five things u did not know

❉ = fluff / ✥ = angst / ✱ = comedy / ✺ = 😏

admins favorites = 🍑 / 🥝



i don’t mind people finding out


you ruined my pickup line

unrelated topic, did you like what you saw ?

okay, i give you permission to kill him, but please wait until Thursday 🥝

guess who loves you


i take you out one time and suddenly i’m the local delivery guy ?? ❉ & ✱


i am not cute

i don’t want to talk to you anymore

come help me out here ?

if it makes you feel any better ur a great chair

roasting you is like the best part of my day

i need lady stuff

what happend to the yoongi who doesn’t take shit from anyone ? ❉ & ✥

are you texting me song lyrics ?

come to the studio and sit on my lap ✺ & ✱

text me, call me, email me, send a letter; for all i care it could be by pigeon

i promise i only type like this when i like the person i text

completely giving up, starring me.

he’s just not hitting anything other then my knees

i was thinking about making out with you all day

not the pillow part you one celled creetin

lets get another doggo

thank god, i’d thought you’d never leave me alone

yeah being as short and mean as you is a real gift.


fuck the fuck off

can i have like five of you ?

ur so pretty

have fun with math

but hobi wants some love ❉ & ✱

that’s cuz im trying to communicate with u

jung hoseok you’ll be the death of me

i wanna kiss your face every time i see you too

you know i support everything you do right ?

where did all that wisdom come from ?

stop talking to the small man

series : big bro hobi

i’m disowning you.



you still up ?

yeah i can rap like the entire thing

right, and what does your mom call you ?

sure, have fun with my bras

that’s because you don’t speak Korean

i see you’ve had a few drinks ❉ & ✱


ur such a loser

but you dont like shopping

the disrespect in this one is strong

it was supposed to be a surprise

you mean my singing ? ✱ & ❉ 

he’s just jaelous his dongsae had a child before him

very funny babygirl ✱ & ✺

we’ll go wherever you want

yoonmin : you’re like a candy bar jimin, half sweet half nuts.

you want me to come over ? we can cuddle


Hey ! i bought you ice-cream

the inventor of snapback look™

tae don’t you think the pillow wall is a bit of an overkill ?

thank god at least one of you know how to make a move

you’re not disappointing anyone by eating breakfast and lunch ❉ & ✥

did you do the english assignment ?

it’s just like 99.999% your fault


you’ll send me letters everyday right ?

are you telling me you’ve been smart this whole time ?

it’s in my job description


wassup dudette

ayo ladies and gentleman

send nudes

what are you doing right now ?

look how cute we are

i just have a strong disliking to your personality

i like our bickering

babe i need your opinion ✱ & ✺

i’ll buy you food for a week if you tell me i’m your favorite

you could pay me a million and i still wouldn’t consider it

i didn’t want to leave your side that night because i wanted you to feel safe

stop kicking my chair

what does oppa mean ?

i miss every little thing you do

i’ll give you three breadsticks and a goat if you give me jimin

in your dreams

jk he’s not lord voldemort

i didn’t think this one through

good job, guk 


yeah and i’m just implying that i want to take you out on a date

what are you an owl ?

jin just made the worse recipe ever and i doubt he put ANY effort into it

i don’t like going outside

absolute soul mate has 16 letters and so does fuck jungkook asap

you’ve both got the same mental age

you are pure evil

i’m so whipped, this is incredible

for now i’ll have your lovely messages to look forward to ❉ & ✥

dont mess with me park ✱ & ❉

i like to send nudes ok ? if that’s my biggest flaw i think i’m ok.

if you were any thicker you’d look at the weather app outside

don’t start with me pindick

i’m not related to you anymore

we don’t want him

he really wanted to be in the picture


i can’t believe you saw mini nochu

i gain 3k for every shirtless picture

the power of jjang jjang man

next time you plan on rapping verse1 invite me

i’ll tell them to stop bothering you

okay, but if it attacks my dog i’m giving it to jimin ✱ & ❉


way to ruin the mood loser ✱ & ✺

dont act so smug you little shit

tell him to drop dead, with my compliments

you use that meme when you get nervous ✱ & ❉

was i your second choice ? ✱ & ❉

he’s a little small, but he’ll do ✱ & ✺

bring me some vodka and condoms ✱ & ✺

cheating series :

hold on imma go beat his ass

i told him the only thing smaller then him is his dick

this bitch gonna die tonight

i’m going to jail when i see his ass

when u gotta kill your hyung

dumped him so hard he probably got whiplash

losing a member series : 

we bangtan 6 now 🍑

how is it you’re the smartest and dumbest person i’ve ever met


gang au series :

you act like you’ve never been shot before !

