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(@occasional-mega-houndoom) "Hmm.... You seem of high importance, yet I've never seen a Pokemon quite like you... What exactly are you..?"

    “I’m jus’ funny lookin’, I’m not actually anything sp-special.

    “Mmm.. My friend always called me, uh, a ‘Riogaleo’- a Riolu and, um, a Solgaleo. My name is Soleil, nice to … meet you.


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Every aspect of your writing is so captivating, that one really gets sucked into the details when roleplaying with you. It's like being fully transported directly into Gotham, talking to Bruce without question of it's really 'in character'. Overall just a phenomenal writer.

[ Oh my gosh! This was so! Nice to read! I’m so glad! I’m so, so glad! Thank you so much for sending this in! I don’t even really know how to respond, just - thank you! Thank you! ]

Sam gets back to the bunker, hours after he said he would be home. And while Dean had just been doing research, he’d also been doing it alone, which wasn’t the best of times.
“What the hell, Sammy? You said you’d be home ages ago. Get caught in traffic?” He scoffed, eyes rolling when he leaned back against his chair. “What’s in the box, anyways?”

Sam smirked in reply, sliding a rather large box onto the table.
“Well Dean. I’m really sick of you complaining about not getting any ‘pussy’,” He enunciated, air quotes included. “So I got you a few instead.”
With one hand, Sam pulled open the top of the cardboard and out spilled four young kittens, mewling and skittering across the table.

Dean would’ve been lying if he said that they didn’t make him sneeze five times and hour, and that he didn’t name all of them after comic book heroes. But hey- just couldn’t help it.

the thing is sanvers fans aren’t asking to be put before the other relationships on the show, but after being told we were getting a sanvers centric valentines episode its a bit more than disappointing that we got literally like five minutes of screen time. 

im not saying that all im interested is seeing stuff about alex and maggie’s relationship in every ep, but for this one, the valentines ep you’d think it would be more on the forefront. especially because alex and maggie had genuine problems to work through. maggie has real reason to dislike valentines day, she was outed by someone who was supposed to be her friend and kicked out of her house at fourteen. why didn’t we see more about this? why didn’t we see more of alex supporting maggie? and the scene where kara got maggie to change her mind, while sweet, was so quick it’s like it didn’t happen. 

instead we see mon el and kara have the same arguments they’ve had over and over. mon el gets jealous, kara calls him out, he denies it, he lashes out. we’ve seen this before. and every time kara forgives mon el with no reason. she knows he’s flawed, she’s said it to his face, the writers knows mon el is flawed, they’ve had james say so. so why don’t they let him become a better person? mon el doesn’t change. his flaws come back again and again, which is why the same arguments keep coming up. he isn’t growing as a person. 

as a writer i know characters are supposed to change and arc, but mon el is static, and it’s boring to watch. if he changed and became better, maybe id be more interested, i might even want kara to be with him, but he doesn’t. 

and this is why it was disappointing to watch this episode, because instead of getting some good tv about a relationship that actually needed sorting out we had to watch the same thing over again. and knowing the show, mon el is going to make the same mistakes again in the future and kara is going to forgive him.

okay god must be smiling on me today because although i locked myself out of my room for the millionth time - making my whole day tinged with dread - my ass got saved ??

at my school they give you one free let-in and then $10 for the second, $30 for the third, and $60 for the fourth, as well as a disciplinary meeting on the fourth lockout to see why ur such a dumbass who forgets their keys D:

i’ve been let into my room… so many times this year……. bc i am a dumbass who forgets his keys

but?? when i very anxiously went to the front desk to get let back in?? convinced that i was about to be slapped w a disciplinary meeting and a fine????

apparently this was only my second recorded lockout. SOME KIND RA HAD MY BACK HOLY SHIT!! seriously i’ve been let in maybe five times ?? and i’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop this whole damn time

anyway @ god thank u, i have never felt so relieved in my life

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#54 w/ Namjoon ❤

Member: Namjoon

Prompt Request: “I forgot how to breathe!”

Genre: Fluff

Imagine Summary: Namjoon catches Y/N practicing some of his dance moves

Word Count: 349

I was absolutely mesmerized by the choreography. The ‘Not Today’ video had dropped only a half hour ago and I had already watched it more than five times. I was singing along but I didn’t even realize it, I was just to entranced by the dance. Before I knew it I was up and out of my seat struggling to follow along. 

I mirrored their dance moves, specifically eyeing my boyfriend Namjoon. It wasn’t hard to spot in moving across the screen. i just had to look out for the adorable purple flame. 

I was working up quite the sweat, completely letting myself go in the music and dance. Because I was so involved in the routine, the scare of hearing my boyfriend’s deep chuckle form behind me was all the more frightening. I leaped up into the air, screaming which really just fueled his laughter. He was rolling on the floor when I finally collected myself. 

