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Finnish Grammar Gothic

- There are 14, 15 or 16 cases, depending on who you ask. One might be accusative. Accusative may not exist at all. It depends on who you ask. Who do you ask? You don’t know who to ask. You can ask nobody. The accusative case stares at you, accusingly.

- Imperative exists in three persons. Which three persons, you ask. Plural, they reply. Don’t forget the plural imperative. You stare at your textbook. Your textbook stares back at you. The negative active 2. person imperative has ceased to make any sense. Has it ever made sense?

- You’re learning the difference between the short and the long vowels. The short vowels are short. The long ones are twice as long as the short ones. But really, they say, they’re thrice as long as that. Even longer than that. Ä, you say. Ää. Äää. Äääääääääää-
It never stops.

- The verb types are easy, they say. There are only six verb types. Six. Your text book lists only five. What is the sixth verb type? It’s in the next book, your professor says. There is no next book. What is the sixth verb type?

- The vowels come in groups. You don’t know why they’ve come or why they’re in groups. You learn their harmony all the same. You shed a tear when you’ve mastered it. But have you mastered it? The vowel harmony lulls you into a false sense of security. The vowels will strike when you least expect it.

- Consonant gradation.

- There is no accusative, your professor screams at you. It’s genitive! Or partitive! Or plural nominative, but only in the personal pronouns! The accusative does not exist! He is red in the face. Why does the accusative not exist? Do grammatical objects not exist in this language? you ask. (You shouldn’t have asked.) You are met with blank stares.

- In the future you would like to speak Finnish fluently. You make the mistake of saying this aloud. The ground opens beneath your feet and a terrible voice booms: THERE IS NO FUTURE! Silly you, you think. Of course there isn’t. You dutifully note down the three different past tenses.

- Sentence replacements replace sentences, your professor tells you. He does not tell you what the sentences are replaced with. You stare at the list of sentence replacements. There are nine items on the list. One is a quantum sentence replacement. You dare not ask.

- New words are easy to create, they say. So easy. What could possibly go wrong? You decide to create a new word. You have created an abomination.

- You’re conjugating -i nouns. There’s another group of -i nouns conjugated differently. These are very old words, your professor says. There’s another group of -i nouns. These are very old words, she says. Even older words. There’s another group of -i nouns. These are very old words, she says. They are ancient words. Blood and devil words, the past whispers in your ear.

- Some of those 14 or 15 or 16 cases are fossilised, so don’t worry about them, your professor says. Don’t worry at all. But you worry. You must worry.

- You watch a video on facebook. The Most Important Word In Finnish, it’s called. It becomes clear that it is possible to carry entire conversations using only this one word. Your smile stiffens on your face. There is only one word. There has only ever been one word.

tiny matthias gif!! two thirds of the way through–or really, five sixths, since inej is also done now.  THIS IS VERY EXCITING.  JUST KAZ TO GO.

full transparency: the gloved hand that appears is a drüskelle hand (jarl brum specifically, I imagine).  the white tree embossed on it will be more obvious in full-size but it sure does go by fast.  and then of course there’s the wolf, which I think seems obvious.  SYMBOLISM.

(nina) (wylan) (jesper) (kaz+inej) (full roughs) (final video)

fun fact: i skipped a grade, so i’m always a year younger than everyone in my class at the start of the year

one time, in sixth grade, this asshole teacher was complaining about how we were acting and said “stop acting like your ten years old” and i looked him right in the eye and said “i am ten years old” and he just fuckin

no response he looked dead

150. Sour candy was banned from Hogwarts after five Muggleborn sixth and seventh year Gryffindors brought Warheads, Extreme Sour Patch Kids, and other sour candy to Hogwarts. These five Gryffindors started a contest to see who could eat the most sour candy while keeping a neutral face, this contest quickly evolved to include most Gryffindor students from each year. Soon almost the entire Gryffindor house was in the infirmary with sore, bleeding tongues

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The Hufflepuff Part One (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Originally posted by notbethan

Word Count: 1030

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

AN: So this is my first newt fic and i’m so excited! It’s set back in newts Hogwarts days :) You can read part two and three  four and five here

It was your sixth year attending hogwarts and it felt the same as every other year. You had been waiting all holidays to come back, not just to see your friends but because you knew you’d be seeing more of your crush Newt Scamander. Most of your friends crushed on the hot and brave gryffindors but you, you couldn’t take your eyes off of the shy hufflepuff Newt Scamander. 

You first met Newt your first year on the Hogwarts express, it felt like only yesterday you first met the boy. All the carriages were full making your nerves get worse looking for a seat as you knew no one on this train since you were muggle born. In your nervous state you finally had found a empty carriage, well not quite empty, there was a small boy with his face covered by the huge book he was reading. Opening the door and closing it quietly behind you, not wanting to interrupt the boys reading, you shyly took a seat across from him. He was so invested in his book that you don’t think he even knew you were there. Reading the title of the book you became curious. 

“Excuse me? May I ask about what you’re reading, I didn’t know there were magical creatures? You see, I come from a muggle family so I don’t know much about the wizarding world.” Your voice startled the boy a little, he hadn’t notice you enter like you’d thought.

“Oh, I could tell you everything you need to know about magical creatures. My names Newt Scamander.” The boy shyly smiled at you, extending his arm to shake your hand. “I’m Y/N, It’s nice to meet you Newt.”

