some drinks tonight and that plan was still to go ahead. 

In the bar, Jared and Emilia spoke a little more but laughed a little less. Tomo and Alice still spoke about movies in between drinks of wine and vodka. Shannon sat to your left silently. He was hurt: it was evident in his cold face as he repeatedly ran his finger over the side of his glass of whiskey. 

“Shannon..” You began. He looked up at you and smiled before looking back down and continuing to circle his glass. 

“What’s up - shorty..” He said in a deep, angry tone. This scared you more than anything.

“Can we talk?” You whispered. He didn’t as much as look up. “Please? Outside for 5 minutes?” He got up and placed some money into Tomo’s palm.

“Another round please - we’ll be two minutes.” Shannon said as he walked outside as you followed him. 

The air was bitterly cold as it was nearing 12AM and the wind started to bite at your bare arms. Shannon wore a suit with skinny black trousers which made him look amazing in the moonlight. 

“OK - what?” Shannon’s voice was harsh and short. 

You looked to the ground which made him exhale deeply.

He looked at you before saying: “Look, I just don’t understand. I thought I did get what was going on between us but obviously - I don’t. Please just explain to me what’s going on because I-" 

"Love you.” You finished for him. “I love you.” You felt the words wash out of your mouth. 

“I was just scared and panicked because I had never ever felt like this before.. but now I really do know. I love you, Shannon." 

The cold look in Shannon’s eyes vanished and they became wild and transfixed by yours once again.

"I love you too.” He said. 

He took one step towards you and placed his hands around your waist and lent down and slowly, you both kissed. He ran his hands up your arms and to your cheeks and pulled away and looked at you. Whereas before the words were only said in your minds, this time it was out loud. 

“I love you.” You both said simultaneously as Shannon pulled you in for a hug. As you rested your head on his shoulder, Shannon’s eyes previous to the kiss weren’t the only ones that looked cold and broken in the moonlight. 

A pair of eyes crumbled as he stood in the doorway watching you.


The Top Five Meme

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Five fandoms that you have been a part of:

  • riverdale ( its the best one )
  • once upon a time
  • twin peaks
  • the walking dead
  • orange is the new black

Five characters that you have enjoyed writing:

  • alice cooper
  • carol peletier
  • bobby briggs
  • penelope blossom
  • velma dinkley

Five characters that you would like to write / write again:

  • edna mode
  • galadriel
  • willy wonka
  • shego
  • maxine bohen

Five faceclaims that you love:

  • melissa mcbride
  • victoria smurfit
  • cate blanchett
  • sigourney weaver

Tag five of your friends and see what they say !

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Nickname: Rach

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′4″

Time: 10:34 P.M.

Birthday: Its a secret.

Favorite Band: I’ll give you my top five- Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and probably mumford and sons

Favorite solo artist: Ed Sheeran

Song stuck in my head: Attention- Charlie Push (also dont look him up on Tumblr because you’ll see dick without warning.)

Last Movie I watched: Across the Universe

Last show I watched: G.L.O.W

When did I create this blog: It was actually my old side blog that I used for a week and I just turned it into this blog, but I think its like 3 years old.

What do I post: Wrestling stuff and wrestling smut.

Last thing I googled: Don’t laugh but I googled “Why are men like this?” Im in the middle of something lol

Do you have other blogs: Yeah but idk if I will give that out ever.

Do you get asks: Not as often as I would like. I think people might think I’m a hermit.

Why Did You Choose This Blog Name: Because I’m a babe who likes wrestling.

Blogs you are following: 174 which isn’t a lot but this blog is still kind of new

Followers: ITS 806 AND THATS WITHOUT PORN BOTS BECAUSE I BLOCK THOSE. Seriously though when I started this blog I was certain that no one would give a shit and now I feel loved.

Favorite Color: Peach and burnt orange.

Average hours of sleep: 5 or 6 unless I get to sleep in and thats around 12 or 13 hours.

Lucky Number: 13

Instruments: I can kind of sing

What am I wearing: Nothing jkjkjk monkey pj pants and a Metallica t-shirt

How many blankets do I sleep with: 1 if its hot or 2 if its cold.

Dream Job: Sign Language Interpreter or a wrestler

Dream Trip: Seattle

Favorite Food: I’ll have to say a chick-fil-a chicken sandwich okay.

