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Sister Location: 10 -7-16

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location will be released on October 7th, granted Scoot doesn’t get too excited and releases it early. 

This is the same animatronic as a previous teaser image, “There’s a little of me in every body”. This clown is, as of now, the Marionette/Mangle type of character from other games. 

This character was also seen in the Sister Location’s Steam page screenshots, as just a head with a party hat.


If you go into the source code you’ll see this

so you have 4g7n0c… and …28jk12

Before, for FNaF 4′s release, the letters and numbers hidden decoded to the word “fredbear” with a simple shift. None of that seemed to work, but if you go to  you will find this:

This is a map for the game, not unlike those from other games, showing the control room, parts and services (a room we all love) and the three main rooms: Ballora Gallery, Circus Gallery, and the Funtime Auditorium. It’s safe to say that Ballora reigns over the first, Baby runs the middle room, and Funtime Foxy and Freddy run the auditorium. This means we’ve seen just about every room.

I’m ready, are you?

– G


“Built in the 80s” is a FNAF-inspired 80s rock tune that is completely amazing and is available on iTunes!  Check it out!!


My reaction to this vvvvv. Thank you very much Scott.

New Teaser reveals RELEASE DATE

Hey guys, Kuro and Chica here!
Guess what! Scott uploaded a new teaser image!

We discovered it by casually checking his website as usual… like we do it 60 times a day at least.

We can see the animatronic that is usually referred as Ennard, the one from the other teaser image “There’s a little of me in every body”, just not as broken. This one kinda looks like a mask.

If you brighten the image, you can see a date, which is most likely the release date for Sister Location:

So, 7th of October it is. Well, Well.

So we have a little more than a month left to get ready for Sister Location. I’m still not sure if I’m prepared for this, but we’ll see xD

Take care :)

EDIT: New Teaser + Release Date

Hey guys,

just a short update, since Scott changed something again.

Now we can only see the bright image instead of the old, darker one.

So maybe he decided otherwise.

Plus, @freddy-fazbear-pizzeria found out that there’s a link hidden in the source code of the picture of something, which leads to following map:

Elevator, Control Module, Ballora Gallery, Breaker Room, Funtime Auditorium, Parts & Service, Circus Control, Circus Gallery.
It’s still kinda hard to say which room is which. The stage from the trailer might be in Funtime Auditorium or Circus Gallery and maybe Ennard is located in the Parts & Service room, since he seems to be broken in a way.
Anyway, this kinda looks like our worst nightmare. xD

Take care :)