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Makeup Tutorial For Trans Women

Hey loves! I’m about eight months into my hormone replacement therapy journey, and for the longest time I’ve been searching for the right makeup look. For months I wore full face makeup with eyeliner and lipstick on the daily (and that is totally fine for you to do as well) but it got to a point where I dreaded getting ready every morning. It wasn’t good for my skin and sometimes it did the opposite of what I intended it to do, for I kept getting misgendered. So I learned to start doing less; I feel better about my skin, and I am able to pass much easier. And although I know for some of you passing is not a concern, I am aware that for others passing is a matter of safety and security.

So let’s get into this makeup look!

First things first, priming is very important!! Now I know from paying hormones and other things I have to do financially, I have a pretty tight budget. However, through the help of the internet and some makeup YouTubers, I’ve discovered this very cheap primer. It’s NIVEA for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm ($5). It works like magic, and it is cheap! The glycerin in the formula helps your makeup stay on all day long. Also, I shave my face right before doing my makeup, therefore an after shave balm really helps. You’ll kill two birds with one stone!

Next up, I like to color correct my five o’ clock shadow, which is mainly my upper lip and chin area. I use Wet n’ Wild MegaLast Lipstick Just Peachy ($1.50). Because my facial hair has a blue-ish undertone, I am using an orangey/peachy color before my foundation to cancel it out. I apply and blend it out with my middle finger.

I like to let it sit for a bit, so to save time, I move on to concealing/highlighting/priming- all with one product! And that is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer, Neutralizer ($7). I apply it on the bridge of my nose for a subtle highlight, under my eyes for brightening, and on my eyelids for priming the eye makeup!

So once I look like I belong in The Lion King, I use a damp Drugstore Beauty Blender ($4), and blend it all out with patting motions. Be gentle, but really work in the products.

Viola! So now we move onto foundation! I used to wear liquid foundation every day, but I found that it was drying and too cakey for a daily look, so I moved on to bb creams! An lawddddddd, they work wonders! It’s light and breathable, yet is buildable and can cover up problem areas, such as the peachy orange color concealer I use. My current favorite is Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation, 90 Honey Beige ($9). I apply it with my fingers all over my face except for the color corrected areas. I will get to that after with a different application!

I learned that it is not necessarily what brand of makeup you use that makes you look incredible, but the techniques and the brushes are what will do you wonders! So for the bb cream I am using E.L.F’s Powder Brush ($3), which is meant for dry products, but the density and surface of the brush makes for a perfect buffing brush. So blend that in!

Now all you are left with is your upper lip area and chin area that has the peachy tone lipstick on it. So what I do is I take more of that bb cream, and put it on my middle finger, and apply a generous amount on top of the areas. Afterwards, I use the bottom part of my beauty blender and pat that in, making sure to blend out the edges so I’m left with one unison color for my foundation.

Yay! Foundation is all complete! Now because there is quite the thick layer on my upper lip and chin area, I need to set it so it does not move or smudge throughout the day. So what I do is I use Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder, Naturally Neutral ($5) with my beauty blender, and pat a generous amount on my chin and upper lip. This is called baking, where you let the powder cook the makeup and set it really well.

Can’t forget about the rest of the face! So what I do is I take a little amount of that loose powder and apply it mostly on the highlighted areas, such as the under eyes, and the bridge of my nose. But this time, I use a little bit and blend it in really well. Because the deweyness of the bb cream is lovely, and you don’t want to take that away!

While I bake, I like to move on to the eyes. I start with highlighting beneath the brow, with Nourishing Long Wear Eye Shadow + Built-in Primer, Classic Nude ($8). I take the top pinkish highlight color with my ring finger and apply that under my brows for a nice shimmery highlight.

Next, I move on to the eyeshadow, which will actually be the bronzer that I use. I like to keep the eyes simple and nude neutral, for a more natural look. I bought Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Bronzer, Bikini Contest ($3) bronzer at the dollar store, and it is by far one of my favorite bronzers to date! I will apply it with E.L.F.’s Eyeshadow “C” Brush ($3) and pack it on my eyelids. After, I use E.L.F.’s Blending Brush ($3) and blend out the edges to smoke out the eyeshadow.

Next, I highlight the tip of my nose, inner corner of my eyes, and cheekbones with ColourPop’s Glo Up Highlighter ($8), all with my ring finger. It has a more thick powder consistency, and I find using my finger to be the easiest method.

