five tacos

I Love You, Taco

I dream of fresh vegetables
minced so fine;
greens and reds
tossed with spices
that have never touched this land.
Substitutes will no longer do.
Digesting creamy clouds,
devouring avocado –
like it’s another monster’s heart –
tears flooding my eyes
for how beautifully
the onions were parsed.
Crispy bites,
warm and tantalizing;
maintaining steady pace cannot be willed.
Smoked beasts, marinated
in gaiety
and cheese.


So I was tagged to do this by @afangirlstateofmind I’m just assuming that it about my favorites.

One Song: Let it Go by Indina Menzel because I’m actually 2 years old and love Disney movies a lot

Two Movies: Frozen because like the same reason for my favorite song and Mulan because the soundtrack is so great

Three TV Shows: NCIS (I totally recommend this), Criminal Minds and Haikyuu (because it’s currently my fav anime)

Four People: my friend grace and madi, @king-cartar and @askvolleyballers and @bro-kuroo because they have awesome accounts and are super sweet

Five foods: tortillas, tacos, ice cream, churro, and cupcakes…I’m so healthy

People to tag: I’ll tag anyone so if you wanna do it, now is your chance


Pulling out her phone, Riley looked down, and stared at her tacos a little too sad considered a plate of Mexican food was sitting in front of her. 

Riley: so heres the deal
Riley: i went to this great taco truck right? 
Riley: and i was just trying to order one chicken taco. but the poor girl asked if i said seven and i didn’t want to correct her
Riley: i swear it was her first day she looked she might be drowning and for eight seconds i felt really bad so i was like
Riley: yeah sure totally. seven. 
Riley: but now i have seven tacos, and for a girl whos main sustenance is popcorn you see where this is a problem? 
Riley: anyways
Riley: i’m a hot girl with approximately five and a half tacos to share and like you’re a poor hobo boy that might need food
Riley: if you catch my drift. 

Riley sighed, looking at the plate, then to Myka who was looking overly interested in them, like she would have shared with him anyways. no. He was a dog, and to her well, he didn’t get to eat the people food, or at least not the food she was currently eating. 

Riley: that and i kinda wanna see if my dogs will eat you or not.

She halfway hoped however, that the dogs wouldn’t. After all, as much as people hated it when she compared her dogs to children, something about how they weren’t even on the same plane of responsibility, she did. They were her children, and if they didn’t like him? Well, whatever they were or weren’t doing was definitely going to turn into something in the weren’t category. But the invitation was extended, and coming from her it was a lot. Now all she could do was wait. 

  • Clyde to(to Bebe): Hey Janet! Have a good day.
  • Wendy: Did that guy just call you Janet?
  • Bebe: Yeah, he thinks that’s my name.
  • Wendy: Well, why don't you correct him?
  • Bebe: Oh, it’s been going on way too long now. I mean the first time he said it we were just passing each other in the hallway, so I didn’t say anything. And then the next time he said, "Hey Janet, do you want a taco?" And I wanted a taco. And now it’s five weeks later, the tacos’s gone and I’m still Janet.
  • me: goes to taco bell to escape ongoing existential crisis and depression
  • bob dylan's voice on the stereo in this taco bell: HOW DOES IT FEEL? TO BE ON YOUR OWN? WITH NO DIRECTION HOME?
  • me: five beef tacos please

emotions are so fake i just listened to one car seat headrest song and had a full-blown crying-in-public existential crisis and then i went to get my mail and there was a taco bell flier with a coupon for five tacos for five dollars and i immediately stopped feeling sad