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when you make the plan and you’re the only one who shows up

Bad Reputation (Song Preference)

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,301

Requested: Yes

A/N:I hate that i’m making you all wait so long for stories but, I promise i’m trying my best here. Today i’ve dedicated the whole day to writing and emptying my inbox sooo wish me luck. Hope you all enjoy :-)

She got a bad reputation

She takes the long way home

All my friends have seen her naked

Or so the story goes

The cafeteria was abuzz with gossip and mindless chatter of the hormonal teenagers. It smelled of leftover pizza and stale fries. The room was so overcrowded the fire marshal would have a stroke at the large amount of student all squished into the small space.

Michael sat and observed the busy place. Person after person passed by his bored eyes as they all went to their designated places. Michael’s people watching was interrupted but a slap on his shoulder.

“Right, Mike?” he looked up to see his friend Calum smiling at him mischievously.

“What?” Michael asked with a confused expression.

“Luke was just talking about how he got some sick nudes from that Y/N chick” Calum chuckled.

Luke was seated across from Michael and looking at his phone triumphantly. “Yeah man, I was talking to her last night and she sent me this super hot snapchat” Luke beamed.

“Eh that’s not that impressive” The fourth member of the group, Ashton, interjected. “I mean hasn’t like everyone seen her naked?” He inquired.

“I mean duh” Luke replied “But she’s still hot” He finished.

Mistakes we all make them

But they won’t let it go, no

She got a bad reputation

But I know what they don’t

Michael simply rolled his eyes as his ignorant friends. He had known Y/N and he knew that she wasn’t the type of girl they thought she was. She was smart, funny, generous, and kind. He could remember when they used to be best friends up until eighth grade. High school was when everything changed.

Michael began getting closer with Calum, Ashton,and Luke and soon they had started their band together and that began to take up majority of his time. Meanwhile, Y/N had met her former boyfriend, Blake. They were together for about six months until she finally broke it off after the incident.

In the beginning of their relationship, Y/N and Blake were very sexual and were known to show more PDA in the halls at school. They were inseparable and constantly had their hands on each other. Pretty soon, the two would exchange sexual pictures back in forth, sometimes even in class. On their half year anniversary, Y/N went to surprise Blake at his house since she knew that his parents were gone for the weekend. When she had arrived she caught him in the bed with another girl. She was absolutely heartbroken by this and broke up with him immediately to much of Blake’s dismay.

By this time Blake had a nice collection of Y/N’s “pictures” and out of anger he showed them to all his friends and his friend showed them to their friends and so on until the whole school had seen them. Not only was Y/N embarrassed but she was also hurt. She would’ve never expect someone who she trusted so much to betray her in such a way.

She got a bad reputation

Nobody gets too close

A sight of a soul when it’s breaking

Making my heart grow cold

After all of this, Y/N’s friends didn’t want to be seen with her any longer which left her alone in the big school. She was mocked and teased constantly. Michael pitied her and tried to reached out to her, but she became introverted and withdrew from all social interactions.

He soon began to miss their youthful friendship and he couldn’t figure out what kind of a guy would do such a thing to her.

Pretty soon after the incident more people started to say that she had sent them pictures as well or she had performed sexual acts. At this point Y/N was weak and beaten, so she simply took all the hit to her reputation.

Michael knew better than to listen to the harsh rumors. He wanted so badly to pick her back up and place her back down on her feet again so she might have a fighting chance again. He had wished that he would have kept in touch with her throughout the years.

And I don’t care what they say about you baby

They don’t know what you’ve been through

And trust me, I could be the one to treat you like a lady

Let me see what’s underneath, all I need is you

The school’s bells rung signaling that classes had ended for the day. Michael walked out in the parking lot to his car. He hopped into the driver’s seat and turned on his radio to a deafening volume. Loud music would drown out the rest of the world and help him think. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel as he drove when he looked out his side window to see Y/N walking all alone.

Michael pulled up next to her and slowed down so he could go the same pace as her.

“Hey Y/N” He said to her.

She didn’t even look up. She kept her head down and shoved her hands in the pockets of her skinny jeans and continued walking.

“Are you on your way home? I can give you a ride home if you want”. When she remained quiet he continued speaking “Y/N, you okay? If you want to we can talk. Just get in the car and I can drive you home,you look tired”

The girl halted her steps causing Michael to step on his brake pedal which made him stop as well.

Y/N looked up at him “Why do you suddenly care, Michael? You haven’t talked to me in years. Why now are you concerned for me? Do you pity me? I don’t need your pity. I just want to walk home. Alone.” with that she tore her eyes away from his and walked at a faster pace, trying to get away from him.

Michael started driving again but didn’t leave her side “Look, I don’t pity you. To be completely honest, I miss you. I miss our fun times and our friendship” he confessed

Y/N scoffed “If you really valued our friendship so much then why did you ditch me?”

“It’s complicated” he explained. “I was a dumb freshman and I didn’t know any better, but you have to believe me. I changed as a person since then”

“Yeah, well, I’ve changed too.” Y/N stated simply.