The reasoning for highlighting is that because we have concealed, applied foundation, and powdered our face, adding shimmer brings back a glow to the face. Also… highlighters are so pretty! 

So the next step is to dust off the powder on the chin and upper lip with a very light and fluffy brush.

Now, I move on to contouring/bronzing. I like to use one single product to do the job. Contouring and then bronzing is too much work, and I’m not going for a night time party look, therefore a warm and bronze glow will do the job, if done strategically. I use E.L.F.’s Complexion Brush ($3) and the bronzer earlier and work it right above the natural hollow of my cheekbones, and blend it in in circular motions, whilst blending in the highlight on the cheek too, to make one uniform look.

Don’t forget the forehead, sides of the nose, jawline, and down the neck. I also blend some on the upper lip and chin because the powder earlier can make the areas look slightly ashy. Blend, blend, blend! Very important!

For my eyebrows, I like to use Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Mascara ($6) because it darkens my brows, and the waterproof formula keeps it in place. Eyebrows frame your face, they are very important, so experiment to see what works best for you!

You can honestly end right here, but I like to do mascara. I find that applying mascara on my eyelashes helps feminize my eyes. Take a looksie!

As you can see, simply curling them makes a big difference. Now let’s apply the mascara! My favorite is L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara, Waterproof Blackest Black ($6). Unfortunately, my genetics did not bless me with the best eyelashes, but this mascara knocked me off the park and gives me length I never thought I could have! Look at the difference in the two eyes.

I focus the mascara mostly on the outer corner because it almost gives it a darker smokey/gradient eye look. Now do the same for the other eye and we’re almost done!

For the lips, I like to line them with Rimmel 1000 Kisses Stay On Lip Liner Pencil, Café Au Lait ($3), and fill them in with CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lip Stick, Sultry ($2)

Because I’m going for a more naturalistic look, I like to make the lips more matte. Here’s the trick: You take a tissue paper, put it over your lips, and use a fluffy brush and a loose powder and lightly brush it over my lips for a matte effect.


Now finish up getting ready, and live your life!

You can either add more, or take it all off. At the end of the day, your makeup is your own art, so go with whatever you are most comfortable with!

Strictly Professional

Summary: You recognized the problematic customers the second you saw them. Lin, however, took the cake with being the most memorable client you’ve ever had. (TattooArtist!Reader)

Paring: Lin x reader

Words: 4,428

A/N:Thank you to @strongenoughfoundation for being awesome and giving me tips for certain parts of the story (you’re the queen of dialogue)! Also, thank you to @how-could-i-do-this for proofreading (I’m glad i’m getting better at not switching tenses lol). I wrote this in celebration of my first tattoo lol! Thanks for reading!

Edit: @whenthingsgettoughdontpushmeaway - I remember you asking to be tagged when I posted. @buckybarneshairpullingkink - You already read it, but I didn’t forget (well, I did, but ya know lol)

“Is that him?” you mumbled to your coworker Liz as you emerged from your room to the front desk, watching the man that paced back and forth in front of the parlor.

You could always spot the first-timers the instant you looked at them. You could sense the excitement and nervousness rolling off them in waves, their bodies tense from the anticipation of the ink that would soon permanently mark their skin.

But him?

It was more like a tsunami of emotions, crashing and tumbling over his body as he questioned his decision to get a tattoo. You felt it before you even stepped foot into the same room as him.

“It’s so unfair that you always get the cute ones,” Liz whispered as she handed you his paperwork. She had an appointment in ten minutes, and with the piece being a fairly large and intricate one, she passed him off to you.

You rolled your eyes, ignoring her comment and scanned his papers, noting his name and birthdate. “Lin?” you called.

He spun on his heel at his name, his swift steps having him in front of the desk within seconds. “Hi, yes, that’s me,” he answered quickly.

You inwardly sighed, knowing exactly what kind of patron he was going to be: the spazz that spoke too much, asked too many questions, and would hold his breath until he turned blue. “My name is Y/N and I’ll be with you today. What kind of tattoo would you like Lin?” you asked, watching as he nervously drummed his fingers against the counter.

His eyes widened, looking at you disbelievingly. “You’re the one giving me the tattoo?”

The neck cramp that you got when you handled frustrating customers reared its ugly head. “Yes. This is a fairly small tattoo shop and you just happened to come in last minute, without an appointment…” you said slowly, narrowing your eyes and challenging him to say anything further.