You remember him telling you all about his love for magical beasts that train ride and how he wanted wizards to learn to understand them, not hurt them. He even told you about his dreams of one day travelling the world in search of rare creatures and maybe even writing a book about his adventures. The way he talked about these creatures with so much passion was adorable and made you grow feelings for the boy. Ever since that day you’d been crushing on Newt Scamander.

You hadn’t really spoken to him since first year, guess you could just never find the courage to. Not only that but his best friend Leta Lestrange scared you to death. Not because she was a slytherin, you didn’t think everyone in slytherin was bad that was just an unfair stereotype placed upon them. But because one time in second year when you had finally gained enough courage to approach Newt you were stopped by Leta herself. She had pulled you by your robes and pushed you into a corner where Newt couldn’t see, staring with pure hatred in her eyes. 

“Leave him alone Y/N. Newt’s my best friend and my friend only so stay away you filthy mudblood.” You couldn’t take it after she called you that horrible name sprinting back to your dorm with tears falling down your face. You had never even tried to get close to Newt again knowing Leta was always going to be in the way.

Rushing to potions class late you were out of breath from running all the way from your dorm, you knew you should have set your alarm. Pushing open the doors you sighed in relief noticing your professor hadn’t arrived yet. Hurrying to a seat next to your friend you mentally squeal as you notice Newt sitting at the back of the room. You had a good feeling about this class.

You professor walked in minutes later gaining everyone’s attention with his loud voice. “Alright everyone, this year I’m choosing your partner for this class. You will be with the same partner for the rest of this school year and I honestly don’t care if you’re not with your friend so don’t complain to me about it.” I take that back, you didn’t have a good feeling about this class. The last thing you needed was to be paired up with one of those cocky gryffindor boys who will just attempt to flirt with you the entire year instead of actually doing the work.

“Y/N and Newt Scamander.” Your eyes widened, you honestly almost fell off your chair. You had never been paired with Newt before, well actually, you hadn’t spoken to the boy since the day you met, he’d probably forgotten all about you by now.

You somehow pulled yourself together, clinging your textbook to your chest and making your way over to the boy. You shyly took the seat next to him, sending him a friendly smile which he thankfully sent back. “Hi, i’m Newt.”

He was so cute you had no idea how you were going to concentrate in this class. “Y/N. I’ve heard that you’re quite good at potions.” He seemed a little embarrassed at your statement as his cheeks flushed red and he stuttered his words. “W-well I mean I guess so.”

“So, do you still want to travel the world in search of magical beasts?” Please remember me! Please remember me!

“How did you know about that?” Confusion was written all over his face as he looked at you skeptically. Your heart sunk a little, of course he doesn’t remember you. “You told me, first year on the Hogwarts express. I didn’t expect you to remember.” You nervously chuckle, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear.

“That was you? Wow, I was wondering what happened to the girl I talked to on my first day. I didn’t even realize, you’ve changed so much.” So he did remember you, sort of. “Well I am sixteen now not eleven.” He chuckled at your words and you couldn’t help the smile that appeared on your face, he still remembers you.

All of a sudden you felt this weird energy, it was as if someone was staring into the back of your head. You glanced over your shoulder to meet the glaring eyes of Leta Lestrange. Instantly becoming nervous you gulped whilst turning to your partner and putting on a fake smile. “Let’s start shall we?”

The Recruit (Chapter 5) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 20″

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, Rob Russells, Dan Brunski, Peter Collins, Jacob Clemens  & Reader

Warnings: Sexual assault, attempted rape, graphic depiction of violence. I’m sorry.

A.N.: I did not intend to go this direction when I started this, like Mitch and Y/N have enough problems without this shit happening, but it’s just where the story took me.

Summary: Mitch returns from the Ghost camp and has a run in with Y/N that changes the nature of his relationship with her, and sets them on a path that they cannot come back from.

Chapter Four - Chapter Five - Chapter Six

Originally posted by stydiaislove

The morning of Day 16, Mitch was whisked away to an underground bunker away from The Barn to begin his real training in Stan’s Ghost Protocol Program for the Orion Team. He spent two days in a dark basement with other men and women that he didn’t know, taking tests, wearing virtual reality goggles, and expertly completing his tasks. He excelled on every level and at every test. They gave him aptitude, IQ and logic tests, had a psychiatrist evaluate him, ran physicals and stress tests. All which he passed with flying colors.

The afternoon of Day 19, Mitch was walking back from lunch and was hooded. Mitch took down the two guys with ease, and pulled the black shroud from over his face.

“You know, how I know that he’s not cut out for this shit, Irene? He shouldn’t have even allowed them to hood him in the first place. He should’ve sensed them behind him.” Stan said, watching the abduction try to take place over a closed circuit TV.

Irene watched as three more men, and one of the ones that Mitch had already put down, fought with the young man in hand-to-hand combat, finally subduing him. She rolled the tape back and watched the encounter over again. She paused the recording at the moment the first two men entered the hallway behind Mitch. 

“Look…” She pointed at the tilt of his head. “He knew they were there.” Stan leaned forward as she played the rest of the tape again.

“He let them take him.”

“He’s ready, Stan.”