Michael sighed at the stubborn girl “Y/N, i’m sorry. I really am and I want to move forward. I know that you’ve been through alot in the past year but I do not pity you. I’m trying to reach out to you but you keep pushing my away. It’s not healthy and I love you and I don’t want to see you suffer anymore”

Y/N covered her face with her hands and soon he saw her shoulders shake as sobs racked her body. Michael quickly pulled his car off of the road and ran to her side. He wrapped his arms around her and embraced her.

When he had eventually calmed Y/N down enough he lead her to the passenger side of his car before getting back into his own seat.   

“You’re right Michael” Y/N sniffled. “I push people away. I can’t help it though, imagine if the people you trusted the most had hurt and abandoned you. It pains me so much. So, I lock everyone out. I don’t want to. I just want to be normal again.”

Michael reached over and grasped her hand and gave it a light squeeze. “I’m here now, and I can see what’s underneath all those ugly rumors. I see you as the beautiful, intelligent, sweet, funny person you are and I promise I won’t leave you again.”

She got a bad reputation

She takes the long way home

idk what this is. lowkey inspired from a scene from gilmore girls lmao. fwb!calum. wc: 2907

Content. The pillow under your head was cold just in the way you liked it and you felt content. Sleep was slowly slipping away from you, but you didn’t want to let it. Birds were chirping and cars were whirring by, the world was starting it’s day, but you were not ready to start yours. All you wanted was to snuggle into your bed a little bit longer. The soft sheets tangled around your legs, the smooth surface of the pillow against your cheek, the finger tips tracing unrecognizable shapes into your back. Wait, your eyes shot open and you flipped around on to your back taking in your surroundings. This wasn’t your bed or your sheets or your bedroom. 

“Mornin’ baby,” Calum said, leaning his head on his hand looking down at you lying next to him. Oh right, you were at Calums. 

“Morning?” You asked shocked, stretching your arms past your head with a big yawn. “I fell asleep last night? Why didn’t you wake me?” 

You pushed off the bed, sitting up right and swinging your legs till your feet connected with the floor. 

“Well, I tired you out baby girl what can I say I was pretty proud,” He said as he scooted over, he lifted his calloused hand up to sweep all your hair over your shoulder planting soft kisses on the exposed skin. 

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003. 5SOS Preferences: False Alarm

 I worry these were better in my head. Let me know.


He hadn’t felt these sort of nerves coursing through his veins since the first time the band opened for One Direction, their very first stadium show, but Luke had a feeling that those butterflies hadn’t been half as bad as the ones fluttering around in his stomach right now with their wings made of razorblades. Drumming his hands on his lap, he tried to think of anything else than what was going on behind the hotel bathroom door, but it was hard to concentrate. He turned on the television, but it was just static in the background, his eyes couldn’t keep focused on any of the scenes playing out in front of him. His eyes shifted from the open closet door where yours and his shoes were discarded, but then he wound up staring at the bathroom door again. Luke glanced at the digital clock and then the mini fridge, but his eyes always returned to the bathroom.

His mind told him that he was an idiot. This was his fault. You were on the pill, but you had asked him an abundance of times to wear a condom and he always groaned about it until you just rolled your eyes and agreed to let him pull out. Some times were really hit and miss, but he was confident that nothing would happen. Other guys knocked up their girlfriends, not him. Besides, he had heard on some reality show in Australia that getting pregnant was actually really difficult for most people.

The bathroom door knob jiggled and he watched it move all the way to the left, his eyes electrocuted with anxiety. Luke didn’t even let you walk out of the washroom, as soon as he saw you standing in the door way, the plastic test in one hand while you were turning off the bathroom light in the other, he pounced, “So?”

Looking down at the test in your hands while you unconsciously sucked in your cheeks, you looked pensive. Luke couldn’t gage where your head was at. He figured that if it was positive, you would be freaking out and sobbing and, if it was negative, you’d be jumping for joy the way you did on the wings of the stage when he performed. You didn’t look happy, you didn’t look scared, you had on the same face you wore when studying for finals.

“So? What’s the deal?” Luke finally rose up from the bed. He put his hands into the pockets of his beige trousers to keep from fidgeting.

“It’s negative. False alarm.” You shrugged, finally looking away from the test.

Luke was right in front of you, so you gave him a tiny smile and walked away from him to toss the test in the waste bin next to the hotel desk. If you were pregnant, it would have said, you were far enough long on your cycle. So, you chalked it up to a hormonal change or the fact that your life was slightly more hectic being on the road with Luke all of the time.

As if you had just told him that his family were the only survivors in a tragic plane hijacking, Luke let out the loudest and most refreshing sigh of relief. A chorus of Evangelical church singers should have clapped and hollered the way into the room because Luke was mentally thanking the Good Lord, his smile the size of the city you two were currently in.