“I didn’t expect someone that looked like you to give me a tattoo. I’ve always pictured a big, burly man and not a beautiful woman that…” Lin trailed off, sighing when he realized what an ass he must have sounded, “I’m just going to shut up now. Sorry.”

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Good To Be Home (Grayson)


You leaned your head on your elbow as you sped along the highway in your Uber from the airport back to your apartment. The palm trees whizzed by you. Man, you missed L.A. Visiting family was lovely but after two weeks away, it was beginning to become overkill. Not to mention you didn’t have Grayson this time to keep your sanity when your mom asked you ten thousand questions every day and forced you to sit with your Uncle Joe listening to all his war stories. Oh, Grayson. You missed him the most. You were practically attached at the hip and it was dramatic but it felt like the end of the world when you had to say goodbye. He must’ve hugged and kissed you for an hour straight before finally letting you board your plane.

But now here you were only minutes away from home. Grayson would be waiting for you. He had wanted to pick you up from the airport but you insisted otherwise since the drive was too long and his car was well…not really road trip material.

You finally pulled up to your building and thanked your driver before hopping out with your bags in hand. You trudged along the bumpy pavement to the elevators heading up to your floor. You fumbled with your key in the door, trying to balance your suitcase against your leg as you finally pushed the door open. The apartment was well lit, the curtains were open and a warm soft scent of vanilla welcomed you in. You set your bags down and shut the door behind you locking it. Your heart began to pound when Grayson appeared from the hallway. He was wearing nothing but some loose Adidas shorts. His hair was still damp, unruly and messy just the way you liked it and he had that five o clock shadow that made you weak at the knees.

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Angel Boy

Cas x Reader//Smut

Warnings: NSFW, Rough Sex, Getting Caught (kind of?), Unprotected Sex, Teasing/Calling Names

Summary: You know that Castiel likes you as you’d overheard him tell the boys, but he won’t act on it. You tease him by calling him “Angel Boy”, a name he doesn’t like. Castiel decides to confront you about this, which leads to an interesting demand from you.

Author’s Note: On my last home visit I got my wisdom teeth out and read a lot of fan fiction when recovering- I noticed Cas rolling his eyes and being sassy was a trend, as well as sarcastic sex- so I was inspired to write this. 

Originally posted by love-untiltheresnoloveleft

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been continuously teasing Castiel. After having heard him admit to Sam and Dean a few weeks ago that he always got a weird feeling around me which he didn’t quite understand fully- to which the boys later confessed what he was describing was ‘Love’- I decided that I’d try to see where I could take this little love interest.

I’d been wearing clothes that I thought I looked especially cute or hot in whenever I knew Castiel was going to be around; I would purposefully button a few of the top buttons of my flannel so he could get a ‘good view’ of my cleavage when we were researching. I also made sure to put in lots of touch, considering that I knew Castiel wasn’t much of a ‘touchy-feely’ kind of guy; he never had many interactions with humans before meeting Sam and Dean-according to what they tell me- so he was a little more socially awkward when it came to the hugs, or handshakes. Whenever we would pass by one another I would ‘accidentally’ brush my hand against his, or reach for the same book or object when doing research in the bunker. My touch seemed to always startle him, making him seem wearier and almost electrocuted when it’d happen, even if only for a split second.

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[Fire Meets Gasoline] • 2

Professor!Negan x Reader

A/N: Did I mention I love Professor Negan? Because I loove Professor Negan. This is full dark smut, with extra smut on top. Negan is pretty dominant/possessive in this fic. Also, this is kind of long so forgive me! I do hope you enjoy it though, and feedback and comments are always so appreciated! xx 


|| Part 1 || Masterlist ||

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“Love, whether newly born or aroused from a deathlike slumber, must always create sunshine, filling the heart so full of radiance, that it overflows upon the outward world…”

You breathed out a heavy sigh while closing the book in your hands. Trailing your digits along the spine, your eyes followed the movement of your fingers to read the title. The last time you read this novel you were fifteen, naïve, and oblivious to the important lessons the story was trying to tell you.

Now you were suddenly drawn to Hester Prynne’s character; a woman who lived her life in sin just as you were now living yours. 

Instead of the red “A” written across your chest, you had the letter “N” etched deep in your heart and it was a painful scar that only you could see and feel. 

