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what are your favorite movies and shows? maybe top 5-10 each? just for fun!

OK. I will do 10 each because there will be categories. The first five are movies/shows I respect and admire in terms of the form, I think they’re excellent examples of that medium and well-crafted and the second five are movies/shows that may not necessarily be the best or movies/shows and ones that don’t necessarily have my utmost respect as superb examples of the medium but they’re ones I consistently rewatch.


1. Do The Right Thing

This movie is always relevant, there are so many layers and I’m introduced to a different theme or issue every time I watch it, it is an extremely important movie and it is well-crafted and well-written and well-executed.

2. GoodFellas

One of the very few movies that can pull off a voiceover. Scorsese is my favourite director and this movie is well-acted, well-directed, brutal and entertaining.

3. Raging Bull

Like I said, Scorsese is my favourite director and Raging Bull is heralded as his masterpiece. At the time he thought it would be his final film and De Niro is credited for saving his life by persuading him to make it.

4. Boyz N The Hood

Boyz N The Hood lacks subtlety but then again it’s not supposed to be a subtle movie, it is extremely powerful and tragic and had a very big impact on me at a young age.

5. The Godfather

I mean, it’s a masterpiece.





1. The Wire

It took me 11 tries to get into The Wire but I have yet to watch a show that is so thorough in its crafting, in its acting, in its perspectives, it is excellent television.

2. The West Wing

Like everything, there are issues with The West Wing but it is well-written, witty and well-acted.

3. Underground

Listen, I just found out that this show got cancelled and I’m hella pissed right now but it was a beautifully-acted, beautifully-shot, important, powerful show.

4. Breaking Bad

A very tight show, well-crafted, no season, no episode is wasted, extremely well-done.

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This is a show that goes into both categories. One I can watch over and over again and one that I deeply respect as a show.

*bonus* Avatar The Last Airbender

A study in plot, character development and world-building. Excellent.


6. LOTR Trilogy

It’s epic, it’s grand and I find it extremely comforting. If I’m having a really bad day or if I feel really anxious or upset, LOTR calms me down. During my time in the mountains (which sadly ends this week) every time I’ve gone on a hike or a long walk I make an LOTR reference. I just love this trilogy so much.

7. POTC Trilogy

I watch any of the three movies when I need to go to sleep and I put them on for background noise and the cinematic nature of it, the panoramic shots, they usually help me write.

8. The Breakfast Club

I grew up watching this movie because my mom had it on tape (which I don’t know why, she is not someone who would like this movie at all) and every year I got a new joke and I of course appreciate as a teen classic.

9. You’ve Got Mail

Very smart, very witty, very light, very funny, very feel-good, like everything it has issues, but it’s just, it’s the perfect romcom.

10. The Mummy

So much nostalgia.


6. Goblin

I could go into it as I’m sure my followers know so I just won’t.

7. Sons of Anarchy

I don’t know what it is about SOA that I can just rewatch consistently but I do and often.

8. Spartacus

There is gratuitous sex and gratuitous violence, but it is also really funny and really intriguing and really suspenseful and entertaining.

9. That 70s Show

I mean, it’s That 70s Show.

10. Archer

So raunchy, so smart, so funny.

imagine being on set of The Outsiders.

“Cut!” Francis would yell.

“*Favorite actor from movie’s name here*, quit staring at *y/n* for five seconds! we’ve got a movie to film here! You can ask her out AFTER we’re done filming.”

Then, his face gets red and he laughs along with all the boys.

“How do you expect me not to stare at somebody so gorgeous?” he smiles, and Francis rolls his eyes while you blush uncontrollably.

detective conan movie 22 speculation (taken from a fuck ton of japanese websites)

This is the result of what japanese conan fandom have managed to mine from a five second preview of movie 22. Most of it is from april 2017 when movie 21 came out, since the preview ran after the credits. I’m not going to include sources, because this can all be found by typing in “conan movie 22″ in japanese into google. That’s how easy this was.

things most people seem to agree on:

–furuya rei is a main character.

–it’s not going to be a BO movie– at least, following the unspoken rule that side-characters who feature heavily in one conan movie won’t appear again in another movie until at least a few years later. It’s only been 1~2 years since movie 20, so BO involvement here is very unlikely.

–it’ll involve the PSB in some way. As precedent, movie 18, which featured (subaru) akai and masumi, involved the FBI in its plot. This movie features rei.

