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There were pros and cons to being attracted to your boss. The cons, Draco wasn’t too fussed about. His reputation couldn’t get much worse anyway (he was an ex-death eater after all), and it’s not like he didn’t have the money to get by if he lost his job. The only reason he’d worked so hard to become an auror in the first place was because of Harry Potter.

And therein laid the pro - his boss was Harry Potter.  Gorgeous, delectable, dreamy, oblivious Harry Potter.

Draco certainly wasn’t the only one in the office charmed by Harry. He’d noticed some of the other aurors staring too - during the rare moments when he could pull his eyes away from Harry. And it wasn’t just Harry’s looks. If it were just that, Draco would have gotten over it years ago. No, Harry had to be brave too. And powerful. And a little wild. And above all, kind.

Draco knew it was sappy of him but, Merlin, did he find that kindness sexy. Harry was the type of boss who took responsibility in the media when you messed up in the field. The type of boss who would take over your reporting for you (despite his own ridiculous workload) when he could see you were stressed or affected by a particularly emotional case. He was the type of boss who never treated you as if he were your boss at all.

Of course, Draco wouldn’t have minded if Harry threw his weight around a little. The fantasies Draco had of Harry often involved him doing just that - albeit with a few orders that would be highly inappropriate for the workplace. But no matter how obviously Draco pined, Harry still didn’t seem to notice. He really had no idea of his effect on people.

So when Harry called Draco into his office - the start to many a fantasy - last thing on a Friday before he could leave with the other aurors, Draco knew Harry wouldn’t understand the thoughts that were running through his head. Empty Department. Friday night. Boss’s office. Harry Potter’s thighs.

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It’s a family photograph. Everyone is smiling.

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i dont care what the truth is, this is canon in my heart (ok to tag as kin/me)




it's time for who's gonna be the canon ship
  • usually it's the protagonist and the female childhood friend
  • but sora doesn't have a female childhood friend
  • so he tries to get his male childhood friend to stop being a brooding rival
  • riku says okay
  • but then sora and riku meet kairi
  • so now who's it gonna be
  • vote now on your phones
  • and everyone voted so hard the fandom caught on fire and became unpopular
  • sora actually doesn't care he's off somewhere fighting disney villains
  • and the fandom broke into tons of other ships
  • everyone is fighting each other in flame wars
  • and it's anybodies game

Not quite the 27th here yet, but it is elsewhere.

Happy anniversary Kirby! Protecting Gamble Galaxy for 25 years! This series’ games are both cute and fun, and I’ll always enjoy playing them. Hope the future turns out well!

(Do forgive me for forgetting some bosses, I was a bit late to realizing)



the rythna mix I said I’d post like five months ago


Get Away With Murder - Jeffree Star | Black Sun - Death Cab for Cutie | Hurricane - MS MR | Hanging in a Void - Barcelona | The Beast - Imogen Heap | Hatefuck - The Bravery | Animals  - Maroon 5 | Irresistible - Fall Out Boy | Nature of Inviting - IAMX | Haven’t Had Enough - Marianas Trench | I Am Not the One - I Will Never Be The Same | Fall Apart - Every Avenue | Shots - Imagine Dragons | Youth - Daughter | I Think I Broke Something - Behn Zeitlin, Dan Romer


There were some requests to a Part II to this (x)

From Friends Season 5: The One with All the Kissing 

Superman and Batman are hiding their relationship from the Justice League. Bats is totally under control and smooth with this.

orangememory replied to your post: changsu thoughts: I really enjoyed finally getting…

Hello! Just came across your posts in the NIF Tumblr tag and wanted to say welcome to the fandom! :) And perfect Description of ‘Nebulous Cinematic Wasting Illness’ ahahahaha. Even I kept wondering why his house was that cold, but his personal quarters are quite heated all the time, maybe he does it for the benefit of others? As for the Crown Prince’s selection as heir, it isnt mentioned but very heavily implied that it is because Emperor favours his slimy mom too much.

omg I was trying to keep my posts out of the main tag, out of respect, so no-one would have to be subjected to them. but thank you for your welcome. I don’t THINK that guests would be super pleased about coming to his house if it’s always freezing… maybe it’s to discourage guests.

orangememory replied to your postwaaaait gong yu works for shisan, who is like lin…

You got that right! And a side note, Mr.Shisan is not Lin Shu’s uncle, but he refers to him politely as such. Mr.Shisan was a musician who was affiliated with the former Lin Household, and somehow has become an expert spymaster

presumably the same way 3 random scullions became expert martial artists. or like, maybe the lin household only hired people who were also excellent spies? I want backstory

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