“How come you’re not happy? That’s the result we wanted.” Luke asked while he hopped back onto the bed’s foot. He was flabbergasted that you weren’t ringing around the rosy or just busting a move in general. “You said in the store that you didn’t know what you would do if it was positive…” He reminded you, but the words hadn’t yet left your mind.

From the moment you realize you were late, a whole week ago, you had a lot of time to do nothing, but think about being pregnant and raising a child. Your mind at floated back and forth between terror and hope. While in the store scrambling to buy a pregnancy test and then get the Hell out of dodge, you had been nervous and the idea of having a responsibility so large made you feel like you would pass out, but in the two minutes you had to yourself, in the bathroom, you thought that it might not be so bad. You couldn’t imagine how it would feel to give a baby away for adoption after carrying for it and nurturing it inside of you for nine months and you weren’t sure your own opinion on abortion. Somehow, you had settled into thinking that everything happened for a reason and, if the results were positive, if there was two pink strips, everything would work out.

You were surprised by your own reaction just as Luke was. You didn’t think you would feel so blue about the news.

“I just feel sort of…” Your tongue and mind worked together, searching for the right word, but it didn’t exist. A couple syllable to sum up them magnitude of all you felt. “I don’t know.” Simply, you shrugged in defeat and laid down beside him on the bed, your hands on your stomach and eyes on the ceiling light. He had to report to the arena soon and you were debating whether or not you wanted to come or go out exploring on your own.

“You’re not sad it’s negative, are you?” He spun to the side for some view of you, expecting to see you growing a second head; he looked so perplexed by his own question. You didn’t react to his question at all though, leaving his face flushed and eyebrows descending downward at a sharper angle than before. “Come on, [Y/N], you know we’re not ready for that.” Luke was still just a kid himself after all and he couldn’t fathom even a quarter of what it took to raise a child well.

“I know, I just…I’m not as thrilled as I thought I would be. That’s all.”

Luke didn’t know what to say. He was so sure that you two were on the same page. No babies for eons.

“Well, I am thrilled enough for the both of us.” He summed up, standing onto his feet and beginning to collect his things in preparation to leave for a night of performing.

“Having a baby with me would be that terrible?” Resting your weight on your elbows, you sat up and asked his backside.

“No. Don’t word it like that.” He grumbled, scrunching up his face while opening up his suitcase in search of a different shirt. “Having a baby, right now, with anyone would be really hard.” He clarified.

You wanted to argue with him. The need for a heated debate tying itself around your bones, but you knew that Luke was right. While you were both entitled to feel how you wanted to, having a baby right now would have been more difficult than anything else. You two had so much living left to do on your own. It just wasn’t the right time.



The stomach pains were beyond any physical ache you previously knew. They made cramps from your period feel like a hot stone massage. You could remember falling off of your bike when you were about eight years old, smashing your funny bone into a cement block in the parking lot, but these current hits of pain were far worse.

In the emergency room, nearly eleven PM after you had woken up crying from the pain, the doctor came back to report that it had nothing to do with your appendix as if he first assumed. The morphine drip was certainly making the pain feel like pleasure as you laid in an open thin gown in the bay bed, Ashton sitting at the side with his head resting under your covered legs like they were a pillow. He was exhausted, but he had been the one to insist you go to the hospital. These pains had started two days ago after all and, while you acted like they were nothing, he worried they could be more.

“Alright, Miss [YourLastName]…” The doctor sighed as he re-entered your room for what felt like the umpteenth time. “We’re going to bring in an ultrasound tech to check for any cysts on your ovaries.” You nodded along to the words, Ashton sitting up straight again and watching the doctor for all information. “While you’re here though, is there any chance you could be pregnant? Are you sexually active?”

Your eyes rolled upward as you tried to consider your cycle, but it had always been so all over the place that it was difficult to keep up with.

“I guess so?” You told the doctor with an uncertain squint and then looked over at Ashton, worried he would faint and need your hospital bed. He didn’t show any expression though, he was still just looking at the doctor and listening.

“Alright. Well, I’ll take you down to the lab for some bloodwork, we’ll check if that could be the culprit, and when you come back the ultrasound will be set up.” Dr. Oleander merrily said with a click of his pen against the clipboard. “I’ll just be outside filing your paperwork.” He said while leaving, already looking for a nurse to do that for him.

“Do you want me to come with you?” Ashton asked attentively, watching as you tried to get up without tangling your IV cords.

“No. It’s alright.” It was just blood work, you could be a big girl. “Why don’t you go get yourself a coffee or something?” His eyes were sunken in from how long you two had been awake. You knew he was desperate for real sleep. “Thank you for staying with me.” Fondly, you looked down at him and leaned in for a kiss while slipping on your comfortable flats.

“Where else would I be?” Rhetorically, he asked and pushed out of the plastic chair to help you with the IV.

“Well when the doctor said it could be pregnancy, I thought you would zip right out of here.” Watching the floor carefully as you walked, you mentioned.

“Why?” Ashton laughed at the mental image you provided. “If we’re pregnant, we’re pregnant. That’s okay.”