You found yourself caught in a toxic game of tug and war. No matter how many times you pulled away, Negan gripped the noose tighter around your neck and drew you back in.  

He wasn’t making your new position as his “mistress” any easier. 

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Grantaire is so ugly and far from social norms by most people’s standards.

He has a huge nose and a perpetual five o’ clock shadow, looks like hasn’t slept in 3 days, and has wild, unmanageable hair. He wears super baggy sweaters, mix matched print, and clashing colors.

He mumbles to himself while he walks and bobs his leg up and down when he sits. Sometimes he goes off on tangents about the space time continuum or critiques of modernist art.

He’s the antithesis of put together.

And Enjolras loves it

okay y’all, i’ve been thinking. yes, Dorian maintains his appearance with meticulous care, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he keeps bottles of magical nair around and hunt down every body hair with red-hot Fade tweezers.

i submit for your consideration: Fuzzy Dorian.

Dorian with hair on his chest, dark, thick and soft. Dorian with five-o’-clock shadow and– the morning fuzz. oh man, the fuzz. a mustache that luxurious can only grow from a stable and plentiful base. Dorian with hair on his arms, on his legs, maybe even a couple on his toes. he’s no Fereldan mountain-man, but he’s got a decent smattering of hair on his back and stomach, under his arms. pubic hair, naturally, well-maintained and maybe he even conditions it like the nerd he is, but it’s absolutely very present.

and of course, please consider as well: Bull loves how soft Dorian is. he loves running his hands through the fuzz on Dorian’s chest, and stroking up and down Dorian’s legs. he loves  it when Dorian nuzzles against his face first thing in the morning, all prickly and soft.

(anyways, Fuzzy Dorian should be a thing)

//  @phan-dreamland : Hey do you think you could do a phan one shot kinda based on this I love your writing

| 30 Days of NSFW: Day 2 (kissing (naked)) |

Hands. Grasping, grabbing, feeling. Clenching and unclenching in hair, clothes, on biceps, waists, cheeks. Lips, slipping and sliding, dancing wetly. Hot breaths spilling, gasping, groaning, swooping and singing in tandem, in harmony. A symphony of breathy, throaty, desperate noises, building to a crescendo until–

Dan woke up in a cold sweat, his dream already crumbling away like a sand castle built too close to the surf. Turrets and walls and banquet halls broken down, washed away until nothing remained, only the smooth blankness of a new day. Dan coughed and flopped onto his side, looking at his alarm clock. Five forty-six. He groaned and threw himself back onto his pillow, his arms and hair splayed awkwardly and his eyes fixed to a stain on the ceiling that looked kind of like a centaur if Dan squinted. His chest heaved, his heart slowly slowing as his eyes stayed fixed open. He had no idea who his dream was about, who he was kissing, but judging by the faint scrape of a five ‘o clock shadow he could almost feel against his fingertips, his lips, his chin, he was almost certain it wasn’t a girl. Which was a problem. Because Dan was straight.

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Ouch (Ethan)

You click the car alarm on your car twice. It beeps loudly behind you as you head up the stairs to the warehouse. Your best friends, Ethan and Grayson, were working on filming a new video where they would see who could knock each other off the trampoline first using exercise balls. You knew it wasn’t a good idea but you also knew they wouldn’t listen to you once they had their minds set on something. They were reckless and it was exhausting because you were usually the one rushing them to the hospital or bandaging them up when things went wrong. You open the wide doors and you can already hear Grayson’s obnoxious laughter echoing through the large space. He spins his head in your direction at the sound of the door and chants your name, throwing his arms in the air. This was your usual greeting. 

“Hey. What’s going on?” You laughed, setting your things down on a nearby table. You could hear Ethan groaning behind Grayson but he was still out of eyesight. 

“Well…” Grayson laughed, stepping to the side revealing a shirtless Ethan sitting on the floor, hands fisted through his hair. His head hung between his knees. He was half laughing, half whining in agony. He looked up at you and your mouth dropped open. You tried to fight back laughter but it rippled through you like thunder. 

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for @mamin-the-troll in hope that she would feel better soon 💕

Newt wakes up to the feel of someone caressing his hand.

He opens his eyes only to groan loudly due to the brightness. Newt closes his eyes and opens them again a little; to squint around the bright white room before his gaze lands on the man who is sitting on a chair next to his bed.