“Actually, Irene, he’s not ready, but he will be.” Stan told Irene, as he walked out the door and slipped into a room across the hall, where a hooded Mitch sat, tied to a metal chair being waterboarded.

The evening of Day 19, Mitch was returned back to The Barn, where more intense training began. The group of twenty, under Stan’s supervision, spent ten hours each day learning interrogation techniques, tradecraft, the deadliest aspects of all hand-to-hand combat styles and marksmanship.

On Day 20, Mitch woke up to the sound of a loud thud against his door. He immediately got up and opened it, to see Dan’s body splayed about on the ground, blood coming from his lip, and you, who he hadn’t seen in days, standing in your doorway with your chest heaving.

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Imagine a conversation between all 13 Doctors at Day of the Doctor, just before they save Gallifrey,
  • 10: Allons-y!
  • War: Oh for god sake! Gallifrey stands!
  • 4: One last round of Jelly Babies and we can start.
  • 9: Those Jelly Babies are fantastic, absolutely fantastic!
  • 11: I know, right? Jelly Babies are cool.
  • 2: Oh my giddy aunt, I discovered them. So when I say give me some, give me some.
  • 6: I wonder if we are ever going to stop talking and do what we are here for.
  • 10: Oh I'm sorry, I am so, so sorry, but Jelly Babies are more important than Gallifrey.
  • 3: *whispers to 1* I think I'll reverse the polarity of the neutron flow so they lose their taste and we can go on.
  • 1: Nonsense, my dear. Those morons won't stop procrastinating.
  • 5: I don't want Jelly Babies. I prefer celery.
  • 11: Fish Fingers and custard all the way.
  • 9: Or bananas.
  • 10: Oh yes, bananas are good.
  • 8: Who am I to talk about food when I've got a planet to save?
  • War: "Good question. NO MORE EATING, OTHER MES!
  • 4: *throws Jelly Babies at the War Doctor*
  • 8: *throws random fez at 4*
  • 10: Oh, a fez.
  • 7: Oh, a fez!
  • 11: OH, A FEZ!
  • 7 and 11: *fighting about the fez*
  • 3: *sighs*
  • 5: *cheering for 11*
  • 9: *cheering for 7*
  • 1: Am I having a midlife-crisis?
  • War: I said the same.
  • 5: We could play cricket all together.
  • 2: Or we could be a band!
  • 10: Brilliant idea. Well, that grumpy guy over there is good at the guitar. I once heard....
  • 6: He's babbling again. That will take long.

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Can we get more Collision Course?

More than happy to oblige. 

- Mod Lenny

Collision Course - Part Seven

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six

The morning they were supposed to leave, Claire emerged from the cave to wait for Frank and help Murtagh and Jamie ready the horses. Frank had been quieter the last few days and despite her meager efforts to get Jamie alone again, she hadn’t succeeded and wouldn’t have known what more to say to him if she had; she just… wasn’t ready to say goodbye––didn’t know how to say goodbye.

Murtagh was busy loading the horse that he would ride with the necessary provisions for the few days it would take them to reach Craigh na Dun. Claire’s medical kit was already strapped into place on her horse.

“It occurred to me,” Murtagh said, not turning his head from his task as she quietly approached, “I ought to have asked if yer man would be able to handle the reins wi’ his arms and hands bundled as they are.”

“Oh…” Claire frowned in thought. “You’re right… He’ll be able to hold them but not tightly––not enough to direct the horse very effectively, I’m afraid. And he’s not a very strong horseman to start,” she added in a lower tone on the off chance Frank had succeeded in readying himself for their journey. Jamie had sacrificed his coat and a spare shirt to help Frank appear less obviously out of place––though there was little that could be done about his trousers; Frank had no interest in donning a kilt even if there had been one to spare and seeing Frank in a Fraser or MacKenzie tartan had been more than either Jamie or Murtagh was willing to suggest.

“Ye’ll need to have him ride wi’ you then,” Murtagh declared with a nod. “We’ll no need the third horse then. I’ll leave him hobbled wi’ a note for Jamie to find when he comes back later.”

Claire’s head jerked up. “He’s not coming back before we go?”

“Nah. The lad needs to get his head right before he goes down to the house. Ye ken what he faces there, no?”

The home and remaining family he hadn’t seen in four years; it had been one of the things he’d talked about most in the brief time between their wedding and this mess. There had been pain when he talked about it with her and told her what Lallybroch was like. He had been proud when he told her she was officially Lady Broch Tuarach and that he would do whatever it took to clear his name so they could live there without threat or shame.

Now he would be taking that step alone… and with the threat looming over his head more darkly than ever. How long would it be before Captain Randall had his way and the English soldiers descended on Lallybroch again to search for him?

“He… he can’t stay long,” she murmured. “It won’t be safe for him here; it’s––”

“He’ll only stay till I get back to let him know ye’ve made it safe,” Murtagh assured her with an uncharacteristic gentleness. For a moment she thought he might reach out to comfort her in a more tangible fashion but instead his face reddened and he turned back to the ropes that would keep their bedding on his horse. “It’ll be a danger to go back to Leoch after that, too. Might be able to convince him to head to France again––or maybe to his grandsire at Beauly though that’s no likely.”

“I feel absurd,” Frank declared as he emerged from the cave.