Nationality: American my ancestors are from Ireland though.

Favorite Song now: Paradinha by Anitta or Uh huh by Julie Michaels

I would tag people but I’m lazy and tired right now so maybe later

demon-kid33  asked:

Uuumm, I just passed by Jervis's tea party and uh, if your blond or Jervis has taken a liking to you in the past, run. There are five Alices and a bunch of other hypnotized people. It's freaky

Oh my g o d Jervis we talked about this

therewas-courfeyrac  asked:

The marauders placing bets on wolfstar (when they're going to get together at first, then virtually every other part of their relationship because the others are bored and nosy) is my favourite thing

that is pretty fantastic. like

  • james walking in on them making out towards the end of their sixth year, and just getting so mad, because, “goddamnit you guys, why couldn’t you wait six more months, now i owe peter ten galleons!” and remus and sirius are just like, “what?”
  • but then it becomes a habit
  • like, remus confides in lily about he and sirius’ First Time, and instead of being supportive, she just fist pumps in the air and is like, “fucking yes! james owes me so much money. i told him your horniness would win out over your awkwardness!” and remus is just, “holy god, no”
  • sirius tells peter that he and remus are planning on moving in together, and peter gets really upset, and sirius is like, “??? what, why is that bad?” and peter is just like, “james and lily were right,” and sirius is just, “you motherfuckers”
  • and then other people get involved
  • like at frank and alice longbottom’s wedding, frank pulls sirius aside and is just like, “hey, if you’re planning on proposing to remus, could you maybe wait like, just four of five months?” while alice pulls remus aside and is like, “you know, summer weddings are great, and if you want to have time to plan, you should probably get engaged now”
  • then after horrible askaban stuff
  • they are really hesitant to get back together
  • but eventually they can’t help it and they are like, “okay, let’s do this”
  • and they tell dumbledore, just because it’s important for him to know what’s happening inside the order, even just personal information that might be relevant if the war gets bad
  • and dumbledore just smiles
  • and is like
  • “severus owes me fifteen galleons”
  • and just leaves sirius and remus there
  • like
  • “goddamnit”
  • “no”

lol, thanks buddy

send me woflstar/marauders stuff, and i’ll tell you wolfstar/marauders things

anonymous asked:

Alice, what did you think of a tall, male, muscular Gabriel the first time you saw him?

Alice: Umm… yummy?

Iain: Five minutes and you’re already sexually harassing the new guy. Smooth.

Alice: Kidding. I was kidding. Sort of. Nah, I was thinking that he’s going to be a great meat shield if we ever get into a shootout. And that he better have a brain to go with that brawn. And that I’m looking forward to flipping him on the mats. I mean, you’re asking me to judge on appearances. I already have a tall, male, muscular partner. He’s also a redhead, but I try not to hold that against him. So I’m not rushing to make a snap-judgement. I do appreciate eye-candy though.

anonymous asked:

What are some good books you would recommend?

  • my name is memory by ann brashares and also the last summer
  • every day by david levithan
  • the lovely bones by alice sebold
  • the five people you meet in heaven by mitch albom
  • the pact by jodi picoult
  • pages for you by sylvia brownrigg
  • extremely loud and incredibly close by jonathan safran foer
  • the book of tomorrow by cecelia ahern
  • if nobody speaks of remarkable things by jon mcgregor
  • the realm of possibility by david levithan
  • dash and lily’s book of dares by david levithan and rachel cohn
  • the art of racing in the rain by garth stein
  • the reader by benard schlink
  • crush by richard siken
  • the maze runner series
  • to all the boys i’ve love before by jenny han
  • fangirl by rainbow rowell
  • naomi and ely’s no kiss list by david levithan and rachel cohn
  • why we broke up by daniel handler
  • the history of love by nicole krauss

i want you ; i don’t know why - a napollya playlist


01. tape five; i spy you / 02. alice francis; shoot him down! / 03. arctic monkeys; you know i’m no good / 04. tape five; ice from russia / 05. zarif; box of secrets / 06. ms mr; do i wanna know (arctic monkeys cover) / 07. postmodern jukebox; love me harder / 08. mother mother; sleep awake / 09. the real tuesday weld (feat. claudia bruken); (i always kill) the things i love / 10. ketty lester; i’m a fool to want you