five servos of doom

Re-watching "Five Servos of Doom"

Transformers Animated, Season Three. Aw yeah, Prowl episode. COLIN, THIS SPOILER WARNING IS JUST FOR YOU.

  • Oh Sentinel.
  • Just leave when a bot’s asking you a question Prowl. OMG Optimus is Commissioner Gordon to Prowl’s Batman.
  • Also, nice use of the motorcycle mode in this episode.
  • I like how everybody’s like “Sentinel being competent? That can’t be right.”
  • Jazz and Prowl being ninja-y together! Badass.
  • …I don’t think Sari’s in this episode. No women anywhere, huh. D:
  • Knowing how this episode ends, I’m actually really impressed by Lockdown’s skills.
  • Jetfire and Jetstorm are geeking out over Sentinel and that is cute and hilarious.
  • Cyber-ninja
  • Omfg I want George Takei to send me on a mission to ~find myself spark~
  • LOCKDOWN I thought you wore a poncho in this episode ): I was wrong.
  • Liar Starscream/Ramjet you are the Best.
  • “Whoa bro, p over m”
  • Not even starting on the whole ninja-samurai thing. This show has its problems.
  • PROWL ;___;

I think I like blogging my cartoons. Expect more of this! Any suggestions for shows/episodes or whatever, just let me know.