More surprised than you had been at Ashton’s blank face earlier, you couldn’t believe how chill he was now. He said ‘we’ and not ‘you’, you wondered if, maybe, the nurses loaded you up on too much morphine and you were hallucinating. Maybe, Ashton was actually having a fit and you couldn’t tell. You looked over yourself and watched him, opening up his wallet and checking for vending machine change. He felt your stare and looked up slowly, smiling back.

“You want to have a baby?” You had to check before leaving or else it would be on your mind the whole time you were having blood drawn out of you.

“It’s not actively on my list, but if it happens, it happens.” He shrugged, a far cry from the guy who was on you to get on birth control when you two started sleeping together last year. You didn’t know where the change had happened. Ashton kissed you again and rested his hand on the small of your back to keep the gown closed. “I’ll walk down with you and then meet you back here.”

After what you assumed was a gallon of your blood had been taken from you for testing, you walked back to the room and felt tiny pangs of pain again. You imagined them as a baby kicking, knowing that it wasn’t, but you tried to feel as relaxed as Ashton seemed. Your mind tip toed around the idea, asking yourself questions of preparation and what it would be like. As soon as you were back in the room, you saw Ashton with a muffin and coffee, making small talk with the nurse who was setting up the miniature ultrasound machine.

“Hello.” They both sand at you pleasantly while you carefully put yourself back into the bay bed.

“Alright, we’ll just untie your top and get your stomach prepped…” The nurse came closer and prompted you, but you reached behind your neck and pulled apart the thin strings that were keeping your hospital gown somewhat closed. You slowly rolled down your top, revealing your sore breasts. Ashton’s eyes fell to them out of reflex, but he took your hand instead and smiled assuringly up at you. If you two weren’t in this scenario, he knew he would have been all over them as they were one of his favorite things to fondle. “It’s going to be cold.” She warned you of what you already knew and began to spread a layer of blue jelly over your stomach.

The machine peeped as she wiped her hands, letting her know that it was set, and she took the wand carefully and brought it over your stomach.

“There’s a heartbeat?” Nervously, you gasped.

“It’s yours.” The nurse laughed as she assured you. This wasn’t her first day on the job after all. “Alright…” She moved down to where your ovaries, away from your general stomach area, and scanned slowly in a circle motion. “Ah, that’s what’s making you feel so terrible.” She nodded and pointed to the small screen with her other hand. It was a cyst. A cruel tiny build up of fluid. “The blood work will tell us what kind of cyst it is, but I wouldn’t worry. It’ll go away around the time of ovulation…”

Just like that the nurse was packing up, but your eyes fell away slowly from the screen and watched yours and Ashton’s fingers linked together on the bed, right by your side. You imagined this would be what it was like if you were to be pregnant, the two of you studying a small screen, listening for a heartbeat.

“It’s good to know what it is finally.” Ashton leaned back and sighed, his thumb running smoothly over your knuckles. “The mind kind of races, you know…”

The nurse wiped off your stomach and left with a simple goodbye, leaving you and Ashton alone with all your thoughts. You knew you weren’t pregnant so when the doctor finally returned to tell you the results of your blood work and explain to you what a follicular cyst was, you weren’t surprised. You and Ashton had always been safe when it came to sex, as safe as two could be while making like rabbits on a tour bus. However, it was nice, even when you were in pain, to know that Ashton was going to be okay with everything – whatever everything happened to be.


He was absolutely alive. A drink in hand, his head weaving to and ‘fro under the moving green lights, Michael was having a better time than anyone else in your group at the club and pretty much everyone was enjoying themselves.

“Why aren’t you drinking?” He asked as he leaned in in front of you, still dancing on his knees. You were seated with your legs crossed on the velvet booth, watching your friends running around and waiting for a song you knew to come on so you could get up and dance along with it. He offered you a sip of his, but you politely shook your head.

“Just not tonight.” You called as loudly as you could without screaming, the music louder than your own thoughts.

“Come on. What’s going on?” Michael didn’t accept your answer, his eyes closing and head shaking. He was drunk, somewhat, and he wanted you to be on the same dizzy cloud of alcohol he was currently partying on. “Are you sick?” Even intoxicated and having a great time, Michael was always a very on top of it boyfriend. He offered you Tylenol and arms to nap in any time you said you mentioned sore muscles or a headache. He was a keeper and you knew it.

You weren’t planning on telling him, but you thought that, maybe, when drunk that he would take the news well. Besides, your friends had all agreed that it shouldn’t just you dealing with a pregnancy scare since it would have been Michael’s baby making juice that did the actual impregnating.

Inhaling, you finally told him, “I’m late. So I’m just being a bit cautious…”

At first, Michael nodded, but then he came around the small black table between you and sat right by your side, knees knocking.

“What did you say?” He couldn’t hear you over the bass line.

