five nights at freddy's

A chilling feeling was sent down Blue’s back this morning when she had awoken from her slumber. It was cold, metallic, and sharp, however, this sharp feeling was only gently caressing her bare shoulders. Her lilac eyes opened to see her new love staring back at her lovingly, gently rubbing her back. Obviously, her lips curled upwards as she let out a purring sound. This was great to wake up to. Right beside the one she loves. Leaning into the demon bear’s embrace, she tried her hardest to reach towards his back to rub. Due to his massive size, however, she couldn’t prevail with the task she so badly craved to do. Nightmare just made a gesture, as if to tell her to get comfortable and not worry about a thing.

“You’re so sweet, my flower. I love you.~” Nightmare chuckled as he rest a delicate kiss atop her forehead.

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Right before Sister Location was released, Scott Cawthon was all “guys I don’t know if I should release this SUPER DARK GAME” to get publicity and fuck with Matpat. I read this article about it and saw a comment from some mom who was all “why does everything have to be dark, can’t we just have one scary game that’s still good clean fun for the kids”.

I think about her sometimes. I hope she’s doing well.


So, this isn’t exactly a new picture as much as it is a ‘remastering’ of sorts. Was looking through old art, and thought I’d touch some of it up to meet my newer standards, and this is the end result. I’m much more happier with the colors in this than in the other one, as well as a coupe touch ups here and there. I think one of the biggest improvements is easily the use of color, myself. Hope you like it!