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SpockFact #72

After learning about Vulcans’ response to chocolate and sugar, McCoy decided to pursue an experiment to see what the reaction to other items would be. However, he only made it as far as vanilla when, after putting a few drops of vanilla essence into Spock’s lunch, the Vulcan became lethargic, started asking the replicator for pizza rolls and proceeded to stare out the view screen muttering things about how space is so huge, just like… really big, man.

(based on a prompt by anonymous)



“I have a spare one if you want.”

“No, fives…”

After battle discussions, awaiting pick-up

I am going to call this post Truthful Day Before Tuesday - as I am not waiting until tomorrow to put this out there.  And I am also bucking the systems and doing a Weigh In Monday (not Wednesday)…two strikes in one post.  Watch out!

As you all know I have been a bit off track really since coming back from the marathon which was all the way back in January.  I never really seemed to get myself back in the routine I had going for 2 years leading up to that point. 

Sure I did the first dietbet and was absolutely laser focused for those 4 weeks.  And I have also dropped the pop and expanded my fruit horizons.  But when it comes to working out and really paying attention to my eating I have only do so-so.  The proof is displayed on the scale this morning. 

When I began all of this in April 2011 I weighed in at 369.8 and felt it.  What is odd is that even with my weight coming back up towards that number recently - I dont feel like the same out of shape guy as I did back then so it has been really deceiving.  My clothes I have been wearing are still fitting and I only really feel the different in my face/neck although I know its got to be impacting my gut as well.  But that makes it a slippery slope because the reminders I am going in the wrong direction again are so subtle.

It has been well documented here that there is so much more going on outside of working out now a days - and that stresses me, consumes me etc.  But I can not keep letting it get the best of me mentally or physically.  I need to keep myself on the right track which will benefit all aspects of my life not just the scale.

Tomorrow I have my yearly checkup with my doctor - so outside of my weight we will see how my blood test levels are doing and see how my true health results come in.

But aside from all of that I did not wait for today to restart.  I spent time this weekend getting all of the proper foods, prepped them and set myself up for a good week on the food front.  And because the foot is still not playing very nice I opted not to go shoeless on the martial arts mat for Cage class today and instead headed over to the gym to crank out some time on the elliptical - for non-impact).  I also like that while on an elliptical I can get lost in some music - pace myself to the fast beats and push myself instead of having to have someone else (like a trainer) pushing me.

So instead of beating myself up for the slide back - I am just focusing on the fact that I now know where I am at again.  I know what needs to be done and there will be no more “skipping” of workouts because my body takes far to much advantage of such breaks. 

Star Wars Mad Max AU

Consider this:

Shmi Skywalker as Furiosa, stolen from her community of freedwomen, her son taken from her and never seen again, forced to work in the Imperial prison on Tatooine, slowly working her way up until she’s trusted by Imperial forces, until she can get close enough to the prisoners, until she can stage a rescue of

Padme and the Naboo handmaidens, who are all being held indefinitely for crimes and sedition against the Empire, who have been imprisoned and used as slave labor in the camp ever since they lost the Battle of Naboo when Padme was only fourteen, who have carefully planned their escape with Shmi, but it’s all nearly ruined by

Obi-Wan Kenobi, a half-feral survivor of the Jedi purges, who trusts no one and barely speaks, who tries to steal Shmi’s ship and ends up coming along for the ride instead, after they ditch the fanatical young Inquisitor who was following him

The same Inquisitor who keeps following them, keeps trying to capture them all for the Emperor, until he fails spectacularly and Padme finds him, curled up in the cargo hold and sobbing as he beats himself, and she tells him to stop, not to hurt himself, and she asks his name, and he says

Anakin, Anakin who doesn’t know that he has a last name, but Padme recognizes that name, and she’s up and shouting for Shmi, who comes running into the hold and at first thinks that the Inquisitor is there to attack them again, but Padme says, No, no, he’s your son!

And Shmi is reunited with her stolen child, and they all do a lot of processing, and eventually they decide they’re going to take Coruscant, and you all can extrapolate from here, because I only have one requirement for the ending of this AU, and that is

Shmi Skywalker kills the Emperor.

Winner, Winner, Spaghetti Diner:

So remember how I said I was going to a Spaghetti Diner fundraiser on Wednesday?

Well I purchased some raffle tickets and put them in for each of the various prizes being offered.

And who won a one year paid membership to a local fitness center?  This guy right here!

As you know my fitness routine is based on classes at the martial arts studio along with running.  I do not currently have a traditional gym membership.  So I am really looking forward to having access not only to the treadmill/indoor track at this place but also the other equipment this it has to offer.

Started today off with Lower Body resistance training at the Martial Arts studio.  Legs are now toast.

Afterwards I headed over to the gym I won the membership to and got myself all signed up. 

Seriously a one year paid in full membership - is an awesome prize.

I would say this is a medium sized gym - tons of equipment, really friendly staff which was great.  This place is the perfect supplement to my existing routine and allow me to add in some more traditional strength training which I have been wanting to do.