“You are such an ass Joonie!” I yell, throwing a throw-pillow at him. He caught it and hugged it to his chest. “Aw! Baby, I’m so sorry.” He said in between fits of laughter. “You just looked so cute I forgot how to breathe.”

I just shook my head and returned to my previous stance and got back to dancing. I ignored Namjoon who had stopped laughing and resided in the couch directly behind me. I could feel his stare on my back but I decided to ignore him. I was trying to get the “Ready? Aim. Fire!” move right when I felt his broad arms come around be from behind, positioning my hands sand helping get the motion. i blushed at our close proximity and Namjoon noticed. 

“You’re amazing.” He said pulling back and twilling me around. 

“Better than you?” I teased. 

“Hmmm..” He pretended to think. “Maybe with years of practice.” 

I threw my head back in laughter. For the rest of the afternoon, Namjoon taught me the dance moves to Not Today and eventually we were so worn out, we fell asleep in each other’s arms on the floor. 


Thank you for reading! I know it was short I promise my next post will be super long to make up for it!

~ Armygirl

Okay, I am having an out of body experience here. Things aren’t adding up

I am a pretty big Gravity Falls fan. I have seen the show at least five times from beginning to end, because I like going back and looking for things I missed, also my brother likes watching it with me.

Back on track, I’ve watched it many times before but I just turned it on again and I am watching season 1 episode 13.

I have never seen this episode before.

Not once online, or on TV. Never.

I don’t remember a single thing about this episode. I have never ever seen it before

I don’t know what’s happening?!?

we played the mayhem brawl earlier on hollywood def and the 5th guy on our team picks 3rd dps. hanzo. quad’s suggesting he switch to s76 but they just reply ‘k.’ in chat and he climbs up next to me on the building, so i can see he’s not gonna switch

but we also had jordan on zarya (along w/ jing on sombra and myself as ana)

i boosted him five times

after he gets a fucking quad graviton dragonstrike, i say in the vc, “you must be feeling proud of yourself for not switching”

he gets multiple other gravstrikes and we win the game. they don’t even cap first. he gets epic on the cards in seconds. i gotta say, the fucker deserved it


Alternatively, “Five times Reigen inadvertently adopts an esper and the one time he actually realizes what he’s gotten himself into.”

Part I. Words of Wisdom

“You’re too weak to deserve anyone! Your friends, your father. You’re so pathetic your own mother didn’t even want you!”

[When one of his father’s former rivals targets his greatest insecurities, Shou struggles to keep his head above the surface.]

After he was separated from the rest of his group by a blinding explosion, Shou figured there was a slight chance that he probably screwed up. He snapped his fingers and a swell of light blossomed around him. As far as he could see, he was the only one in the gutted warehouse bay. He spun a cautious half circle to inspect the damage, trying not to jump when he caught a glimpse of his lengthening shadow along the scorched concrete wall. 

He didn’t even know that concrete could burn like that.

(Okay, so maybe there was more than a slight chance that he messed up.)

Dammit, he seethed, balling his hands into tight fists. Hanazawa had warned him only moments before, but Shou ignored him and rushed deeper into the warehouse, chasing after ghosts.

Should have listened to Blondie, but that aura…it was so familiar. I know wh—

“Oi! That sure was a nasty one.”

A chipper voice sounded behind Shou.

What? He spun on his heels and gawked at his companion. I thought I was further than the others. When did this guy get ahead of me?

“Sure am glad I stuck close to you, huh?”

“How did you get here?”

Reigen picked himself off the ground, clicking his tongue as he brushed at the dirt stains on his suit.

It won’t make much of a difference. That suit’s done for. Surprised you’re still alive to wear it.

(Seriously. How is he still alive?)

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Hey, I'm your brand-new girlfriend, btw. Stupid question but, would you ever consider switching out of Slytherin? (assuming you are one, you might be an undercover Gryffindor for all we know)

Haha, well I’m DEFINITELY not a Gryffindor. (Nothing against Gryffindor. At all. It’s just not my personality.)

There was a brief moment when I rebelled against my house and declared myself Ravenclaw- the next closest to my personality. But that was about five years ago, (I was twelve and thought Slytherin was Evil). I’ve taken the test about five times and every time got Slytherin. I’ve taken other tests and gotten Slytherin. I did @ sortinghatchats
System and got Slytherin. I’m pretty sure I’m Slytherin.

But, no. I’d never want to leave Slytherin.

“Some five years ago, to test the capacities of a system of telegraphy, I ‘tuned’ repeatedly 150 circuits, calling up each one in turn, without disturbing the others. And I thought then I had mastered the art. As I look back on those experiences now I realize that I was then only just beginning to learn.”

–Nikola Tesla

“Tesla’s Twentieth-Century Views.” Western Electrician, January 5, 1901.