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Fandoms are not Toxic

Now before you reblog this please actually hear me out because I think a lot of people have become blinded by tumblr on this ‘X fandom is toxic’ Mindset. It’s slowly just gotten to the point I feel I need to post something about this and maybe, just maybe, we can actually start treating fandoms fairly.

Now do not misunderstand me, I’m not saying fandoms are groups of pure and righteous individuals, because they are definitely not that. What they are, are groups of people who share similar interests. You know what that’s true of? Alot of things, religion, politics, fandoms, social groups, all of them are people who share a singular similar interest. That doesn’t mean however that any 1 of these groups are toxic, because being united by 1 thing does not make them all the same. That’s a ridiculous notion, we see that isn’t true for any other kind of group. We know that not all Catholics are child molesters and not all Muslims, those who do and do not practice the faith of Islam, are terrorists. So why are we so quick to say that a Fandom is all bad? Well part of it is that we are also the same website that has a lot of people who refers to Tumblr itself as a singular thing even though it’s just as much of a mix of good and bad.

To say any 1 fandom is toxic or cancer is to say all of humanity is cancer, because there’s really no difference, a Fandom is just a large group of various humans with various personalities, ideas on what is and isn’t acceptable, all just agreeing to like 1 thing. There are toxic and cancerous people in these groups sure, but we as a species, specially in this day and age, should be fully aware that these loud mouth wastes of resources are usually a minority and will make themselves seem bigger by being as loud and obnoxious as they can. We have effected more positive change using the same methods they use to be loud and obnoxious, but we still have those who decide to demonize entire fandoms for a small group, or in some stories, 1 fucker, 1 fucker is apparently all it takes for some people to completely discredit all of the good a fandom has done.

The only fandom’s I’ve ever seen that where legitimately viable to be 100% toxic was the twilight fandom and the 50 shades fandom, but that’s because there where endless amounts of stories of badshit insane fans threatening people or doing crazy things. I saw one person discredit all of the brony community because of 1 pedophile at a con. Not caring how many charities the community had worked on, how many people had been helped out of abusive households, or bad financial situations. Or even considering that condemning all bronies as Pedos was massively unfair to the number of them that where younger males, any woman or girl, or just the ones who actually would gut the fucker they had seen for their behavior just as much as they might of. Hell the Homestuck fandom seemed to preempt that nonsense by basically making a running joke that they already where trash and every homestuck knew it.

Look if you have had negative if not outright toxic interactions with a fandom, that happens, it’s unfair, and it’s totally in your right to abandoned the thing you where a fan of cause of that. Or for you to not want to get into that thing. However, Do not act like these toxic and cancerous people speak for the entire fucking fandom. I’ve run into toxic bronies, and very nice enjoyable people who are Bronies, (I’d like to think I am one given my icons) I’ve run into toxic sonic fans, and sonic fans who where the most agreeable people. I’ve run into homestucks. I’ve seen the racist SU tumblr making 'better white versions’ of all the characters, And i’ve ran into SU fans who where transphobic homophobic, and other horrible things, I’ve also ran into SU fans who where asexual or Lesbian, some good some bad. The point is all fandoms are made of People, and there are good people, and bad people, to say a Fandom itself is Toxic is to discredit so many good people who are just enjoying something and sharing their enjoyment of the thing and not being assholes.

Maybe we can stop saying Fandoms are toxic and start saying things like “i ran into toxic people in X fandom” or giving them sub groups like calling a toxic fan of something his own douche title.

Edit: if you do reblog this, maybe tag fandoms you’re in or you know of that might need to hear this. I’ll add any new fandoms i see in reblog tags to my list.

Five Nights at Fuckboys // Five nights at Freddie’s from security guard Mike’s point of view. All the way from 12:00 am to 6:00 am. Art credit to

1. Dollhouse (Official Music) - Melanie Martinez // 2. Rip Everyone - Jj Demon // 3. Shake it out Florence and The Machine // 4. Hide - Red // 5. Time is Running out - Muse // 6. I need some sleep - Eels // 7. Say Something - AGBW // 8. I’m Coming Home - Diddy Dirty Money // 9. On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons //



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Headcannon: When Doll was a small girl, her bending wasnt too great, so she use to cry a lot when she couldnt do something. Then Vincent, being the good father he is, would calm her down and show her the moves again, until she got it. To Doll her dad was more than a role model, he meant world for her.

So when she finally learned who he is, Doll is disgusted with herself, her dad and the power they both posses.

And yes, she is bloodbending Vincent on last two pictures.

Characters belong to rebornica

So YEAH if purple guy is the dad then this kid and the older brother of that kid must be related to the girl. 

So here’s what I came up with, we’ve got the cameras in sister location that are hidden in one of the kids rooms from fnaf 4, the golden freddy doll that talks from fnaf 4 and the possessed robot from sister location…am I missing anything? 

So anyway, the mother probably divorced purple guy and took the oldest son with her and left the youngest ones with him. (Or maybe they’re some other woman’s kids idk.) The little brother visits their mom the most because he probably didn’t like his father’s work, but the daughter doesn’t like being around the older brother so she mostly stays with her father. 

Purple guy must’ve only cared about his own kids just not anyone else’s. He didn’t want his daughter going anywhere near Baby because he knew what she could do to her if not careful. Daughter sneaks away when he’s not looking and then get’s killed by her own father’s creation. 

This probably left purple guy devastated and made him lose his mind a little after that. Then for some reason, the mother starts allowing her oldest son visit them but this probably made purple guy worse since he can be a brat.

Plus getting his little brother killed on his birthday wasn’t very helpful either.

I think the little brother found out what his father was really doing with the animatronics which is why he cries so much, he must’ve thought his dad was going to kill them both and put them into those suits.  

So, but before the little brother died, Purple guy probably tried to get rid of Ennard because he knew his daughter was trapped inside him. BUT she never left, she stayed. In Sister Location she says; “Everything is Okay, I‘am still here.’

The Golden Freddy Doll in fnaf 4 said ‘I’am Still here.’ I will put you back together.’

Here are my questions; What happened to her after FNAF 4? Did she leave? Whatever happened to their older brother? Why did purple guy start making machines that killed kids?