“I’m late.” You leaned into him, your hair on his shoulder, as you tried again. “So I’m just being cautious and not drinking until I know what’s going on.” It was too soon to take a pregnancy test, but if your period didn’t come in a couple days, you would. You could be just as wild as Michael was, you both had taken part in some spontaneous activities that even left Niall Horan’s head flustered, but for now, you took on the responsible role. He could talk about cannonballing off of balconies and into pools down below, but you were going to do the right thing and take a couple days off of drinking just in case. You also hadn’t been eating shellfish, but that wasn’t nearly as difficult or obvious to everyone.

 Lifting up your head, you studied Michael for a moment, his shift in behavior immediate. He was no longer bouncing like a puppy in the window of a pet shop. He was a statue of himself on the booth, sitting there with large and scared eyes, his pale face even lighter, and his hands gripping his knees like he either needed something to hold onto or something to tear apart. Almost right away, you regretted informing him. You were about to tell him to chill out and not worry, but he stood up and started to walk away from the VIP area, leaving his drink behind on the table.

“What’s going on?” From behind you, Luke leaned in and checked, pulling away from the two girls he was talking with. “Everything cool?”

“It’s fine.” You said without believing yourself and just walked away, following the path you had seen Michael take.

Outside a glass door, leading to a large patio area made of marble and stone that was designated for smoking, you found Michael by himself and looking over the view of West Hollywood. It was lit up like a carnival, alive with a pink and yellow glow underneath a cool September breeze.

“Are you okay?” Carefully, you asked a few steps behind him, your hands fidgeting in front of you. He was clearly sober now, you had absorbed all the alcohol from your body with your simple explanation inside.

“So, are you?” Michael turned to the side slightly, just enough to have a view of you from his peripheral vision.

“I don’t know. I’m just late.” You shrugged back and sighed, taking his open chest as a cue to come closer. You leaned up against the balcony he was on, resting your wrists on the white rail and looking down at the line to get into the club below. It was one in the morning and people were wrapped around the building from what you could tell. “We just have to wait a few days.”

“This is crazy.” Michael’s head dipped low, but he picked it back up with both his hands and scrunched them through his mess of hair. “I can’t even imagine being a father right now…that’s just crazy, I can’t.” His brain was not computing the information he was trying to comprehend. He kept closing his eyes tightly only to open them up again. He felt like he was going to throw up and it had nothing to do with the shots of rum Calum ordered.

“Calm….down.” You annunciated, reaching one of your arms around him to rub his back. “I didn’t mean to freak you out, I’m scared too, but we don’t have anything to freak out about yet, okay?” When or if the time came to take a test, you figured you would cross that bridge only then.

“This is because I like begged and begged you to have sex on the roof of that hotel in Toronto last month, isn’t it? You were like on an ovulating day or something, right?!” Michael was still freaking out, he couldn’t be stopped.

“I don’t think so, I don’t know.” Lightly, you laughed. He was being slightly amusing in his fear. “Stop freaking yourself out because there’s just as much of a chance that I’m not pregnant, right?” Usually, Michael stepped up when you were freaking out. He ran his hands through your hair and down your back, making soft shushes while rocking you in place in his arms, so you took this as your turn to look after him.

There was a moment of silence between you two, the sound of honking cars, turning tires, and loud music playing like white noise in the sky. Eventually, Michael drew closer to you, putting his hip by yours and standing up straighter than he had been.

“I’m going to be around, okay?” He locked eyes with you and promised, but you didn’t quite follow. “If you’re pregnant, I’m not going to dodge. I’ll be here. I’m not going to be the shitty guy who runs away.” It had crossed his mind in his initial freak out, but as he began to simmer down, seeing you so calm, he accepted the possibility and decided that he would be a man. If you were pregnant, he was going to come to every doctor’s appointment, set up the nursery, and even learn about labor breathing techniques if that turned out to be important.

“Thank you, babe.” Smiling, you pushed onto your tip toes and led him into a long, lingering kiss. “It’s all going to be good. Just wait a couple days.” You knew that the wait was unbearable, but it was all you could do. Wait as a united team.


For the most part, Calum had been really sweet as you were moaning in bed, breaking a sweat, and feeling like a tornado had taken over your body. You would joke that this was the end, your organs were shutting down, and he would just chuckle and make you another cold compress or a cup of tea with a glass of orange juice.

He had to go to the studio, but promised to skip out on the pub stop afterwards and come straight home where you were curled up in his bed. When he left you, you had finally began to doze off into some much needed sleep. Calum strolled back into his place as the sun was setting, the room dimmer than before. He marched into his bedroom with a brown paper bag of take out just in case you were up for eating something, but was stunned to see the bed vacant of any life.

The sound of vomiting was as loud as a gong being hit to him and Calum dropped the bag onto his night stand and rushed to the adjoined bathroom. His eyes were round and dark like that of a doll’s as he threw open the door and found you on your knees, hugging the toilet bowl while panting.

“Go away.” You moaned with a pout, not wanting your boyfriend to see you in such form.

