five nights at freddies

anonymous asked:

You know what would be cool to see? Some Frexy! I haven't seen those two in a hot minute and, fun fact, your Frexy art is what made me follow you! I'm sticking around cos' I love your art and you're a rad individual. Keep on keepin' on, you shining star!

don’t worry anon, I’m actually workin a pic right now!! 

although next time, send fnaf-related asks over to my fnaf blog :0



Here my part for the map Headlines!

Map by @nek-0x 

I hope is okay ; u ;

The missing children incident HD - a FNAF animation
This is a Five nights at Freddy's animation, a trailer for my fan-made novel, The Missing Children Incident. It is a book trailer, not a 'real' animation, bu...

I remastered this animated FNAF trailer, made for my story. It is HD now, removed some bad animations and noises and rewrote the titles.

Because Puprle Guy =/= Vincent! Vincent is just one interpretation of the original (a not so lore-friendly one).

Please note that this is not a real animation, more likely animated psd layers, mixed from my earlier FNAF fanarts, with dramatic music and titles.