The man is holding Newt’s hand gently and he’s smiling at Newt and murmuring a soft hello. Or maybe it’s an exhausted hi. Newt can’t pinpoint it, because his head feels heavy and he feels like he’s in the deep water and every thing around him doesn’t make sense as he floats away.

Then there are gentle fingers tipping his face up and cool cloth being dapped on his dry mouth.

Newt murmurs a thank you; or at least he thinks he does because his mouth feels like he has swallowed too much cotton in one go just like that time when Theseus dared him to eat jalapeño and he couldn’t feel his tongue for hours.

“Okay?” The man asks, his hand is now in Newt’s hair; combing his curls soothingly.

Newt opens his eyes wide to study the man and notices that he is a very good looking man with his hair being pushed back like that. Even when he’s sporting an impressive five-o-clock shadow, Newt still thinks the man looks very handsome.

The man chuckles and Newt looks at him curiously.

“You really think I’m handsome?” The man asks and Newt makes an ah sound and nods his head sagely.

“Handsomest man I have ever seen,” Newt replies, tilting his face up to look at the man even more. “Your eyes are hazel. It’s my favourite colour.”

The man smiles; his big, warm hand feels so soothing on Newt’s forehead.

“Are you an angel?” Newt asks, peering up at the man who is still smiling at him fondly. “You have a very beautiful smile. I bet you are an angel being sent to look after me.”

The man shakes his head with a light chuckle. “I’m not an angel.”

“Who are you then? You’re too pretty to be human. Are you a Veela?”

“Newt,” the man chuckles again, kissing the back of Newt’s hand gently. “I’m Percival. I’m your husband.”

Newt looks at the man and feels his jaw slacking. He tries to talk but only gibberish noise that sounds like “guhhhh” escapes from his throat.

“Easy now,” the man, Percival coos, smoothing a hand over Newt’s chest.

“You’re my husband?” Newt slurs excitedly, grabbing Percival’s hand in his firmly. “We are married?”

“Five years now,” Percival confirms with an amused smile, raising up his hand to show Newt the gold ring on his finger before pointing at the same ring on Newt’s finger.

“Holy Morgana,” Newt breathes, his eyes comically huge. “I’m married to you! How did that happen?”

Percival’s laugh sound beautiful to Newt’s ears and he blinks his eyes and smiles dopily at his husband. “Do we have children?” Newt asks again, trying to sit up but Percival holds him down by his chest.

“A boy,” Percival replies, letting Newt takes his hand again so that he can look at the gold ring. “Credence can’t be here because he’s at the nursery. He’ll come visit this afternoon.”

Newt grins, kissing the back of Percival’s hand gently before cradling it against his cheek.

“I can’t believe you’re my husband,” he murmurs. “We even have a son. How did I get so lucky?”

Percival leans in to kiss Newt on the lips and Newt thinks this man must really love him to even kiss him when he has a dead Nundu in his mouth.

“I’m the lucky one,” Percival whispers, peppering sweet kisses all over Newt’s face until he squirms away; giggling. “I’m glad the surgery was a success.”

Newt hums contently, blinking his eyes again to dispel the sudden heavy pull on his eyes.

“Will you be here when I wake up?” Newt asks, clutching at Percival’s hand to pull the man closer.

And before he succumbs to the darkness, Newt hears Percival murmurs a soft promise of “Always.”
House Party Part 2, a Walking Dead FanFiction
Rick and Michonne go on their date and get a little bit closer...

Originally posted by glowysweetfab

“You know, I’m starting to think the whole bad boy thing is a ruse,” Michonne focused on Rick’s face with difficulty.

“What makes you say that?” his hand pushed into the small of her back, his other one still wrapped firmly around her palm.

“Well,” Michonne steadied her breathing, “You’ve been opening doors, pulling out chairs, slow dancing…” Rick had insisted on picking her up from her dorm room, sweeping up in his pickup truck and waiting for her to come outside. The sight of him in that dark blue denim shirt had nearly floored her. The closer she got to him, the sharper the picture came into focus, from his still damp curls and five o’ clock shadow, to the clean scent of his cologne. Michonne was glad that she’d worn flats tonight. Her legs were weak already.

She lost her train of thought again when Rick pulled her closer, swinging her in time with the music.

“Maybe I’m not trying to scare you off,” that smirk of his had done things to her last night, and right now was no exception.

