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I wasn't going to come back but when I saw that oscarextrada promised to give you $5 if I came back with a whiny ask, I had to pop in! You're going to need that money to get yourself a brain. And a heart. And a personality. *whine* Now oscarextrada give the guy his five pesos/dollars/quid!

jesus christ why are you still on my blog are you really that petty?


Photo Diary: Bunga Falls

Bunga Falls is located in Nagcarlan Laguna, my dad (forever photowalk buddy!) and I went there last June. I actually forgot the exact date (this is what vacation does to me, I’m not aware of the dates lol) but it was a weekday. Since it was a weekday I expected that there would be less people and it’s June summer’s over!

Well, it turns out my expectation was right! There’s a sign in the entrance that you need to pay five pesos, but there was no one to pay. From the entrance, there’s a short trek and when we arrived there was no one not a single being! We had the falls all to ourselves! That’s also why my video diary that I posted you’d see no people.

I think this was the first falls that I’ve seen. Yes, I’m from Laguna but I haven’t seen the more popular falls because I don’t have time or maybe I don’t make time for it. Unlike my dad who have gone to several falls already. Anyway, I can’t explain the experience, I just know that the nature lover in me was so happy! What I like best was when I was in this small hill(?) in front of the falls and I was just watching the water falling it was so calming he he he ~

When we’re preparing to go, a family came and some kids that I think just live around the place. That’s why there’s a photo above of a kid jumping from the waterfalls. I was so happy I caught it on my cam!

Bunga Falls is not yet super developed, but I’d still recommend you take a visit.

All photos were taken by me, even the self portraits (I managed to use the self timer lol) because my dad was so busy taking low exposure shots for me to bother him loljk! And also the layout and design were made by yours truly.  ✨

If you haven’t watched my Bunga Falls Video Diary, it’s on my YT channel! Please subscribe :)

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