The stress of the two weeks since he had inadvertently traveled through the stones had taken a heavy toll on Frank. He hadn’t been able to bathe properly and lying on a dank and dusty cave floor hadn’t done him any favors; a layer of grime helped balance out the pallor left behind by the fever that still rose and fell irregularly. It had affected his appetite so that his already thin face appeared drawn and gaunt, the natural lines about his mouth and across his forehead emphasized in a ghastly way thanks to the shadow of the uneven growth of beard on his chin and cheeks.  Jamie’s coat and shirt were too big and too long even with the remnants of his own clothes beneath. His trousers––previously gray––had become the same muddy brown as the ground he’d been sleeping upon and would continue to sleep upon until he made it back through the stones.

“Ye look absurd,” Murtagh agreed with Frank, frowning as he glanced the man over. “D’ye need a hand to get up or can ye manage?”

Frank rolled his eyes as he strode over to the third horse.

“Not that one,” Claire explained. “Your hands; it could be dangerous for you to try the reins. I’ll ride in front and you’ll just need to keep your seat. Murtagh has most of the supplies so he should bear our combined weight without incident.”

Murtagh gave Claire a leg up once Frank was comfortably seated. She felt him wince as she jostled him, settling herself in and taking up the reins, but a moment later his arms had slipped around her waist to help with his balance. His thighs pressed against hers through the layers of her skirt and there was the unshakable awareness of something at her back but it made her want to lean forward and shy away, untrusting.

“We’d best go lass,” Murtagh said, leading the way down a path that was shallower than the way they’d come. “We’re taking the long way round and staying as clear of the main road as we can get wi’out losing our way.”

“You’re sure he knows where he’s going?” Frank inquired quietly in Claire’s ear.

She snapped the reins and their horse started forward after Murtagh.

“Yes. And I trust him with both our lives. Be sure to let me know if you need to rest; it won’t be easy terrain and it’s more tiring to just sit there than you realize,” she advised him.

Murtagh had consulted Jamie on the best route to take through the Lallybroch lands, where to cross back into MacKenzie territory, and how to skirt the field at Culloden Moor to get round to Craigh na Dun without exposing themselves too obviously.

Jamie saw the horses carefully picking their way up and out of the valley from his own perch on a rock outcropping similar to the one that concealed the cave and knew that whatever danger he’d been in of breaking down and begging Claire to stay had passed. But there was no relief in the knowledge, only the continued sinking in the pit of his stomach. Surely, whatever it was inside him that was falling would hit the bottom sometime soon; he would be able to begin crawling up and out of this misery at some point, wouldn’t he?

He waited until they had long disappeared before tracing his way back to the cave and the remnants of their camp. Murtagh had left plenty for him to finish clearing up for which he was thankful; it gave him something mindless to do while he waited to stumble across some semblance of meaning. It took longer to clear away the evidence of their fire limited to one hand as he was. Claire had given him instructions for caring for the injury to his hand; he was on his own as concerned his less visible wounds.

Jamie hadn’t expected the horse to still be there waiting but Murtagh had left his note prominently pinned to the horse’s mane with one of Claire’s hair pins.

Frank cannot ride alone so only need two horses. Will not be able to go fast so four days to the hill. Leaving Dòchas for you. I shall meet you at Lallybroch in one week’s time if I don’t see you sooner. M

Jamie crumpled the note in his good hand and clenched his teeth, silently cursing his godfather for tempting him like this. Dòchas was easily the fastest of the three horses and with just Jamie to carry––despite his considerable size––it would not take long to catch them up and Murtagh also had laid out exactly how long he had to change his mind.

“I said what I needed to say to her,” Jamie told Dòchas in an effort to convince himself. “It’s no my decision and she’s made hers and that’s that.” He brushed his hand down the horse’s neck then reached for the bridle to guide her down the slope toward Lallybroch. Seeing Jenny again and learning all that she’d suffered in his absence wouldn’t hurt nearly as much as it would have before losing Claire had left him so numb––there was that to be thankful for, at least.

With every step toward Lallybroch, he tried not to calculate how far they would have gotten, how long it would take to reach them if he left just then.

“Jamie!” He heard Jenny’s familiar voice calling and it startled him out of his reverie. He couldn’t see her but he’d distinctly heard her calling him so she must have seen him.

“Jamie, ye rascal,” she scolded––she must be on the other side of the gate putting something away. “Where have ye been and just what have ye been gettin’ into? Dinna look at me like that.” A child’s giggle stopped Jamie in his tracks. “Ye’re in for a hidin’ if ye dinna get inside to Mrs. Crook for a right washin’ ‘fore supper. Go on, now.”

She hadn’t seen him and hadn’t been talking to him at all. Confusion and a place to put his anger pushed him to finally step through the gate and into the yard, his jaw clenched as he saw a small boy with dark hair vanish into the door leaving Jenny behind wiping her hands on her apron while a basket of dirty laundry sat on the ground beside her.

She looked up and smiled, overcome for a moment, before his dour expression sank in and her own brow knitted in confusion.

“Jamie? Is… What are ye doin’ here? We had word from Murtagh that ye’d made it safe to Leoch but nothin’ about you coming home… Not that ye’re no welcome,” she added hastily, her relief at seeing him alive again overpowering her cautious edge.