“I don’t scare so easily,” she teased, ignoring the way her heart seemed to be hammering its way out of her chest.

“Really?” he tilted his head, leaning in closer to her. “Cause last night, you couldn’t even kiss me without—”

She flushed, and Rick laughed. “I’m sorry,” Michonne mumbled. It was amazing how quickly her bodied had shifted to flushed and horny to completely and utterly sick. Alcohol was a hell of a thing.

“Hey, don’t be sorry,” Rick leaned forward swiftly, dropping a kiss on her lips. “See? You made it this time.”

Her laughter escalated, even as the blush deepened beneath her dark skin. “Maybe I shouldn’t drink again,” she admitted.

“Nah,” Rick shook his head, the curls bouncing. “Just maybe not two whole bottles of wine.”

“That was your fault,” she fired back, shifting her feet as the music changed.

“True,” he nodded in agreement. “To be fair, I didn’t know it was your first time drinking.”

“It wasn’t my first time,” Michonne’s embarrassment mounted. Rick smiled at her.

“First party then,” he amended. “I hope I made it good for you.”

“You did,” Michonne leaned tentatively towards him, their chaste dance tonight reminding her of what it felt like to have him pressed full against her.

“Good,” the pressure on her back increased until they were chest to chest. “It’s definitely my favorite party so far.”

“So far?” she wanted to kiss him again, wanted to make up for last night.

“Well,” Rick seemed content to keep their faces just scant inches apart, his eyes boring into her. “My girl has got to be at my future parties. And if you’re there, I’m betting they’ll be good.”

“Your girl?” Michonne’s eyebrows jumped in surprise, even as her pulse raced.

“Well, I figured it’s going to take a couple more dates, but yeah.” Rick’s forehead rested on hers, his lips just millimeters away.

“Cocky,” she accused.

“Confident,” he corrected.

Michonne did not answer. She was too busy kissing him. The taste of him was enough to make her dizzy again, but she attacked it with fervor anyway. Rick responded in kind, eagerly molding his mouth to hers, plunging his tongue between her lips. His hands tightened around her, dangerously close to the hem of her skirt again. She leaned into his touch, heat flooding her.

“Well hey there,” the sound startled the two of them apart. Rick was the flushed one now, but Michonne was no less breathless. The couple turned towards the new arrivals.

Glenn was standing there, Maggie in hand, both looking amusedly at them.

“I see you guys got started without us,” Glenn grinned.

“You’re late,” Michonne spoke up, surprised that she even had the ability to speak.

“Ten minutes,” Glenn shrugged. “That’s her fault.” He nodded at Maggie.

“Couldn’t get my curling iron to work,” she explained, looking unapologetic. Michonne secretly wished that the iron never worked at all. She missed the feeling of Rick already.

He was unruffled, already leading her back to their table in the corner of the club. Rick helped her into their side of the booth, climbing in after her. He draped his arm casually over Michonne’s shoulders, the gesture all at once familiar and foreign. Glenn’s clever eyes didn’t leave the couple across from him.

“So,” Glenn began, “What’s going on with this?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” Rick fired right back, his eyes turning to his step-sister. “I slept on the couch last night. Maggie, where’d you end up?”

Maggie reddened, but tilted her chin defiantly. “With my boyfriend.”

Rick tilted his head, amused. “I’m sure your boyfriend will treat you well.” It was obviously a poorly veiled threat.

“I will,” Glenn was undaunted. “What’s going on with you and Michonne?”

“Glenn…” Michonne warned her friend but he wasn’t backing down.

Rick smiled, turning his head to look at Michonne. “What’s going on with us?” he asked her, looking curious.

“We're…” Michonne frantically scrambled to find a way to define how she felt about this man beside her. “We’re dating,” she settled on the safe title, directing her attention to the menu.

“We’re dating,” Rick echoed, grinning as a waitress brought water to the table.

Glenn nodded, seemingly satisfied. “I’m sure you’ll treat Michonne well,” he repeated Rick’s words back to him.

Rick’s smile widened. He let his arm drop from her shoulders to the seat between them, his fingers curling around hers. “I’m sure Michonne will let me know if I mess up,” he said.

“You’re doing great so far,” she couldn’t keep the smile off of her face. Even as food arrived and small talk deepened until both couples were comfortable, her mind was focused almost exclusively on the man beside her. He had an easy, affable nature that was magnetizing.

