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punk pop songs i need louis to sing

  • Heaven Is A Halfpipe (OPM)
  • Me Against The World (Simple Plan)
  • Shut Up (Simple Plan)
  • Last One Standing (Simple Plan)
  • Take My Hand (Simple Plan)
  • The Middle (Jimmy Eat World)
  • Ocean Avenue (Yellowcard)
  • Five Becomes Four (Yellowcard)
  • Famous Last Words (My Chemical Romance)
  • Basket Case (Green Day)
  • When I Come Around (Green Day)
  • With Me (Sum 41)
  • So Long Goodbye (Sum 41)
  • My Friends Over You (New Found Glory)
  • Mardy Bum (Arctic Monkeys)
  • Hands Down (Dashboard Confessional)
  • Three Cheers For Five Years (Mayday Parade)
  • Thnks fr th Mmrs (Fall Out Boy)
  • 99 Red Balloons (Goldfinger)
Let Me In (2/?)

Summary: You are a new addition to the Avengers, and have only ever seen your teammates with their walls up. However, one by one they slowly start to let you in, and you finally see them as human.

A/N: I feel like this series will just get better and better. I’m starting to hammer out what I want the tone to be, and this was just a blast to write. I kind of want to talk about this part so I’ll put a longer author’s note after the tags for anyone who wants to read my thoughts about this part. Enjoy! And a giant thank you to everyone who read Tony’s part and liked, reblogged, commented, sent me an ask, etc. I was so motivated during this part and I know that that feeling will just get bigger and bigger!! :)

Warnings: language (some stronger swears here friends), mild (non-graphic) violence

Words: 1900 (yeah buddy)

Tony Stark (Part 1)

Natasha Romanoff

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Gunshots rang in your ears, and you could physically feel the electricity crackling in the air from Thor’s hammer.

“Get down! Clint, is the quinjet on the ground?”

Everything felt underwater, and you found you couldn’t really move that well. Battlefields were supposed to be mad, but this was something else entirely.

“Look out! Tony, take out that sniper now!”

You heard an explosion come from somewhere nearby. Another bomb went off significantly closer this time. Someone yelled and then the world faded to black.

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Jensen Ackles One Shots

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

1.Trick or Treat (smut)

2. In Another World

3. Haunted

4. She Gives me Love

5. Care Takers

6. Begging to be Kissed (smut)

7.  The Miracle of Attraction (smutish)

8.  Coffee Shop Angel

9.  Kiss Like You Mean It

10.  Green-Eyed Monster

11.  Five Little Words

12.  Never

13.  Shape of You (smut)

14.  Full of Surprises

15. Summertime

16.  Poisoned Soul

17. What If I Kissed You

18.  Her Last Goodbye

19. Forever Yours

20. Happy Birthdays

Temporary Fix | Niall Horan

A/N: Track 14 out of 17.  From my Made In The A.M. (Deluxe Edition) Series! Find the rest of the songs on my Masterlist!

Word count: 5000+

Smut warning

“Aren’t you nervous?” My best friend asks as I swipe lipstick across my bottom lip, turning it matte red. I roll my eyes and apply some to the top. She’s been asking me that for the past hour. “They’re only the biggest boy band in history, breaking records with almost every single thing they do! God, how can you be so calm?! I’d be freaking out like I am right now!”

I turn and glare at her. This is the first and last time I’m ever bringing her to one of my sessions. “Okay, first off, this is my full time job. I interview celebrities all the time so I’m used to it. Secondly, who said I wasn’t nervous? I’m just as bad as you are or worse! I just don’t let it show because I need to be professional!”

I cap the tube of lipstick and stick it back into my purse. The door creaks open causing us both to look over and see my camera man, Tony, poke his head in. “Just five minutes til sound check, (Y/N).” I nod in response then he disappears back out on set. Letting out a breath of confidence, I smile at myself in the mirror, feeling pretty good in my sleeveless black and white collared button up, black skinny jeans and black boots. I avert my gaze over to my best friend.

Her grin outshines mine as well as her excitement. She talked me into letting her watch the interview with Tony behind the camera, since she wanted to be there in person. At first I said no because she could be a distraction for myself and the interviewees, but after listening to her beg and plead for weeks, I said yes.

