five years later it's finally done


Anyone remember those FNAF traditional dumps I did? I finally finished digitizing the main four…after like, two years of being under construction in my folder. But hey, at least they’re finally done!

Y’know, finally. I swear university takes away all my time from digital art.


this is something ive been working on for awhile now off and on, and its finally done! for maybe a little over a year or two now id had an idea for a digimon/fallout crossover au, and FO4 got me motivated for it again (esp since they both involved time displacement).

the idea of the au is the five kids get sent on a pretty typical adventure in the digital world, except instead of the usual time passing more quickly deal, it goes much slower. so, they entered in during prewar time and return around 200 years later. a lot of the plot then revolves around them not only learning to navigate this terrible new world theyve entered into, but also figuring out what happened to the families they left behind.

this is an au im pretty excited about so i’ll try to put out more content when i can, but in the meantime if youre curious about anything feel free to ask! 

also forgive the pipboys lol, theyre just placeholders and were done from memory since im desiging pipvices later

anonymous asked:

You know any fics with the T'hy'la concept?

that has a couple different meanings to me, so here’s a few for each.

= soulmates/meant to be =

- Kismet by Elise Madrid [T] [2.8k]

Some things are just meant to be.

- Waiting to Take Flight by Raven_Knight [T] [23.3k]

Spock kept the first gift he’d ever received because his mother told him it was a traditional practice.  He carried it with him because he hoped to encounter that person again.  When he did, the person that gave him that gift did not remember him, at least at first. A story of how a meeting as children affects the lives of Kirk and Spock and leads them back to each other time and time again, until they finally come together years later as T’hy’la.

= accidental bonding =

- Turning Point [E] [30.9k] and Full Circle [E] [52.1k] by Killa

At the end of the five year mission, Kirk and Spock go to New Orleans and explore the true meaning of decadence.


V'Ger brings Kirk and Spock back together, but can they get past the damage done and start over again?

- A Small Space in Time by JackHawksmoor [E] [4.1k]

Kirk and Spock in a small space

- Kindred Spirits by jiokra [E] [3.3k]

Through his Vulcan instincts, in its purest form while he succumbed to plak tow, Spock forms a bond with Kirk just before Spock “kills” him. The Enterprise continues on course to Altair VI, with Kirk and Spock tricked into shore leave.

= intentional bonding =

- Walking Him Down the Aisle by Matti [E] [7.7k]

An assumption worked its way into this story to justify the presence of Dr.McCoy in it. Pon farr with Bones’ participation. Not in the sense you might think of, strictly in the medical sense.

- A Millennium of Cadence by obsidienne [M] [4.1k]

When T'Pring rejects Spock, Jim chooses not to fight.

- When the Stars Align by pensively [E] [17.9k]

Syleese, the jewel of the Kalinae system, is rich in mineral resources and advanced technology of great interest to the Federation. Jim and his crew lead the diplomatic outreach to this isolated planet with their usual confidence and attention to detail.

Although the Syleesians are a devotedly peaceful people, the mission is not without risk – the planet’s entire culture is based upon an elaborate set of courtly manners that dictate how one should behave in every circumstance. One misstep could destroy the nascent relationship between Syleese and the Federation before it even begins.

As Jim navigates these delicate negotiations with Spock at his side, he finds himself closer than he’s ever been to revealing his deepest secret…

= mental link =

- Convalescing by Charlotte Frost [E] [15.9k] [minor squick]

Spock almost dies from a Vulcan “flu” and while Kirk nurses his bondmate he deals with running the Enterprise, along with the problems caused by a crewman’s crush on Spock

- A Twist of Fate by RowanBaines [T] [9.1k]

Even the smallest decisions can alter the course of one’s life.

The moment passed, the decision made, and Spock turned back to his task. Strangely unnerved, he reached out through the bond and briefly brushed against Jim’s mind. It was warm, even in sadness. The light it cast over his own more stringent mental landscape was beautiful—necessary—and Spock’s breath caught.

- Dirty Laundry by noodleinabarrel [T] [7.5k]

Jim keeps leaving dirty dishes in the sink and toast crumbs in the bed. Spock deals with the mess silently until an unfortunate ironing incident puts it all in perspective.