five nights at freddy's


finally i finish itttt! Its a little gift and a special for the 500+ followers!! Thanl you so much guys :’D i love you all

Here there are alllll the lolbit that i know, they are so cute omg kill me

from the left to the right:

@sudella-chan , @yonamaru, mine, @himekopotato, @kelly-kae, @meimaichii, @agatha-kun, @akiaki-san (TELL ME YOUR SECRET FOR DO THAT BIG ART. I REMEMBER YOUR MANGLES ART AND AAA HOW YOU DO IT. DRAW THIS MAKE ME SO DOWN. TEACH MEH.), @fuji-ruji, @bloodypath32, @nek-0x, @cherdanh, @ikorytaiyo, @bakateko, @monochrome-felichii-bluesky, @ehuante, @almacutio, @ceciil, @reirimeku, @himedachi-kun 

sorry if i draw something wrong in your gijnka ;m;


Mangle ds: @roslue-chie, @kaindycandy, mine

I want to thank everyone for this big goal, you are importanto to me so THANKSS <3

dont steal please


Jeremy Fitzgerald shimeji is done!! Here’s the download where to get it!

1. Download the file (.zip)
2. Extract the file w/ 7 zip or any other extracting app
3. Click on Shimeji-ee
4. Enjoy!



Want some cool stickers of my custom sprites?! Probably not, but now you can!

Shirts are expensive and stickers are cool so I made some of my sprites into stickers. You can get them in the link there at Redbubble. Buy 6 or more small ones and they’re half off.

I’m gonna add more later but for now, look through what’s there and thanks for lookin’.


Doodled Vincent in glasses last night. Like… a bunch. XD;

If those glasses look familiar, it’s because I swiped them so they can be given a more positive light. This is how he’d look if he hadn’t been killed by Lucian, the 1987 Purple Guy of the Parlourverse.

Vincent has difficulty reading text in overly bright light, like from florescent bulbs or unfiltered sunlight. His glasses apply a blue tint that makes it easier for him to see the letters against the bright white of paper.

He still hates it when his hair’s down. XDD