“And just who might this ‘we’ be?” Jamie asked, his own edge sharp and at the ready. “Ye thought Dougal wouldna tell me about yer wee bastard there? Hmm? At least he had the decency no to tell me that ye’d named the lad for me.”

Jenny’s good humor faded fast. “Dougal MacKenzie?” She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. “And just what would he ken about it? He’s no set foot here since Father passed and good riddance. Or are ye truly prepared to take the word of our dear uncle over that of yer own sister?” she challenged. “My wee Jamie isna a bastard and that’s the last I want to hear on the matter or ye can turn yer sorry arse around and leave again, James Fraser. We’ve managed wi’out ye for four years and this is the note ye care to return on?”

“Jamie?” Ian called from across the yard.

Jamie’s face went momentarily slack as he saw his friend throw down the piece of horse tack he’d been carrying in order to hurry over faster.

“Yer brother-in-law,” Jenny informed him with smug satisfaction before Jamie met Ian halfway and wrapped his friend in a hug.

“We werena expecting to see ye anytime soon,” Ian commented. “Was it you who was stayin’ out in the woods up near that old hunting cave? I told Jenny I thought I saw smoke out that way but she… Are ye all right, Jamie?”

“Aye,” Jamie croaked and nodded, looking down in an attempt to blink the tears back. “I’m fine. And aye, it was me out at the cave. Something… something happened and I had to find a safe place for a few days––didna want to put anyone here in danger if it could be helped,” he rambled as he turned his back on both his friend and his sister to Dòchas leading her toward the stable around the other side of the house.

“So whatever danger it was it’s passed now?” Ian squinted at Jamie.

“For now. English soldiers might be by in a few weeks lookin’ for me but Murtagh will be back and we’ll be gone again by then,” he told them, for Jenny had followed the men as Ian bent and picked the dropped equipment up again.

Why will there be English soldiers lookin’ for ye this time?” she asked none-too-gently.

“I dinna want to talk about it,” Jamie responded with enough force––and obvious pain––to put the matter to rest for a while. “I just… I need to wait for Murtagh.”

He lead Dòchas into a stall passing between Jenny and Ian on his way. Ian shook his head at Jenny and she clenched her jaw but nodded; her brother appeared to be even more altered than what Ian had told her he’d witnessed in France after the death of their father and she would get to the bottom of it sooner or later.

Soulmate Seeker

N/AI decided to write something different while I’m mind-blocked in MLBL. A big special thanks to @ohlittleisland​ for the help with the AU and everything else, you know that this phanfic is for you, you were the one who asked for it. 

Prompt: Dan and Phil were born in a world where you get a little pocket watch when you are born, that will help you find the love of your life. The clock ticks backwards from the moment your soulmate is born (or you are born if your soulmate is older than you) until you cross your soulmate on the streets, and then it starts ticking clockwise. Once your clock is working you have 48 hours to find your soulmate and start a relationship of any kind, or you are going to loose them forever. Every year in your birthday you get a glimpse of your soulmate during your dreams, as a way to give hints of where they could be, and as you get older, the dreams get more colorful, vivid and clear. Dan wakes up after a night out with his college friends, not remembering anything from the night before, and with his clock working clockwise. Now he has to find anyone and everyone that was in that party with him, to get to his soulmate before they loose their bond forever.

Words: 6100+  (sorry) 

Fanfics Masterpost   -   AO3 

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Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Loki watched as Thor and his idiot friends sat in a circle, clearly deep in thought. Knowing that there was a significant chance of irritating them, he decided to join them. “Norn’s but are you all not the most cheerful group, who urinated in your mead?” he scoffed as he walked over to them.

“Not now, Loki, we are dealing with something,” Thor growled.

“If it is which one of you is the greatest pain, that truly is a dilemma,” Loki smirked. “What is so difficult for you all?”

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Originally posted by wonhontology

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Warnings: Strong themes, violence, and explicit scenes will come up in future chapters. 

+ one + two + three + four + four.five + five + six

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apink five music video ♡ sixth mini album pink up

anonymous asked:

I saw JessicaNJpa get asked this question and I'd like to hear your thoughts: do you think the cullens have any running jokes or little familial nuances they bring up that happened like fifty years ago?

Haha ohhh yes. I mean, most of them are more recent, and I’ll start with those cause I love them.

(this is actually something that’ll happen in TLP, but let’s be honest, we can guess this is pretty much canon). Esme,Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Bella (and Edward, because Bella is) are all watching a TV show, when a female character gets killed. She was one of Rose’s favorites, and thus she starts an annoyed rant about all the reasons the death was unnecessary and poorly executed. Edward rolls his eyes and huffs: “ Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic?.” Rosalie snarls through her teeth: “ She was the only one on the show I actually loved!”, and Edward huffs some more. “ I know, but I still think you’re overreacting just a little bit.” Rose starts to argue back, but Emmett just scoffs. “Nah Ed, if she was overreacting, she’d be on her way to Volterra right now, with her shirt off.”  For a second everyone hesitates, like they do after most of Emmetts jokes, but then Bella snorts and starts laughing, Alice starts giggling and Jasper chuckles from behind the couch where he was reading, and Rosalie shoots a satisfied smirk in Edwards direction. He can’t decide who he should be more annoyed with, Emmett, or Rosalie, or maybe Bella for laughing so much. Or maybe, Esme, who reproached Emmett, but whose shoulders were shaking suspiciously.
After that, it becomes a running gag. Whenever something goes awry, Emmett pulls of his shirt, throws it on the floor and dashes towards the doors with a shouted: “NO MORE OF THIS WOE; VOLTERRA, HERE I COME!”