“Well,” he asked her later, the faint traces of a grin playing across his face. “Guess I should get you back home.” Glenn and Maggie had already departed, certainly rushing off for their next tryst.

“I don’t want to go home,” Michonne felt her lips shaping the words almost without her permission.

“No?” he looked surprised, his head tilting.

“No,” she shook her head, her braids brushing down her back as she moved.

“What do you want to do?” he asked.

Michonne stared at him, eyes wide, blood pumping, unsure if she would even be able to articulate what she wanted.

“I—” she began, flushing despite the coolness of the air around them.

“You sure?” Rick seemed to know what she was asking for.

She nodded, swallowing hard. “I am.” Maybe she didn’t know exactly what she was wanted, but she knew she needed it. Badly.

“All right then,” that accent twanged over her ear, accompanied by the feeling of his hand gripping hers. She sat rigidly in the truck, damn near hyperventilating as they got closer and closer to his home. Michonne briefly considered changing her mind until she looked over at Rick at a stop light. He was looking back at her, his eyes burning with something she had never seen before but instantly recognized.

That look deepened as he led her to his bedroom, locking the door behind him.

“Michonne, you comfortable?” he asked her as she settled on the bed.

“Come here,” she leaned backwards into his pillows, reaching for him. Rick toed off his boots quickly, joining her on the plush surface.

He settled his weight on top of her, covering her body with his, his lips meeting hers in a slow kiss. The feeling from last night ignited again, burning through her limbs, powering her body. His hands were everywhere, stroking and tugging at her until Michonne could not control her gasps. It became clear to her that alcohol had only been a minor factor in how she was feeling last night; Rick had been responsible for her intoxication.

“Rick,” she whispered his name, sighing as his mouth trailed down her neck. Her hands clutched at his arms, working their way down until she could slide them beneath his shirt. He paused, shedding the offending article.

“You ok?” he misread her open-mouthed stare.

In answer, she lunged forward, wrapping her legs around his waist. The groan that escaped his throat only egged her on. She shimmied out of her dress, glad that she had taken the time to select pretty underwear before their date. Rick wasted no time in moving his mouth to her newly exposed skin, working her over until her head lulled back.

“Does that feel good?” his voice was a rough whisper against her skin as his hand slipped beneath the delicate lace.

“Yes,” she gasped, her fingernails digging into Rick’s shoulders.

He increased his pressure, his lips on hers, his fingers working their magic. It was everything; the taste of him, the smell of him, the feel of his hands, the heat pressing hard into her stomach. Michonne let out a cry as her body contracted and released in one spectacular moment, going limp beneath Rick’s body.

“Holy crap,” she sighed, flushed and sweating.

Rick rolled over, lying beside her, looking all too proud of himself. “Feeling good?” he questioned.

She smiled at him, uncaring that he was teasing. “I just need a second. Then we can…” she gestured weakly.

Rick laughed, his deep voice rolling over her. “We don’t have to do that tonight.” He leaned over to kiss her, lingering to nuzzle her neck.

“What about you?” there was still a very pronounced bulge in his jeans.

“I’ll be fine,” he assured her. “We don’t have to do it all tonight.”

Michonne opened her mouth to protest, but he cut her off with a burning kiss.

“You’re my girl now, remember?” he asked, still smiling. “We’ve got plenty of time.”

Michonne smiled at him, her heart filling up with affection. “But what if I want to touch you?” she whispered, rolling over, her fingers working their way beneath his waistband.

Rick let out a deep groan, his head falling forward as his breathing stuttered. Michonne tightened her hand around him, tugging gently.

“I’m not going to tell you no,” Rick let out one last laugh before Michonne rendered him incapable of coherent thought.

Afterwards, the new couple laid in bed together in comfortable silence. Rick’s arm was around her waist, his head buried in her hair.

“Spend the night again,” he whispered, his voice heavy with sleep.

Michonne smiled, spinning in his arms until she could face him. “Ok,” she agreed, kissing him on the forehead. She watched him as he fell asleep before drifting off herself, wondering whether a house party could be the thing that changed her life forever.