but did you die ?

is everyone alive and not in jail ?

mafia gangs dont have facebook pages.

teasing members series :

confess or i’ll set your mattress on fire

namjoon i will call your mother

so when are y'all getting kids


footage of me at the club

footage of me at a house party

footage of me in the kitchen

footage of me with friends

why i shouldn’t be allowed to edit part 1

why i shouldn’t be allowed to edit part 2

anonymous asked:

*slams fist on table* mORE DOMESTIC VICTUURI PLS

u mcreakin’ got it anon! also: i got carried away so i tucked the rest in a read more so i don’t have to crowd your dash oops

  • you bet ur ass victor and yuuri go big or go home when it comes to celebrating anniversaries
    • and if you think victor’s the only one hauling ass over this…. ur wrong
    • every single anniversary is one big surprise after the other and they love each other for it. so much. 
    • definitely the type of couple to travel during their anniversaries, i mean they have the means and the $$$ to so why not
      • first year anniversary? they are big gay cliches so it’s off to paris they go
      • yuuri’s never actually been to paris, or at least had time to go out and explore such a historical city, so victor takes it upon himself to be his personal tour guide 
        • plus, it’s v. helpful that victor’s fluent in french
        • imagine them going to the louvre and yuuri playfully telling victor they can’t possibly hold hands now because the sign clearly says don’t touch the art
          • this is it this is how victor nikiforov died
        • just imagine yuuri laughing and telling victor how much he loves his cute “vkusno!” everytime he eats something delicious and just. wow. point yuuri, yet again. 
        • victor and yuuri being a little sad that the love locks were taken down, but
          • victor takes yuuri’s hand, presses a kiss to his knuckles, and says, “cheer up. we don’t need a lock to say we’ll be together forever; i’m not going anywhere”
          • and the kisses! so many kisses. what saps. they are so in love they love each other so much

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Road Trip W Jared Headcanons

Request: could u do like best pals jared and reader road trip (headcanons or imagine, either is Good)

i woke up to three jared requests (which i Love) so i did this as headcanons bc i’ll probably have a full jared thing posted either later today or tomorrow

warnings: ehh just swearing but like,,,fuckin come on yall knew that already 

  • Jared drives
  • He refuses to admit he probably shouldn’t drive (boy gets terrible roadrage ok)
  • You guys get lost at least five times but he will NOT pull over to look at the map, he KNOWS where he’s going
  • He’ll want to drive like five hours out of your way to see some shitty little roadside attraction, don’t try to deter him from doing this it will only make him more determined
  • He makes playlists (yes, playlists, plural) for this
  • Lotsa 8 bit video game songs, lotsa meme songs
  • But?? Also ???? a lot of jonas brothers
  • You hear the first one (burnin up) and assume he put it in as a joke but
  • He knows all the words
  • He knows all the words to the entire jonas brothers discography and you have to (or get to) sit there and watch him prove that
  • He sees one weird billboard or sign like one hour in and keeps referencing it for the entire rest of the trip
  • You guys probably end up sleeping in the car At Least Once bc by the time he found a motel, you were already asleep and he didn’t have the heart to wake you up
  • You made fun of him for that in the morning when u woke up and he kept complaining about how his neck hurts from sleeping in a car
  • The two of u fucking sneak into the motel for the continental breakfast even tho you didn’t actually pay for a room
  • You definitely get caught
  • You definitely get banned from all motel six’s
  • By the end of the trip, you know way too much early 2000’s pop music, you are banned from three motel chains and one hotel chain, you and jared have matching shirts from the largest ball of twine, and you’ve consumed way too many energy drinks
  • You’re like Never Again, Kleinman
  • He’s already planning the next one, though
voltron characters as random things i've tweeted
  • shiro: i'm an actual five year old i just ate cereal for lunch while coloring. who am i
  • lance: i'm straight. april fools lmao can u imagine
  • keith: u know u could just go to panera, get some mac n cheese, stick it on a baguette, and call it a meal
  • hunk: do you ever get so shook that you actually feel disrespected. like ma'am i did not come here for this today if you could maybe chill
  • pidge: it's hard to be a big spoon when you're only 5'5
  • allura: diamonds are a girl's best friend? nah. painkillers
  • coran: *aggressive ukulele*

ct-hardcase  asked:

Why do you like Fives?