We exit the dressing room and walk over to the set. I shake my head when I see that she’s practically shaking like a little chihuahua. “Remember, stay quiet and be calm, okay?” I explain as I head over to Danny, the sound director, and he hands me my microphone. She nods quickly, the giant smile still remaining across her face. I giggle then count backwards from three into the microphone as well as the others that will be given to the boys.

After sound check, I take a seat in my brown lounge chair that is catercorner to the matching sofa. There is a small coffee table in the center decorated with a small bonsai tree. A large blanket is draped across the back of the couch to add a more homey feel to the set as well the giant fuzzy rug underneath everything.

The backdrop curtain peels open offset and in step the four boys. My heart races a little bit as I stand up to greet them. The first to hug me is Harry. The top two button on his shirt are undone so his swallow tattoos peak through and his long brown curls brush his shoulders. He gives me his signature crooked smirk and says hello, then takes a seat on the couch on the cushion closet to me.

Next is Liam. He smells like cologne and cigarettes. A giant tattoo stretches from the top of his hand and disappears underneath his shirt sleeve. His dark brown hair is pushed back like he’s in a 1950s film and a little scruff covers his lower jaw. He smiles happily then takes a seat next to Harry.

Louis’ sea green eyes crinkle at the sides when he grins, showing off a set of perfect teeth. His dark brown hair is styled messily. He wears a grey sweater with the sleeves pushed up. He greets me in a raspy voice with a hello then sits next to Liam.

Lastly, there’s Niall. He’s outfitted in a plain white t-shirt with a black jean vest over the top of that. His fluffy blonde hair is styled as usual, spiked up at the front. His hug lasts a little longer and his hand slides downward, stopping above my hip. He says hello with a deep voice then pulls away. I gulp a little bit and smile nervously. He flashes a cheeky grin before plopping down next to Louis.

I sit back down in my chair, crossing my legs then grab my note cards off the side table while Danny hands the boys their mics. We make small talk before Tony starts the countdown. My eyes flash up to Niall. He bites his lip before smiling again causing me to glance back over to the camera.

My face feels hot. Am I blushing?

“Three, two, one!” He points at me to signal that we’re live. “Hey guys! It’s (Y/N) from BuzzNet hanging out with One Direction today!” They all wave at the camera and say hello. “How are you guys doing? I know you just wrapped up your On The Road Again tour.”

“We’re all doing pretty well and yes we did. It was a little bit emotional to say the least.” Harry laughs then points at the camera. “But this is not the end!”

“That’s absolutely right!” Louis backs. The remaining three of us just laugh along.

“Alright, I guess we’ll just jump in, shall we?” I scan the first question on my notecard. “You just released your fifth record, Made In The A.M, lovely album by the way,”

“Thank you,” They all say.

“I’d say that my favorite song is Never Enough; do you guys have any favs?”

“That’s a good one,” Liam says. “Mine is probably What A Feeling.”

Louis nods. “End of the Day, definitely.”

“Impressive vocals on that song Louis.” I compliment.

“Thanks, I’m trying out new things and I’m glad to see that people are enjoying it.”

“I like Olivia,” Harry throws in, bringing us back to the question.

“Never Enough is also my favorite.” Niall says with that same flirty grin. My cheeks heat up again. What is going on? This never happens, especially not during an interview.

I roll along with the questions and they answer each of them politely. Most of the time we go off tangent, which is absolutely fine with me. When I interview people, I want them to just be themselves and not act like they have a stick up their ass. So I’m glad to see that 1D isn’t like that.

However, Niall has been unusually quiet. In other interviews, he talks a lot and laughs, but something is different. Whenever he looks at me, he either bites or licks his bottom lip, trails his gaze down my body hungrily, or gives me that half-smile. It’s a little.. alluring.

“Okay, I’m all out of serious questions. Wanna do some fun ones?” I ask, shuffling to the next card.

“Absolutely!” Harry says and the other boys nod excitedly.

“Alright, let’s kick it off with the classic: If you were a stripper, what would your name be?”

“Oooooh,” Louis rings out then purses his lips, pondering.

Liam looks at Harry. “I think I’ll go with Payno.”

“You’re using your nickname?” Niall laughs.

“Or Big Payne,” Niall laughs again. “What it sounds kinky! So that’s what I’m going with.”

“I’ll say Curly,” Harry says. Louis gives him a strange look. “That makes you sound crazy. How about Sexual Styles?”

“Oh! Hairy Harry or.. Horny Harry.” Liam adds.

“That’s a good one Liam!”

