five nights at freddy's


Its a BonSquad!! :D After drawing that rather creepy Springtrap, I just had to draw some cuter ones but instead turned into all the BonBons. So many Bons 0v0 I’m complete Bonnie trash, okay. I just love them all. I would’ve shaded this but my wrist is hurting really bad and I actually don’t know why either. Its been hurting since last night Dx

But anywho, I hope all you guys will like this as much as I do! x3

For @artskes because I remember you saying you wanted to smooch the bear and I always wanted to make something for you, but I was too shy haha 
But here ya go! The bear likes smooches, but he acts like he doesn’t cuz he wanna be big and tough 
I hope you likes!! ^^

Art © Me
FNAF © Scott Cawthon/Games
Fursona © @artskes


 Some doodles I did today

 the first one’s of bonnie from instagram where all the gang are supposed “nameless completely normal human ocs” because honestly the fnaf hashtag there IS FILLED WITH SPAM

 and the second is chica because my mom cranked up meghan trainor in the car yesterday and now “no” is stuck in my head but it reminded me of her (?)

 reblogs are nice!!!!!