Ok so its like three in the morning so bear with me but also when is not a good time to talk about Fives amiright??
What a man. Where do I start he makes me so emotional and gOSH. I knew that IT was gonna happen so I wasn’t able to continue with the series until I was mentally prepared for IT.
Which took me a month.
… If not more
What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man.
Fives was one of the favs man he was so distinct so open and had such a bright personality. My fav thing about him was his distinct personality just the vibe that he gave you know? He’s charming. A little bit of a troublemaker too. He seems like such a fun and good friend to have. (did i tell you already about his smile?? GOSH ITS goOD. He has one of the best smiles/laughs. His lil goatee just adds to it’s charm it’s perfect. a smile from Fives could make anyone happy tbh. Also headcanon but Fives gives the best hugs you melt into them. Strong but soft and mEANINGFUL. He loves u. I always found his character to have a lot of charm. Like you just gotta feel for this guy man. Doesn’t matter who you are he’s gonna be your fav that’s Fives he will be loved and he knows it. He makes me laugh he’s so good.
I miss him so much

xlittle-moon-princessx  asked:

🎀🌸🎀🌸🎀🌸🎀🌸🎀 Five more things that you love about yourself please! Cause you're definitely one of my favorite people on here 😊

I am diggin the little pink bow dude. I saw the post when you found out it existed and it was so precious hehe. Thanks!

1. When I make a big deal about recycling
2. My observational skills (did you know all the letters in TOYOTA are symmetrical!?! I did = u = heh)
3. My empathy
4. My newfound body acceptance and positivity
5. How I’m ambitious about getting an education. I’ve been through hell but I’ve managed to push though college and I’m proud of being able to say that. I wanted to quit but I’m glad I didn’t

genderrfluidharry  asked:

Ask meme !! (I'm so sorry I keep sending these but ur writing is everything 💀) I saw that u did a little ballerina Rafael one and I'm :( crying !! I didn't know I needed that so much but I realized there's not a lot of that in aldnt and I NEED IT !!! I love him so much! So anything about him being a sweet little ballerina :(((( or being an amazingly talented older one 😭 I hope ur having a wonderful day 💞

You could never send me too many things, and you never have to apologize, especially not for giving me the excuse to rant about Ballet Rafa. You’re amazing. 💜💜💜

Rafe is five when he goes to his first ballet class. It’s the first hour he spends away from the rest of the Lightwood-Bane family. It’s the first time he has to meet a whole group of new people all at once. It’s the first time he’s ever met children who are exactly the same age as him. It’s the first time he’s started something halfway-through, where everyone else already knows what’s going on, knows all the terms, knows each other, and he knows nothing. It’s the first time he’s had to focus, to keep himself disciplined, to follow instructions, to learn how to make his body move a certain way, to use all of that energy that’s always stored up in him. And it’s the first time he’s felt comfortable. Since before, since Buenos Aires. It’s the first time in this new life where he’s really, really felt safe.

Rafael is ten when he and Max finally decide that they’re sick of sharing a room. His own room has been waiting for him since the day he came here. When Rafael says he wants it, Magnus and Alec let him choose how he wants to decorate it. None of his choices are very surprising. Purple walls. Hardwood floors with a big, soft rug under the bed. A special little cabinet, just for his shoes, his rehearsal clothes, his books about history and anatomy and the differences between Russian and French techniques. The wall around it is adorned with posters of Carlos Acosta, charts and diagrams of proper postures, and the framed picture Alec had taken of all of them on the day of his first recital. All of that is expected. The only surprise is the small barre that Magnus and Alec install on the far wall. Once Rafael finally moves into his own room, he rarely ever leaves it.

Rafa is twenty-two when he realizes that he wants to teach. He’s pretty sure he still wants to perform, but he thinks he’s starting to care about it less and less. He doesn’t enjoy performing for the sake of the audience. He enjoys it because it’s a finished product. A culmination of all the rehearsals, all the work. It feels earned, and it feels like an accomplishment, but he thinks he cares about all the rest of it more than he’s ever cared about getting a curtain call. And after seventeen fucking years of training, he thinks it’s safe to say that nothing else will ever compare to those classes he first took, when he was child. That’s what he wants. That’s always been the best of it. Rafa’s good with kids - way better than he is with anyone else, anyway. He thinks that’s it. He thinks that’s the best possible choice for him. And luckily, he figures it out soon enough that it’s not too difficult to adjust his college major.