Harry shakes his head, chuckling. “I can’t believe you guys.”

“Alright, alright, my turn.” Louis says. “How about Tasty Tommo? Tomlinson the Tease?”

“The first one is better.” Liam states then they all look at Niall. “Alright Horan, what’s yours?”

He purses his lips. “I don’t know. I like Jameson.”

“Niall, that’s just alcohol.” Liam chuckles.

“No, no, hear me out. I love Jameson. Number one: it’s Irish and two: it’s liquor.” He smirks. “Also it goes down super smooth like I would.” We all chuckle at his comment.

He leans forward in his chair and licks his lips. “You’d like that wouldn’t you (Y/N)?”

I freeze then gulp nervously. “E-excuse me?”

“For me to go down on you?” I look around the room and notice that no one is catching on to what he’s saying. The other three boys are engrossed in their own conversation, and (Y/B/F), Danny, and Tony have their eyes glued on the equipment.

Niall gets up from the couch and walks over, eyes dark and a devious smile playing on his lips. “I bet you taste real good.” He’s hovering over me now, both hands placed on the arms of my chair. “Don’t even lie to me baby, I see you over here begging for me to come taste you.” He hand squeezes my upper thigh and I let out a gasp.

“What’s yours (Y/N)? You’ve gotta play along, too.” Liam’s voice snaps me out of my trance and now my gaze lingers on the four of them. Niall still remains in his spot, his fingers hiding a playful smirk.

“O-oh, sorry,” A blush creeps across my cheeks. Oh no, now my filthy imagination is toying with me. “Let’s see.. How about Daisy?”

Niall raises a brow.  "Is that the best you got?“

“What? I think it’s cute.”

Niall leans back on the couch with a smirk, arms crossed and squinting his eyes.

My eyes drift down his body, exploring every inch of him. Imagining what those lips could do, or those hands. Is he aggressive and dominant or playful and sweet? I push hands through my hair flustered then scan the next question that actually reads: If you were stranded on an island what three things would you bring?

But no. I’m becoming more hot and bothered from Niall’s constant flirting. So two can play this game. I clear my throat and make up a question off the top of my head. “Favorite body part on a woman?”

Immediately, three of them say breasts while Harry sits there appalled. “You guys! I was going to say her sparkling personality!”

“Oh shut up Haz, you were going to say ass anyways.” Louis scoffs.

“Well on a guy, I like those v-lines or if he has really nice hands.” I avert my gaze up from the card and lock eyes with Niall’s directly. I smile playfully then look back down at my cards when his cheeks turn a shade of light pink.

Someone clears their throat offset and when I look up I see Danny gesturing that it’s time to wrap up. But I have one more trick up my sleeve.

“Okay guys, last thing before we wrap up.” I reach behind my chair and pull out five paddles with the words ‘I Have’ written on the green side and ‘I Have Not’ on the red side. “Pretty sure your familiar with this.” I pass down the paddles then keep one for myself. “Harry, why don’t you start?”

“Alright, never have I ever.. gone skydiving.”

Louis rolls his eyes, annoyed at Harry’s innocence and turns his paddle over to the red side, just like everyone else. “Can’t you think of something better than that?”

“Oh I’m sorry, but unlike the rest of you I’m trying to keep this interview PG-13.”

“That’s never stopped you any other time, especially during live shows.”

“We’ll sensor stuff and cut out things that are deemed too inappropriate. We’re just having a little fun.” I add then flash a smirk.

Harry looks angry. “Fine! Never have I ever fucked someone in public. Is that better?” I hear faint gasps throughout the room. I look up at (Y/B/F) who gives the same expression as Liam: wide eyes and a dropped jaw.

He keeps his paddle on red, but Louis smirks triumphantly and flips it over to green. I’m a little hesitant, but I turn mine as well. Niall does, too.

“I’ll go,” Liam offers. “Never have I ever slept with someone within an hour of meeting them.”

I turn my paddle to red, but Harry’s, Louis’, and Niall’s turn green. I’m not surprised by that one. I see Danny give me the signal again so I really need to and want to end this. This burning sensation is really driving me to the wall. I need some relief.

When I blink it’s like it’s in slow motion, and when I reopen them, Niall is gone from his spot and we aren’t in the studio anymore. I’m lying naked on silken sheets tangled with a familiar blonde. Moans echo in my head as I claw his back while he thrusts into me nice and hard. He bends down close to my ear and groans. “You feel so good baby, fuck.” I let out a gasp of pleasure when his teeth graze my earlobe.