Back when E/B started dating (before the whole James Drama ) Edward got a call from a sleep clinic. They had received his resume and were most impressed and wanted to invite him for an interview. He politely declined like the good boy he is, saying unfortunately he had found another position already, ended the call, turned around and hollered: “EMMETT”  A burst of laughter could be heard upstairs and a called: “ I thought you were into watching people sleep now, I just wanted to be helpful. High School over soon man, you gotta find a job!”  ( And this whole watching Bella sleep think is not something he’ll live down soon. Say, for the next faour centuries or so.)

It’s not just Eddie though. Back when Esme was freshly turned and Carlisle fell for her and they weren’t together, there were certainly moments of embarrassment for both of them. Edward respects them too much to make fun of them, but he made the mistake of telling Emmett some stories, who harbours no such restraints. For example, freshly enarmoured Carlisle once asked Esme in an attempt to know her better and connect with her past, what her favorite vegetable was. Which isn’t too embarassing in itself, but the fact that he almost breathed the question and simultaneously perched his chin on his hand while asking sealed the deal. After Emmett heard of it, it was practically impossible for him to ask any question with out repeating that little performance.

Which isn’t to say that Emmett got away without his own share of mocking. His besotted “Rosalie Stare” still gets reinacted, but unfortunately, Emmett isn’t as easily embarrassed. There is a story however, that still makes him grind his teeth- from way back when he was still newborn. They were out hunting, and Emmett, very young and full of energy and without any hunting technique, lunged for a deer teeth-first. He crashed through five trees, but the sixth, a big oak, didn’t break. Instead, Emmett hung half in the air, teeth burried in the wood, Of course it was easy for him to break free, but not soon enough for Edward and Carlisle to see him and to start laughing, His expression when he spat out wood didn’t help- nor when Carlisle said: “ Emmett, I do commend your comittment to the cause, but I am afraid you misunderstood when we said we are vegetarians.” Sometimes when he annoyes Edward, Edward just buys him a beaver onesie and tells him to go build a dam.

And then of course there’s Esme’s little crush on Bon Jovi.

Departure (Mrs. Taylor’s Death + Jason x Zack)

Prompt:  After reading “the sixth warrior” I was wondering what would happen when Zack’s mom dies. (Bonus points if there is JasonxZack)

Author’s Note: I am so sorry this took so long. I didn’t even get everything I wanted in. Anyways, I hope you guys pay attention to this one in particular. Sorry for the crappy writing and transitions.

Part 1: My Five Warriors

Part 2: My Sixth Warrior



As usual, Zack sat atop the abandoned train car in the mines. He looked out at Angel Grove, realizing that he had never hated anything as much as he did at that moment. He just sat there and stared, not wanting to move, think, or even breath anymore, but he wasn’t going to cry. Not now.


Zack didn’t move, but he responded. “Hey! What are you doing here, Red?” Zack tried to keep his voice upbeat and insane as he always did.

Jason didn’t respond, nor did he move. The two of them kept their positions in silence for what seemed like months. 

“You know why I’m here,” Jason sighed.


Again, silence dominated. Without saying anything, Jason jumped onto the car and sat beside Zack, shoulders against each other. It wasn’t much, but Zack could feel that Jason was really trying. That within itself comforted Zack a bit.

Neither of the boys made a move. They sat there and stared in comfortable silence. Everything seemed stagnant. For hours, that’s what the two of them did.

When the sky began darkening, Jason cleared his throat. “Have you eaten?”

Zack raised an eyebrow, not looking at Jason. “We’ve been sitting together for hours. What do you think?”

Jason flushed and scratched the back of his head. “Right.”

And again, with the silence. “Donuts?”

Zack shook his head. “Not hungry.” He threw in a smile for the heck of it.


Finally, the sky turned navy, revealing a bright moon, and still, Jason sat with Zack. He still wasn’t going to cry though. Not now.

“Do you want to go to sleep?”

Zack didn’t feel tired, and he didn’t respond, assuming that keeping his mouth shut was response enough.

“When was the last time you ate? Or slept?”

Zack huffed and smiled at Jason. It was the first time he looked at the red ranger during this entire encounter. For both the boys, it revealed dark circles and pale skin. Zack was shocked at how Jason looked, but Jason wasn’t at all surprised at how Zack looked.

“When was the last time you did either of those things?” Zack shot back, worried.

“… I suppose we’re both struggling, huh?”

And again, the silence swept over them. Now, the teenagers stared at each other instead, taking in the tired features. Zack still wasn’t going to cry. It wasn’t the time.

“Come on, let’s go to bed,” Jason grunted as he stood up. He held his hand out to Zack, offering his help. Zack hesitated, but ended up taking up Jason on his offer anyways.

Jason lifted Zack up and led him away from the hideout. “Where are we going?”

“To a bed. We aren’t going to sleep in the mines, Zack.”

Zack stopped and laughed maniacally, lifting his head to the stars. “Look Bossman, I know you’re our leader and everything, but I’m not going back there.” Zack gave Jason a shit-eating grin. “And you can’t make me.”