-send me a character or pairing, and a prompt, and I’ll write a three-paragraph fic for you!-

matt & nicky r the ultimate bros 

let me tell u why, with some help from @delphyc

  • matt & nicky literally only text about 5 things:
    • relationships
    • dorm things
    • exy/practice
    • plans
    • and neil
      • how gorgeous neil is
      • what he did today
      • random snippets of conversations overheard 
      • they sometimes take pictures of neil just…being neil
        • the captions on the pictures are usually things like “my son!!!!” or “I caught him sleeping in the library again.” or “those girls are calling him cute. we’re going to fight them at 8. be ready.” 
  • matt is in communications. nicky is in business. they have overlapping classes and u know what that means?
    • they have cram sessions because they both do all their studying the night before the test 
    • matt supplies the coffee, nicky supplies the notes and rewards (gummi bears, reeses, and saltwater taffy. whenever they get thru a section they get a reward) 
    • they stay up all night and study and go to practice then go to the test in the morning buzzing on coffee and sugar 
    • then they crash after classes are done and get up just in time for afternoon practice

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He knows. He always does.

Marion isn’t a human being. No one knows who he is or where did he come from. But one thing is clear: he can use magic and he knows about everything. He can’t see the future tho, but he knows the past.
When Golden suddenly disappeared after the tragedy in the pizzeria, Marion was the only one who knew what really happened to him.

gendryw4ters  asked:

once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers!💓 (!!!!! love u!!)

@jenbarber and @ruinsrebuilt i hope it’s okay i mooshed these together, i didn’t want to spam everyone but I DID WANT TO SHARE THESE because things like this meant so, so much while i was laid up by the smoke. also i know this means i have to say 15 things i like about myself, so HOO BOY here goes:

1. i just really did win the genetic lottery when it comes to hair, thanks grandpa johannson
2. and all the women from my great-grandma on down my mom’s side of the family have the same eyes, including my sister and i, so i like what they represent in that way
3. i like having the ability to see the parts of people they’re not so sure about showing, because while it can be kind of alarming to new friends and acquaintances sometimes (I DON’T ALWAYS REALIZE HOW CLOSELY THEY’RE GUARDING THESE THINGS), i think it’s meant that i’ve been there when others didn’t even realize there was a need a few times and it’s a relief that i could do that for people
4. i like… i’m not sure how to put it, but not being predisposed to react to differences in people with fear and hatred. obviously i make unfair judgments and hold onto stereotypes like anyone, but being able to shed them when i’m called on it and wanting to shed them is important to me. being excited about new mindsets and lifestyles and cultures rather than wary is important to me.
5. i like my innate bond with music, bc i was just never meant to read sheet music or understand the particulars but i can still dissect it without that language and framework and that brings me so much joy.

I CAN’T DO 15 OF THESE, is this enough? Can you all share this five? Thank you for sending me this, loves, what a great way to start rebounding from my down time: with some positivity <3

lisbethchilds  asked:

once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool) <3

hi elle did you know that i love you

1. im the parent of my friend group and ive been told I have a “magnetic personality” and I rly like that people find me trustworthy enough to come to for advice

2. my smile ! thank u @ braces for being forever gone from my life u were awful while i had u

3. listen i love my hair we have had Moments where I contemplate chopping it all off in the name of looking more Nb But then I realize that there’s no one way to look nb and it’s nice and long and silky and easy for people to play with and braid (I am,,,,such a slut for people playing with my hair) i just rly love my hair

4. my ability to write semi decently

5. idk what to put here i ate a chipotle burrito in seven minutes once I think that’s pretty impressive

echoingkarma  asked:

once you get this, answer with five things you love about yourself (because self love is super important !!), and then send it to 10 other people~ (only if you want to, of course!) (I know you got this already but ye ;u;)

It’s alright I did it already so I won’t do it again because I feel like it would start all over again, with the ask. Same answer from before!

insomniacnerd72  asked:

Hey, how are ya? Things been okay? I wanna ask ya two questions! How would the rest of your crew, other than Fredwardo, Frankenberry, and Clude, react to meeting Freddie? Also, would Charlie or Chica have any tattoos?