My bottom lip comes between my teeth. “Uh, are you okay (Y/N)? You look a little, I don’t know, hot?” Harry asks with a raised brow. Shit. It’s just getting worse. I have a death grip on my paddle and I’m actually biting my lip.

“What are you on about, Haz?” Liam laughs. “Are you hitting on her?”

“Not like that, I mean she’s pretty, but-” I cut him off before he finishes so I don’t draw anymore attention to myself.

“Uh, I’m fine, great! Let’s keep going, sorry.” I reassure them then Louis speaks up.

“Okay, never have I ever been aroused during an interview?” Fantastic!

Liam flips his to red. Harry, Niall, and I turn ours to green. Louis smirks deviously. “Harry? Now?”

“No! Why would you ask that?”

He shrugs then smiles at me. “No reason really. Niall, I believe it’s your turn.”

He clears his throat and leans forward. “Right. How about never have I ever had a friend with benefits before.” Liam turns his to red while Harry and Louis ponder before flipping there’s to green. I turn mine to red. Finally, it’s my turn then we are done. “Never have I ever been with a celebrity.”

“Like sexual or dated?” Liam questions.

“Either or, I guess.”

Louis groans. “That’s a cheap blow!” All the boys turn their to green.

I smile to the camera. “Well that’s all the time we have for today. Thank you to One Direction for being here.”

“No thank you for having us!” Liam says happily.

“This is (Y/N) from BuzzNet signing off!”

Danny gives me a thumbs to signal that we are officially offline then I thank the boys once again. I hug them all individually and just like before Niall lingers again. “Meet me at the Ritz-Carlton, room 345, midnight. Invitation’s open.” The touch is intoxicating. “Tell them your name is Clara.”

He pulls away then follows the boys out the curtain, but before he disappears, he throws me a half-smirk. I slyly return it then I’m immediately pulled aside by (Y/B/F). Her hand is wrapped around my bicep as we walk back to the dressing room. “Hey what are you doing?!” I exclaim as I try to get out of her grasp.

She throws me out of it and I stumble a little bit forward. I hear the door close behind us. I turn to face her and her arms are crossed. An angry expression is paired with the gesture. “Any idea what the hell that was?”

“An interview?”

She rolls her eyes. “More like a live sex show. You were practically drooling over Niall.” I scoff defensively. “You’re lucky that I’m the only one who noticed.” Her expression turns from sour to a curious flirt. “But I have to say he was very into you as well. Every move you made, anytime you said something, his eyes were on you.”

My cheeks turn pink. “Stop,”

“He was horny as fuck, too.” She giggles. “Good thing he didn’t wear sweats!”

“(Y/B/F), stop it!”

“I’m just saying! So what did he say to you afterwards? Don’t tell me he didn’t either!” She sits on the vanity counter and crosses her legs. “Give me the details!”

I scratch the back of my neck. “He invited me back to his hotel and told me to meet him in his room at midnight.”

Her eyes widen and she squeals. “Oh my gosh, that’s crazy! What are you going to wear, something kinky? Lace? Silk? Nothing at all?! Oh! Show up in just a robe!”

“Will you shut up? What makes you think I’m going anyways! I’ve had history with fuck-boys and I don’t want to do that again!” I explain.

She groans. “But it’s Niall Horan. Once in a lifetime opportunity here!”

I shake my head in disbelief. “I can’t believe you, out of all people, are telling me this.” She is a big believer in waiting ninety days and true love, so standing here and listening to her convince me to fuck a boy band member is a little shocking.

“When is the chance ever going to come up again?”

“I don’t know; I interview celebs all the time, (Y/B/F).”

“He could be taken by then! Come on! You’re single, he’s single! It’s just one night! What could possibly go wrong?” I open my mouth to respond, but she cuts me off. “Nothing exactly!”

“Actually, I was going to say 'a million’.” She grabs my hand and pulls out of the dressing room and through the string of hallways that lead to the parking lot. “We only have nine hours!”

Each hour that passed was quick and before I knew it, I was my car driving to the luxurious hotel. My sweaty hands are gripped tightly to the steering wheel and my eyes glance at the clock, 11:30. I sigh nervously. Why am I doing this? Having one night stands are terrible, I know. You connect for one night then never see each other again and if you do it’s awkward as hell.