“Are you pregnant!?” The horror in his question could have shaken the room.

 Exhausted and gray, you looked up from the bowl of puke and tried to stare at him to let him know how unimpressed you were.

“I told Luke how you had been sick a couple days and he said you’re probably pregnant.” At first, Calum had written the comment off, but now that you were throwing up your life, he wondered and worried.

“Well, Luke would know.” Sarcastically, you grumbled and propped one elbow up on the toilet to hold up your aching head.

“Have you taken a test? Did you talk to a doctor? Why didn’t you tell me?!” The questions were firing like darts from a Nerf gun, one right after the other, and Calum was scrunching up his hair. He began to pace the length of the door frame, just one step back and then forth again. “I’m freaking out. Holy fuck, holy fuck, I didn’t mean to get you pregnant!”

Watching him was making you dizzy and you could feel puke rising in your throat again, closer and closer. As you let it out into the bowl, Calum rushed by you and sat on the edge of the bath tub in order to take your hair in his hands and be somewhat helpful, but his freaking out never ceased. As you threw up bile, you could feel his knees shaking against your spine.

“Calum, calm down, considering there is blood gushing out from between my legs right now on top of this flu, I can assure you I am not pregnant.”

All at once, he stopped hyperventilating. You wiped your mouth on your wrist and groaned as you rose off of your knees and onto your feet.

“Thanks for being so cool about it though.” Angry, you scoffed at him before flushing the toilet and going to brush your teeth.

Through the sink mirror, you could see Calum watching you with apologetic eyes, but you tried to ignore him and let your mouth fill up with a refreshing spearmint flavor. Leaving him alone in the bathroom, you walked out and headed back to where you had previously been in the fetal position in bed. 

You Love Him But He’s Your Best Friend: Michael

Here’s part one of Michael’s, I hope you all like it!-Jess

You Love Him But He’s Your Best Friend: Michael

Your phone buzzes on the nightstand beside you and you groan. With blurry eyes you hit answer and press the phone to your ear.

“What?” you ask your voice still thick with sleep.

“Open your door” a voice says.


“Open your door, it’s freaking freezing out here.”

You pull the phone back and glance at the caller I.D. It was your best friend Michael calling at…at three in the morning!

“Mikey, it’s three in the morning. What do you want?” you ask.

“Come and open your door and you’ll find out” he says.

You sigh, “okay. I’m coming.”

You hang up the phone and curse under your breath. If you weren’t so in love with him there was no way you would be opening your door at three ‘o'clock in the morning for him. You slip on your favorite hoodie since you sleep in nothing but a bra and a pair of boxers you stole from him and walk down the hall to open the door. You pull open the door to be greeted by a very excited Michael, who couldn’t seem to stand still.

“Finally, it took you long enough” he says walking in.

“I’m sorry if I was sleeping like a normal person” you say following him into your kitchen.

“Got anything to eat?” he asks.

“Container in the fridge, help yourself” you say.

You watch as he pulls open the fridge and pulls out the leftover pizza that was in there. He sits down and begins to eat while you walk behind him a pull two Mountain Dews. After handing one to him you sit across from him and sip from yours.

“So…” you say.

“So what?” he says around a mouthful of pizza.

“So, why did you wake me up at three a.m?” you ask.

“Oh, yeah. That” he swallows and smiles at you.

“You are never going to believe what just happened at the store.”

“What happened? And you were at the store but still came over to eat my food?” you say.

“That didn’t have anything I wanted and that’s not the point. The point is that I met the most amazing girl in the world.”

“Oh” you say raising an eyebrow at him.

You could feel your heart breaking at those words but quickly put your own feelings in check.

“Yeah, she’s perfect. Her name is Amanda and she has the most beautiful smile. We’re going out for lunch later at that new place downtown.”

“That’s nice” you say jumping down from your seat on the counter.

“I was thinking maybe you could meet up with us later, I really want you to met her” he says.

“Oh…um….I can’t, I have work and you know how my boss is” you say.

Michael shrugs, “it’s no big deal. You’ll just have to meet her later.”

“Yeah…later, hey listen I have an early morning tomorrow so I’m going back to bed” you say.

“Oh yeah, no problem. I’ll talk to you later” Michael says getting up.

You walk him to the door and he pulls you into a hug.

“Have a good day at work gorgeous” he says pulling away.

“Yeah, have fun on your date” you say softly.

“Hey, you okay?” he asks.

You clear your throat, “What? Yeah, yeah I’m fine just tired.”

“Okay” he says.

You wave goodbye as Michael pulls out of your driveway. You close the door with a quiet click and slide down to the floor. Your heart felt like it was shattering into a billion pieces and your stomach felt like it was doing back flips. You take a deep breath, trying to keep the tears in check but your feelings are too strong. You take another deep breath and wipe your tears away, above all, you wanted Michael to be happy and if this Amanda girl made him happy then you were happy for him. You go back to bed, your thoughts racing on how you were going to keep your feelings to yourself.

