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i'm feeling extremely sad about miranda... just... the pained look on flint's face when silver and madi kissed reminded me of her. because in that moment it just felt like he had no one and that made me miss her so much. she was always there for him. she was such a symbol of hope and now we only have her broken cups and our broken hearts. god i miss miranda. (sorry for vomiting this into your ask, but i don't want to suffer alone)

(this only got slightly long but I’m just putting it under a read more to hide my tears :’’) fjksdlfjlkdsjfkldsf)

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Stay With Me - Danny Williams

Title: Stay With Me 

Pairing: Danny Williams x Reader 

Relationship: dating 

 Warning(s): none 

Prompt: “You came to my room at 4am, to cuddle?” 

Late night cases were the worst. You get in at 1 or 2 in the morning, leaving little time to actually sleep or spend time with your boyfriend. Even the nights when you weren’t on cases, sleep was not easy to come by. You rolled over, and glanced over at the clock on your phone. 3:55 AM. You needed Danny. You fell asleep on the couch at Danny’s after a long case. It was hard to explain, but when you fell asleep in Danny’s arms, you felt safe. That’s all that mattered. 

You wrapped your favorite blanket around you almost like a cape, quietly tip toeing past Grace’s room. You pushed open Danny’s door open every so slightly, however, a loud creak alarmed Danny. 

“Babe, that you?” He asked.
You let out a giggle, wiping a strand of hair away from your face. You walked into his room, gently laying down next to him. 

“You came to my room at 4 AM, to cuddle?”
You rested your head on his chest, listening to the sound of his steady heartbeat. Your arm wrapped around his waist, taking a deep breath.

“I missed you.” His hand slowly made his way down your hair, continuing down your back.

“I went on the case with you though. We were together all day.” He whispered, just loud enough for you to hear.

“Work doesn’t really count. We’re fighting crime. Consider this a date.”
He chuckled quietly to himself, looking down at you. 

“There’s no case later. We could get breakfast before I drop off Grace at Rachel’s.”
You nod and yawn, closing your eyes. Between his heartbeat and his hands running through your hair, you were able to fall asleep after the long day.


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Favorite Characters: I have a few… Alec, Magnus, and Izzy from Shadowhunters, the mains from htgawm, and Korra, Asami, Uncle Iroh, and katara from A:TLA and LOK

Dream job: I’m on the fence but either being a crime scene investigator or concept artist for games (?)

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“drinny. She threw the parcment into the fire and watched the fire…”

Drinny. Draco watched her from across the room and found himself pleasantly surprised when she winked at him.

 A flush spread throughout his body as he tried to attend to the conversation at hand, but then Weasley did it again–winked–so he made his apologies to up and coming wizardswear model, Michael Corner, and excused himself. Weasley had her back turned when he sidled up to her, so he leaned down and said in a quiet voice, “I see the way you’ve been looking at me all night.”

“What?” she said as she spun around, and Draco saw the truth of the matter quite clearly: she hadn’t been winking at Draco at all; her right eye violently twitched while the other one watered and ran with tears. “That idiot, Corner, elbowed me in the eye earlier!”

For a moment, Draco flushed again with embarrassment at being so wrong about the situation, and then laughter burst out of his throat, exacerbated by Weasley’s twitchy, watery glare.

Send me a ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next five!

my favorite Sebaciel fics

okay so this is the best AU imo: Relapse  

AU: ThiefThe Body Shoppe, Inertia Creeps (this one is not very romantic but the main pairing is Sebaciel+it’s well written), Dinner Dancing and ZombiesPomme des Luxure (also one of my fav)MillstoneLeatherPet shopLa Petite MortParalysexSugary Condoms, Lust in the AirClassroom FantasiesCrescendoPowder and paintKitchen funBitten

Normal verse: A Magnificent Depravity (this one is soo IC)RibbonDetails&IslandsHeartbeats and Secrets (check out, she also draws+she’s super cool)MineFlowers and love lettersLettersSebastian and Ciel do it just about anywhereMoon cakesCosmetic UrgencyFour ways to spell I love you

I may have forgotten some but these are the best, all in all.

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first of all: MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you'll experience amazing things in 2017 and make lots of beautiful friendships, in real life as well as online. you are so damn talented and i hope you'll keep blessing us with your wonderful writing :) i wanted to ask if you would write something mcdanno sometime? i just saw that you post a lot of gifsets with them and i'm so happy bec i was so obsessed with hawaii five-o when i was younger. anyway, wish you lots of happiness and love!!! xxxx

First of all, I’m so sorry for how late this is because this was sent in LAST YEAR. But thank you so much and I hope that your 2017 has been going well so far and that it will keep on getting better! 

I love Hawaii Five O and I love McDanno so I’d definitely love to write something involving them and I have! I do hope you enjoy it and once again, I’m so sorry for how late this is!

Wishing you a bright and wonderful year! 

“Why are your nails pink?”

“Because I believe that it matches my complexion.” Steve replied seriously, the corners of his lips threatening to twitch as Danny crossed his arms, quite amused. 

“Oh yes, I definitely see how hot pink brings out the color in your eyes.” Danny said, words heavily dripping in sarcasm though his eyes were alive with laughter. “I see there’re some sparkles as well!” This time, Danny grinned before clapping his hands together in glee. “Grace finally managed to get her hands on you.” 

Steve rolled his eyes but didn’t hold back his smile any longer as he shrugged. “She promised me a manicure and I couldn’t refuse.” He said before admiring his newly painted nails. “Besides, she’s very skilled.” 

“That’s my monkey.” Danny replied, smiling softly. “My nails were painted a different color every week when she discovered the exciting world of nail polishes.”

“Let me guess, Rachel?” Steve asked, knowing the answer anyway. 

“Mhm.” Danny sighed before giving a slight shrug. “But anything is worth it when it comes to her…and I see that you feel the same.” He added, taking in the fond look that Steve had gotten. 

“You know that I do.” Steve replied, giving that goofy smile that made Danny’s stomach flip and have butterflies, of all things. With a small punch to Steve’s arm, he leaned in close and pressed a simple yet sweet kiss on Steve’s lips. 

Steve pulled him into a warm embrace and hummed happily against the kiss, arms secured around Danny’s waist. 

It wasn’t long before Grace shouted from upstairs, insistent that Danny should also get his nails painted. 

He went for a slightly darker shade of pink than Steve’s but with a lot more sparkles. 

Code Red (Steve McGarrett x Reader)

*not my gifs

Request: none

Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (no specific season)
Pairing: Steve McGarrett x fem!reader (romantic)
Summary: You’ve made plans with Steve to go out on Valentine’s Day but Mother Mature has something to say about that.

Warnings: fluff; menstruation (idk if I should warn about this but whatever)
Word Count: 545
A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. It is currently 11:33 PM where I live so it is still Valentine’s Day.  I wrote this in a bit of a hurry, again. It’s short but I just had this idea stuck in my head and I wanted to write it down. Let me know what you think and I apologize for any grammatical errors that may occur.
Stay Cute, XP


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