At least I don’t have feeling for him, that makes it a little better I guess. I find myself wanting to turn around, yet I don’t. The time gap growing shorter and shorter until I finally arrive at my destination. I shut off my car and sigh again, letting my eyes flutter shut. I still have time to leave if I want, but my hand finds the handle and I push open the door. My red pumps click across the parking lot. I pull my pea coat tightly together from the chilly wind. (Y/B/F) really insisted on the whole show up in just underwear act, but I have a little self respect, so I just went with a simple, flowing white t-shirt dress, but paired with sexiest heels and lingerie set I had.

When I reach the lobby doors, the door man holds it open for me. I thank him then step inside. It’s the most beautiful hotel I ever set foot in. It has a classic feel to it, but also mixed with a bit of a modern touch. My eyes find the front desk and I make a beeline for it, weaving through dense crowd that was checking in last minute. I approach a small woman with honey colored hair then was styled neatly into a ballerina bun. She looks older than me. Possibly in her thirties. She smiles warmly and asks, “How can I help you miss?”

“Um, I’m Clara?” I say, trying not to make it obvious that I was lying.

She raises a brow curiously. “Oh? Someone’s expecting you.” She walks over to the computer and pulls out a keycard with a sticky note attached to it. She slides it over to me with a smile. “Enjoy your stay.”

I thank her then make my way over to the elevators. I press the number 5 and it lights up under my shaky finger tips. When the metal doors slide open, I step inside. Anxiously, I watch the numbers go up.



The elevator stops and a few people pile in.



The constant dings echo as my nerves start to rise.


It comes to a halt. The small force shakes the small crowd. It slides open and I step out along with another person. He turns to the right while I turn to left. Pulling out my keycard, I examine it. That 345 number branding into the back of my brain.

The image of us flashes through my mind. Moans, groans, screams, all pleasure filled. “Fuck,” I breath.

It’s too soon to turn back when I’m finally face to face with the dark maple door. The gold plated numbers mocking me. I hear the sound of a faint beat playing rather slowly. My eyes flick down to the card in my sweaty palm then to the slot. I bet you taste real good. His velvety words reverberate again making me shiver to recap the tingling feeling I had earlier. My hand inches up and careful inserts the card before quickly removing it, the little light turns green.

No turning back.

I push the door open slowly and knock on it to make my presence known. “Hello?” A strong scent of marijuana fills my nostrils as I walk further into the lowly lit hotel room. “Niall?” I call out again, then hear the music volume lower and his accented voice.

“I’m in here!”

I walk into the living room and find no one, but my eyes trail up to the cracked door that must lead to the bedroom. A brighter light shines through. I walk over and just as I was about to push it open, Niall beats me to it. His blue eyes are a tad glossed over, probably a result from the blunt between his teeth. He inhales making the tip of it burn orange then opens his mouth forcing all the billowy smoke out with his tongue. It makes me a little uneasy, in a good way. He flashes me lopsided grin. “Didn’t think you were coming.”

“Almost didn’t, yet I’m still standing here.” He takes another drag, the smoke tumbling out of his mouth. I take the joint in between my pointer finger and thumb then pull it to my own lips. He watches me intently as he leans against the door frame. I, like him, push the smoke out with the tip of my tongue then inhale it through my nose, only to blow it back out again.

“I didn’t know you smoked.”

I raise an eyebrow and put the joint back to his mouth before whispering. “There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.” I push past him into the bedroom.

“Mmmm, like what?” He asks, voice low with lust. I feel his presence behind me. I turn around lean in close to his ear. “I don’t kiss and tell.” My lips find his way behind his ear then ghost down to his jaw. His breath hitches.

I pull away with a devious smile on my face. I don’t know what’s coming over me. Moments earlier, I was shaking in the elevator and having second thoughts about even being here. Now, I’m taking hits from his blunt and coaxing him with flirty words. It must be my dirty imagination taking over when I realize that I’m leading him over to the bed. Plucking the drug from his fingers, I press him backwards with my own. His back meets those silken sheets as do my knees when I crawl into the bed, straddling his hips. He bites his lip when I take another hit. Bending down close to his face, I open my mouth and let the smoke drift between his parted lips. Our lips barely meet when I pull away, his dark eyes pleading for my return. Instead, I smirk and climb off of him to return the blunt to the ashtray that sets on the side table.