Preference #18 - Your Baby Falls Asleep On Him

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He couldn’t believe that it was his baby girl in his arms. He had waited so long for this moment, she was here, and she was perfect.

He knew in that moment that he could never harm her, he would never let anyone upset his little girl.

He looked over at you sleeping in the hospital bed, he smiled to himself, finally having a perfect little family.

Your baby girl started to squirm and wiggle in his arms, so he positioned her on his chest and rubbed her back until she settled down.

Tears filled his eyes and love filled his heart as he saw her tiny eyes shut and she fell asleep on his chest. Ashton kissed her head and rested his hand on her back, making sure she was comfortable.


Calum had been writing and recording in the studio all day, whilst you were at home with your nine month old son who had been none stop crying.

Calum walked through the door and rubbed his temples, looking around the kitchen and living room to see where you was.

“Y/N?” He calls. Babe?“

"You have to help me Cal, he won’t go to sleep! I don’t know what to do!” You cried, passing him the baby.

“It’s okay, shhh.” Calum whispered, holding his son to his chest. “I’ve got you.”

He started to sing ‘The Only Reason’ and within minutes, he was laid on the sofa with your son fast asleep in his arms.


He was talking with the boys whilst they played Fifa, holding his one year old in his arms. You had gone to a work meeting which left them babysitting for the day.

She was playing with the rim of his t-shirt and giggling, but soon enough she was rubbing her eyes to signal she was tired.

Luke started to rub her back as she laid her head on his shoulder. The sound of her Daddy’s voice and his soothing cuddles was enough to make her fall asleep.

“Goodnight my Princess.” He smiles, kissing her head before letting her sleep.


He had been ill for a few days now; the one month old doing nothing but crying and puking.

You are exhausted from looking after him so Michael offered to take care of him for a while.

He decided to play video games whilst his son was relaxed. He laid him with his head on his chest, his body on his stomach.

A few minutes later, he notices that his son is fast asleep for the first time in days. He smiled to himself, liking that his son can be relaxed when he’s with him.

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001. 5SOS Preference: Withdrawal

My first 5sos preference. Not sure if it’s up to par or not. 

ASHTON: “You know what I’ve been thinking about a lot…” Looking down bashfully, Ashton studied the marked up rubber toes of his canvas sneakers. It had been two weeks, the longest you two had really ever been apart since you met, and he was beginning to really lose his mind without you. At first, the phone call had been sweet and he told you that he was going to cook you up one Hell of a meal when you came in to visit and that he missed you enough to finally watch The Little Mermaid with you, but Ashton was finally building enough confidence to speak his mind. He could hear it in your voice that you were yearning for him just as much.

“What?” Not sure what to expect, as you never could from him, you answered.

“That time in the car…remember?” He chuckled to himself, his eyes wide open on his shoes now as he kept his voice down. He was lying back on the hotel bed, Luke in the shower, but he still wanted to be careful. The things you and he often got up to were nobody else’s business and he wanted to keep it that way.

“No, sorry.” You played with him, sounding as cavalier as you could. “Sure you’re not thinking of some other girl?”

“Ha-ha.” Unamused, he muttered. “[Y/N], you know damn well it was your mouth all over me in the back of my car. You still have the seatbelt mark to prove it, I bet.” Firmly, he told you with determination in his voice. The same sort of focus he used when staring down at you on the floor of his car, his package being handled with the utmost care by your cozy mouth. Ashton didn’t ever need a reason to think about the steamy afternoon in his car, parked out by a beach lookout, the memory floated into his mind at all times, inconvenient or not. He was going insane not being able to rope your hair around his fingers and lift his hips in order for you to take another inch.

“So, you miss getting head? Nice.” You chuckled at him, thinking that he was just a typical boy.

“No. I miss you…that was just nice.” He blushed again and returned his gaze to his shoes.

CALUM: “Baby, come visit….” Through a dramatized pout, Calum cooed over the phone. He should have been sleeping, his boxer covered body under the hotel bed sheets as the moon peered in through the window like a lucky fan. “I miss you.”

“I miss you, too, Cal, but it’s got to be, like, three AM there. You need to go to sleep.” Across the world, you reminded him sweetly, your words sounding like hard candy after a large meal to him.

“If you were here, I’d be just as awake.” He argued. “You’d be keeping me up!” Calum laughed as he accused you of working your womanly wiles on him. He always reminded you that you had him charmed every time you two spoke like this.

“I would.” How could you disagree? “Gladly.”

“Do you think, because I’ve been so cool and patient while we’ve been apart, that when you come in next week…we could finally…maybe…”

“No.” You cut him off, knowing exactly where he was going with his question.

“How do you even know what I was going to say, huh?!”

When you and Calum were just friends, you had listened to him talk in detail about how much he wanted to have sex in public, preferably in a park, but you had been against it completely. Calum was loud. He practically called on an elephant parade when you two were in the thick of it. You knew that, without a doubt, you two would get caught if you ventured outside the privacy of four walls to get it on.