–during his police academy days, rei was friends with matsuda and date, who are both pretty popular despite only appearing once (and being dead).

–the preview points to a terrorist bombing case, which… hello, matsuda.

–oh yeah, it’s probably a terrorist bombing case– a large-scale one, especially if it involves the PSB and a city-wide power outage. That’s grand enough for a conan movie. Also, conan movies love bombing the shit out of everything, so it fits.

–it’s not a full backstory movie, because that would mean conan himself would barely be in it.

–recent conan movies have operated on somewhat of a pattern: the movie would introduce an idea or character/plot thread, which would be confirmed and expanded upon in the manga (see subaru=akai in 18, rum in 20, momiji in 21). We’re very likely to get new backstory about rei and the PSB.

Also, I heard that apparently the full title was leaked, but that’s false. The structure of the title was revealed a few days ago (on sept. 23, 2017). The structure in japanese, lovingly copy-pasted from twitter, is


(the ○ are placeholders for actual letters, btw.)

An impromptu badly-worded japanese lesson: the first word, ○"○, consists of two letters, ○" and ○. The " can only be added to some letters in the japanese alphabet. one word that fits nicely into ○"○ is ゼロ, or “zero” in english. Then again, some people thing that might be too obvious… anyways, most movie 22 speculation now is concentrated on guessing the title from the number of syllables given.

Here’s the title structure confirmation link on twitter.

Based on precedent, we’ll probably get more hard information about movie 22 in december, along with the full title. Info for movie 21 came in a december shonen sunday release, so if they do the same with movie 22, it’ll come on nov. 29 or dec. 6.

St. Vincent

i apologize for the long breaks. It took me a while to find another perfect song to be shown here. but then here goes nothing

Us the depressive people, we sometimes made a silent cry for help. One which we want nobody to hear but at the same time it is imperative to us to communicate our anxiety in such a cryptic way that it beats the purpose of communicating it in the very first place. That’s the quirk of being depressive, you find it that you need to scream to people but at the same time you don’t want people to hear your scream. In St Vincent’s Surgeon, we might find a perfect example of such silent plea for help, for someone to fix something that is wrong with us.
Her name is Annie Clark, but St. Vincent is her stage name, out of reference to a Nick Colbert Song. Her live performance include Toko Yasudio, Matt Johnson, and Daniel Mintseris. Their third album, Strange Mercy is perhaps the most powerful sounds of them I have ever known. Chloe in The Afternoon was clever piece of riff and drums combined with vibrant use of synths. While Year of the Tiger was instantly likeable with its attractive riffs.

The lyrics were picturesque and is flowing smoothly at the same time. I like the drum part in the entire song, it was very punctual I cannot help but enjoyed it. Annie sings like she wanted the world to know about her anxiety problem. She begs for a fix (best finest surgeon/ come cut me open), and cuts a little about a strained relationship to parents (…if mother calls/ she knows well we don’t get along). But as the song reached its final part it turned into somewhat chaotic guitar play. That is a properly strange way to send this song off. I have to say that Annie’s guitar part was really sick and I have never heard sounds like that before.

The intro is a bit like a five second cut from a movie, a Chinese one apparently. It’s a song to hear in that part of the day when you silently cried for help. Pretty much like getting a beer in the morning. I recommend you to be careful when asking other people to hear this song, not many people can appreciate this kind of song properly.

It just that St. Vincent made it easy for depressed people to realize that they are in need of a fix.You might want to see this video where they performed this song live on 4AD session.


I was in computing and somehow this happened.
Ladies and gentlemen I proudly present to you; Augustus Waters with his world famous quote: “it’s a metafour,” 5 seconds of the wiggles, and Phan and Dil.

Finally got the chance to watch my Toshosen DVD and of course I paid more attention to the scenes so I could find Tatsu.

Found him after about thirty minutes in XD. He only got about five seconds of screen time but I still ended up snickering after it.

His role is to make Tezuka the Pretty Boy Sniper jealous by flirting with my goddess his love interest, Shibasaki.

Look at his grin! And googly eyes XD

And let’s zoom in on him…

It all makes him look… somewhat perverted O.O. Lol it’s unintentional I’m sure.  Besides, my brain is still impure after Kiznaiver eps 3. 

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what was the worst movie you've ever seen?

Worst movie? The Apostle. My brother and i thought it was an ironic title and that we might get some laughs bc billy bob thornton was in it … for like five seconds! Worst movie ever!!!