five stupid boys

Anon Prompted: “Ian telling baby Yevgeny how and when he fell in love with Mickey, not realizing Mickey hears the whole one-sided conversation.”

Hope this is what you were looking for, love. I’m a total sucker for Ian/Yev bonding. :)

Ian paused by the open door to Yevgeny’s bedroom. He’d first been drawn to the room by the suspicious silence of the boy inside. Usually after school, the kid would be tearing apart the house or watching television with the contents of a bowl of dry Lucky Charms scattered around himself for Ian to vacuum up later.

Not sitting in quiet contemplation on his bed, chin in his hands as he stared at the ripped out knees of his jeans as though they held all the answers to his five year old existential crisis.

“Hey, buddy,” Ian tried, voice soft with concern. He crossed the room to sit next to his son. “Are you feeling alright?”

When all he received in response was a distracted nod, Ian pressed the back of his hand to the little boy’s forehead. He wasn’t sick.

“Daddy just called,” Ian offered, reaching to the side to move Yev to sit on his lap, moving himself back to lean against the broken headboard of the bed. Any mention of Mickey was always more than enough to get the boy’s attention, and Ian brushed his fingers through Yev’s hair when he looked up.

“Yeah?” he asked, trying to keep the angst in his voice. Ian just smiled and nodded.

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