My fingertips alone across the sheets as I make my way back to the end of the bed. Eyes narrowed, I unbutton the top of my coat. He sits up on his elbows, eagerly awaiting for the last button to be undone. It cascades down my arms and onto the floor, revealing my somewhat sheer white t-shirt dress. “You’re an absolute vixen, (Y/N).” He sits up and slides to the edge of the bed, legs parted and pulls me in between them. His large hands start at my thighs then drift under my dress. His fingers toying with the lacy fabric of my cheeksters. “I know you were fantasizing about me baby.”

I bite my lip and my hands are in his hair when he squeezes my ass. “Yes I was.. I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Tell me 'bout it?” He purrs. His touch moves upwards as I start telling him every thought that shot through my mind. He pulls off my dress and tosses it aside then places wet kisses on the top of my stomach. It’s rousing to the point where I begin stumbling over my words. I try to continue, but it feels so nice. His mouth feels.. so good. I let out a small moan when his tongue flicks the my belly button piercing before tugging it between his teeth. His lips on are my hip bone now. “How good do you taste baby? Will you me find out?”

His hot breath flows over my panties; only a thin piece of fabric separates that tongue from my dripping center. A rocket of pleasure surges through me making these words tumble out of my mouth. “Yes, Mr. Horan,” I gasp.

“Oh fuck,” He murmurs, obviously aroused by his new pet name. He jolts up and commands me to lie on the bed. I comply quickly and lie down on the sheets. They are just as soft in my fantasy. He’s swift to hover between my open legs, nipping and pecking down my neck, then past my bust and all the way back down to my hip bones. He kisses both thighs then looks up at me smirking deviously. He senses the tension building inside me when the fabric around my fingers curls into my hands. Eagerly, I buck my hips up, encouraging him to continue. “C'mon Ni, quit teasing.”

His index fingers wrap around the lace hem, fiddling with it. “Tell Mr. Horan what you want, baby.”

“I want your tongue inside of me, Mr. Horan. Please..” I gasp as his hot breath washes over my center before kissing me over the fabric. His fingers slide them down pass my ankles and flings tossed them across the room. His eyes are glued to mine as his mouth comes back down closer. My breaths are quick and he hasn’t even started. A soft moan escapes me when I finally feel his rough tongue run up and stopping at my sex. They only grow louder when he works circles around it, faster then slower. My fingers slide in his hair then he eyeballs me after taking another long stride back up. His name escapes me lips, breathlessly. “You taste so good, baby.” His whispers against me and encircles my sex with his lips then sucks. I’m overwhelmed with pleasure. My toes curl and my free hand digs back into the sheets. Profanities fall from my lips when he slides two fingers in then back out, going faster. His mouth still working wonders.

“Oh god,” My back arches as I feel my climax approaching. He pulls away suddenly, obviously not wanting me to. The glorious feeling dismissed when he sits up on his knees, eyes still black as coal. His licks his two fingers off with a smirk then his lips. “No why’d you stop? Please Mr. Horan..” I beg then he takes off his shirt and tosses it aside along with his boxers and sweats, ignoring my plea. He bends down to press a tender kiss on my lips and I can taste myself. He still lingers as I feel a sharp pain envelope me followed by indescribable pleasure. I gasp when he pulls out only to go right back in.

I never thought I’d be here, lying on some celebrities bed while they fucked me senseless. For him, I couldn’t help my self. As soon as he stepped in on set and gave me a look, I knew something was different. He had only one thing on his mind and was determined to get it. Those bright blue eyes were undressing me each minute during that interview.

But I regret nothing.

Each touch is lustful and each thrust earned a moan or a whimper of his name. He sets up and places my left leg over his shoulder and the desire doubles. I feel myself getting louder as do his groans. “Fuck,” I whimper. I want more. “Harder Mr. Horan..” He complies and slams back in. His hand sets on my other thigh and I feel his fingers curl around it, squeezing it tightly.

“You feel so good (Y/N).” He mutters breathlessly. His thrusts are becoming sloppier as we approach our climaxes. His thumb pressed hard on my sex and rubs furiously. I scream out his name and arch my back. My eyes rolls in the back of my head when I let go. A few seconds later, he slams into me one final time, unloading into the rubber.

All that is heard is our heavy breathing and the music. He slides out of me, then tosses the condom away in the bathroom without saying a word. I pick up my clothes and quickly dress as he walks back out. He grabs his sweats and puts them on then collapses on the bed exhausted. “Well thanks for the good time Niall.” I say with smirk.

