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Doctor’s Dose of Scotch (Part 5)

Pairing: Bones x Reader 

Summary: Bones leaves you a nice surprise outside your door, but becomes a bit disappointed when he doesn’t find it in your workspace.

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             You put on your uniform and started towards the door that lead out of your quarters. You knew that not many people would be about the halls, so you didn’t take much care in making your uniform look nice. As an engineer, you’d chosen to work the same shifts as Scotty. This meant doing most of the day’s work before anyone else had even given a thought to getting out of bed.

              You opened your door, and rushed into the hallway. You tripped over something in your doorway, and looked down in time to see a vase of flowers launch to the other side of the hall and shatter against the opposite door. You flinched at the sound and cursed under your breath, rushing to pick up the shattered glass. Amongst the glass you found a small notecard, which had Doctor McCoy’s name signed at the bottom. You didn’t want to spend the time reading it yet, so you shoved the card in your pocket and went back to grabbing the glass.

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Could you pretty please with cherries on top do a Mcspirk hospital AU? Pleeeeease!

  • Bones as a Head Surgeon/ Head of Diagnostics in San Francisco Medical Center. He works long hours, and it’s mostly stressful and exhausting. The only thing keeping him sane is his Spock, who is the head of Medicine/Administration. They spend many nights together in a silent break room, enjoying coffee, going through diagnostics, and taking deserved naps on the couch together.
  • Enter this new doctor. A few years out of school, but already with quite a reputation. He’s an expert on infectious diseases, or so his resume says. “So he’s going to be an arrogant prick,” Bones says, and Spock raises his eyebrows. “Give him a chance. You’ve not even met him yet.” “Darlin’,” Bones draws it out like a sigh, “sometimes you can tell just by a resume that someone’s gonna be a dick.” “I think you feel threatened,” Spock replies, just the tiniest smile on his face as he gently pats Bones’ shoulder, and walks off. “Threatened, my ass.” Bones calls at Spock’s ass as he walks away. 
  • Jim Kirk is every bit Bones feared him to be, and then some. He likes to interfere during Bones’ surgeries, giving hints and comments, and Bones hates it. “I have the steadiest hands in San Francisco, Kirk, I know what I’m doing.” Jim just grins, like he gets under Bones’ skin on purpose.
  • Jim likes to sit in Bones’ office, counter every diagnosis Bones comes up with for tough cases, he shows up to work dressed in jeans and a t-shirt - who does that, seriously. And he eats pretty much all the time. As a doctor, Jim ought to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, but Bones really mostly only sees him munch on fries, burgers, and greasy Chinese food every break, between surgeries, pretty much every second he’s not busy saving lives. 
  • “I hate him, I hate him so much. Why’d you hire him?” Bones asks, pacing through Spock’s office and Spock is fairly sure Bones is just going to lose it soon, over no reason in particular. “Kirk’s eccentric. He’s smart, and his hands are steady enough to match yours.” Spock points out. Bones sits down on Spock’s desk, kicking the other’s chair. “Why’d you have to make it personal?” He scoffs, and Spock shakes his head with a faint smile. He rests his hand on Leonard’s thigh, before getting up from his seat. “Calm down. He probably just looks up to you.” Spock points out, his free hand running through Bones’ hair. “Give him a chance. You’ll like him.” Bones looks up at him, smiling just lightly as Spock kisses him. “Eyo, boss. I’m just-” Jim pipes in as he walks into Spock’s office, looking shocked at the image in front of him. “Oh my God,” Jim exclaims as Spock stands up straight again, and Bones turns around to face him. “I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt in this– in that. I’ll let you finish. I’ll be back in five.” Jim says, quickly closing the glass door to Spock’s office and Bones is sure Jim is laughing. Bones gets up on his feet, shaking his head. “I swear, that kid’s gonna be the death of me.” “That kid could probably bring you back to life.” Spock says, ignoring the glare coming from the other doctor.
  • Whatever game Jim is playing, Bones can play, too. So he shows up at this surgery that’s a pretty big deal. And Bones questions literally everything Jim is doing, until he sees Jim getting nervous. Immediately regretting his own behavior (Spock would be disappointed), Bones clears his throat. “You’re doing fine. Your initial diagnosis made sense.” He says, letting out an exasperated sigh, and Jim nods. Surgery goes just fine.
  • A gas leak explosion causes a building to burn down to the ground, and suddenly the hospital is flooded with patients. Spock gets off his chair and pulls on a white coat, putting himself available to help patching people up. After a few hours, Bones slumps against a chair, exhausted from his 15 hour shift and with all the new patients it doesn’t look like it’s going to back down any time soon. Spock sits down next to him, tossing his plastic gloves in the bin. Bones leans in and kisses Spock’s cheek. “Haven’t seen you in action in a while,” he says, Spock smiles. “I do feel a little rusty.” Both boys watch Jim work tirelessly. He must be exhausted, too, but Jim pushes through, stitching up patient after patient, patching up whoever needs it. “Do you still dislike him, Leonard?” Spock asks. “Yes,” Bones says instantly, before sighing. “No. I guess not.”
  • After that, Bones goes easy on Jim. Subtly offering him lunches, which he gladly accepts, and it’s a clever way to trick Jim into eating healthier. Jim still counters most of Bones’ diagnostics, and Bones begrudgingly admits that it may have saved a patient’s life. Spock tells Jim to take his breaks together with them, which he also starts doing. The three of them read peacefully together in the break room, buy coffee for each other, or play card games. 
  • Jim looks exhausted after a long night. Spock sits on the couch reading his tablet, answering e-mails while Bones leans against him, quietly reading a report on the test results of this new medicine. Jim sits at the other end of the couch, quietly, running a hand through his hair and letting out a tired sigh. Bones looks up, reaching out his hand towards Jim. “C’m here,” he says, and Jim looks briefly confused, but immediately relieved. He shifts closer, curling up against Bones, and almost instantly nods off. Spock is smiling, pressing a kiss to the side of Bones’ head. “I knew you liked him, too.”