Jason slowly turned around and gave Zack a tired and blank stare. “Drop the act,” Jason said - no, commanded. “Now isn’t the time.”

Zack’s smirk was wiped away. “Why not? Nothing’s changed here, Red,” Zack spat back.

Jason stared at Zack sympathetically. 

“Don’t give me that look,” Zack huffed a small laugh, eyes wrinkling up for effect. “Nothing has changed,” he repeated.

“Zack…” Jason whispered, “drop it.”

Then, Zack could feel it: the pang in his chest. His breath shuddered, and a lump formed in his throat. Not now. He took a deep breath, reeling the emotions in. He swallowed the lump, and nodded at Jason. “Not there.”

Jason slightly dropped his head, agreeing. “I wasn’t intending to take you there anyways; we’re going to my house.”

And just like that, silence, again. Zack appreciated it. 

The two of them reached Jason’s house an hour or two later. The mines were far. Jason left his window open when he went to look for Zack, so they just climbed the side of the house to Jason’s room, not wanting his parents to see or hear them.

Jason entered first, and Zack entered second, swinging his leg over the windowsill. Jason took of his jacket and threw it to the side, not really caring where it went, so Zack did the same. He took off his gloves too. 

“I don’t have clothes… and I haven’t showered in a while.”

“I’ve noticed,” Jason smiled bemusedly. “Bathroom’s right down the hall: the door on the right. Tip-toe.” Jason threw a towel at Zack, no clothes.

Zack left the room without a word. He found the bathroom open, so he slipped inside, closed the door, and locked it. He took a short shower, enjoying the sensation of the warm water running down his body that he hadn’t felt for so long. He usually let his mom use all the hot water.

Zack returned to the room safely with the towel wrapped around his waist. He held it with his left hand, and he held his dirty clothes in his right. Jason was sitting on the edge of the bed. Zack had been in the room before, so he didn’t really pay attention to his surroundings too much, knowing that Jason most likely hadn’t changed anything. He walked over to the laundry basket and gave Jason a questioning look. Jason understood and nodded to Zack, so Zack dropped his clothes into the basket.

Jason stood up after Zack let his dirty clothes go and held out a pair of checkered black and red boxers. Zack silently chuckled. Black and red, of course.

Zack slipped into the boxers while Jason stripped down into black boxer briefs. “Awful lot of black for the red Power Ranger, don’t you think?”

Jason shrugged. “It’s my favorite color.” He was facing his laundry basket, back to Zack.

“… It’s a shade.”

Jason’s head rose, still turned away from Zack. He seemed to understand what Zack was implying. “No… it’s a color. It’s my favorite.”

Zack felt the back of his neck heat up at that. “Okay,” was all Zack could say.

“Bed?” Jason gestured towards the mattress. 

Zack walked over to the edge and waited for Jason to slide under the blankets. Jason scooted in and patted the open space beside him. The bed wasn’t big, but it fit two people if they got close. Zack slid in, back to Jason.

He didn’t know if he could sleep, but he closed his eyes. Jason slipped an arm around Zack’s torso and the other arm under Zack’s head. He had it bent so that Zack’s head rested on Jason’s forearm and bicep while Jason’s palm was underneath his own head. Jason tugged Zack close.

Silence reigned supreme once again. Zack didn’t know what he could say, if he should say anything at all. He just enjoyed the warmth of Jason’s body against his and the pressure of the arm wrapped around him.

She’s gone,” Zack whispered, more to himself than to Jason.

“She is,” Jason quietly said. 

Not the response Zack was looking for, but apparently it did the trick. He didn’t need sympathy; he didn’t need comfort; he didn’t need anything. 

“I’m alone.”

The arm around his torso squeezed. “No.” 

“Yeah, I am.”

“Never,” Jason said as-a-matter-of-factly.

There was a pause. “… Why?”

Jason didn’t raise his voice; didn’t stutter; didn’t hesitate. “Because I love you,” he stated, clear as day. “And the rangers will never leave you.”

Zack could feel his breath hitch, but he didn’t respond. He only let Jason hold him even tighter, if possible. “Okay,” he accepted. There was warmth in his chest, but there was also a deep crack. He could feel it getting bigger and bigger by the second.


He cried. He let out a sob. “She’s never coming back, Jason. Why did they take her from me?! Why won’t they give her back?! I want her back!” His voice broke and cracked in random syllables. He burrowed his face into the soft section of Jason’s elbow, and Jason shoved his nose into the crook of Zack’s neck. 

“I know, I know,” Jason kept whispering as Zack cried out curses. Zack could feel tears on his neck, clearly coming from Jason.

After a couple minutes, Zack’s sobbed calmed a bit to a whimper. “Is she ever coming back?” 


“But Billy did,” Zack protested.

“You know that’s different.”


Minutes passed by. Then, Jason moved. He kept his arm under Zack’s head, but he lifted his own head, twisting it around to the side of Zack’s face. He placed a careful kiss on the corner of Zack’s mouth.

“It doesn’t mean much right now, but I do love you. I’m sure she knew because she always gave me a knowing look every time she caught me staring at you. I know you don’t want to hear it, but I’m going to keep saying it until it goes through that dense head of yours. I love you. You won’t be alone since I’ll be here.”