The pool, a still and deep aqua, backed by the fire of the swamp maples beating at the picket fence; the swamp maples calling out their warning, sending their long shadows in deepening black stripes over the green grass that had been allowed to grow wild that summer. And when enough time passed, five o'clock nearing and the shadows turned to umber, the sky’s purple bruising toward plum. With the appearance of that color and the falling of the light, she was gone.
—  Linda Gray Sexton, recalling the day her mother died featured in Anne Sexton: The Last Summer
My Heart Hurts

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I was former fic writer on Quotev, but I decided to take up writing again, so I’m kinda trying to get back into the groove of things, but I am currently accepting requests!)

Prompt Summary: You are a combat medic, responsible for caring for Poe after his crash on Jakku. Once he recovers, he begins flirting with you, coming to you for every single minor injury he has, not to mention cheesy medical pick-up lines.

Originally posted by whenviktorspeaks

He’s honestly too good to exist in this galaxy. Such a handsome, talented man, selfless and willing to give it his all for the people living in fear of the monster called “Kylo Ren”.

And who were you? A combat medic, a specialist, to be exact, just doing your part in keeping this wonderful, albeit cocky, pilot alive to fight another day. 

Meeting him, you could barely even believe it yourself. The Poe Dameron? The poster-boy of the Resistance? The living legend? Although, you could have met in somewhat better circumstances, considering the fact that you were focusing on getting his breathing back in order since his crash on Jakku while on a wobbly transport ship back to base. 

“Oh thank goodness, you’re awake!” You sighed heavily, after seeing him attempt to get up, only to groan in pain.

“Agh! Jeez, what happened?” He sat up a bit slower, inhaling sharply with every muscle movement while you helped prop himself up.

“You crash landed on Jakku after your escape. Gotta say, I was worried you’d be in a coma after seeing your state. You looked much worse for wear before I started treating you.”

“Well, I’m lucky. I’ve got myself a guardian angel.” He looked up at you slyly while you were checking up on the small stitches along his jawline.

“Very funny Mr. Dameron. You must say that to all the ladies.”

“Only the ones who save my life.” He gave you a small wink and you pursed your lips.

“Whatever you say.  Anyway, now to proper introductions, I’m- “

“Y/N. Don’t worry, I know.” He gave you a lopsided grin while you looked upon him questioningly.

“Oh! Uhhh, sorry that sounded weird. My buddy Snap told me about you. Said you fixed him up and was better in less than a week.”

You chuckled, glancing at your clipboard and checking his vitals.

“Well, don’t worry, Mr. Da-”

“Poe. Call me Poe.”

You felt a small heat rise to your cheeks as you continued, “Alright then, Poe, you should be back up and at ‘em in about a couple more days. I’ll check up on you throughout your recovery.”

“I’ll definitely be looking forward to that.” He winked, and you sighed softly, leaving him in his room to rest up.

“What is it this time, Poe?” You asked, not even bothering to look up from your case file on him. Ever since the two of you first met, you’ve become quite good friends, him always requesting you to be his doctor for every single minor injury he gets. Not to mention the growing attraction towards him.

His confident attitude and fatherly tone towards BB-8, who has taken quite the liking to you as well.

“My heart hurts.” He whined, clutching his shirt in an overdramatic fashion as BB-8 followed suit, circling around you.

“Could be something to do with your diet.” You noted nonchalantly, giving a small greeting to the spherical droid.

He sighed, and concocted another line.

“Well, my lungs also seem to be kind of a problem.”

“In what form?” You set his information files down and crossed your arms.

“My breathing gets funny when I’m around you.”


“Okay, maybe not the best line. Uhhh… How about this: I’m no organ donor, but I’ll give you my heart.”

“Stop laughing!” He chuckled alongside you while you gasped for air.

“Poe, are you serious? You really tried to use a pickup line on me?” You leaned against your desk, wiping a small tear from your face due to your uncontrollable laughter.

“Hey, a guy can try, right?” He stood up, puffing his chest out ever so slightly.

“Well, you know what, Dameron, you tried.” You walked up to him, giving a small, yet chaste kiss on his cheek, BB-8 giving a robotic wolf-whistle.

Immediately after, his breathing quickened as a clear blush came up.

“Woah, okay uhhh…Didn’t think my lines worked that well… Do you want to meet up, at the cantina tonight? It’ll be on me.” There goes the cocky pilot you once knew, as he now sheepishly rubbed his cheek, clearly blushing underneath his five-o’-clock shadow.

“Sure, my shift ends at six.” You smiled and left him in his room again, chuckling softly as he cheers from behind the not-so soundproof metal doors, as celebratory beeps and boops join in with his jubilant yells.