“You want to have sex in Central Park.” You told him, assuming it was that park in particular since you would be meeting him in New York next week.

“I’m open to a park in Queens or something. Coney Island even.” Smirking like the cheeky devil he was, Calum casually mentioned. He knew it wouldn’t change your mind, but he wouldn’t be opposed. The idea of having you pinned up against the trunk of a tree was instant arousal for him.

Laughing, you just shook your head and remained amused.

“Goodnight, Cal.” You sang out, waiting for him to say it back so you could hang up and get some sleep.


“Sorry.” As soon as Michael picked up his ringing cell phone, you said in one breath on the other end. “I had just stepped out of my uniform when you called, I had to finish changing.” You explain why you had told him that you would call back not even a few minutes ago.

“I wouldn’t have minded talking to you naked…” His policy was always honesty and Michael grinned at the idea of your naked body, standing there in your bedroom where he had had you to himself a couple times before. “What are you wearing now?” Deviously, he wondered aloud.

“Don’t, Michael.” You laughed and slid up onto your bed, crossing your legs and staring up at the ceiling. He could have been asking you about anything, it was just nice to hear his voice. “My parents are home. I don’t want them to hear this.”

“That didn’t stop you the night before I left.” He reminded you, his fingers busy in his hair as his mind was still imagining your body. “I don’t think we will be leaving the hotel very often when you finally get over here.”

“I’m okay with that.” You nodded. “I just really want to see you again. I know I said I’d be okay with this distance thing, but it’s harder than I thought…” Your soft omission stung him and his smile faded slightly. He knew this was going to be hard on you, he had felt selfish asking you to be loyal to him while he went away on tour with Five Seconds of Summer and One Direction, but he couldn’t risk letting you go and missing the chance to be with you. He forgot all about you being naked and just wished he could have been there to kiss you and feel your arm under his; the way he could when you two would spoon.

“It’s going to work out, I promise.” He reminded you with confidence in his voice. “Trust me, in all the places we visit, there’s no one that holds a candle to you.” Weirdly enough, he sounded so sincere that you kind of believe him. You trusted that he wouldn’t break your heart and that was a definite first for you. “The late night phone calls and Skype will just be memories soon enough.”

“And so will the sex with my parents in the next room?” With one simple question, you destroyed the melancholy air that was lingering over the phone now. Michael lit up again, chuckling as the naked image of you shone back in his brain. He hoped he could commit it to memory.

“Yeah, it’ll be replaced by sex with Luke in the other room!” He howled, thinking he could, maybe, make the lead singer hear him with his voice. “I can’t wait to have your perfect body in my hands again… they are looking and feeling very empty.” You both had agreed that, like jigsaw pieces, you two were made for one another. His hands could hold every inch of you perfectly, cupping your breasts without any spillage and holding your hips to the bed with ease.

“Soon. We’ll be together soon.” You reminded him, staring at yourself on the bed in the closet mirror next to your bed, picturing Michael beside you, his hands roaming freely down your sides.


“When are you coming back?” Luke raced to ask you on the phone. You hadn’t even replied to his ‘Hello, how was your flight?’ yet. He was eating, you could hear the chewing plainly over the phone, and just picturing his cheeks full and lips buttery made you smile to yourself.

“I was literally just there. Aren’t you sick of me yet?”

“No.” Bluntly, he answered right away. “Come back now.” He said, taking another bite. It sounded like a hard crunch and you pictured nectar from an apple on his lips instead of grease.

“I would if I could, babe. Trust me.” The whole flight home, you had been wishing you could stay, but you and Luke were still new and you couldn’t give up your entire life to travel the world with him, being a professional groupie. He was living his dream, after all, and you had your own to make.

“What am I going to do without you, huh?” He pouted, you could hear the sadness in his voice as soon as the eating had ceased.

“You’ve got hands.” Slyly, you told him and tried not to laugh at how cheeky you were. It always drove him crazy, your wit.

“Well, I prefer yours.” Luke came right back and tried to dish it out, but he just wasn’t nearly as sassy as you could be. He always tried though. “And that’s not even what I meant. I just meant I like having you here. It’s nice to come back from stupid interviews and stuff to you.”

“I’ll come visit again and you’ll be here on your break.” You reminded him, but it was good for yourself to hear it too. “We’re going to be the ones that make this work.” The amount of stories of people doing long distance only to break up that you had heard was unbelievable, but you were confident that you and Luke would beat the odds. You were both in sync. No matter where he was in the world, no matter how far, there was a connection that didn’t waiver. For as long as you could, you were going to hang onto that.

“Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the sex too….” He said while biting into his food again.

“What on Earth are you eating, Luke?” Finally, you came right out and asked, dropping your suitcase on top of your neatly made bed that you had missed after weeks on a bus bunk with smelly boys everywhere.

“A chocolate bar.”

You imagined chocolate smeared on his lips unbeknownst to him and somehow, though you didn’t think it was possible, you suddenly missed him even more.