Hi! I’ve been doing good! i know u asked for the rest of the crew but i only drew bonnie meeting him and thats all i did lmao (also they dont have any tattoos!)

sieane  asked:

do u know how angry I am right now? I have avoided freakin mecha anime for four years. four years I've told myself that I would hold myself to that one standard. just one thing I told myself I would never lower myself to. as long as I wasn't watching mecha, I knew I was still in the clear. But no. then you came along with your stupid amazing art of voltron and I thought, fine, just one episode. Fast forward like five hours later, and I've seen the entire season. you did this to me.

i did?? you did this to yourself my friend you had it in you all along! but i’m glad i could help you to finally embrace the beauty of mecha

Originally posted by danquarkdan

anonymous asked:

also, bonus from the levelheaded s/o request: precious Iwa-chan for a) high-fiving them for making oikawa flustered and them being v confused ("all I did was comb out his hair after it got messy from the wind why are you high fiving me" type of thing) or for b) just tag-teaming them in taking care of oiks.

I don’t know how I missed this in my inbox ;u; this is related to this request!

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“The colleges that I wanna go to are requiring at least a 3.0, so I thought if I got a 3.5 or higher, I’d have a better chance. I’ve done it each quarter that I’ve set that goal, and I’ve got a little bit higher…I’m a senior in high school, I have two jobs, and time management is really a key important thing. I had to take some hours down from work. Had to study harder. Had to take more time on my homework. And just had to pay more attention to what I’m actually doing. Right after I study, I’m not gonna go watch television, or play video games. After I study for a long, hard night, I either rest, or I read something else. I can’t let my mind distract from what I just studied…I feel good, I feel that I can actually do something. I wanna be a police officer, so I’m gonna be studying Criminal Justice and Psychology. I got accepted into the U of M, so far.”

“Why did you decide you wanted to become a police officer?”

“Because my dad died a police officer. He died on duty. He was chasing after a drug dealer and he killed him, shot him five times. It inspires me that I need to take up his legacy, and do better than he did…The hardest thing was just knowing that he wasn’t there. At the funeral, I was only nine, so, yeah, I cried a little bit because I saw my mom crying. But I didn’t really start feeling the pain until months after just staring at the front door, and not seeing him come in.”


i hate the youtube videos that are like “WATCH ME TRY OUT $4000 MOISTURIZER/FOUNDATION/LIPSTICK!!!!!” accompanied by five thumbnails of them grimacing or looking aghast about the pricepoint, but then they review the product as if it’s gonna deter/persuade anybody buying it? 

this bugs me for two reasons.

firstable: you’re the one who bought it? nobody asked you to do that?????? did your 7 digit bank balance hold you hostage until you went willy nilly in a nordstrom i need to know why this even occurred.

second…. girl…. i wouldn’t spend $4000 on a lipstick unless it granted me immortality and u know it. i don’t need you to review a damn thing. nothing could tempt me. that $1k moisturizer is probably chicken spit and crisco with a gucci label why are we doing this.

funny pick up lines
  • You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall... is in love with me.
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
  • A boy gives a girl 12 roses. 11 real, 1 fake and he says to her " I will stop loving you when all the roses die"
  • If a fat man puts you in a bag at night, don't worry I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas.
  • I'll be Burger King and you be McDonald's. I'll have it my way, and you'll be lovin' it.
  • Crap. Something is wrong with my cell phone. {Oh Really. What is that?} Its just that...your numbers not in it.
  • Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give it back.
  • Know what's on the menu? Me-n-u.
  • Do I know you? Cause you look a lot like my next girlfriend.
  • If I received a nickel for everytime I saw someone as beautiful as you, I'd have five cents.
  • You're so beautiful you made me forget my pick up line.
  • Are you a parking ticket? Because you've got FINE written all over you.
  • See my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I'm cute.
  • It's a good thing that I have my library card. Why? Because I am totally checking you out!!
  • There are 20 angels in the world 11 are playing, 8 are sleeping and 1 of them is standing in front of me.
  • If beauty were time, you'd be eternity.
  • If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.
  • Did the sun come up or did you just smile at me?
  • Can you kiss me on the cheek so I can at least say a cute girl kissed me tonight?