Zack twisted his body around, keeping Jason’s arm where they were. He faced Jason now. “Okay.” With that, Zack wrapped both of his arms around Jason’s chest and buried his face into Jason’s chest.

He was didn’t cry anymore. He didn’t speak. The crack in his chest grew infinitely, and it hurt. But the warmth grew too. He didn’t feel okay right now, but maybe one day, with Jason, he would be.

Zack returned to school the next day. He didn’t have any of his books or anything because they were still there, and he had no intention of going back anytime soon. 

He wore Jason’s clothes. That morning, when Jason left through the front door, Zack left through the window. He didn’t know what he was doing at school, but he had nothing better to do. The teachers saw him and gave him questioning looks. Multiple times throughout the day, he was asked if he was sure that he wanted to be there.

Zack didn’t know what else there was to do. Plus, this way, he could be with Jason and the rangers. Everyone who knew who Zack was gave him their sympathies and apologized for his loss. It was an empty gesture, and he didn’t appreciate it. He nodded and smiled though, thanking them and moving on.

The rangers though, they didn’t say anything, knowing that there was nothing to be said. They all had dark circles under their eyes too, feeling the loss themselves. 

Zack heard that Tommy cried and screamed when she found out in the command center. Trini was stuck in one place, grieving in silence as tears ran down her face. Billy crumpled up against a wall and whimpered, muttering to no one in particular about “who was going to play chess with him now?” or “who was going to teach him how to talk to others?” Kimberly tried to stay strong and comfort the others, but tears streamed out of her eyes too, voice cracking as she rubbed the backs of the other rangers. Jason… Jason’s first instinct when Zordon informed them was to ask about Zack.

They all looked miserable, but they stood strong together.

The funeral was simple and sparse. It was only the rangers. Zack had used the money he saved up for the medical bills every month to get the best for the funeral. It was extravagant, designed with flowers and ribbons everywhere. Red, blue, green, yellow, and pink covered the cemetery for the funeral. It was meant to celebrate her life, but it didn’t feel that way. The only color that they noticed was black: the black coffin, the black dresses, the black suits. That was the only color that mattered at the moment.

None of them spoke. The coffin laid in the Hearse. Each of them gulped and slowly lifted it. It could’ve been carried with just 2 people given their strength, but they all wanted to put her down together. 

They marched to the hole in the ground and paused. They didn’t put her down. They didn’t want to accept it just yet. They wanted just a little more time with her. 

Finally, the coffin was gently laid down minutes later. The area was lined in bright colors, but none of them noticed. They stood in a line in front of the hole, shoulder to shoulder. No one moved. 

Tommy was whimpering. Trini had a stoic face on, but tears still escaped. Kimberly took a deep shuddering breath in through her nose, and released it. Billy couldn’t seem to comprehend what was happening. Jason slipped his hand into Zack’s and squeezed. Zack stared. There was no more crying for him.

Slowly, each of them took a turn picking up the shovel and tossing dirt onto the coffin. Each time the dirt thudded against the sleek wood, each of the rangers felt like they were being shot. Zack went last. 

Then, they all dropped a note written on a wooden slab. 

Tommy thanked her and wished her good luck. Trini drew a picture of the rangers running in a golden field with a figure in a flowing sundress watching them dash around. The figure had it’s back to the point of view. Kimberly’s slab was hidden. Jason’s assured her that they would take care of Zack. And Zack’s simply said ‘I Love You.’

Just like that, it was over, and the rangers walked away without a word. They went to the abandoned train car for a night in the mines together.

“You know… she called us her warriors,” Billy spoke up, staring into the campfire.

It was dark now and they were all in sleeping bags around the campfire. Jason and Zack shared a sleeping bag.

“… Then we’ll be her warriors,” Tommy voiced.

“I bought an apartment,” Jason whispered later that night when the other angers fell asleep. “You’re moving in with me.”

“No input on my part?”


This was how it was. Jason was a simple man when it came to moments like these. He always knew the right thing to do and say, but he always stated it with authority, letting the world know that he would take the wheel from here. He would guide them to a safe place again before loosening up.


“We’re going to the Angel Grove University.”


“I love you.”

“Okay.” Zack felt the warmth grow just a little faster.

The next morning the rangers sat side by side on the train car to watch the sunrise, still in the funeral attire. 

“We’ll be okay,” Zack said. “We’re her six warriors.”

With that, the rangers smiled. The sun began creeping up from the horizon. 

“We’ll make it through,” Tommy spoke.

“We’ll protect the world,” Kimberly said.

“We’ll crush our enemies,” Trini gritted.

“We’ll make more friends,” Billy piped up.

“Together, we are more.” Jason whispered.

Zack stood up and screamed at the sun! “BRING IT ON!”

Everyone stood and cheered with Zack. Jason wrapped an arm around Zack’s waist and smiled brightly at him. 

Zack smiled back. “I love you,” Zack finally said.

At Your Service ~Seven~

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five ~ Part Six

The morning came swifter than you would have wished. You had fallen asleep sitting against the wall after hours of dwelling on the scenes of the day before. You could not shake the sense that you had overstepped yourself and yet Thranduil’s reaction had been entirely gratifying. You had never expected to affect the king so deeply but you kept your pride in check as you pulled on a clean apron. You could never count short the Elvenking.

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