five points south


Im pretty sure I should look into becoming a professional traveler. Even though the purpose behind coming to Birmingham was a somber one, the feeling of being in a new city ALWAYS refreshes me and gives me life. And Im mad inspired today.

Stopped at 5 Points South, this artsy people watching area of Birmingham and got my spirit fix just taking in the most beautiful heartbeat of this city there in the window at Starbucks and across the street at Charlemagne Records for a few hours (brought home Crosswinds by Billy Cobham and LTD album with Love Ballad). Got my cousin HAMMERED and played the family patriarch role of man shoulder to cry on until I passed that role over to my Uncle and my mom who got here this morning. Thats my cue to head home and get ready to travel for the funeral later this week.

Just stopped at Full Moon BBQ because this joint had the most love on Yelp for place to smash if you visit Birmingham (got that itis), and now Im heading home REFRESHED and feeling mad inspired by family support, a beautiful new city that I hadnt experienced, and everything about 5 Point South and the crazy/awesome/dope/(insert everything good superlative here) night out last night.

Adventuring in 5 Points

I don’t usually write personal posts on here because well, you know it’s the internet and to put it frankly, Ya’ll bitches crazy. But, today marks my one year anniversary with the extremely crazy, yet somehow still adorable Nathan and plus, he asked nicely so I decided to tell you lovely people about the awesome day we had. 

We hiked over to Five Points South for some good ole fashion exploring. This trip had been put off for sometime now so we decided despite the bone-chilling weather today would be the day.

We started our day with a yummy breakfast at Chick-fil-a which took a lot longer than we intended due to the fact that we started discussing Marvel comics and timelines and the fact that one of us *cough cough* Nathan *cough cough* loser *cough cough* has never seen A Knight’s Tale starring Heath Ledger and Paul Bettany and Mark Addy. 

Now, I know what you guys are thinking: how did I not just dump him right then and there? But, I will tell you that a proper Southern lady never dumps anyone before finishing her super sweet, super tart lemonade and mouth watering chicken minis. It just ain’t done!

So after agreeing that Natalie Dormer would make the perfect Captain Marvel and that the entirety of the Marvel-verse is just a  big ball of wibbly wobbly, time wimey…stuff. We decided to start the real adventure. 

We saw a lot of stuff and I took tons of pictures which I will post whenever I get the film developed but, I think that my favorite sights were:

1. All the old churches. Guys, we live in Birmingham where there is honestly a church on every block but, these were beautiful Gothic churches with elaborate steeples and amazing stained glass. Plus, “The Storyteller” the supposedly satanic fountain in front of the Highlands United Methodist Church is the perfect backdrop for a romantic morning adventure!

2. Quinlan Castle. I know, what is a castle doing in the middle of downtown Birmingham? Well, I’m not sure but, it was built in 1927 and was rumored to be the Birmingham headquarters for the Communist Party in the 1940s. Upon one look Nathan decided he wanted to buy it and I totally support this idea. However, he also found a closed-up bar that he wants to buy so, I’m thinking he’ll end up like me and just want to buy the whole city. Let the bidding wars begin!

3. Secret Spots. There are a ton of little hidden spots around Five Points. Like this little park across the street from an old folks home. You can tell that Magnolia Park used to be a really nice place to relax and just simply enjoy yourself. But now the pond is brown and full of leaves, the swing set is getting a bit rusty and hedges need a bit of trimming. Nonetheless, it had a cute amphitheater and a little loading dock of some sorts that has no rhyme or reason. After leaving Magnolia Park we walked up 22nd Street and found this little nook where you could see most of downtown. The street was quite and you could barely hear any of the traffic from the busier streets. It was as close to perfect as anything I had experienced in a really longtime. Overlooking the little nook was a picnic table that had been caged up. Seriously people, it was just one little picnic table surrounded by a fence on all four sides. We swore we’d come back and rescue it. 

4. Nathan. I know, I know. That sounds so corny but guys, hear me out. When you love someone. I mean really love someone, the sight of them happy is the best thing in the world. His eyes seemed bluer than usual, his laugh was lighter, and his smile was brighter. The whole world just sort of melted away at the sound of our easy banter and I swear I fell in love all over again. 

Okay wow. This is a lot longer than I had anticipated. Maybe I’ll post some more about today at a later date but for now, farewell and enjoy the little things kiddos!