five nights at freddys

Okay. Sorry I haven’t been here for a while - I’ve been on round-the-clock puppy duties. I barely eat or sleep as it is, so to find time to draw or well.. do /anything/ is hard for me. This drawing I did at university during a 10 minute break because I just felt a desperation to draw /something/.

I did try to warn you I’d struggle to be active while Bonnie needs training and looking after, but I’ll try my best to get some art done as soon as possible - even if its sketchy art like this. This is also why I haven’t been answering asks either - as I type this I can only spare a few minutes before I get back to puppy duties.

I will put up a picture of Bonnie as soon as I possibly can, but my life is extremely hectic right now. As soon as hes done being trained and /not/ chewing my feet off every 3 seconds, I’ll make it up to you all with lots of art. Promise.