“Anytime, babe.” He winks then grabs his phone of the side table.

This is it. Time to go back to my semi boring life. A part of me wishes that I didn’t do that because the feeling of always wanting more stays around. However, that’s the hookup culture we are experiencing these days.

I head over to the door and push it open to leave, but Niall calls my name again. I turn with a raised brow. “C'mere.”

“..What?” I ask, confused. My feet stay planted by the door. His lip is between his teeth. Is this man not finished? He smiles. “(Y/N), come over here.” With curiosity, I walk over to the foot of the bed. He pats the spot next to him and I scoff.

“This isn’t how a one night stand works Niall.”

He rolls his eyes. “Oh my gosh, I know that, please just sit.” So I do. “I had a crazy idea if you’re up for it.”

“Okay? What is it?”

“Why don’t we keep doing this? Like just call each other when we want some? Keep this a secret? You know-”

“Like friends with benefits?”

“Exactly! Would that be okay? You totally don’t have to.”

Friends with benefits and Niall Horan? This could be a hell of a ride. “I’ll do it, but let’s establish some ground rules.” His face lights up at my response and he nods.

“Alright, first things first, we have to be honest with each other. Ya know like open about everything: what we don’t like in bed and stuff.” I start. “Lying will be a train wreck.”

“Mkay, good to know. We can’t get angry if we see other people.”

“And,” I add. “If we do get significant others, we have to stop this.” He nods.

“Hm, no sleepovers or cuddles afterwards.”

“And absolutely no falling in love.” I finish. “Does that cover it all?”

“Think so,” He pauses. “Oh, let’s add 'have fun’ just for kicks.” I chuckle.

“Alright, deal.” I offer him my hand to shake and he does.

“I’ll leave you my number and just text me so I can have yours.” He scribbles down his name then gives me the scrap of paper.

“See ya, Niall.”

“Until next time, (Y/N).”

Day Five (The future): "You, Me and the color Green!"

Word Count:1,085

Rating: PG

Author’s Note: I’m late, BUT here! Please read and enjoy!!! 

“Maya!” Riley screamed as the timer went off.

She races into the bathroom to find her brave little honey bunny on the floor, her expression bleak. She yanked the stick from her stiff fingers and gasped.

“It could be wrong?” She said with a weary smile.

“Five times?!” Riley Shouted back.

“True…” She snapped her fingers. “I know! Let’s go to the store and get a different test, huh?!“

She vigorously shook her head. “NO THANK YOU!” 

The sound of the door opening caught Maya’s attention. “I know!” She pulled Riley up off the floor and out into the living room.

“Hello, fellow roommates!” Smackle said with a smile.

“HEY!” Maya beamed then asked. “Is Riley pregnant?!”

“Yes.” She replied. “She’s been for about six months, now.” 

They gasped. “WHHHHAT?!”

Smackle put up her hand. “Don’t worry! I’ve been monitoring you from afar and in your sleep.”


“Mmmhmm! And you and your baby boy are perfectly healthy.”

“So, you putting cold gel on my tummy wasn’t a dream.” Riley said under her breath.

“Nope!” The two girls were dumbfounded at the scary brilliance of their friend as they recalled her weird behavior from the past few months. Even Farkle found it odd that she was restricting Riley from eating certain foods and drinking any alcohol, but they just figured she was just being Smackle and let it go. “SO! now that you are aware. I can finally give you this.” She pulled out a packet. “I put these together for all my soon to be mother’s. Now-

“WAIT!” Riley shouted. “How did you find out and why didn’t you tell me sooner?!”

“Your physical and you’d just broken up with George. I figured I’d wait until you were at least 4 months along to break the news, but then your grandfather passed. it just didn’t make since to overwhelm you at such a critical point in your pregnancy.” She stepped closer to Riley, her gaze shifting to the floor. “I understand what I did was wrong, but-”

“No.” Riley pulled her in for a tight embrace. “No, what I did was wrong. What you did was be the best friend you could be for me, so thank you.”

Maya joined in on the party and soon the three girls were giggling.

“I’m going to be a mom.” Riley mused. “To a baby boy, is it?”

Smackle nodded causing the girls to scream for joy. 

“WAIT!” Maya shouted. “Who’s the dad?”

“George. Obviously.” Smackle answered. "Right Riles.“

They looked to their pregnant friend, who’d gotten extremely quiet.


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